Breathtaking Bips

Bipasha Basu has it all; looks, personality and charm. In Chandigarh, she leaves a spellbound crowd...

That Bipasha Basu is hot is common knowledge, what strikes us most is the warmth she displays at an interaction at the launch of Vero Moda store in Chandigarh on Wednesday. Her short dress totally bared the hot pair of legs; ‘she is towering’ went a remark, ‘her heels are least six inches’ came another, a second later. In her skin, Bips greets the crowd and reveals the story of her transformation from a studious Bong girl to a glam queen!

Looks matter

Growing up, looks were the last thing on my mind. But still at 15, I was at the international platform as Ford model, exposed to the best in the fashion industry. Grasping details over a period of time helped me evolve my individual style.

Fashion funda

There is no diktat in fashion. Criticise me as much, I will wear what I like. After all I spend a lakh on shoes, why wouldn’t I wear them again? I buy dresses that I like; I will wear them again and again, circle me as much you want.

I like

For summer, a fitted pair of denims, white shirt, tights and singlet will do. As for colours, I stick to basics — white, red and black are my favourites. In designers, Rocky S is a friend who has always been around. I am a high street girl and love dressing up.

Brand wise

I am all for easy and comfortable wear; Vero Moda offers plenty of that and is stylish...what more do women want? In fact, their store in Mumbai is right next to my home, so I hop in as and when I feel like; sometimes without prior information.

For summer, a fitted pair of denims, white shirt, tights and singlet will do. As for colours, I stick to basics — white, red and black are my favourites

Sweet note

I am a foodie, more so I have a sweet tooth. On the drive from the airport to the hotel, all I was interested in was famous sweets in Chandigarh. I imagine one must be getting lovely ‘pinnis’ here and I am looking forward to indulging in Punjabi food.

Working out

I eat and I work out hard. Love Yourself is a project close to my heart. I do have plans for more fitness DVDs; collaborations are welcome.

Talking films

One should respect what one gets on the plate. If a film interests me and I can make time for it, I will do it. I don’t have any Punjabi offers yet, but if something nice comes my way, I am up for playing a Punjaban. I can understand Punjabi, have to learn it but I am sure it’s easier than languages Down South. I am shooting for Creature in Ooty; it is more of an action, adventure film and yes I am training hard for that.

Cocktail girl

Photo: S Chandan

After a long wait, when Diana Penty walks in, the shutterbugs go on a crazy clicking spree. Blue long dress does justice to her petite frame; a side plait, the Cocktail girl takes her place. On the launch of Vero Moda, she is all for the brand that she labels as contemporary and reasonable priced.

Quiz her on style, and she goes, “Very important is to go for what suits your body type, you can perk it up with putting in a bit of what is in trend.” On her sense of style, she says “I like Indian and Western, and mixing both. I am the kurta with denims kind of girl.” Denims remain her favourite for it fits everywhere and she doesn’t step out without her sunglasses, moisturiser, lip-balm and cellphone. A known name in the modelling world, she stamped her presence by playing Meera in Cocktail. Right after, she is taking things slowly. Referring to Cannes, where fashion is gaining more weightage than probably films, she is all for putting hardwork in movies and also looking pretty. “Looking good is part of the glamour and entertainment industry,” she says. Her style icon is her friend Lisa Haydon. She doles out her advice for three fashion essentials for any diva, “Black pumps, fitted jeans and a handbag.”

Guru cool!
Amarjot Kaur

Famous Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan, in Chandigarh to inaugurate her dance workshop, does not approve of the heavy Western influence on Indian dance but says this is what the public demands now...

Had it not been for the virtue of her talent, Saroj Khan’s contribution to Bollywood would not have made much of a difference to its entertainment value that was essentially dependent on the dance numbers. In Chandigarh to inaugurate her dance workshop, ‘Danse Gurukool’, at the Hallmark Public School, Saroj exchanges a gamut of ideas as she pours them on a traditional platter, garnished with the tunes of Bollywood.

While the workshop will be held on the school premises, Saroj’s assistants will shoulder the responsibilities of running them across the city, including Delhi and other areas of the North. Saroj also visited the Max Super Speciality Hospital for a one-day long workshop of ‘Danse Gurukool’ and taught her signature steps to as many as 50 children.

