Top shot
Inheriting a huge business empire is easy. What is difficult is carrying it forward and reaching the top. Just like these second-generation entrepreneurs have done…

It's not always a simple ride to the top. Even the lucky few who inherit their family business have their own war to wage. An established name comes as a crown too heavy to handle! We talk to those who have not only gratefully accepted it, but also expanded and evolved.

Firm will
Sonica Malhotra
Sonica Malhotra

Sonica Malhotra was groomed by dad Ashok Kumar Malhotra to eventually lead one of the largest publishing houses of India, MBD. Earning her degree in Harvard, Sonica took over finance as well as legal aspects of the company and the charge of hospitality wing too.

Challenges & support

My entry into the company was from the top, so it was a challenge to prove my ability and intention. Since my father built everything from a scratch, there are constant comparisons. Being a woman, it makes acceptance even harder.

Two generations

My dad was never suffocating as a father or mentor. He would let me and my sister Monica (who is the creative brain of the company) make our own mistakes and learn from them. But when consulted, he would hold our hand and lead us through.

Vision ahead

We want to replicate the success we have enjoyed in publishing in the hospitality sector and online education. On a personal note, I want to make my dad proud.

Educated approach
Madhu and Ashok Chitkara
Madhu and Ashok Chitkara

Mohit and Niyati Chitkara are the generation next who have taken the education conglomerate established by Ashok and Madhu Chitkara ahead. While Mohit with a degree from Harvard Business School manages Chitkara University, Niyati is the principal of Chitkara International School.

Challenges & support

For a university, we wanted to create our own industry-oriented courses ensuring better placements for students. We wanted to create entrepreneurs and researchers who could generate further opportunities for others. Challenges came with this dream that my family has been working on for past forty years. — Mohit

I had to acquire what the family I was wed into already had. Strong family support helped me get into the system and contribute in making it better. — Niyati

Two generations

Older generations believe in safe play, which provides a cushion to the organisation and with the younger generation there is always a fresh breadth of ideas spreading all over. A blend of the two proves valuable to the organisation. — Mohit & Niyati

Vision ahead

We are working towards making Chitkara University the most preferred choice of students, faculty and industry across the country. — Mohit

The vision is to create a world-class school that makes scientists, scholars and leaders. — Niyati

Business acumen
Himanshu Vinay Aggarwal
Himanshu Vinay Aggarwal

Himanshu Vinay Aggarwal had the option of choosing one of the three wings that his family Tara Chand Group of Industries runs. This Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University, Chicago, USA, was keen on hospitality. He has been associated with the business from an early age; joined as CEO of Pallavi Hotels & Resorts in 2009. Along with that, he is responsible for all corporate communications and PR of the entire group consisting of two parent arms vis-a-vis Tara Chand Logistic Solutions Ltd and Tara Chand Industries Ltd.

Challenges & support

We launched our first hotel in 1997 when market conditions were not so conducive for the hospitality industry. Not only did we sustain, we have also expanded to four units across the country.

Two generations

The older generation has a certain way of doing things that many a times differs from ours; we sit and discuss.

Vision ahead

We aim to establish a pan-India presence in the next five years with a focus on establishing Value for Money hotels and resorts in tier I and II cities across India!

Instinct driven
Sanya Dhir
Sanya Dhir

Sanya Dhir studied in the UK and was happy working for brands like Marc Jacobs when she decided to return back home and get associated with Karol Bagh Saree House, which enjoyed retail presence since 1947. From saree retail KBSH has evolved into a multi-brand unit, gone online and recently tied up with Yash Raj Film to come up with Diva'ni (India's first cinema-inspired fashion brand).

Challenges & support

It was not easy to land from abroad one fine day and make this established company buy my vision. They were, including my father Surinder Dhir, used to a certain pattern. Today, we have changed it and are moving ahead.

Two generations

We have had our share of fights that we have carried home. Over time, we have formed a working relationship and it's perfect.

