Brothers in sync
Well-known ghazal singers Ahmed Hussain and Mohammed Hussain carry forward a rich legacy and they are proud to be the flag-bearers

Brothers Ahmed Hussain and Mohammed Hussain, a known name in ghazals, represent the rich Jaipur Gharana. Over six decades in the field, their fan-following is iconic; the duo is thoroughly grounded and spirited for the tradition they are upholding. In city for the Chandigarh Summer Festival, they share excerpts from the sadhna that their journey has been.

Early memories

In our Jaipur Gharana, a child is born to the sound of classical music. If the 'nana' is a maestro, so is 'dada' and 'tau' and all the elders around. Our toys have been a little harmonium and other instruments. Our father late Ustad Afzal Hussain Khan was our guru as well but he clearly told our mother — that if we have to learn from him, we go just as students and as equal to all others in the class.

Cherished moments

We have performed extensively across the globe, but close to our hearts have been being in association with icons like Dilip Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar and Sitara Devi. Dilip ji is a man of fine taste; he gave us a nazm by Bhahdur Shah Zafar to sing, right there we composed it in Raag Raageshwari much to the delight of the acting stalwart! At another session we had with Lata ji and Sitara Devi, we got a wondeful compliment, "Rajasthan ki mitti hi surili hai." The company and appreciation from eminent artistes is our real earning.

Work wise

Jab Guru ho kamil, shagird aamil aur khuda ki kudrat ho shamil, fankar to tab hi banta hai (an endowed teacher, hardworking student and god's gifted art only make for a true artiste). Our guru told us: 'Pay attention to work, fame will follow; if you follow fame, you will lose work too."

Firmly grounded

We have been blessed with audiences' love through the decades. More than 70 albums of ours, we get a response and students from different corners of the world. It's not easy handling knowledge, fame, wealth and beauty. Our elders told us — all appreciation lay at your teacher's feet, its criticism that is yours!

Super stars

We are all for young achievers, but not for labelling kids as 'superstars'. Those who have no understanding of life yet; by naming them stars we are blocking their only way to growth. Today old is synonymous with foolish, we would rather want our rich heritage to be preserved. Everything from our food, mannerisms to culture is under threat; if we don't act now, our identity would soon be lost.

Old is gold

We have been part of just a few films, including Aaya Tere Dar Par and Veer Zaara. Today when everyone is looking for shortcuts, we uphold the beauty of real instruments; electronic beats can never match the melody of a flute. It's quick, easy but not eternal — though our classical heritage is!

punjabi scope
Comic circle
Jasmine Singh

Film: Oye Hoye Pyar Ho Gaya 

Director: Aditya Sood

Cast: Sharry Mann, Rana Ranbir, Binu Dhillon, Yograj Singh

Rating: ***

Sharry Maan in the movie Oye Hoye Pyar Ho Gaya
Sharry Maan in the movie Oye Hoye Pyar Ho Gaya

You have been laughing for a while; every Punjabi movie that hits the theatre comes with a promise of making the small and the large intestine of your body burst out with laughter. Oye Hoye Pyar Ho Gaya, written, directed and produced by Aditya Sood will not let you down in terms of laughter — plenty of gags, followed by more gags makes you accept that at least 'you know you will chew it and not swallow'.

Oye Hoye Pyar Ho Gaya is a movie that again falls in the romcom genre, without a lavish seasoning of romance. If you ignore the mush (since you just want to laugh) and remotely try to search for the storyline, you are not going to find any. The director has tried his best to put the pieces together but not everyone is good with solving puzzles! Whatever little story you find is so predictable that it inspires you into story-writing or becoming an astrologer!

Two guys Sharry and Harry, played by singer-turned-actor Sharry Mann and Rana Ranbir, respectively, and one pretty face played by Niharika Kareer; a funny character Rangeela played by Binnu Dhillon and a father played by Yograj Singh — you can join the jigsaw for the story. However, one person who will actually surprise and charm you in the film is Sharry Mann.

