Runaway affair
Jasmine Singh

The team of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is no short of energy. They look like running the full distance…

They entire team has been running all over the country; a few pit-stops, a few glitches, but with an unbeatable spirit they are already flying towards a glorious finish. The team of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag — Farhan Akhtar, Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra, Sonam Kapoor, Prasoon Joshi, Divya Dutta, Yograj Singh and the man of the moment Milkha Singh himself — is in a race to reach out to the maximum number of people. They stopped in Chandigarh for a breather before they resume their race!

Reel take

He has gone under the skin of the character and he looks every bit the real Milkha — a sexier Milkha. This was a compliment well-taken. Pretty similar to how he took to the role of Milkha Singh in the movie. Laughs Farhan, "It was quiet an emotional investment for me; I play a character that had to look real in flesh and blood. I had an opportunity to learn from this role," shares Farhan, who feels breaking away from the character is not easy. "First, of course, I am going to miss the team; I don't know when I get the opportunity to work with them again. I believe in moving ahead and we need to break away from things. It is difficult, but I have to do it."

It is the next movie Pyar Ke Side Effects that gave Farhan space to move out of his earlier character. "The same thing happened to me after Lakshya," he adds. Defining his role in the movie as a life-changing experience, Farhan feels there is no space for emotional breakdown once you get into the character. There is so much excitement that it gives you wings."

Direct word

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra came across a biography written on Milkha Singh in Gurmukhi script. After reading the first few lines nothing was the same. "I could not sleep for two-three months as deciding upon what movie to make is not an easy task," he says.

He sounds confident about his work, but the director is scared! "The film has been snatched away from me; had it been with me, I would still be doing something about it." And this doesn't come as a joke. Calling it one of the defining moments in his career, Rakeysh adds it is far bigger than this. "It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me." Casting Farhan Akhtar for the role made all the difference. "Once I start shooting, I take three steps back from the camera and leave it to the actors as well as the cameraman to visualise."

Write act

A director and actors definitely get to talk much about the film, little is the writer's perspective highlighted. Prasoon Joshi, a student of literature, who has read Sadat Hassan Manto, has a good understanding of the Partition. "A writer also goes through a journey, I had to understand historical, political and all other facts while writing Bhaag Milkha Bhaag," he quips.

Glam factor

Sonam Kapoor is indeed riding high on the success of Raanjhanaa, which shows in her attitude. She plays Milkha Singh's girlfriend in the movie. It is, however, her style quotient that interests everyone. "I did ten movies after Aayesha, I am glad that people still remember my style from the movie."

Coming home

Divya Dutta plays Milkha Singh's sister in the the movie. Something different is the word for her. "After Veer Zaara everyone was offering me similar kind of roles. Raskeysh sir offered me the character of Jalebi in Delhi 6 and now he has invested his faith in me for this movie."

Always a coach

Yograj Singh plays Farhan's coach in the movie — close to real life. "This is how I would feel; while shooting the scenes sometimes I would imagine Yuvraj standing there," says Yograj, who felt real while doing the movie.

For a rainy day!

Monsoon is synonymous with taste-bud tantalising food. Here are some recipes that you can try out at home…

Heavy rain spattering the windowpanes, different shades of green all around, water puddles all over, there is something refreshing, rejuvenating about the monsoon. And one of the biggest indulgences of the season is food! Now that it's not advisable to eat outside in the rainy season, we get you a quick recipe guide for simple, easy snacks you can make in your kitchen…here you go…

Bael ice-cream

Ripudaman Handa, winner Master Chef India Season 3, is a new bael convert. He accidentally bumped into the fruit at one of Lord Shiva's temple in Delhi, where he is relaxing after months of hectic pace in the master chef kitchen. He found bael refreshing in this hot and humid weather and, just perfect for ice-cream. Here's his cool ice-cream recipe

You need

Bael 1

Cream 200 gm

Milk 200 gm

Sugar 200 gm

Eggs 3

How to Squeeze bael extract. In a thick bottomed pan reduce the milk and cream to a third on slow flame. Melt sugar, add the egg yolks while stirring. Add the bael extract. Put all this in an ice-cream churner. When all smooth, freeze it for two to three hours.

In case you don't have a churner, put the all prepared mixture in kulfi moulds to freeze. Here is your delicious and healthy ice-cream ready!

Fusilli con zucchini

Italian chef Antonello Cancedda at JW Marriott Chandigarh is a vegetarian and loves dishing out traditional Italian cuisines to his guests.

We catch him enjoying his favourite Fusilli con zucchini. He shares the recipe of this healthy pasta.