Vision ahead

I am happy by the growth. KBSH sticks to mass retail; Sanya is for royal patrons, Sanya International is our export wing, our online portal takes us global and Diva'ni gets cinematic grandeur to your wardrobe. I want to make Indian ethnic wear a global statement.

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Spirited effort
Musician Sandeep Waraich wants to inspire the youth of today through his album titled Tiger…
Jasmine Singh

Sandeep Waraich performs on stage
Sandeep Waraich performs on stage

Like everyone else, filmmaker and musician Sandeep Waraich was fascinated by the spirit and strength of the most beautiful animal on earth — tiger. It was the same spirit and fearlessness that he had seen in the eyes of people around him, the ones who don't care about anything but the security of the nation; the people he had always seen in his family — the brave Army soldiers.

So, this musician from Chandigarh, based in Mumbai, decided to come up with an album titled Tiger, which is dedicated to the spirit of the tiger. The album was released by the officers of the Rajput regiment recently. Save tiger, save environment save life! The punch line of Sandeep's album puts all queries to rest. "The album has eight songs each dedicated to something, like the spirit of the tiger, tribute to NDA, to the Kargil Heroes and more. It is through music that I want to inspire the youth of today to imbibe the spirit and qualities of the tiger. It is through music that I want to inspire them to look at nationalism in a different way," he adds.

Sandeep, who is visiting his parents in Chandigarh, wants to bring the Mission Tiger to Punjab. This musician thinks that youngsters have reduced their preference for serving in the Army. "I come from an Army background and know that they carry the heart and soul of the tiger. It is all the qualities of a tiger that I want to instill in the youngsters." Sandeep is looking for the right kind of people in Punjab to join hands with him. Well, those who have a heart of a tiger!

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An affair with words
It’s all set for the second edition of the Chandigarh Literature Festival. This time, it gets much bigger and better…
Manpriya Singh
Mitul Dikshit
Literary world: Mitul Dikshit. Photo: Manoj Mahajan

It’s curtains up on Chandigarh’s very own literary affair. The second edition of the Chandigarh Literature Festival gets ready for its red carpet moments and when they say words, can wordsmiths be far behind?

Just when we start sifting the names of participating authors and critics, including the film-makers and script-writers, there’s a slight correction. Shares Mitul Dikshit, from the Adab Foundation, the collaborating partner, “Rest of the literature festivals in the country are based on a different format. We are trying to change the way literature festivals are held and perceived. This is not an author-centric literature festival; it is rather a book-centered event.” He adds, “The 13 critics of India are celebrating the books nominated by them.” Accordingly, the three-day event, starting November 8, aims at celebrating 13 books and as they like to put it ‘great literature needs great criticism.’

Books & authors

The books that make it to discussion table include Manzilain—The Destinations by Mahmood Shaam, This Side That Side: Restorying Partition by Vishwajyoti Ghoshin, Day Scholar by Siddharth Chowdhury, Cuckold by Kiran Nagarkar, The Mirror of Beauty by Shamsur Rahman Faruqiin, The Extras by Kiran Nagarkar, Patna Roughcut by Siddharth Chowdhury, Shanti Parav by Desraj Kaliin, Adi Parva by Amruta Patilin, Bolero Class by Prabhat Ranjanin, Kari by Amruta Patiliin, The Competent Authority by Shovon Chowdhury, Death in Mumbai by Meenal Baghelin, Em and the Big Hoom by Jerry Pinto. The participating critics include Nirupama Dutt, Giriraj Kiradoo, Trisha Gupta, Manjula Padmanabhan and Satyanand Nirupam.

Check out

  • Each day’s schedule ends with the screening of a film. While the first day will see Ghanchakkar, the second and third day conclude with Midnight’s Children and BA Pass, respectively.
  • There will be performances by the band Just Ittefaaq and singer Piyush Mishra will regale the audience.
  • The big names include the likes of Deepa Mehta, author Jerry Pinto, film-maker Raj Kumar Gupta, Ajay Behl and actor Shilpa Shukla, among others.
  • To attend the film screenings, there will be film critic Rajeev Masand, Raja Sen and Mayank Shekhar. Scriptwriters Sanjay Chauhan and Ritesh Shah also make it to the festival.