The Yaar Anmulle-fame singer makes his acting debut with the movie. For a first-timer, Sharry has done a decent job. The actor is capable of much more but this is just the beginning. The only thing that you might want to add in Sharry Mann's case are some better off designer clothes. Whether it is a budget saving technique, the actor should be given something better to wear then ordinary looking kurtas! Sharry shows good comic timing and sparks of good acting.

It is the romance that the actor needs to get comfortable with. Rana Ranbir is as usual good with his punches and dialogues. Amidst the jigsaw, one man who keep waiting for is for Binnu Dhillon, who plays the character of Chamkila. Binnu, who is known to not repeat any gag, scores a hundred with his out-of-sync voice and his habit of coming up with a song on every occasion in the film! In fact their are moments when he overshadows the rest of the cast.

Lesser said about the dialogues of the film the better because it seemed the characters came to the sets with their own! A bigger disappointment comes from Yograj Singh who plays the heroine's father. Known for his zordaar dialogues, Yograj is completely wasted in the film. He was probably told by the director to keep his volume low and Yograj took it to heart! He got confused whether to raise his voice or to keep it low. The leading lady of the film Niharika Kareer needs to work more on her acting and styling both. Oye Hoye Pyar Ho Gaya scores on music with Sharry Mann lending his voice to most of the numbers. The numbers are foot tapping and romantic. The movie could have made more impact with at least a storyline!

First Day First Show


Directed by Mrighdeep Singh Lamba of Teen Thay Bhai fame, Fukrey is an upcoming Hindi comedy film starring Pulkit Samrat, Manjot Singh, Ali Fazal, Richa Chadda, Vishakha Singh and Priya Anand in the lead roles. The story and dialogues have been written by Vipul Vig and the screenplay by Vipul Vig along with Mrighdeep Singh Lamba. The film has been produced under the Excel Entertainment's banner.

Effervescent & young

This film conveys sheer energy that is associated with the youth and the comedy is fresh. It is crazy, unbelievable and one can easily relate to it. It is a film about the youth and how they roll, so it will not just delight the youth but also the elders.

— Nikita Sharma, student

Unconventionally delightful

Fukrey is not a conventional film, where a boy meets a girl and then they fall in love with each other. It is also not a masala movie. This film has diverse elements and a very different storyline, which makes it all very beautiful.

— Karan Singh, businessman

— As told to Amarjot Kaur

A token of love
This Father’s Day present your daddy dearest the best gift available in the market but above all, give a warm hug to the most important man in your life...

If the time is just flying and you have had no time to stop by to tell your father how much you love, how much you care… probably this Sunday is the day; one out of the 365 days a year dedicated to the most important man in your life! Give him your time, love, care and if you want to present a token of love, we lay out some options.

Watch out

D'vine Watches is offering their best selection this Father's Day. This classy watch collection is pegged at Rs 1,295 onwards! Check out at Archies Cards Gift Gallery-32, Chandigarh. If your dad already has a huge watch collection in place, how about gifting a watch box? Maspar has a smart one, check out at Masper outlets.

Recipe corner

If kitchen is where your dad loves to spend considerable time, pamper the chef in him. Try to get him kitchen accessories like aprons, oven mitts, bread basket and pot-holder in bright patterns; not only will it light up your kitchen but also your dad's heart. Pegged at Rs 799 onwards.

Telly tale

Spending time together is the best bet. If you fall short of words with him, grab a snack and sit through his favourite show. If Animal Planet figures on his favourite catch their Father's Day Special on Sunday at 6 pm with a repeat at 10 pm. The programme celebrates the bond of fatherhood in the wild.

Bag it

Make your father feel special. Da Milano has come up with its new collection of accessories for men. File folders, laptop bags, portfolios, wallets, belts, smart phone cases — pick up what you think will appeal to your daddy dearest. The sleek collection in brown and black starts from Rs 1,999 onwards and the brand promises quality. Available at all Da Milano boutiques across the country.

Online delight

If fun is on your mind, try Cool mugs, soap cases to lamps, you will get plenty of quirky options available from Rs 499 onwards. At, Suzanne Roshan has some good Father's Day deals too, but what caught our eye was the adorable DAD Picture Frame for Rs 1,100. Explore more.