“At these workshops I intend to train the children, especially in the aesthetic dance forms while fusing them with Bollywood numbers. Although there will be many other international dance forms, including Hip-Hop, Salsa and contemporary, my main focus will be to equip the children with the knowledge of Indian dance forms, not acrobatics,” says Saroj, elaborating on these workshops.

“What we see on television these days is not essentially dance, they are bringing circus to the stage in the name of dance. Dance is a very different art form altogether and though I despise the heavy Western influence that has dawned upon as a new form of culture that predominates our Bollywood industry and television, I don’t necessarily blame the producers and directors for adopting the fashion, for they only serve the public and it is but a neat business. However, I do believe that an artist can propel a huge change by denouncing any dance form that has no character of creativity or does not appeal to him or her aesthetically,” opines Saroj on the current scenario of the television and film industry.

Imparting her views on the dance reality shows that feature children, Saroj points a finger at the parents as she says, “Well, what does a child know of dance anyway? It is the parents who prompt and sometimes even coax their children to participate in the shows for getting easy money. This is the main reason why they want their children to learn Western art forms, failing to realise that a child has neither the body nor the finesse to suit the requirements of either hip-hop or salsa. For instance, when I shot ‘dola re’, it covered several elements that were typical of classical dance forms, so I think Bollywood is a good way to take forth our culture and tradition. However, the current scenario provides very little and in fact no avenue to explore dance on its artistic virtue.”

Going down the memory lane, Saroj recollects a faint memory of how she started composing dance for Bollywood when she was only fourteen, “I remember my master was off to shoot a song for the film Sangam when PL Santoshi, father of Raj Kumar Santoshi, approached me to compose a song that was to be featured on Raj Kumar and Nutan. Perplexed as I was by the offer, I asked him to play the song while telling him that I can only dance and not compose, for I had neither the experience nor the understanding. It was then that Santoshi asked me to act on the words and we composed the dance number.”

Juxtaposing the past with the present, she compliments the interest and intelligence of the generation today, but finds it hard to express any praise for the dance tracks as she says, “Do you find the camera focusing on the facial expressions of an actor these days, the only reason why I fancy Madhuri is because of her facial expressions and the nakhras. It’s a pity to watch the integrity of Bollywood dance falling at this pace and this soon,” she says.

The ‘in’ side
A touch of red!

Red is a colour of energy, love and warmth. In China it is associated with happiness. In Japan it is linked to heroism, whatever its association, it is a powerful and beautiful colour. Red is a primary colour but its spectrum is vast and ranges from pale pink to scarlet. Today I will give you a few strategies to incorporate this beautiful colour in your homes.

In decorating, bright, vibrant reds are usually reserved for accents, while darker, browner reds end up on walls, floors and doors. Reds look best when used with neutrals. Red and white is an all-time favourite combo. Red works in all sorts of decorating styles, from sleek modern to country, rustic and even traditional.

  • To demarcate and set limits
  • To make a huge room look smaller
  • To add warmth in a room
  • To make a bold statement
  • To divert attention from unwanted places
  • Designation of important sites

Red on walls

The accent wall is probably the most common way to incorporate red into a room. It's bold but not too much. Red looks good on just one wall, but if you want to go all crazy with red, try doing so in a powder room. It will end up looking vibrant and will surely make a statement. In a room with a red accent wall, try to use red accessories to balance the look.

Red in furnishings

You can use red in your upholstery but make sure the walls are painted in a neutral colour or you will end up with too much energy in the room. Red is never boring, a couple of red chairs look very inviting in a living room. You can even add red in the drapes provided; whatever you put in front of them is a light colour. Red on red is a disaster.

When combined with other colours, red offers even more versatility. An earthy red used with wood tones can warm up a room. Red with soft gray can make a room feel cozy, feminine and soft.

Red kitchens

A red kitchen means happiness and joy. The red colour gives the kitchen intimacy, relaxation and pleasure of tastes. Use red on the cabinetry, dishes or the back splash. Remember to always use red in small doses and whenever possible add a visual break.

