Once upon a time in Punjab
They have seen it all— the change, the ups and downs of the movement called Punjabi cinema. Vijay Tandon, Deep Dhillon, Rana Jung Bahadur and others talk about the industry— then and now 
Jasmine Singh

With countable days of experience by our side, we qualify ourselves in the ‘been there done that’ category. We can’t help but boasting about the good and bad of both the worlds, some of us actually take it a little far and write a book on our limited experiences. Turning to these people in the Punjabi film industry, who have seen a world of change in the past 30 years, seen the lows and highs, the better and the worst, stand to talk about what they modestly call ‘the beginning of their lives and careers’. They cannot be written off as they are the landmarks of the Punjabi film industry, a story in themselves.
star of the yore: BN Sharma
star of the yore: BN Sharma 

Deep Dhillon The burly jatt

He left his village, Patti, for Mumbai at the peak of terrorism. With only Rs 2,000 in his pocket, Deep is one of the few jatts, who did not sell his land to make a foray in the entertainment industry. The actor cannot clearly remember the year he shot for his first Punjabi film Baisakhi, but he clearly remembers what it was like.

It was then…

I have worked with four generations of actors in Punjabi cinema. I started at a time when non-Punjabi speaking people, especially Gujratis played actors. I worked with the soft-spoken actor Satish Kaul, Gujrati speaking Arpana Chaudhary and later on with Virender, Guggu Gill, Yograj moving on with Harbhajan Mann and now Diljit Dosanjh. There was some warmth in the movies that were made at that time.

And today…

I understand the nitty gritty of professionalism now. It took me years to understand cinema. Today, when I see Punjabi cinema I can’t believe it myself. It took me 25 years to see Dharamendra, and now because every Bollywood star has possibly shot in Punjab, the kids know all the actors. Punjabi cinema is an international phenomenon.

Miles to go before I sleep

It is my dedication, sincerity and belief in myself that has kept me going. I have worked with the best in the industry, not to mention Manmohan Singh, the man who changed the face of Punjabi cinema.

Vijay Tandon the stalwart

Almost 43 years, this is how long actor, script writer and producer Vijay Tandon’s Punjabi film career spreads across. His first Punjabi film Ma Da Ladla hit the theatres in 1971 where he played the lead role.

Jack of all trade

I have worked in approximately in 45 movies as a hero and as a villain. I also produced a movie Kacheri starring Gurdas Maan that won a national award. In addition to this, I also wrote stories for Punjabi films, almost nine of them. I wrote the script for Sarhad Paar, a Bollywood flick.

Keep rolling

It has been so many years in front of the camera, but it still feel fresh and new when I am acting. I am working in upcoming movies Jatt & Juliet 2, Vyah 70km and Lucky Di Unlucky story.

On the list

I have worked with the best people in theatre as well as films. Ravinder Peepat is one director that I have enjoyed working with.

Rana Jung Bahadurbad & loveable

His first Punjabi movie Chan Pardesi was a huge hit. Rana Jung Bahadur has spent more than 30 years in the Punjabi film industry acting in over 60 films as villain and comedian.

Something’s missing

The director was considered supreme in the good old days and juniors had respect for seniors. Today, I miss that respect in the industry. Only successful people are respected now.

Mehar Mittal laughter riot

This is a name that we all are familiar with. Having worked in over 100 Punjabi films, Mehar Mittal has spent over three decades in the cinema. It is his comedy that made him a popular person on the sets as any other actor.

BN Sharma seriously funny

He wanted people to fear him when he walked the street. This did happen for a while when he started his career with the Punjabi film Baisakhi. Today, he makes the audiences roll with laughter. From negative roles to comedy, BN Sharma has seen comedy grow as a new genre.

Comic cut

Comedy doesn’t mean cracking a joke, it also means acting. Making people laugh is a serious business. I get into the skin of my character, and be natural about the way I say my dialogues or act.

Much awaited

Tu Mera 22, Main Tera 22 is a movie to watch out for. 