Go designer

A handmade digital print tie from Satya Paul on the finest silk fabric would make a lovely gift. The tie is priced at Rs 2,495 or go in for a tie/ hanky/cufflink set in a premium box for Rs 5,995. Available at all Satya Paul stores.

Discount time

Body Shop has special gift hampers for the day. The different sets are available from Rs 895 onwards and there are plenty of options to choose from. The list is endless from a customised holiday package to personal trainer. Different concerns, including eateries, are offering special discounts for the day. Like JK Opticians, Zirakpur has fabulous discounts on their range of sunglasses, including Ray Ban.

We wouldn't recommend a health package but spa offers are cool. Go personal, get his favourite music on his I-pod or phone, a collage of pictures spanned across the years or a heartfelt note; do it in style.

Give most of your love and time; a meal together, a heartfelt talk, a game of golf or a long walk, make your dad feel truly special this Father's Day!

Of tantrums and airs
Some Bollywood stars are well-behaved and chivalrous while others could not care less. We tell you about some fits and tantrums that stars have thrown in recent times

Not done: Katrina Kaif The mood swing

Katrina Kaif: She is usually politically correct but she lost her temper once. We know that she never talks to flight staff and her manager Sandhya does the needful always. During a whirlwind promotional tour of a film, Katrina was tired and dozed off without putting her seatbelt on. The air-hostess politely tapped her and asked her to put the seatbelt on and she got the yelling of her life from Katrina for that. Poor thing!

Not done: Katrina Kaif

Full stop: Riteish Deshmukh Calling iT a night

Riteish Deshmukh: He was furious on the sets of a television reality show where he was made to shoot continuously for several hours without a break. He called it a night at 11 pm by walking out and telling the producers that it was pack-up time. Of course, the crazy TV schedules do not suit him and he should have been given a break.

Full stop: Riteish Deshmukh

Terms & conditions: Sunny Leone Look who’s talking

Sunny Leone: She is new in the industry but has learnt the ropes very well. The former porn star threw her weight around and demanded that she would only do a photoshoot if there were no channels covering it. Only when her demands were met, did she do the photoshoot. This was a problem for the organisers as most shoots are covered by television channels for publicity.

Terms & conditions: Sunny Leone

High headed: Arjun KapoorToo much, too soon

Arjun Kapoor: It seems that the success of Ishaqzaade went to his head and he sprouted wings! Doing a double role in Aurangzeb was also a big deal. He refused to share a car during the promotions of Aurangzeb. Even when he shared vehicles, he would make the team wait for hours before he showed up! This is not done!

High headed: Arjun Kapoor

Up above: Mallika Sherawat The queen bee

Mallika Sherawat: She is the tantrum queen of Bollywood who is known for throwing tantrums rather than working! Her airs and bold statements have fetched her headlines and she insists that a shot only be canned if she thinks it is perfect. She hardly gets along with her co-stars.

Up above: Mallika Sherawat





Sonam’s brand new friends

Long list: Sonam KapoorClose pals: Kareena Kapoor Sonam Kapoor has made a few good friends in Bollywood. Dhanush calls her, his closest friend. She has also become very good friends with Ayushmann Khurrana, who is a big fan of her father and her co-star in an upcoming YRF film. He likes that Sonam is such a privileged girl but still very earthy and grounded.

Meanwhile, everybody knows of Kareena Kapoor's friendship with Amrita Arora Ladak and Reena Pillai but she has found a new friend and that is Sonam Kapoor. Sonam adores Kareena and her sense of style. The duo meets a couple of times a month to catch up and enjoy meals together.

Resident guest: Saif Ali Khan Home away from home

It is a known fact that Saif Ali Khan pretty much turned into a resident of Lucknow after shooting extensively in the city for Bullett Raja. But what is not known is that in the suite, where he stayed for this extended duration, he ended up collecting quite a few artifacts as well.

Now he is making sure that on his return, everything goes back to Mumbai where he lives. Saif spent over a few weeks in the city and ended up collecting quite a few artifacts.