A red main door

The main door, when painted red attracts a lot of positive energy. Daring and bold, this colour commands attention. Red is a colour to be used sparingly, but it makes a huge impact. Make a statement by painting your main door a beautiful shade of red.

In the workplace

Using red in the lobbies or reception areas gives a very welcoming feeling to your clients and makes an eye catching statement. It gives out a message that your workforce is friendly vibrant and dynamic.


Red does not appear very clearly in nature. It manifests itself in delicate accents such as the red autumn leaves, red flowers, the sunset etc. In exteriors also, red should be used intelligently. Red terracotta tiles or bricks can be used as pavers to create a stunning effect. Use red on small containers for your plants.

(Sukhmani is an interior and landscape designer)

Shooting with the Ex

Bollywood couples do not always get married and nowadays they even work together after their break-up. Here are some instances

Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor

Shahid and Kareena broke up soon after they completed shooting Jab We Met. The break-up was declared before Jab We Met was released. They shot for a song Tum Se Hi and a few scenes after their break-up during which they did not talk to each other or come in the same car.

Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra

They never declared their relationship which blossomed during Kaminey and they have been unstable. After their break-up, they still agreed to do Teri Meri Kahaani which was conceptualised for them when they were still together. They even promoted the film quite happily.

Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja

Priyanka was a rising star and Harman was the aspiring actor son of Harry Baweja. She agreed to act opposite him in Love Story 2050 as they were dating for a while before that. The debacle of Love Story 2050 had a bad impact on their relationship and they fought some more. Soon after that Priyanka got involved with Shahid while shooting for Kaminey. But they had committed to shooting What's Your Raashee? before their break-up and amicably shot and promoted the film.

Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor

These two are best friends now and happily shot their movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani together, much to the surprise of many. There is a genuine bond between them and we wish they would get back together. Even the promo capitalises on their relationship status.

In the web of matrimony…

The wedding market in our country is huge. Right from finding the match to elaborate ceremonies, there are countless things that come into play. And, catering to those is Lagana Mandap.

Launched in Chandigarh on Wednesday, this matrimony website offers hordes of features at prices much less than their competitors in the business. Venture by Aman Ahuja, a 25-year-old MBA in IT, it aims to provide one-stop solution to all wedding related services.

With two websites and, this site lets you choose a prospective spouse based on criteria way more than just religion and community. “Matrimonial advertisements in papers have done well in the past. A site offers much more,” says Aman, who has specially designed a separate site for divorcees, widows and widowers, looking forward to settling down once again.

The biggest challenge, however, for any matrimony portal is to tackle fake profiles. For this Aman has put filters at different steps. “Right from identity proof to the number and pictures, we screen at different steps,” puts in Aman. The rates for the service are nominal to begin with. So you can get a gold membership for as less as Rs 99 for a month and comes with features to chat and more.

Coming from a business background, Aman is positive of making a mark in this venture. “Not only we are aiming at a huge database but our site is extremely user-friendly. It’s as simple as to login, surf and express to reach the match you are looking for!”

So here is another tool for the search for perfect partner!

Get physical
Right path
Vishal Thukral

People spend hours and hours in a gym on a daily basis and yet they look the same month after month. Clients spend a huge sum of money for private training yet their trainer has them doing stuff that is not even related to their goals.

The ideal workout regime is the one which focuses on burning maximum calories in the minimum time spent. No matter how much you love to exercise, spending long hours in the gym will not fetch the desired results, only doing the right way will give you the ideal shape you are looking for.

Warm up to it

It is important to stretch before working out because stretching makes muscles more elastic and flexible.

Remember, it's important to work out to your ability and fitness level. If you've been overweight, or just haven't exercised in years, take it easy in the beginning. Start slow and light. Consistency is another factor which has to be taken care of. Work out at least four or five times a week. Working out only once or twice a week just isn't enough. The only thing that's been proven to get you in shape is to eat right and exercise right.

There's new school of thought, which tells you not to spend hours running or pushing weights but to act functional and to follow the varied workout to attain the best fitness. So that, as we grow older our knees and other joints have no problems.