A mirror to the past
Sikh Heritage: Ethos and Relics, a literary work by Bhayee Sikander Singh and Roopinder Singh highlights the essence of Sikh history
Ashima Batish

Sikh history is rich with the tangible heritage of the Sikh Gurus and their followers, and there are well-preserved relics of the same. They glorify the Sikh heritage, but yet have not been given their place in the sun. Sikh Heritage: Ethos and Relics is a sincere effort made by co-authors, Bhayee Sikander Singh and Roopinder Singh to present the Sikh relics against the backdrop of the essence of Sikhism.

The book also unearths the history and lore of the people of Punjab. “Sikh Heritage: Ethos and Relics features photographs and descriptions of unseen relics of Sikh heritage that further throws light on the rich Sikh history,” says Roopinder, who along with the co-author, Sikander Singh showcased the book at the Government Museum and Art Gallery in Chandigrah on Sunday.

The book also gives the privilege to its readers to know about the artefacts that were looked after by the descendants of Bhai Rup Chand. Bhayee Sikander Singh informs: “Contribution also came in from the Maharajas of Patiala and Nabha, who proudly possess significant relics of the Sikhs.” He is a scion of the Bagrian family, whose ancestor Bhai Rup Chand was blessed by Guru Hargobind, the sixth Guru. He is the co-founder of Nishaan, a journal about Sikhs.

The book will prove to be an encyclopaedia of Sikh Gurus and traditions of Punjab to people who have little insight into the subject. “The in-depth research and details mentioned in the book makes for its unique content, which I am sure will be appreciated by people who are interested in Sikh History,” adds Roopinder, who has to his credit Marshal of the Indian Air Force Arjan Singh DFC (2002) and Guru Nanak: His Life and Teachings (2004).

Paul Michael Taylor, Director, Asian Cultural History Program, in his introduction, calls the book as a very important document that has beautifully illustrated the details and yet isn't like a usual piece of history.

Take a chill pill 
Winter gives us a host of reasons to be happy. Here’s a list of some…

It’s the last leg of the season…for some it may mean some more endurance testing but for others, the winter lovers, it’s a treat extended for a few more days!

We check out what city folks love doing on cold days and chilly nights:

It is the best time of the year for Neha Sharma, an English trainer: “I love waking up to misty mornings, dress warm and head out for a walk. There are hardly any people on the road (what a blessing) and one can soak in the nature and get back refreshed.”

For Astha, a young advertising professional, it’s the morning cuppa that makes her wait for winters, season after season. Holding the warm cup of tea while still snuggling in the bed is what makes for a perfect start to a day for Astha. “I am a recent winter convert. Summer is getting increasingly harder to bear. So I have taken refuge in my favourite new season,” shares Astha, who of course depends on many more cups of her favourite beverage tea through the day.

While the women we spoke to had rather solitary joys, Amanpreet Singh spends the winter evenings in the company of his friends. They hit 17 piazza and spend the day checking out the ‘crowd’. “I believe, winter gives you the liberty to move around, way more than the long, scorching summer days. One can pull up a warm jacket, walk a bit and you are sorted,” he offers, while adding, “Cold weather, misty hills, spattering of the rain on the wind shield is my idea of a drive.”

Well, Chandigarh being close to hills, gives easy access to watch, feel and play with snow, there are others who are happy staying put. The foodies love the season, for they can indulge in the winter delicacies comprising hot gulab jamuns, gajar ka halwa, pakodas and choice of soups. “I like all that’s hot and fried,” says Sunny, class twelve student who has conveniently put off his weight loss resolution to another year (or season). For Sanya Jindal, it’s the best time to indulge in books. “Cosy bed, hot coffee and world classics to keep company, what more can you ask from life,” asks this pretty girl as we catch her buying Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn at a bookshop.

Books, movies, food, music…when there is so much to choose from, what are you picking to beat the chill?


Explore the outdoors

When most people love to stay indoors during winters, try exploring the outdoors. Dress warm and check out the parks or even Sukhna Lake. Yes, it’s almost freezing in the evenings but if you happen to be out on a moonlit night, you would sure be stunned by the beauty.