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In company of the Bachchans
Divya Dutta

This time around Diwali, I've really been travelling a lot. But I so look forward to my annual get-togethers at the places of my friends and colleagues. It is so festive; everyone dressing up their best, visiting each other, exchanging sweets and gifts, and yes lots of partying too! I really enjoy this Diwali week. I had missed out quite a lot this time and then I heard from Abhishek Bachchan, one of my favorite co-stars and a very nice human being. He had called to invite me for their Diwali party! The Bachchans are known to be the most gracious hosts; they are so warm and welcoming. I could hardly wait to go there!

I wore a lovely saree and after my own ghar ki pooja with my lovely family, I left for the Bachchan's house. A huge crowd always gathers outside their house to catch a glimpse of the four megastars inside those four walls. I knew there would be many stars descending there to celebrate Diwali.

The first to greet me was Amitabh Bachchan himself. It is an overwhelming feeling; someone you have grown up idolising and adoring, is actually in front of you! Then I met the very warm Jaya ji. Kya khayegi, is the first thing she said to me and I replied with a huge grin. Abhishek welcomed me with a big hug, and Aishwarya with her lovely baby came up and complimented me. Coming from the stunner, I was elated!

Within minutes, I saw people coming in huge numbers. All familiar faces - Hrithik, Shah Rukh, Karan, Vidya, John Abraham, the Khers, Akshay, Twinkle, Sonali Bendre! The beautiful house was decorated wonderfully and it wasn't like just another party. It was a happy celebration of all like-minded, creative people together.

I felt like a little girl in a fantasy world, my world where everything is about films. I gathered loads of compliments from Waheedaji, Shammi aunty, Karan, among others, for Bhaag Milkha Bhaag! Nahin aap nahin jaa sakti abhi, said Amitji when I went to say bye and all I was left with was a big grin.

It's the most beautiful feeling to belong, more importantly to belong where you want to belong! As my car moved out and photographers started clicking, I was lost in my world of memories, the cherished memories of an evening with the most gracious and warm hosts in town - the Bachchans.

(Dutta is a Bollywood actor)

Warmth of the hills

Visitors throng the exhibition at the Lajpat Rai Bhawan in Chandigarh
Art Mart: Visitors throng the exhibition at the Lajpat Rai Bhawan in Chandigarh

The Manu Weavers Handllom & Handicrafts Co-operative Society, Manali, is holding an exhibition at the Lajpat Rai Bhawan, Sector 15-B, Chandigarh, till November 12.

In the exhibition, the best crafts from Himachal Pradesh are on display, especially handloom products. Some of them on display are Kullu Woolen Shawls, Kinnauri Shawls, Pure Pashmina Shawls, Angora Shawls & Stoles, Yak Wool Stoles & Shawls, Gents Lohie, Woolen Handmade Socks, Kullu Cap, Woolen Tweed Coats, Kangra Cane Furniture, Kullu Woolen Jackets, Kullu Woolen Suits and much more. Also a 20 per cent discount is being offered on these products. — TNS

Comfort comes first

“While fashion keeps changing, style is eternal…” — Coco Channel.

Danish Gill (21), who is pursuing her graduation in psychology honours at the DAV College, Chandigarh, believes that fashion only translates into style if it is comfortable and makes one feel confident. “You don’t necessarily have to wear what the celebrities around you are wearing. You should wear what makes you look good and confident,” she says while describing her take on fashion.

Describe your sense of style…
Danish Gill
Danish Gill

I like wearing a simple pair of denims and a plain top. While earlier I was a little hesitant when it came to experimenting with colours, I have now started deviating from the beige and grey (which were always a favourite). Style and comfort run directly in proportion to each other, and one just has to ensure that they are comfortable in whatever they are wearing. Consider your body type and make your own style statement rather than following other people.