You need

Fusilli cork screw

pasta 160gm

Yellow n green

zucchini 200gm

Pecorino/ parmesan cheese 40gm

Onion 40gm

Garlic 1 clove

Fresh tomato 20 gm

Fresh thyme 10 gm

Extra virgin olive oil 20gm

Chopped parsley 5 gm

Salt, pepper according to taste

How to

On slow fame, toss some zucchini cut like medallions, add sliced onion, chopped garlic, blanched, peel chunks of tomato. Add blanched fusilli (for 10 minutes), cook for two to three minutes.

Add the rest of the ingredients, little salt, pepper, mix well. Garnish with grated cheese!

Potato and green pea patty

Executive chef Dipayan Chanda has recently joined the team at Hotel Hemetel. Originally from Kolkata, Dipayan has worked at Hyatt. This chef is enjoying his first stint at Chandigarh, been touched by the warmth people have shown towards him. Dipayan shares this fried patty recipe with you!

You need

Potato 250gm

Green peas 50gm

Jeera powder 5 gm

Coriander powder 5 gm

Garam masala 5 gm

Tamarind paste 2 tablespoon

Chopped coriander 15 gm

Small Onion

chopped 1

Ginger chopped 1 tablespoon

Sweet yogurt 100ml

Boiled white chana 25 gm

For tamarind chatni

Soak 25 gm of tamarind in hot water for 2 to 3 hours, stain and keep the pulp. Broil (dry roast) 1 tablespoon each of coriander, jeera, dried ginger, saunf, two bay-leaves, and one dry red chilli. Grind it into powder. In a bowl, mix the pulp, powdered masala and 20 gm of gur.

How to

Boil potatoes, grate them, add spices and crushed peanuts. Mould them in small round shapes, and shallow fry in a nonstick pan. Serve two in one plate, flatten with fork, add sweet yogurt (fresh yogurt mixed with two tablespoons of sugar) and tamarind chutney.

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: This is an important day for any job that you can tackle away from public scrutiny. An unexpected guest can gate-crash. A romantic mood can colour even the toughest of situations.

Tarot message: Plan your life better to avoid delays.

Lucky colour: Brown.

Magic number: 41

TAURUS: You draw the Ace of Pentacles; so you will begin the day with full energy and confidence. People are drawn to you; but do not trust them.

Tarot message: Bury an old quarrel and be prepared to make a compromise.

Lucky colour: Orange.

Magic number: 33

GEMINI: This is a great day to get your ideas down on paper and start planning your next project. Do not let people intrude into your space if you need solitude. It is a good day for dealing with accounts.

Tarot message: Do not move in too many directions at the same time.

Lucky colour: Lemon.

Magic number: 39

CANCER: Romance and creativity are highlighted. This is also the perfect time for initiating a new project. Family matters can keep you busy. A misunderstanding must be guarded against.

Tarot message: Listen to your voice of wisdom.

Lucky colour: Pink.

Magic number: 27

LEO: The "Queen of Swords" suggests that the spotlight is on fashion, appearance and charm. Romance and passion are on the cards. Do not allow feelings of frustration to overtake you.

Tarot message: Learn from past mistakes.

Lucky colour: Red.

Magic number: 60

VIRGO: Your card "Five of Swords" reveals physical activity and pleasure. Do not start this day by being extravagant. You must cut down on spending. Loved ones will not be very helpful.

Tarot message: Think before you open your mouth.

Lucky colour: Blue.

Magic number: 42

LIBRA: It is the time to begin new projects. Travel will prove futile. Focus on religious discourses. Enjoy this evening with your spouse. If you are partying, watch out for what you eat and drink.

Tarot message: Focus on fitness and healthy diets.

Lucky colour: Green.

Magic number: 54

SCORPIO: Business dealings can fall due to lack of details and information. Confusion over priorities can also cause havoc at the work-place. Do not interfere in the affairs of others.

Tarot message: Perseverance is the key to success.

Lucky colour: Sky-blue.

Magic number: 63

SAGITTARIUS: A career switch can mean having to move out of the state or overseas. You will spend quite a lot of time on planning. Business matters are well under control.

Tarot message: Beware of depleting your energy on others.

Lucky colour: Sea-green.

Magic number: 55

CAPRICORN: Stick to the beaten track today and look after yourself. At the end of the day, you will be proud of what you have achieved. This is time to go for a medical check-up.

Tarot message: Be honest to your desires.

Lucky colour: Brown.

Magic number: 38

AQUARIUS: A special romance in your life seems hard to communicate with. Students: light reading will keep you busy today. Health problem can be satisfactorily treated.