Host a cozy meal

How about throwing a lavish meal for close friends? Take a day off, bring out the recipe book from the drawer, and let the chef in you take charge. Sure your guests would appreciate a warm meal just like that.

Pixel perfect 
The annual exhibition of Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi highlights the conventional and unconventional mediums 
Manpriya Singh

Sometimes movement is more important than an improvement. Each year, the Annual Art Exhibition 2012 by Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi promises a perceptible change. Somewhere in the names, at times in the works; this while it’s in the mediums. From etching and aquatint, pen on sheet, etching and chine colle to pen and ink; there’s a breather from the generally dominated oil on canvas and acrylic on canvas. Shares Diwan Manna, chairman, “This year, for the first time, we have a video installation. While it is very common at other places in the country, in Chandigarh, that is not the case. At least, it’s a first by the Akademi.”

Annual affair

The three categories namely professional, student and invited, aim at putting together the art from various sections. Starting with the award winners, there’s Alka Kalra’s Dhaba, an acrylic on canvas painting the picture of ordinary kitchen utensils. While 36 works figure in the professional category, maximum works, 48, feature in the student category. Says Manna, “Things are gradually improving. There is an influx of new talent because of their exposure to seminars and lectures. The only challenge is to retain the talent in the city.”

By invitation only

There are as many as 34 invited artists. Bheem Malhotra’s Snowscapes On The Way comes with his characteristic touch and features in the invited artists’ list. There’s JS Garcha’s acrylic on canvas, My City, is as blue as beautiful, comprising just the complex winding roots of a tree. While many have had their fare share of limelight, other names don’t seem so familiar, spring from nowhere and present a refreshing change. Selected artist Ajay Kalwaniya’s photograph of two kids at Lok Tilak Manya Station brings out the innocence of children amidst rubble. There’s Ila Choudhary’s Some Faces in My Life, a tapestry in silk.

Mediums galore

As many as 118 art works on display come packed with various mediums. To begin with, there’s Untalkable Video, a multimedia projection on display by Manjot Kaur. Satish Kumar’s Devil Tree, done in charcoal, stands apart for giving a beautiful touch of realism to abstract. There’s Master of Light, an inkjet print work by Diwan Manna, exploring the poetry and lyricism in light against the background of Corbusier’s work. Dev Inder’s Shadows and Flowers is as straight and simple as it can get and brings out the raw beauty of shadows and flowers.

Moving on, the wooden sculpture by Gaganndeep Kaur, Bhukh Da Saathi, brings out the dynamism of a lunch box. Two steps away lies a half-eaten corn cob in stone, titled Chhalli by the same artist. There’s Sadhana Kumari’s work in wood, comprising a manuscript with a peacock feather titled Epic. Rahul Dhiman’s Daily Life, highlights the shadows of daily labourers and burden of a common man in the medium of collograph. This apart from other works done in splash of colours or dynamism of monochromes.

Shares Manna, “Our job was just to invite. The selection has been done by the jury.” He adds, “But each year, the criteria remain the same. Good art.”


On till January 24 at
Sobha Singh Art Gallery, Punjab Kala 
Bhawan—16, Chandigarh

Warm treat

A range of lovely, warm woollens is available at Lajpat Rai Bhawan-15. The craft persons from various parts of the Himachal Pradesh are at the Wool Utsav to display and sell their handloom products.

The handloom on display are Kullu woollen shawls, Kinnouri shawls, pure Pashmina shawls, angora shawls and stoles. Yak wool stoles and shawls, gents lohie, woolen handmade socks, Kullu caps, woollen Tweed coats, Kangra cane furniture, Himachal leather items, Kullu woollen jackets, Kullu woollen suites and much more. Also heavy discount on all woollen items is on offer.

On till January 21. — TNS

I am very busy : Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureshi After starting her career as the feisty wife of a gangster in Anurag Kashyap's Gangs of Wasseypur, actress Huma Qureshi is looking forward to a busy year ahead with the release of two films - Ek Thi Dayan and D-Day.