Latest addition in the wardrobe…

Pair of denims from French Connection.

Brand freak or street smart?

I buy whatever I like. The place doesn’t matter.

Choose one: Sporty, Glamorous or Chic


My style icon …

Victotia Beckam; she is very stylish. I liked her style even when she was a part of the Spice Girls music band. What I really like about her is the fact that she does not go overboard and carries whatever she is wearing so well.

Who is the worst dressed celebrity around?

Mallika Sherawat.

One fashion trend you don’t understand…

Neon colours.

Your take on accessories

I think accessories are important, but one should not go overboard with them. One needs to understand that accessories need to be worn in right amount and manner.

One thing that boosts your confidence…

A good hair day always makes me feel confident.

I would love to be dressed up by….

Masaba Gupta.

(As told to Amarjot Kaur)

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Platter full
At Elante, Food Quest, an all-new vegetarian food outlet, Anaaj, offers a variety to choose from...
Jasmine Singh

Ashwani Mehta (r) with the chef of the newly-opened food joint Anaaj
Go veggie: Ashwani Mehta (r) with the chef of the newly-opened food joint Anaaj

The choices in vegetarian revolve around two-three options and improvisations in those options, but then who minds it! At Elante, Food Quest, an all-new vegetarian food outlet Anaaj tosses the same limited options in a tasteful fashion. The first thing that catches your eye and brings that 'oh-really look' on the face is the menu card with real decent rates.

Ashwani Mehta, general manager, Anaaj, explains. "We want to serve the humanity, we are not into any kind of competition; we just want to serve the best Indian food here." Don't stop on the 'service to humanity', move on to the dishes - Kadhai Paneer, Dal Makhani, Methi Paneer, a combo of Kadhi/Rajmah Rice, Paneer Naan with gravy; Soya Chaamp with Lachha Parantha or Butter Naan and Kheer.

Adds Ashwani, "We will soon be introducing saag and makki ki roti to the menu; everything cooked here is light and pretty healthy."

Screen presence
Actress Deepika Padukone who has shared a great onscreen camaraderie with her co-stars believes that the chemistry lies in the script
Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh
Two to tango: Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh

Deepika Padukone's chemistry with Ranveer Singh in Ram-Leela is much talked about thanks to its trailers, but she credits its script for this.

The actress says she has shared a great onscreen camaraderie with her other co-stars as well, and that's why she believes that the chemistry lies in the script.

"I have had great chemistry with three other persons as well. I have had it with Ranbir (Kapoor), Saif (Ali Khan) and Shah Rukh (Khan). I think that's really a classic example of ‘chemistry lies in the script’. It lies in the dialogues and the way the characters are written," the 27-year-old said in an interview.

She also says "a large part" of the chemistry is to do with "your comfort level with your co-star. But the fact that I have had great chemistry with three to four people, (I guess) a lot of it is in the script."

Deepika has already delivered two superhits this year — Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani with Ranbir Kapoor and Chennai Express with Shah Rukh Khan, both making it to the Rs 100 crore club. She shared screen space with Saif Ali Khan in Cocktail last year.

Deepika hopes that Ram-leela and her films in the coming year prove to be equally special. "I hope 2014 is as special for me as 2013 was. In the beginning of the year the only thing I knew was I am going to have four releases. I didn't know how each of them is going to do. Each film was so different from the other.

"It also tested me in terms of the amount of work I was doing because there was a time when I was shooting Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Chennai Express and Ram-Leela at the same time.

"But looking at the results of the films, I can't complain.," she added. — IANS

All’s well

Eva Mendes has slammed reports that her relationship with actor Ryan Gosling is in trouble. She says it's false.

If recent reports were anything to go by, the couple was close to calling quits, but the 39-year-old has confirmed that she and Gosling are still very much in love.