Resident guest: Saif Ali Khan

Belief system: Sonakshi Sinha As luck would have it

In an industry where superstition is out of control, a star being a lucky mascot can become a common belief after a few consecutive hits. One such actress is Sonakshi Sinha, who is being recommended by most actors mostly because she has proved to be lucky for heroes like Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar.

However, Sonakshi is averse to the term ‘lucky mascot’. She recently backfired co-star Ranveer Singh after he called her a lucky mascot. She replied, “So I guess people are hiring me because I am lucky and not because of my talent.”

Belief system: Sonakshi Sinha


Real take

Karun Chandok
Reality bites: Stills from My Endeavour Alterrain

National Geographic Channel brings to you an extraordinary series of real people and their real life experiences with My Endeavour Alterrain. This five part series traces the journey of five celebrities, including Chetan Bhagat, Gul Panag, Nagesh Kukunoor, Rajeev Khandelwal and Karun Chandhok, who set out to find a few answers, gather experiences and quench a long time thirst in Ford's latest Endeavour Alterrain Edition. Discover an all new Rajasthan, Goa, Arunachal Pradesh and much more from the eyes of the adventure travellers. The show captures popular author Chetan Bhagat's drive to Junagarh in Gujarat, where he meets the Siddis - India's only African tribe.

Rajiv KhandelwalBeing a serial road tripper and traveller, Gul Panag undertook a personal endeavour to complete an unfinished business of exploring coastal Karnataka with a drive from Goa to Hampi. Filmmaker and actor Nagesh Kukunoor's ultimate endeavour was the completion of an unfinished road-trip he had undertaken in 1995. Race driver Karun Chandhok aimed to discover his roots in Punjab. His journey culminated in Amritsar. Actor and host Rajeev Khandelwal revived his earliest travel memories and camped while enjoying the cultural odyssey from Dibrugarh, Assam to Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh. The Ford Endeavour's Alterrain Edition added an intuitive dimension to their journeys. The series promises to be a visual treat for all adventure lovers. My Endeavour Alterrain assures a weekly dose of nerve cracking and fun-filled experiences. Stay tuned to watch the twists and turns of the Indian Terrain with My Endeavour Alterrain from June 9, every Sunday at 7 pm only on National Geographic Channel.

Mandira back on telly

New innings: Mandira BediMandira Bedi is back on television not just as a host of Indian Idol Junior, but also in Anil Kapoor's thriller show 24, which is a desi remake of the Hollywood show 24.

How is the experience of hosting a show that has kids as participants?

It is really tough to see them when they aren't selected. It's indeed a challenge, but I have to say many kids have shown immense maturity and handled things well. I was amazed to see the wonderful talent among many kids.

Your 'nok-jhok' with co-host Karan Wahi is cool. Right?

Yes, he's good. I like how he works with kids. He has done many shows and I am glad we work well together.

Is the fact that you are a mother also helps on this show?

I always loved kids, but yes one of the reasons why I chose this show was because now I relate to kids differently.

You will be doing 24. It it not a surprise that you are doing fiction?

Well, I was always open to fiction but wanted a role that was challenging and found that; so here I am. It has been a wonderful shoot and I am enjoying myself on the show. I play an agent and after watching the US version, I am excited to see the Indian one.

It must be tough to be a working mom.

Yes, it is. My son is three years old, but I try not to stay away from him instead I take him wherever I travel. I always travel with him and his nanny.

Voice that matters

Fan brigade: A still from X Factor Simon Cowell, who will return for the third season of X-Factor that will be telecast, on Big Cbs Love, in concurrence with the US. Grammy Award-winning artiste, Kelly Rowland and international pop star, Paulina Rubio, join him and Demi Lovato as judges on the hit singing competition series. A pop star since the age of 16, Kelly Rowland grew up in the spotlight as a member of Destiny's Child, one of the best-selling groups of all time. Her powerful voice was a key ingredient in the list of chart-toppers, including four No 1 singles in the US and more than 60 million albums. Paulina Rubio, contemporary Latin artiste, has sold more than 20 million records across the world and has released 10 studio albums. The X Factor format has created global superstars, including One Direction, Leona Lewis, Cher Lloyd and Olly Murs. Artists discovered by the competition series have sold more than 100 million records worldwide, including 110 No 1s, 270 Top 10 records and 500 Top 50 releases. The show is now telecast in 191 countries, and local versions of The X Factor are now commissioned in 41 territories. The show will premier on September 21, 2013.