The 26-year-old Delhi girl says she is happy to be in the film industry at the right time. "Maybe the stars are conspiring for me or maybe I am meeting the right people. I landed in Mumbai at the right time and with my parents' blessing and hard work, I have managed to do well. I think it is a combination of everything. I am not complaining," Huma said.

She is sharing screen space with Emraan Hashmi, Kalki Koechlin and Konkona Sen Sharma in the upcoming supernatural thriller Ek Thi Dayan. Jointly produced by Ekta Kapoor and Vishal Bhardwaj, the film's trailer has already been received well. The film, based on the legend of a witch, will hit theatres on April 18. Huma, who was last seen in Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurrana, is also working with Arjun Rampal and Irrfan Khan in Nikhil Advani's action movie D-Day.

"I am very busy as an actor. Actually I signed Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurrana, Ek Thi Dayan and D-Day before the release of Gangs of Wasseypur. This is why they are coming in such quick succession. I am happy to explore myself as an actor with these two different films," she says. — PTI

Work load: Huma Qureshi

Lady Gaga to perform at White House

Lady Gaga Pop star Lady Gaga will reportedly join the long list of artists performing at President Obama's second inauguration ball. The 26-year-old Judas singer is slated to perform at a ball for White House staffers on January 22, reported a magazine.

Rapper Jay-Z reportedly performed during the last inauguration for the same event, which is usually a private celebration. The 57th inauguration is already shaping up to be a star-studded affair with Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Fun and Usher playing the Inaugural Ball. Jamie Foxx, Brad Paisley, Jennifer Hudson and Marc Anthony are scheduled for the Commander-in-Chief's Ball in honour of the armed forces.

Pop star Beyonce Knowles, James Taylor and Kelly Clarkson are scheduled to sing during the inauguration ceremony. — PTI

And the award goes to…
The Filmfare nominations are out and the awards will be aired next month. We predict the winners 

A still from Kahaani Sure shot

Best Actor (Female): Vidya Balan was the hero of the movie and single-handedly took it forward. We were stunned by her performance and the trophy belongs to her for yet another smashing performance.

Head start: A still from Kahaani 

Hands down!

Best Film: Sujoy Ghosh's Kahaani deserves to win this, hands down! It was such an engaging, riveting and unpredictable drama that kept one hooked from start to finish! This was such a surprise and rightly deserves to win!

Sujoy Ghosh Well deserved

Best Director: Sujoy Ghosh deserves to win this time because his Kahaani is a complete departure from the movies he has made before and it was hard to believe that he wrote and directed such a taut thriller after debacles like Home Delivery and Aladin.

Second innings: A still from Barfi! Repeat telecast

Best Actor: Like last year, it should go to Ranbir Kapoor. He was the soul of Barfi! He made the character absolutely adorable and he held the movie together. The movie was nice but slow and heavily lifted from other movies but Ranbir made the movie magical. How can one not love him?

Second innings: A still from Barfi! 

Sneha Khanwalkar Perfect score

Best Music: Our vote goes to Sneha Khanwalkar for the quirky and versatile score of Gangs of Wasseypur. Each song is unique and she has put z`in immense effort.



Family girl 

Actress Naomi Watts says she is happy that her upcoming movie with Robert Pattinson has been delayed because now she can spend more time with her family. Watts, 44, who is married to actor Liev Schreiber, 45, since 2005, said she is eager to take some time out with her sons Alexander, five, and Samuel, four, reported a publication.

"It's still a way off. I don't know yet. Hopefully, it will happen. I just can't travel again right now because I did a lot of travelling last year. It's been a big year and it's time for me to be home with the kids," she said.

Meanwhile, the actress said she can relate to her character in her new movie Two Mothers, in which she stars alongside Robin Wright.

"These are two great female characters full of complexities who are dealing with that midlife point. It's an unconventional love story.” — PTI 

In bad taste

Kim Kardashian Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is furious after a prank caller had a heavily armed swat team rush to her family's home claiming a shooter was present.