Few routines to be followed while working out in the gym:

Treadmill intervals

It is important to warm up before starting the training programme. Perform a power walk for 8-10 minutes. Start the warm up with a speed that does not feel too fast or too slow. Increase the speed by every minute during the warm up while keeping the incline at 0. After the warm up, bring the speed back down to the speed you started with. At this point get off the treadmill and stretch quads, hamstrings, inner thighs and calves. Now, as we are ready to start the challenge on the treadmill. Each challenge is a 60 second power walk followed by 60 second jog and 60 second sprint. We have already discussed the technique for the power walk stride used for the warm up. Use this technique for each challenge. Make sure to keep incline at 0 so that it does not affect bones, joints and ligaments. Repeat 12-15 challenges. Try out this treadmill challenge to burn 400-600 calories.

Cycling sprints

Cycling is a fantastic way for building the muscles in legs and butt. This strenuous workout increases heart rate steadily which requires loads of energy. Aim to cycle 12-16 mph range to burn 400-600 calories per hour. To keep things interesting really push to the maximum while doing the cycling.

Step aerobics class

An intense step class that is moderate in intensity but high in impact and lasts for about an hour will burn 400-600 calories during the class and will help you burn through even more calories once you are back at home.

Cardio/weight training

The best way to achieve weight loss is through using a programme consisting of both strength and cardio training. Strength training can lead to faster weight loss, increase metabolism and increase muscles mass as well. If you can't do weights and cardio in separate sessions, do weights first for the greatest gain in strength, power and muscle mass. Doing cardio session before weight training may cause more fatigue making you compromise from lifting weights. Instead mix cardio session while doing weight training like jumping jacks, sprints, and some other activities you can do on your feet.

Fun quotient

Have fun. Pick exercise and routines you like, may be something you enjoyed as a kid. Having fun is a big part of life. Make it part of your workout.

(Thukral is a Chandigarh-based aerobics fitness trainer)

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: You are in line for a promotion or an increase in salary. The focus is on pleasure and entertainment. Strong feelings will overwhelm you and distort your sense of perspective. Tarot message: Don’t reveal your plan of action. Lucky colour: Pink.
Magic number: 63

TAURUS: Make more of an effort to attain and maintain harmony. Communication on the job will assume greater importance, but you also need to be more careful. Tarot message: Don’t do anything at the cost of health. Lucky colour: Blue. 
Magic number: 59

GEMINI: New people whom you meet will be rather exciting. Health problems will slow you down. Remember your resolutions about diet and nutrition. Take it easy this morning. Tarot message: Come to terms with yourself. Lucky colour: Purple.
Magic number: 36

CANCER: Love life is sparkling. Enjoy the pleasurable vibes and plan a relaxing day. A friend will try to talk you into doing something you would rather 
not do. Tarot message: Do not expect too much from others. Lucky colour: White.
Magic number: 50

LEO: A piece of good news arriving by mail or phone will cheer you up. Household affairs will continue smoothly and there will be no problems. Do not invest your money hastily in any deal. Tarot message: Be confident. Lucky colour: Green.
Magic number: 35

VIRGO: There will be a small get-together at home. A promotion to a management position will trigger self-doubt. A level of anxiety will interfere with your sense of well-being. Tarot message: Don’t make hasty decisions. Lucky colour: Crimson.
Magic number: 33

LIBRA: Sincerity in whatever you do is the key to success. Focus on hobbies. Anything you have done wrong will be exposed to the public. Make sure you join a reputable organisation and then reap the spiritual rewards.Tarot message: Don’t be impulsive. Lucky colour: Saffron. Magic number: 25

SCORPIO: A change of plans will throw you into turmoil. Don’t expect people to make compromises and you won’t be let down. Stop worrying about what other people think of you; follow your path. Tarot message: Learn from past experience. Lucky colour: Peach.
Magic number: 25

SAGITTARIUS: Push routine to one side and just relax a bit. You will fall madly in love during travel or attendance at a conference. Partnership issues are likely to surface. Face the facts and talk to your partner. Tarot message: Be determined. Lucky colour: Mauve.
Magic number: 31

CAPRICORN: Hasty actions will lead to situations that can be best avoided. You need to catch up to your emotions and stay on track. Colleagues and associates will step on your toes or try to bully you. Tarot message: Stay positive.
Lucky colour: Yellow.
Magic number: 42

AQUARIUS: There will be good opportunities to show off your artistic flair. Loved ones will do what they can to help solve financial problems. Savour the romantic glow of the morning. Tarot message: Dare to accomplish difficult tasks. 
Lucky colour: Red.
Magic number: 52

PISCES: The card “Six of Wands” emphasises on social activities. Your effort will not go unnoticed by superiors. Talk with your lover about your future plans and then accordingly take action.