On and off: Dakssh Ajit Singh In sickness and in health

Dakssh Ajit Singh of Maryada fame was roped in for the role of Rana Bahudur Singh in the show, Maharana Pratap that is telecast on Sony. Then came the news that he backed out of the show due to an injury. Now, the buzz is that the production team wants him. So, they will work around his surgery and not let him rehearse a lot and curb his training sessions on horses too.

On and off: Dakssh Ajit Singh

Deepika PadukoneRanveer Singh After the prayer

Ranveer Singh hung out with Deepika Padukone after Priyanka Chopra's father's prayer meeting. They were together at the coffee shop after the meet and he even offered her cookies as they waited for their cars when they were leaving the hotel.
Smart cookies: Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh

Extending a helping hand

Maanyata Dutt has gone all out to help Sanjay Dutt's lawyer, Rizwan Merchant, whose family perished in the Mahim building collapse. She provided him with vehicles and was in constant touch with him from the time the bodies were extricated and cremated. It is a time of extreme grief and they are supporting each other.

P Khurrana

ARIES: Your spouse will complain about a health problem. Deal with paper work that has been in the pipeline for a long time. It is time to slow down and recharge yourself physically and spiritually. Tarot message: Involve yourself in a new project. Lucky colour: Peach Magic number: 52

TAURUS: Matters concerning the government will require much attention. Postpone the work that requires concentration and physical efforts. Stick to your diet. Tarot message: Let things run their course and start afresh later. Lucky colour: Saffron Magic number: 50

GEMINI: You are destined to achieve better things. An authoritative person is on your side, so use their support to your advantage. You will have difficulty getting along with associates. Tarot message: Avoid criticising others. Lucky colour: Green Magic number: 35

CANCER: A restless night will put you in an irritable mood. You may have to stay away from your partner due to which romantic relationships will suffer. Anxiety will be at an all-time high. Tarot message: Avoid nasty situations. Lucky colour: Mauve Magic number: 27

LEO: You must not do anything to damage your reputation. It will be difficult to avoid conflict at home and workplace. Health issues will need attention. Tarot message: Focus on professional changes. Lucky colour: Black Magic number: 32.

VIRGO: Small problems and pretty grievances will disappear today. Love at home will renew hopes and wishes. Keep your mind on the business. It is a good day to start new ventures. Tarot message: Don't give money to strangers. Lucky colour: Crimson Magic number: 57

LIBRA: Trust your own instincts. Don't listen to other people as they could have hidden agendas. Plans for a business merger will be successful. Joint finances are apt to expand. Tarot message: Do not leave things up to chance. Lucky colour: White Magic number: 39

SCORPIO: New contracts are likely to prove most valuable. Communicating with people will be extremely helpful. Relationships with partners are likely to be problematic. Tarot message: Strive for perfection at work. Lucky colour: Yellow Magic number: 64

SAGITTARIUS: You will not be able to keep up with your schedule. Do not rush into taking up jobs, which require careful handling. It would be best to do one thing at a time. Tarot message: Do not take any chances even if people assure you. Lucky colour: Orange Magic number: 33

CAPRICORN: You may have to be stricter with loved ones. A new career, overseas travel and a change in relationship are a possibility today. Have faith in your own intellectual ability. Tarot message: Allow a sick situation to blow away. Lucky colour: Aqua blue Magic number: 40

AQUARIUS: You will get money from unexpected source. Important business matters should be handled carefully. Lovers are in a cheerful mood. You need to be cooperative and willing to compromise. Tarot message: Be honest. Lucky colour: Green Magic number: 31

PISCES: In public meetings, you will feel forceful and aggressive, but you need to control your temper. Your workload could weigh you down. Your private life could be disturbed. Tarot message: Avoid being over anxious. Lucky colour: Golden brown Magic number: 60

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