The 31-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, who is pregnant with her first child with her rapper boyfriend Kanye West, has hit back after her mother Kris, step-father Bruce and sisters Kendall and Kylie became the latest victims of a 'swatting' incident, reported a publication online.

After hearing about the incident, Kim, who is currently in the Ivory Coast, Africa, blasted the prank caller on her Twitter page.

"Just got a call from my mom telling me about this prank call that someone was shot in their home and 15 swat team & 3 helicopters showed up (sic)," Kim posted. "These prank calls are not funny. People can get arrested for this! I hope they find out how is behind this. It's dangerous & not a joke," she added.

The Kardashian family aren't the first celebrity victims of such a hoax. Police were called to Tom Cruise's Beverly Hills home on by a prank caller, who claimed an armed robbery was taking place but they found no crime had been committed.

A 12-year-old child also previously targeted Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber's homes in a series of elaborate prank burglaries. — PTI 

I wasn't drunk at the Oscars 2012: Emma

Emma Stone Actress Emma Stone has denied reports that she was drunk when she presented an Oscar at last year's Academy Awards, insisting that she was simply playing for laughs.

The Help star took to the stage with Ben Stiller at the 2012 ceremony to present the Best Visual Effects honour to the team behind Hugo, but Stone's giddy demeanour prompted rumours that she had too much to drink before her big moment, reported a publication.

"We pretended that Ben had been to the Oscars many times and I was this really overly enthusiastic Oscar presenter. I was very excited, and he was not... A lot of people thought it was something else: When I came offstage, they were saying, 'You were so drunk!' And I wasn't. Not until after," she said. Stone, 24, recently teamed up with this year's Oscars host Seth MacFarlane to announce the 2013 nominees. — PTI

Defense technique: Emma Stone

Watch out for Bieber

The Departed star Mark Wahlberg plans to start work on his new film with Justin Bieber next year. The 41-year-old actor says that the pop star's people are excited about teaming up with him for a new basketball-focused motion picture, reported a publication.

"We were at Paramount pitching a different movie and we had the meeting and I said, 'Hey, by the way what do you think about me and Justin Bieber in a basketball, street hustler movie?' They bought it in the room in five seconds. So we developed the script, the studio loves it, his camp loves it," he said.

However, both Wahlberg and Bieber won't be able to begin production on the film until 2014, as they both have outstanding commitments.

"He's touring and I'm doing Transformers, Ted 2 and another movie so we will probably do it next year. If I don't do it, we will do it with him and someone else and I'll produce it," the actor said.

The star added, "I'm the hustler and he's the kid I have to reluctantly mentor because he's a very good basketball player. We got the idea when we saw him playing basketball in a celebrity thing, and I play a lot of basketball, so we thought it would make for an interesting movie. I think if he's in the right project, I think he could be very good," he added.

Acting bug: Justin Bieber 


Accessorise your staircase

Staircase railings were earlier designed to serve a practical purpose, to help make your trip up and down the stairs easy and safe. Today, in addition to its functionality, railings add a great deal to the look of your stairs and home. They give stairs a visual presence and make a staircase a work of art. There are various options to choose from that will suit your decor and style.

WOOD: Wood is the most traditional option for a staircase railing. Using wood you can create any look, ranging from simple to elegant to ornate or bold. Gone are the days when wooden railings were just limited to a traditional decor style. Today they come in clean straight lines and can be installed in any modern home. From different stains to different woods, wood railings boast of a modern twist and the various options of colours prevent it from being boring. You can also combine wood with other materials like metal or glass to make them unique.

WROUGHT IRON: Metal railings provide design opportunities that will blend with many architectural styles. Wrought iron railings are very versatile where the design element is concerned. They make decorative railings that are highly ornate, with intricate curves and scrolls. Those that feature swirling, romantic designs are ideal for an Old World style home, while those with thicker, more basic twists are an ideal fit for a home with a rustic design scheme.