"The whole story is completely false," said Mendes' representative. Mendes and Gosling went public with their romance in September 2011. — IANS

Record run

Sundance Grand Jury Prize-nominated Indian film Fire In The Blood has become the first-ever non-fiction film to achieve a four-week commercial theatrical run in India.

“This is a dream come true and a real testament to the fact that audiences in India are hungering for new and different types of films,” said producer-director Dylan Mohan Gray. “The word of mouth has been just incredible, and definitely the key factor in sustaining interest in Fire In The Blood,” he added. “I get e-mails, especially from students, every single day telling me how blown away they were by the movie and how they’ve prodded their friends to rush to go see it while it’s still running.”

Fire In The Blood tells the story of a unique and eclectic group of people who came together from India and other parts of the world to stop the ‘Crime of the Century’, whereby low-cost AIDS medicine was being deliberately withheld by Western pharmaceutical companies and governments from reaching Africa and other parts of the developing world, resulting in a minimum of ten million needless deaths. The film has won three major international awards, including the Prize for Political Film in Hamburg in early October.

Sanjeev Kumar Bijli, joint managing director, PVR Limited, said, “We feel a huge amount of satisfaction in seeing our film Fire In The Blood break the record for most consecutive weeks in theatrical release by a documentary in India. PVR Director’s Rare has been the standard-bearer for bringing world-class non-fiction and art house films to Indian audiences, and it is a source of immense pride for us to see audiences responding so strongly and keeping a film like this in the cinemas, fuelled by strong word of mouth and outstanding critical acclaim.”

Leading Indian critics along have championed Fire In The Blood, which had earlier released theatrically in the US and UK to rave reviews.

A secure wife
Kareena Kapoor Khan
Professional take: Kareena Kapoor Khan

Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan says she does not mind actor-husband Saif Ali Khan getting intimate with other heroines on-screen.

"We do not feel insecure. My personal life has got nothing to do with our professional life. They are two separate areas of my life. There is no insecurity that I feel when Saif getting intimate with any heroine. He is an actor and that is his job," Kareena said in an interview.

After a five-year courtship Saif and Kareena tied the knot in October last year. Kareena feels he has not changed after marriage and hopes the Nawab of Pataudi remains the same.

"I don't see any change in him as such and hopefully he should not change because I like him the way he is. We both are very independent people. He is busy doing Bullett Raja interviews now. He never asks me which film I am doing," she said.

"Our ideologies are modern we are very modern in our approach. At the same time, family and traditional values matter to us. Saif is very traditional... He has lot of family values and that is the way I am," she said.

Kareena says besides films she wants to indulge in other activities. "I think I have learnt to understand life a lot more, enjoy life more. And realise that there is a life beyond films. And it is nice. I like travelling and I want to play a sport. I have never ever learnt to play any sport in my life, I want to now... and it is never too late to try different things," she said. — PTI

BIG fan club
Amitabh Bachchan crosses seven million mark on Twitter

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, one of the most active Bollywood stars on social networking platforms, has amassed a following of over seven million on microblogging site Twitter. He has thanked his fans.

“Thank you all. It’s 7 million plus on Twitter,” the 71-year-old tweeted on Wednesday.

Big B has so far posted 26,856 tweets and follows 840 people. He uses the platform to keep his fans abreast of his daily routine, to wish them on special occasions and he often shares deep thoughts about life in general as well as his opinion on several matters.

The thespian is known for delivering hits like Kabhi Kabhie, Don, Abhimaan and Satyagraha. He is also an active blogger. His blog is a more detailed storehouse of his thoughts. — IANS

Dad Tom Cruise is offended

Actor Tom Cruise has filed a lawsuit against the publishers of two magazines, defending his parenting skills.
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
Happy parenting: Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

The $50 million defamation lawsuit targets Bauer Publishing Co's two magazines that published the headlines Suri in Tears: Abandoned by Her Dad and Abandoned By Daddy. Cruise, 51, filed a two-page description of his relationship with his daughter in the case.