Tarot message: Arrogance will not be rewarded.

Lucky colour: Peach.

Magic number: 40

PISCES: Your card "The Devils" boosts your enthusiasm and self-confidence. Take this time to expand your social circle, learn new hobbies or plan a vacation. Travel is fortunate.

Tarot message: Versatility will bail you out of a situation.

Lucky colour: Golden.

Magic number: 28

Chatter box
Kanica turns designer

Kanica Maheshwari, who is currently seen in Star Plus' Diya Aur Baati Hum (DABH) as Meenakshi, was really excited and anxious to make her debut at the 11th STAR Parivaar Awards. Kanica couldn't be part of the Parivar awards last year due to her personal commitments, but she ensured her presence this year was a memorable one.

Unlike her screen persona, Kanica is an ultimate fashionista and a taskmaster in real life. So when it came to her first performance at the Parivaar awards, she jumped on the opportunity to represent the best of herself. Kanica didn't leave any stone unturned and even designed her own costume for the performance.

Daredevil act

The audience was left mesmerised when Sooraj aka Anas Rashid performed a daredevil stunt on the venerated stage at the 11th STAR Parivaar Awards. The performance was themed as a special tribute to women empowerment and Anas was ecstatic when he was asked to be part of it. For the act, he had to walk on a tightrope hung above ten feet from the stage depicting an everyday struggle that women go through juggling between their home and career. Feeling for the cause and knowing the sensitivities attached to it, Anas wanted to perfect the act and on the final day, he performed the entire stunt to perfection without faltering even once!

Javed’s sporty show

Daredevil Javed Jaffrey is back with an all new show, Ninja Warriors only on Hungama TV. Remember the super-cool and the super-deadly Charlie Anna from Roadside Romeo? Welcome the king of terrific voice-overs, Javed Jaffrey, as he gets back to one of his many talents with Hungama TV's new offering Ninja Warriors. Known for making the nation groove with his extra-ordinary dance moves on the small screen as well as the silver screen, Javed will be seen giving hilarious commentary to this exciting show in his inimitable times comic and at times intriguing but never missing the trademark Jaffrey style of engaging with the audience.

A sports entertainment special, Ninja Warriors will pump up the adrenaline with more than a hundred competitors from around the world who will attempt to complete a four-stage obstacle course.

A Hanuman devout

Gadhaprasad, after a short break, has joined the shoot of SAB TV's Chidiyaghar. It's time for his fans to rejoice as their favourite actor will entertain them once again with his unique antics. However, Gadhaprasad feels that his return has much to do with his firm belief on Lord Hanuman who helped in speedy recovery from his illness. It is a lesser known fact that Gadhaprasadaka Jeetu Shivhare is a devout Hanuman bhakt in real life! Jeetu has been a regular visitor on Lapataganj's set and has been seen offering prayers to the lord. So, it became quite natural for him to first visit the Hanuman idol to seek blessings of the lord before starting the shoot.

New releases
Bhaag Milkha Bhag

Producer: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, Viacom 18 Motion pictures

Director: Rakeysh Omparkash Mehra

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, a film based on the legendary athlete Milkha Singh, talks about the sportsman's perseverance, courage and the resilience of human spirit. To help needy athletes, Milkha Singh told his story to the producers of this film. The lead actor Farhan Akhtar had to do rigorous workouts in order to look like him.

Milkha Singh's life illustrates that true victory lies in overcoming obstacles rather than running away from them. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy has composed the music for this biopic.


Producer: Shailesh R. Singh, Vishwas Joshi

Director: Raj Purohit

Sixteen, which stars Izabelle Leite, Wamiqa Gabbi, Mahak and Keith Seqeirra, is a romantic thriller directed by Raj Purohit. This movie is based on teenage life and leaves a message for the youngsters.

Pacific Rim

Producers: Jon J. Jashni, Mary Parent, Thomas Tull

Director: Guillermo del Toro

Pacific Rim, a sci-fi film directed by Guillermo del Toro, stars Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day and Max Martini. Pacific Rim has daredevil action sequences, top class visuals and beautiful photography. The filmmaker has introduced the kaiiju and mecha genres in this film.


Producer: Anurag Kashyap, Guneet Monga

Director: Shlok Sharma (Sujata), Rohit Pande (Mehfuz), Siddharth Gupt (The Epilogue), Amirban Roy (Audacity Aashpordha), Neeraj Ghayawan (Shor)

All these five short films have been a part of several film festivals and got critical acclaim across the globe. Films like Shor and Audacity Aashpordha have also won awards at various film festivals. The films attempt to represent a new style of story-telling in Bollywood.