GLASS: If you prefer an ultra modern look for your staircase, a glass railing may be the best option. Unlike other railings that feature spindles, balusters and banisters, a glass railing is usually made up of panels of glass that provide a sleek and seamless look. They make the home look larger and don't block much of the view. For an interesting twist, you can use stained glass or frosted glass panels. Frosted glass panels help create an air of sophistication in the house. However, glass railings may not be the best choice for your house if you have small kids.

STAINLESS STEEL: A stainless steel staircase railing is an alternative to glass that still provides a modern look. While these may be more common in commercial settings, stainless steel railings can add contemporary flair to homes as well. These are available in a variety of finishes and can easily be customised to match your home style.

(Sukhmani is an interior and landscape designer)

stress buster
Start early, stay focused
Renee Singh

Time for kids to go back to school and a certain amount of stress is already settling into their lives and their parents' lives. Parents are stressing over their kids' schedules and children are going through their own set of anxieties. It is extremely essential that students learn to keep their stress levels at bay as their entire performance in every sphere is dependant on their state of mind. If the mind is relaxed and stress free then they are happy kids with a high performance rate but if they are stressed children, their functioning levels plummet in all areas of life.

Most students are experiencing a significant amount of stress with all the activities and responsibilities that are an inherent part of a student life. It sometimes becomes difficult for the student to deal with stress without making a conscious effort to do so.

Who said life was easy? But then it is up to us to make it singularly exciting. As the New Year begins in school, the children also tend to view studies and their own institutions with a new perspective. It is very important for the student to keep this bent of mind going and chalk a New Year plan so that life remains on a high.

There are a few stress relieving tips that I feel would be extremely useful for students. These are simple and effective and most appropriate for students. They would help students function at their best possible level and also help them to enjoy their journey.

Visualisation works

This is an easy way to help you do better in school. It helps you to calm down and detach you from whatever is stressing you. You can perceive your yearly targets of whatever you desire - visualise and focus. It may sound very simple, but that's how you can make it happen.

Power naps

Students with packed schedules miss adequate sleep. A sleep deprived state puts you at a disadvantage. You are less productive and find it difficult to learn. You can opt for short but relaxed sleep. Get up refreshed to a new start with a new energy.

Exercise time

The healthiest way perhaps of blowing off steam is to exercise regularly. Keep a morning schedule of yoga. Walking or biking to campus is a good way too. Even a short walk in the evening or a stint at the treadmill is great.

Breathing exercises

When your body experiences a stress response, the thinking always gets clouded. An easy way to calm down is to practice breathing exercises. These can be done virtually anywhere and are especially effective in reducing anxiety before tests and at other times.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Whenever the body is feeling wound up with stress this technique can be used. It involves tensing and relaxing all muscles until the body is completely relaxed. With practice you can relax in minutes.

Music therapy

This is a great relaxant. It can calm down or stimulate your mind very effectively. Students can harness music to their benefit according to their own choice.

Stay organised

Clutter causes stress and decreases productivity. Cluttered desks and living in cluttered areas have negative effects on grades, so to reduce clutter it's very important.

Eat right

Diet can boost brain power or sap you of mental energy. Learn to relieve stress with a healthy diet it also saves you from mood changes.

(Singh is a Chandigarh based psychotherapist)

chatter box
More to entertainment 

National Geographic Channel brings two brand new shows this January. Scam City, a new series that exposes the darker side of tourism is all set to premiere on the channel on weekends at 10 pm. And reality series, Fin Fighters that traces the hard life of a special breed of fisherman in Gloucester, Massachusetts, will thrill audiences on weekdays at 8 pm from January 21.

Conor Woodman will present Scam City. He will target people who trouble tourists in foreign country. He will travel to the world's great cities with an undercover team and hidden cameras.

Fin Fighters is Nat Geo's reality television series set in the frigid waters of Atlantic. For generations, the special breed of fisherman in Gloucester, have used rod and reel to catch the elusive Atlantic bluefin tuna. They depend on these fish for their livelihood, and the competition is brutal. Over 10 weeks, the show traces the work of these skilled fishermen as they set out in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic in hopes of catching the valuable Atlantic bluefin tuna. When one bluefin can bring in as much as $20,000-they'll do anything.

