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Why euphoria over foreign universities?

I fail to understand why certain individuals in the government are euphoric about the advent of foreign universities in India and the establishment of their campuses here. One does not need a very sharp mind to see through the intentions and the game plan of these universities. Ideally speaking, a university is supposed to conduct research which can benefit mankind in general. But if this had been the motive, these universities could have achieved that in their own countries where it is learnt that facilities are far better and in abundance.

Secondly, a university is expected to produce young men and women who can serve their families, society, country and humanity in a fruitful manner. But this does not seem to be the real aim of the ‘firangee’ universities because ‘scholars’ produced by such institutes acquire only the “me, my and mine” kind of attitude or approach and become self-propitiating individuals. Thirdly, a university must ensure nationalistic orientation of education and thereby individuals. But I am afraid the very reverse of this is going to happen and individuals groomed in such universities will rather develop a kind of anathema for anything Indian.

The sole motive of these foreign universities is to entice students from middle-class families with fashionable malls, cinema theatres, banquet halls and fleece them. These universities will generate individuals who will be total misfits both at home and abroad. It is high time the government said 'no' to these universities but I am afraid it is not going to happen as our policy-makers are too much enamoured of everything foreign.


Healthcare system

The healthcare system needs to be streamlined as lots of patients are deprived of treatment every day. Those belonging to economically weaker sections cannot afford treatment at private hospitals, so more and more government hospitals should be set up.

It is shocking to know about malpractices at the PGI that even the registration number is given by taking bribe so that waiting time is shortened. Because of the extreme rush of patients at the PGI, the referral system is the need of the hour. The patients who need primary and secondary care should be sent to GMCH-32 and GMSH-16, only the ones specialised surgical intervention and tertiary care should be referred to the PGI.

All the hospitals must be fully equipped in order to provide immediate treatment to the accident victims. Also, VIP culture should be abolished which has been in vogue for a considerable time as owing to this culture other serious patients suffer badly as doctors and para-medical staff keeps attending to them.


Women's safety

This refers to your editorial 'Women's safety' (September 13). One cannot agree more with your plea that there is need to go beyond debate over death v. Life and to focus seriously to make India a ‘safe place for women’. Equally you have so rightly highlighted the crucial aspect of growing insecurity of women in the challenge of awfully slow nature of trial proceedings, Nirbhaya may constitute only an exception and not a rule of the game.

Mool Chand Sharma, via email


With reference to the water-logging problem of Muktsar, Dr Samra’s observations (Sept 13) are not based on facts. Having worked in this area as an Irrigation Engineer since 1992 the following points bear consideration:

(a) The problem of water-logging is mainly due to the high presence of sodium salts in this area and the overuse of DAP fertilisers which results in nitrates blocking the soil. The sodicity due to sodium salts aggravates the problem of water-logging.

(b) The root cause of the water level rising from approximately 100 ft in 1960 to the present level was the bed of the Rajasthan Feeder and Sirfind Feeder canals being built with a single tile flat lining in 1960 without any geo-membrane. The Directorate of Irrigation and Power Research, Amritsar, categorically checked and assessed the total volume of seepage at approximately 1850 cusecs between Faridkot and Lohgarh in a distance of approximately 100 km. This is like leaving the Bist Doab Canal open in the area for 50 years. A project is under way to reline the same canals.

(c) As parts of south-western Punjab have been declared waterlogged and are being given special concessions, the government must ensure crops are grown on the recommendations of the Agriculture Department for the next 3-5 years in which the Rajasthan Feeder and the Sirhind Feeder must be relined, the soil be treated with gypsum and at the same time the drainage system should be brought to its full operating efficiency.


Proud to be a bureaucrat 

I am disappointed to read the article 'Proud to be a bureaucrat' (August 20) by Brig Harwant Singh (retd). Although it is a personal experience and opinion of the writer which he is entitled to, but decrying other professions in a sly manner without any basis is not good.

Individual cases or bad eggs apart in all professions, it is the bureaucrats who work to lessen the “miseries of millions” through their comprehensive role in the spheres — health, education, culture, housing, industry, agriculture, jobs, growth, economy, law and order, foreign affairs, etc. This is how the country develops to afford looking after its security, borders and science. All professions contribute according to their role and importance.

D S REEN, Panchkula



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