Tarot message: Do not swing away from your course of action.
Lucky colour: Orange
Magic number: 34

Chatter box
The giant leap

Role swapping: ParvarrishThe up and coming episodes of Parvarrish will experience a major change as Barkha Sengupta will replace Rupali Ganguly to essay the role of Pinky Ahuja, as Rupali is pregnant. Also, the show will take a leap of two years with Barkha’s entry on May 27.

Role swapping: Parvarrish

Tarana’s tribute to her mom

Tarana Raja Tarana Raja, who stars in Sony TV's Bade Achhe Lagte Hain as Neha Vikram Shergill, says that she wants to write a book on her mom. "I would love to write a book on her life as she has led a fascinating one." Her mother Madhu Raja is also a part of the same show. She plays Krishna Ji (Ram Kapoor's mother). She says, "It is indeed a pleasure to work with her. We don't have too many scenes together though. Our green rooms are different too. That is because if you hang out with the same person for 24 hours you will get on one another's nerves. We check on one another every hour though. My mom loves to interact with everyone in the show. In fact she gels very well with the younger group." Sounds like Tarana has a cool mom!

Belly dancing for Bhabho?

FAN BASE: Neelu Waghela
FAN BASE: Neelu Waghela

The famous Neelu Waghela, who plays the role of Bhabho in STAR Plus' Diya Aur Baati Hum, has a huge fan-following that extends to every city in the country and across the globe. One such fan of hers comes from Delhi. His name is Alex and he is a belly dancer who is also currently participating in the dance reality show India's Dancing Superstar on STAR Plus.

Alex, who is very talented, feels that belly dancing is a great way to showcase grace and rhythm and therefore he would love to meet as well as teach his favourite TV star some exciting belly dancing moves. "I saw Bhabho dancing on Nach Baliye and I love the grace she has, I would definitely love to teach her some of my belly dancing moves because she is very talented, a great dancer and has amazing expressions," says the ardent Bhabho fan.

Teaching time

Choreographer-cum-actor, Punit Pathak, who was earlier seen in the film, ABCD, will be seen in the up and coming season of Jhalak Dikkhla Jaa. He will be seen with his on-screen partner Lauren Gottlieb from ABCD. Punit will also be seen teaching her Hindi, just like how he taught, Shibani Dandekar, his partner in the last season, who could not speak in Hindi too well.

Against all odds

Working hard: Sanaya Irani Sanaya Irani, who essays the lead role in the show Chanchan that is telecast on Sony has been managing to shoot despite the injury to her toe. Though she has been limping around she did not even take a day off to rest because she did not want the shoot to get affected.

In a bridal avatar

Amidst Nimmo’s wedding celebrations, Ratan hopes for Sampooran to return as she dresses up for him. Meanwhile, Nihal is mesmerised on seeing Ratan dolled up like a bride, as he had never seen her like that before.

New look: A still from Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera

Back with a bang

Samir Soni will soon be back with a new show after his stint as Kunal Chopra in Ekta Kapoor’s Parichay. He will now be seen in Fear Files that will be telecast on Life OK. The show will be a bi-weekly drama thriller that will feature a new episode each time.

Scary act: Samir Soni

Great going

Mumbai boy Abhishek Thewar who loves popping came on the stage of Star Plus' India's Dancing Superstar with a unique dancing form, finger tuttering. This amazing talent who has surprised the judges, Geeta, Ritesh and Ashley, has also won hearts and attention of a lot of viewers. When he came on the stage to compete for space in top 24 he revealed that more than one lakh people had checked his performance on YouTube.