— Dharam Pal

Make up a look!
Manpriya Singh

Lisa Munlua, make-up expert, shares a tip or two on how to get that perfect look…

Lisa Munlua
(R) gives a demonstration on how to achieve the perfect look

Some good make-up may not buy you a great skin, but it can certainly hide that! The truth about make-up is that it need not look like make-up. If it does, it better be in sync with the current trends. "During monsoon, less is always preferred on the face," shares Lisa Munlua, make-up expert, Inglot, during a promotional workshop by the brand in Chandigarh on Thursday.

Apart from the monsoon look and the neon-inspired look that was demonstrated, there were other things that came up.

Monsoon and beyond

It's the official season of bad hair days, time when both aesthetics and cosmetics go haywire. For women across age groups, monsoon spells misery. "When it comes to monsoon, one should always keep it subtle. Your mascara and eye-liner should be water-proof because the lips can be re-touched any time but that's not the case with eye make-up." She adds, "As for the current trends, there is more focus on the lips than the eyes. Bright lip colours are in."

Evergreen look

Amidst the trends that keep barging in and out of various seasons, there are certain colours and looks you can never go wrong with. Classic nude look is just a case in point. She adds, "Then there's also the retro look that one can never go wrong with. For example, copper eye-shadow is a classic. It defines any pair of eyes really well. Once can also hardly go wrong with red lipstick and winged eye-liner."

Faux pas

A good make-up need not look made-up. Many a times, a lot goes wrong at the starting point itself. "Usually in India, a majority of the women go wrong with the base. A lot of them will buy a concealer or foundation one shade lighter than their skin tone. A foundation is not to look fairer but to hide any imperfections and even out the skin tone." She adds, "If someone has a problem skin, they can go one shade darker but certainly not lighter."

If there are a couple of examples in Bollywood that generally get their make up right, then it's, "Sonam Kapoor because she hardly goes wrong with her make-up. It's almost always flawless."

Katrina on a forced break

It seems fans of Katrina Kaif would have to settle down with watching other leading ladies of Bollywood. This year might not see any release of Katrina Kaif's movie. Although, the actress was seen in cameo roles in Bombay Talkies and Main Krishna Hoon.

Though Katrina was working on two movies, one of which was scheduled for 2013 release, but things seem to be not working in favour of the pretty actress.

Her movie Dhoom 3 which is a multi-starrer was scheduled for December 25th release. Katrina was playing the lead role along with Aamir Khan. But Aamir Khan, who plays an antagonist in this movie, has delayed the shooting. He wanted to be physically and mentally at his best for this role. He has asked the film makers for some time. This movie is produced by Aditya Chopra under Yashraj Banner. He confirmed the news and told that the release date for Dhoom 3 has not been fixed yet. The filming for Dhoom 3 was scheduled to begin in November 2011 but as Abhishek Bachchan, another lead in the movie, took a paternity leave and schedule was postponed to January 2012. Then in January, since Aamir had some other commitments, shooting was postponed to June 2012. Then again something happened and after a brief filming, it was further pushed to March 2013. Thus this movie has been getting terribly delayed in its schedule.

Katrina's was busy shooting for her second movie Bang-Bang. This movie is the Hindi remake for Hollywood movie Knight and Day. The lead casts of the movie are Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif. But with Hrithik's surgery, the filming has been postponed indefinitely. On Sunday, Hrithik underwent a surgery for subdural haematoma. It will take him about two months to get on his feet.

A friend of Katrina said, "Such is life. Setbacks happen. One can't sit and mope over it. Its true Katrina gave all her dates to Dhoom 3 and Bang Bang and now she's looking at a stretch of most unwarranted joblessness. Rather than sit around idle Katrina would now take off to be with her family in London for her birthday on July 16."

Katrina gave two block buster movies in 2012, one was Ek Tha Tiger opposite Salman Khan and the other was Jab Tak Hai Jaan opposite Shah Rukh Khan. Nonetheless, we think that she can consider this break as a welcome change to catch upon her family and beau.

A friend of Katrina said, "Such is life. Setbacks happen. One can't sit and mope over it. Its true Katrina gave all her dates to Dhoom 3 and Bang Bang and now she's looking at a stretch of most unwarranted joblessness. Rather than sit around idle Katrina would now take off to be with her family in London for her birthday on July 16."

Pet passion
A beautiful bond
Poonam Bindra

Eight years ago a small bundle of brown and tawny hair came into the Aggarwal house hold and became an inseparable part of the family. "He has integrated himself into the family routine so much that it is unbelievable," affirms the fond owner, industrialist Rajneesh Aggarwal as he looks at his canine friend, a handsome German Shepherd named Scotch, who seems to be realise that he is the centre of the conversation. Actually we are told that Scotch can make out if somebody was talking about him. Santosh Rajneesh's mother has to just mention that she needs to go for a walk or a bath and he would start walking in the same direction.