In the documents, Cruise said: "I have in no way cut Suri out of my life — whether physically, emotionally, financially or otherwise. Even during the times when I was working overseas and was not able to see Suri in person, we were (and continue to be) extremely close."

Despite shooting two movies back-to-back in 2012, the Oblivion actor maintained close ties with his daughter and was in frequent touch with her mother, actress Katie Holmes. "As my numerous emails with Suri's mother during this time period demonstrate, I was a constant presence in Suri's life.

"While I'm sure my daughter misses me when I am not with her (as I miss her), she is a happy child, and we have a wonderful relationship," he added.

Cruise's lawyers are demanding the judge order Bauer to confess they had no source material to support these headlines or his parenting role.

New kid on the block

Paras Arora will soon be seen in Rajjo. This young actor is quite upbeat about the movie, he shares more…
Paras Arora and Kangana Ranaut in Rajjo
Tough act: Paras Arora and Kangana Ranaut in Rajjo

How did you get this opportunity?

I did not audition for this role. Vishwas Sir had already seen my show Veer Shivaji and had made up his mind since then. It was difficult for me at that time as my show was on air, but I really wanted to do this film because this character was different from the ones I’ve been doing earlier. Then fortunately the movie shoot was postponed .

What is your role in the film?

I am playing 18 years old boy named Chandu who belongs from a respected Maharashtrian family. He is a music lover and plays harmonium very well. This studious guy is also the captain of his college’s cricket team. After winning a match he reaches the ‘kotha’ with his friends where he sees Rajjo and falls in love with her.

Do you think this debut will take you places?

Yes. I am lucky to get a debut with such a big film that too just after my first show as a lead.

How is Kangana in person?

She’s a great actress and everybody knows that. I’ll not say we are great friends but we share a casual professional relationship.

How was your Rajjo experience?

Rajjo is an unforgettable experience. I can call it adventurous too, as while shooting at Tawarwadi the temperature was so high that we had to depend on watermelons and lemonades to make it through the day.

It is said that you used to shiver while shooting with Kangana, is it true?

It was not like I was nervous or something. We had this one scene where I had to slap Kangana I was tense about hurting her. In fact, she was uncomfortable doing the intimate scenes with me as I was a minor.

chatter box
Dance ka dard
Ripu Daman and Shivangi
Break a leg: Ripu Daman and Shivangi

Ripu Daman who swept millions of girls off their feet during the show, Master Chef India season-3, has now bagged his place in Nach Baliye-6. The young chef will be seen dancing with his long-time girlfriend Shivangi in the celebrity dance reality show.

Ripu Daman, who is a non-dancer, has been having lots of difficulties while rehearsing and learning steps. "I have only danced in family weddings and may be at parties. It took me an entire day to get my first step right, but for Shivangi, it all just came so naturally," laughed Ripu, who has been putting in extra hours to get his steps right.

"Must I admit that while rehearsing, I unintentionally hurt Shivangi a couple of times. Once I forgot to catch her during a free fall and another time bumped into her while dancing. Nevertheless, we are spending so much time together and actually learning a lot about each other." added Ripu.

Catch Ripu Daman with his girlfriend, Shivangi, only on Nach Baliye-6 starting November 9, every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm only on Star Plus!

A still from KBC Hail the 'google boy'

'Google boy' Kautilya will be seen with Amitabh Bachchan in Sony Entertainment Television's game reality show, Kaun Banega Crorepati, next week on November 8. He danced to song, Lungi dance with Big B and also played the game during the Children's day special episode of KBC.

Child's play: A still from KBC

Truly, madly and deeply
Avinash Dwivedi and Sambhavna Seth
Romantic pursuit: Avinash Dwivedi and Sambhavna Seth

Actor-dancer Avinash Dwivedi and Sambhavna Seth have been dating for three years now. Talking about their love story, Avinash says, "I was participating in Dance Sangram for Mahua channel and Sambhavna was my mentor, after I won the show, I gathered all my guts and proposed to her, but she advised me to concentrate on my work. We remained friends for a long time and it was only when she fell ill and was admitted in the hospital, I was with her all through and that's when we started getting close."