Brewing more drama

In the forthcoming episodes of Saraswatichandra, Kumud tries to make Saras jealous. On the other hand, Kumud realises that she does not have a great story about their love. Gunn tells Saras that he needs to do something special while asking him to propose.

Amrapali likes challenges

LOOKING AHEAD: Amrapali Gupta

Talented actor Amrapali Gupta is enjoying the response to her role Tanveer in Qubool Hai. She talks about her role, her marriage and much more.

Was the role in Qubool Hai a challenge?

After playing the bahu in Teen Bahuraaniyan, this role was a challenge. It is super fun; which is why I took it up. I want to excel with every role and become better in my profession. I don't have qualms about positive or negative roles. I am happy to play Tanveer.

Were you anxious about the negative role?

Not at all; positive and negative characters both take the story forward. Sure people love the positive characters but if they hate the negative ones, you know your job is done. I have had many fans and viewers loving and hating my character.

Why did you choose to do Mahadev?

The role of Matsya Kanya in Devon Ke Dev Mahadev was different and interesting. It was fun.

Do you think twice before signing up for the role of a vamp?

No; it all depends on the role and the setup . My husband and in-laws are very supportive. They encourage me to do more.

How is married life treating you?

It is great, but nothing much has changed. Just like any other girl, I kept wondering about how things would change as I had to live in a different house, but I must say things are settled now.


Seriously speaking
Sonam wants to be recognised as an actor

image makeover: Sonam KapoorSonam Kapoor has just returned from Cannes and she is all set to continue shooting for her YRF film with Ayushmann Khurrana. She wants to be taken seriously as an actor.

Break even

Even before Thank You, Mausam and Players were released, I knew that my life was going the way I wanted. I was working on big projects but I had not earned my place in the industry and I needed to be a better actor. So, I switched off and took a break.

Natural progression

Movies like Rannjhana and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and YRF's next are definitely part of my progression as an actor. I do not have a big role in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, but I could not give up the opportunity of working with Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra. He never screams or shouts. I feel I got the YRF film because of my middle class upbringing and being rooted and grounded.

Work mates

Dhanush is such a talented actor. He is modest and gives me too much credit for being patient with him. Farhan Akhtar is simply awesome and it is remarkable the way he has transformed himself for this role.

Of dreams & desires
Divya Dutta

Yes, I love to be on the sets. The hustle bustle, the energy, the enthusiasm, the pace and yes the people around.

I have realised whatever my state of mind is when I reach the sets and see the light boy shouting while putting the lights, the assistants rushing to the vanity to give the scene, the designers in a hurry to check the fitting, the make-up man saying, 'ma'am please get ready'. All that buzz, I feel good.

It infuses life in me, that life buzzing with action literally. So many people from different backgrounds and different places come together to make a film. The man pushing the cameraman's trolley too, without whose correct timing, the shot doesn't get an okay from the director; this accumulated energy on the sets gives me a high. It is amazing to be a part of the process of making a movie. The feeling of being safe and looked after by the film unit is great. Why then do they call it the most insecure profession? As the day goes by, and the pack up is announced, I start seeing people individually and not as a unit, each with his own individual life to look after. Yes, I see a few upcoming actors come to meet the assistant directors, 'sir, koi kaam ho to bataana!' And yes those junior actors, who now act as props in the background.

From a distance I see the producer flattering a star, 'sir for the next film, I will need your dates next year please'.

All live a tough life, all trying to secure their insecure tomorrow when I see them individually. They are lonely somewhere, tired, exhausted. In spite of this, hopeful somewhere, at their own level, they all manage themselves for an unpredictable tomorrow, which they all think will fulfill their desires. They all return the next day with the same zest, same energy, forgetting their own tribulations and immersing into the passionate world of film making! This is why they call it the dream world. It also is the big bad world, comprising of broken dreams. I am so proud of all those bravehearts who love to live this life of dreams and of moments woven together!

