Crossword: Still strong & clued in at 100
Reviewed by Nivedita Ganguli
f you are tearing your hair out in frustration thinking what the answer to 11 across or 11 down is, you have only one man to blame. Arthur Wynne, a British journalist from Liverpool, has continued to flummox people since he devised the first ever crossword puzzle 100 years ago.

Sharp focus on policies for farm sector
Reviewed by BB Goel
The Future of Indian Agriculture
By Nilabja Ghosh & C. S.C. Sekhar Academic Foundation. Pages 263, Rs 895
Agriculture is the lifeline of an economy. In India, despite tall claims of all round technological development, the biggest threat to agricultural development is from rain gods. Too much stagnation and lower growth has a cascading effect. It has far-reaching implications on rural poverty, intersectoral migration, stability of polity, sustainability of economy, livelihood, and unease for government as food manager.

The marriage mystique
Reviewed by Kanchan Mehta
To Be Happily Married
by Mohinder Singh Kalpaz Publications. Pages 230. Rs 720
The mystique surrounding marriage has remained intact notwithstanding the vast corpus of literature available on this inexhaustible subject. Since this key institute of any society involves two partners with diverse backgrounds, temperaments, needs and desires. Besides, it is manipulated by biological, psychological and socio-economic factors.

Success without excess 
Reviewed by D S Cheema
Winning without Losing
by Martin Bjergegaard and Jordan Milne Profile Books, London. Pages 290. Rs 350
Since our childhood, we have been programmed by wise people about virtues of hard work and sacrifice for achieving success in any aspect of life. A student must put in hard labour day in day out to get good marks, an artist must put in 12 to 14 hours of rehearsal every day for several years to make a mark and entrepreneurs and businessmen must put in at least hundred hours a week to make their millions.

The legendary Bodo heroine
Reviewed by Parbina Rashid
The Bronze Sword of Thengphakhri Tehsilder
By Indira Goswami.Translated by Aruni Kashyap Zubaan. Pages 32. Rs 295
Thengphakhri quite a mouthful for a name, but nevertheless befitting for a woman who was quite a handful! The legendary Bodo heroine Thengphakhri was arguably the first woman revenue collector in pre-Independence India, who, till Jnanpith awardee Assamese author Indira Goswami decided to resurrect her in her words, lived through Bodo folklore.