A Turbanator on American Idol!
Gurpreet singh sarin
sing along: Gurpreet singh sarin

The biggest reality show ever, American Idol is back with a brand new season on Big CBS Love. The show has a pleasant surprise in store for Indian fans on the very first day itself. The four judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson have embarked on their journey to find the next big superstar and making their first stop in New York City. The awesome-foursome met Gurpreet Singh Sarin, an Indian Sikh who loves to match his turbans with his outfits. 

PLAYING MENTOR: nICKI mINAJ A trained classical singer, the 22-year-old Gurpreet Singh Sarin is endearingly given the nickname 'The Turbanator' and has a collection of at least 40 or 50 turbans. He says, "I believe I can bring my creativity and colorfulness to American Idol. I have never been so star-struck, I am ecstatic. With my background in Indian Classical singing, I think I stand a very strong chance." From teaching Ryan Seacrest, performing the traditional Punjabi 'Bhangra' (complete with the brrruuuuaaaahhhhh) to winning over the judges with his pleasant personality, Gurpreet is definitely one of the highlights of this season.

While auditioning in the first round, he performed a soulful rendition of the Maroon 5 hit Sunday Morning and even sings a few Indian scales on Randy Jackson's request. Nicki Minaj even commented, "Well Turbanator I love your look!"

The cast of Sanskaar Negative impact 
In Colors' show Sanskaar while we have seen the whole family and their problems, the guy responsible for the problem is still not out. But now, the news is that Arbaaz Khan who was last seen in Life OK's Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki will be seen in the role of the villain Amritlal, who wants to destroy Jaikishan's (Jay Soni) family.

Family affair: The cast of Sanskaar

Aniruddh Dave Career wise 
Aniruddh Dave of Housewife hai... Sab Jaanti Hai fame has proved his acting skills in his earlier show, Ruk Jana Nahi. Now it seems he doesn't want to stop at all and is moving forward in his career. He has shot for a film called Lo Ho Gai Party directed by Tejas R. Padia. Apparently the film was made free of cost as actors, technicians didn't charge for it.
Fast forward: Aniruddh Dave

A still from Parichay All’s not well
After lead actor of Parichay Keerti Nagpure's met with a serious accident, she stopped shooting. Now buzz is that she won't be able to shoot for a long while and the makers are thinking of wrapping up the show Parichay. Other rumours are that they might replace her too. Let's see what the final decision is.

Stop gap: A still from Parichay

Chaitanya gets lucky

Chaitanya Chaudhary of Uttaran fame has bagged another show. He will be a part of the ensemble cast of Ravi Ojha's next serial for Zee TV. Rumours are that Siddhant Karnick was to sign the show but didn't do so for some unknown reasons and Chaitanya has been finalised for the role of a cop.

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is January 21...

If you are already in a relationship then it is the perfect time to take it to the other level that is engagement. Students can expect better results in their exams. Your life is going to be extraordinarily good. Your stars are blessing you and giving you the best of what they have. You might indulge yourself in some spiritual activity and will be a part of religious events throughout the year. Positive environment at home will give you satisfaction and feeling of completeness. You will get many chances to showcase your talent in front of the world and will be appreciated by almost everyone around you. You might plan a tour with your beloved, which will add more flavors to your relationship. Avoid arguments at any cost as they might result in relationship troubles for you. Do not be over possessive about the person you love.

You will increase your circle and will add new talented people in your circle. You will be respected by your fellow colleagues and senior officials for the efforts you put in your work. You might also travel for the purpose of business

Dealing with people at job will be easy. Relationships may have to be nurtured. Those close to you might feel left out. Although this is not really true, you may need to spend some quality time with them to make them feel better. You will consider taking a trip to a distant location which has always fascinated you. Your affections need to be expressed. Look into speculative ventures and don't be afraid to have some fun if the opportunity arises. Put aside your other work and spend some time going over budgets. You shouldn't worry too much about your reputation. While some folks consider you two-faced, most people tend to write you off. But don't fret about it. Your day to day life is pretty good, so take out time to celebrate it.