(Dutta is a Bollywood actress)

What an idea!
Tanya Malhotra

Some latest web applications have turned a boon for young entrepreneurs…

Photo- S. Chandan

Technology just keeps surprising us with all the fresh concepts, which spring up each new day. It's not a matter of choice anymore; rather it's a way to keep up with what's new. Talking about the booming mobile culture, with the demand for I-Phone along with the android fever that has caught up with Chandigarh folks, the best thing to do is make the most of it!

Ginny Chawla, the young entrepreneur and Owner of The Altius, Industrial Area, Phase II, Chandigarh, couldn't help but use his knowledge for bigger and better ideas. The latest one being an application called 'The Altius App', which encompasses the complete information of the hotel. While you know him through his store chain - Brands Bargain - which introduces the idea of anti-theft equipment in the city, his new endeavor is as fresh and unique.

In the app

Starting from the options to locate the hotel, navigate through it, check the lobby and rooms, the lounge; the application provides all the information and what's even more delightful is the 360 degree virtual tour with a 3D effect. "So now if you wish to book a room, check the lounge or even register as a guest for the lounge, 10 Downing Street, this application acts as a gateway. "Those who register become our gold members; they will receive timely offers and deals. Apart from that, they won't be paying cover charges till 11 pm at 10 Downing Street."

Behind the scene

Nishant Johar, Head of the IT company, Let us Handle it, says, "We have a powerful back-end for this application with the analytics to see who has registered, how many members are there in total, which mobile they are using. From the application we can send a message to all the users with just a click or to a particular member too in case of a birthday or anniversary. It took us one year to complete it.”

Perfect timing

"With The Altius celebrating their first Anniversary on May 25, it's the best time to launch the app. Apart from that, for the special occasion we are also bringing DJ Nights by DJ Kilogram on May 22 and DJ Suketu on May 25," says Rohit Tuli, head of business development.

Project report

The Fashion Marketing and Management (FMM) students of Northern India Institute of Fashion (NIIFT) Mohali presented their final diploma projects at NIIFT, Mohali campus. The jury evaluating these projects comprised eminent personalities from leading organisations, including Nidhi Gill, manager, Fab India, Chandigarh, and Gaurav Kumar, GM, marketing merchandising, Winsome Knitwear.

FMM programme holds a diploma project presentation of the fourth semester students. The students work in conjunction with the known names of the industry for a period of three months and find out areas of concern thereby giving suggestions, implementing and helping the units to resolve the problems being faced by the factory or management.

Three months research work is scrutinized and monitored by the industry and faculty. Evaluation after every month results in giving refined work which provides practical solutions to industrial problems and also help in enhancing productivity.
The students made 16 presentations which focused on different areas like enhancing production, developing processes to meet deadlines, reducing the high labour cost, reducing delay due to unskilled labour. —TNS

Ajay, Sonakshi to romance again

Pair up: Sonakshi Sinha & Ajay Devgn

The Son of Sardaar actors are back again. Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha have been roped in for director Prabhudeva's next untitled project. The choreographer-cum-director Prabhudeva roped in the two actors for the project to be produced by Gordhan Tanwani of Baba Films.

This would be Sonakshi's third film with Prabhudeva, she has already acted in his movies, Rowdy Rathore and Rambo Rajkumar which is under production. Sonakshi also got to shake her legs with Prabhudeva in Go Go Govinda song from the movie OMG: Oh My God!

But Ajay will be working with Prabhudeva for the first time. Yami Gautam of Vicky Donor fame has also been roped in for the project. She will be seen in an interesting role.

The film will go on the floors by the end of July, once Ajay is back from his family trip.

Essence of an artist

Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi is going to screen a film on eminent artist S H Raza, The Very Essence, directed by Laurent Bregeat on May 26. The Akademi has started a new programme to show films on art and artists, twice a month.

The film is produced by Lalit Kala Akademi (National Academy of Art) New Delhi, based on the idea by Ashok Vajpeyi, Raissa Padamsee and others. Shot in India and France, the film looks at various stages of Raza’s artistic journey beginning from his village to Indore to Mumbai to France and back to India. Raza talks about his mentors, the artists whom he looked up to, his day in Paris and his philosophy apart from the creative aspects of his work. The duration of the film is about 50 minutes. — TNS

At 11.30 am at the Auditorium of Government Museum and Art Gallery-10

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