Yours faithfully

Bringing lot of positive energy into the house, Scotch immediately senses when any family member approaches the gate and starts wagging his tail. That also holds true even for the daughter of the house comes with her family to the house occasionally. "He will rush to the servant as if to order him to open the gate," says Rajneesh. Scotch seems to have won over the confidence of the small children in the family with his gentleness.

Love me love my dog

Though he looks big and ferocious, Scotch has the most gentle demeanour and whenever any guest gets uncomfortable seeing him, he automatically goes near his leash as if asking to be tied up. Like all members of his breed, Scotch too is a very much family dog and likes to sit whenever the family is sitting! Very fond of playing with the ball and hiding it, Scotch becomes difficult to handle when Rajneesh calls over his friends for a cricket match.

Trotting with his master on Rani Jhansi Road, Scotch sure adds beauty to the surroundings.

First look

After receiving critical reviews for his last movie Vishwaroop, Kamal Hassan is all set to make the sequel of this movie. The movie will be named Vishwaroop 2. At the recently concluded IIFA function at Macau, veteran actor cum producer cum director Kamal Hassan launched the first look of his upcoming movie Vishwaroop 2. The poster of the movie shows Kamal Hassan in Muslim attire, standing tall in a war situation. The movie will cast Pooja Kumar, Rahul Bose, Shekhar Kapoor, Andrea Jeremiah and Jaideep Ahlawat. The film is still under production but it is scheduled for 2013 release. The film is written and directed by Kamal Hassan. This film is produced under the banner of Raajkamal Films International.

In this sequel also Pooja Kumar will play the role of Kamal's wife. For this part, actress Pooja Kumar has done her own underwater stunts. Apart from these actors, Anant Mahadevan will also appear in this movie. Waheeda Rehman will also do substantial shots in the sequel of Vishwaroop.

Vishwaroop 2 is shot mainly in India though a few scenes are also shot in Bangkok. Vishwaroop was shot in US and Afghanistan. The movie will have a running time less than two hours which is in contrast to the first part which had a running time of two hours and thirty minutes. It seems Kamal wants to keep the movie sleek. Talking to the reporters, Kamal Hassan ensured that this time movie will not get delayed as he has already worked out on his fall back options. Kamal proudly said that people from Tamil film fraternity requested him to make at least one movie every year and that is what he is trying to do. Vishwaroop was released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi versions. For Tamil, the name was changed to Vishwaroopam. This time also the movie will be released in other languages and for Tamil, the name of the movie has been kept as Vishwaroopam 2.

Kamal was asked about his last movie which ran into controversy after few Muslim groups asked him to remove few portions from the movie. He replied, "My fans in Tamil Nadu are overwhelmingly supporting my movie and it has already been talked as my biggest hit after it opened with a humongous response for three days."

Gomez’s new song features Bieber’s voicemail?

Singer Selena Gomez has reportedly opened up about her relationship with singer Justin Bieber through a new song. The song, Love Will Remember from her album Stars Down, has been leaked and it reportedly features a voicemail from her on-and-off beau Bieber.

The song, which the singer had previously confessed is indeed about her ex, begins with a recording of a voicemail from Bieber confessing his love to his former girlfriend. The recording goes like this — "Hey babe, it's me. I just want to call and tell you that I love you so, so, so, so much. I just wanted to let you know that you are my princess. You are worthy of all the love in the world. You are the love of my life."

A source close to Bieber said that it is, in fact, the popstar on the track. The private voicemail was left on Gomez's phone earlier this year just prior to their breakup. When asked, Rock Mafia, the producer of Love Will Remember, said: "We won't confirm it's Justin. We are very disappointed the song was leaked." — IANS

Street smart

Hometel Hotel-Chandigarh is organising Street Food Festival. The festival is being organised at the open air Terrace Grill & Flavours-All Day Dining Restaurant in the evenings. The beautiful ambience of the open-air restaurant lends a perfect match to the sizzling sound of the bhaji and tikki creating a harmony with the soothing echo of the tranquil water body around.

The culinary skills and aromatic flavour of the food suits all types of tastebuds. Enticing aroma of bhaji, bhaturey, tikki chaat, kachori chaat, keema pao, chicken dimsums, paneer roll, chicken and egg rolls from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are prepared by Chef Dipyan Chanda and Chef Bidesh.

On till July 21

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