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Expecting too much from Pakistan

Pakistan Army officer Lt-Gen Shahid Aziz (retd) has finally let the cat out of the bag (news report ‘No mujahideen, our soldiers took part in Kargil: Pak ex-Gen’, January 28). Heading the ISI’s analysis wing during the Kargil War, he has revealed the participation of regular soldiers in the “ill-planned” war. That Gen Pervez Musharraf has been lying all throughout about Pakistan Army’s involvement has now been revealed.

Pakistan has also always been in denial of the other two terror attacks, 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks and the Parliament attack. Now, it is very clear that Pakistan government is being governed by its army and radical fanatics with a clear and open anti-India intent.

Pakistan has been misusing the train facilities and sending narcotics and fake currency notes across the border. They shall definitely misuse the other facilities for propelling subversive and terrorists activities in India.

The UPA government still thinks of extending vital visa and trade relaxations. Trade benefits are not over and above the safety and security of our country. The government must shun this policy of appeasement, confidence building and trade and visa relaxations.

Capt AMAR JEET KUMAR (retd), Mohali

Haves vs have-nots

Give and take policies for betterment of the system, society or country cannot, in anyway, be compared with corruption, until and unless selfish individualism is involved in such transactions, as writer Ashis Nandy has conveyed in his talk at the Jaipur Literature Festival (news report ‘In trouble for caste remarks, Nandy leaves Jaipur Lit Fest, January 28)’.

It has been corruption and manipulations in one form or the other that certain people have been forced to live life of deprivation over the centuries in India and elsewhere around the globe. In our country, it is rampant corruption in all fields of life that is leading us towards a despotic society. A corruption-free society in India will go a long way in making the world’s largest democracy an ideal and perfect one.

Er KK SOOD, Nangal


The general public’s hopes are pinned on the judiciary alone now. Political power is in the hands of those people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Their target is to get the vote by hook or by crook. To promote family prosperity is one of the main motives behind job scams. The process of court cases are so long that a common man cannot afford to wait or spend on litigation, and so is left in the lurch.

SARBJEET SINGH HERAN, Jagraon (Ludhiana)

Wrong opinion

In an attempt to seek answers to the increasing cases of sexual abuse of women, some people in India are linking ‘westernisation’ to rape. According to them, miniskirts and sleeveless clothes are responsible for such shameful act and the freedom given to women to work and to live their lives equal to the opposite sex is one of the reasons for rape. Is there any correlation between them?

The victims of rape have been women from across the board --- from women living in metros to village women, married women, minor and adult, women wearing short clothes or fully draped, domestic maids, even 4-5 yr old girls. Sex is a biological need. It is totally irrational to correlate rapes with westernisation or freedom of women.



The so-called spiritual leader Bapu Asa Ram recently remarked that the Delhi gang rape victim should have called the rapists ‘brothers’ and recited the Saraswati mantra. According to him, the victim is a guilty as her rapists are. Bapu Asa Ram’s remarks are disturbing and condemnable. The accusation that rapes happen because girls wear skirts is utter nonsense. If this were true, no village woman would be raped. In the infamous Bhanwari Devi’s case where even her face used to be covered, why was she raped? The remarks of Asa Ram against woman expose his medieval mindset.

Dr H KUMAR KAUL, Barnala


For crucial functions of the society to be effective and to ensure balanced growth, the dismantling and re-building process go simultaneously. A reality check of existing institutions and social environment has become imperative and urgent.

Meanwhile, every citizen must observe all safety precautions while going about his/her activities both at home and in public places. While the government must ensure impartial and aggressive enforcement of national laws, the citizens especially the girls and women should improve their self-management and self-trust to cope with anti-social elements.

We must endorse 20th century writer Marie Corellie’s opinion that woman is “mankind’s mother” and she is a beautiful life companion of a man to enrich the experiences of human life. And, the ugly man must realise that he is not God’s “choosen” creation.

DS RAI, Ludhiana

Work in unison

Large scale “acquittal” of criminals is generally ascribed to serious flaws in the country’s criminal justice system. Enforcement of law involves three agencies – the police, the prosecution and the courts. However, instead of acting in unison, these agencies work at cross purposes with inevitable consequences.

The police blame the prosecutors for the dismal show alleging that the latter do not pursue the cases with requisite vigour. The prosecutors opine that the police investigations, by are large, are shoddy and thus the cases fail to stand judicial scrutiny. The police and the prosecutors have a common grouse against the judiciary.


Abusing the legal system

The main reason for the low conviction rate in women-related crime is a large number of false cases being filed in courts (news report ‘Women facing severe forms of physical abuse at homes’, January 22).

The reason why the number of cases filed in courts has increased is due to the fact that women are using the legal system to grab properties, get maintenance as monetary benefits and to harass in-laws.

It is not a secret that the anti-dowry law has been misused since its inception. Even the Supreme Court has termed misuse of 498a IPC as ‘legal terrorism’. Also, the Prevention of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA) is a badly drafted Act.




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