Mood: Very enthusiastic
Compatible signs: Sagittarius, Scorpio
Lucky colours: Red, Antique White
Lucky days: Tuesday and Saturday.
Lucky numbers: 5, 8, 9, 22, 34

Kim Michelle Sharma Kim Michelle Sharma (January 21, 1980, Ahmednagar) was first seen in Mohabbatein. The film also marked the launch of five other newcomers, Uday Chopra, Jugal Hansraj, Jimmy Shergill, Shamita Shetty and Preeti Jhangiani. Mohabbatein also starred superstars Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. It was a huge hit and started Kim's career in Bollywood.


Astro Turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: 'The Prince of Pentacles' infuses financial stability. You will be appreciated for your culinary talent. A happy surprise awaits you. Love stars twinkle. A good day to purchase ornaments. Tarot message: Don't do anything at the cost of your health. Time heals everything. Lucky colour: Red. Magic number: 43 

TAURUS: The Knight of Cups makes you emotional in personal relationships. You are likely to find an ideal partner. Be bold to speak your mind out. Professional success may blend with anxiety. Tarot message: Lack of persistence can be disastrous in business matters. Lucky colour: White. Magic number: 47 

GEMINI: Leave the stress behind and plan some fun and relaxation with friends and loved ones. The Magus brings change and travel. A brief business-cum-pleasure trip is on the cards. Tarot message: Don't waste an opportunity by being impulsive. Lucky colour: Turquoise. Magic number: 44 

CANCER: Ace of Swords pulls you in an opposite direction when making a decision. A yearning for overseas travel and adventure could encourage your career choice. Don't overlook a chance of meeting that may lead to a future romance. Tarot message: Keep eyes on the future. Lucky colour: Fiery red. Magic number: 28

LEO: Some very interesting people come into your sphere of business and give you ideas on how to go about your financial matters. Avoid excess spending. Loved ones may not fully understand your needs. Rest and pamper yourself. Tarot message: Don't do anything at the cost of health. Lucky colour: Lotus pink. Magic number: 33

VIRGO: The Prince of Cups brings hopes and desires that you mask with a calm surface. You're not undecided, just trying to understand what others around you think so that you plan ahead. Tarot message: You can make things happen. Lucky colour: Peacock blue.
Magic number: 36 

LIBRA: The Lovers facilitates you to be open and inspired by new ideas. A surprise phone call could put you back in touch with an old friend. Not a good day for starting up joint ventures. Tarot message: Do not be in the rush to spend extravagantly. Be Lucky colour: Silver grey. Magic number: 54

SCORPIO: The Priestess infuses promise and commitment in personal relationship. Bring up the sensitive issues that everybody is skirling around. A long cherished dream may come true. A date with your lover is on the cards. Tarot message: Spend time meeting experienced people. Lucky colour: Crimson. Magic number: 37 

SAGITTARIUS: The prince of Wands comes riding with a promise of power and energy. Lots of secrets and undercover scenarios can make for an interesting and social day. Activities with your mate or your friends are likely to be good humoured and cheerful. Tarot message: Be positive. Lucky colour: Brown. Magic number: 56 

CAPRICORN: The Fool infuses you with courage. A neighbour's gossip may divulge you. If a family member is not co-operating, refrain from arguing or trying to persuade. You find ways to express your creativity and emotion. Tarot message: Don't try to end all the deadlocks at one go. Lucky colour: Ebony. Magic number: 25

AQUARIUS: Ten of pentacles bode extremely well for relationship and romance. You will enjoy interacting with people. Your ability to communicate effectively will help you enhance your reputation. Tarot message: Do not let problems haunt you. Lucky colour: Deep red. Magic number: 28 

PISCES: The karmic Wheel of Fortune turns in your favour. If you experience a headache or neck pain, visit a doctor before it gets too late. Loved ones will be more demanding. Tarot message: Capitalise on your strength and do not trust others. Lucky colour: Forest green. Magic number: 32

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