On being asked what he likes the most about her he says, "She is my dream girl. Her honesty and straightforwardness is her best part. She's always supportive and caring. We would like to do a Nach Baliye next year as both have flair for dancing."

As the drama unfolds

Diwali bonus: A still from Sherlock

Expect the perfect entertainment package and breathtaking action as Sherlock, Chosen and So You Think You Can Dance season 10 does all that it can to blow your mind! One of the most loved Sherlock versions, which is a modern twist to the story of the World's most well known detective, will hit the television screens this season. Benedict Cumberbatch, who has been rated as the Sexiest Actor Alive by the Glamour Magazine, plays the protagonist of the show, Sherlock, and the detective series brings in the quirkiness of the 1920's character in a brand new avatar. Meanwhile, Chosen is about a small-time defence lawyer, struggling to raise his daughter in the aftermath of a messy divorce. His life hits an intriguing twist when he discovers a box left at his doorstep. AXN India will also premiere the new season of So You Think You Can Dance. Judged by Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy and hosted by Cat Deeley, the 11 Primetime Award-winning show offers a broad variety of international dance styles. You can catch amazing Bollywood numbers this season including, Radha from Student of the year, Pandeyji from Dabbangg 2 and Munni Badnaam Huyi from Dabbanng. Gear up for “Diwali Dhoom” as AXN brings the best of entertainment to your home. The shows will premier on 4th November (Chosen) at 8 pm, (Sherlock) 9 pm, and (So you think you can dance) at 9.30 pm.

Creating a buzz

Raj Singh Arora Ekta Kapoor's new show, which is an adaptation of the novel, Custody, has seen many shuffles. After Cezanne Khan was replaced by Karan Patel in the lead role, now Vineet Raina quit the show. Buzz is Raj Singh Arora, who was earlier seen in Ek Thhi Naayka and The Serial, will now play the parallel lead with co-star Divyanka Tripathi.
                                                                            Role call: Raj Singh Arora

In a festive spirit

Diwali celebrations on the sets of Nach Baliye-6
Celebrations ahead: Diwali celebrations on the sets of Nach Baliye-6

The sets of Nach Baliye sparkled and sizzled with festive sprit when the judges of celebrity dance reality show pulled on their festive avatar and celebrated Diwali during the show. Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Terence Lewis and Sajid Khan stepped out from the set and were caught playing with sparkles on the eve of Dhanteras. The judges wished the contestants and the viewers a very Happy Diwali and lit up the Sagun ki phooljhadi on the sets. The sixth edition of Nach Baliye will be telecast from November 9, Saturday to Sunday at 9 pm only on Star Plus.

Chasing perfection

Arish Bhiwandiwala, who plays Akbar in Bharat Ka Veer Putra-Maharana Pratap, is trying hard to perfect his Urdu-speaking skills. "I come from a Parsi background, so my command over Urdu is weak. Since I am essaying the role of young Akbar, I it’s essential to get a strong hold on the language and Shahbaz Khan and Jaya Bhattacharya, are giving me special lessons so that i can get a hold on Urdu," he says. Well it seems like Arish taking an early start towards being a perfectionist.

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: "The Prince of Pentacles" infuses financial stability. You will find appreciation and applause for your culinary talents. Delays can be expected today. A happy surprise awaits you.
Tarot message: Do not do anything at the cost of health.
Lucky colour: Cherry red
Magic number: 43.

TAURUS: "The Knight of Cups" makes you emotional in personal relationships and graceful at social occasions. You are likely to find an ideal partner. Be bold to speak out what is in your mind.
Tarot message: Lack of persistence can be disastrous in business matters.
Lucky colour: White
Magic number: 47.

GEMINI: "The Magus" brings change and travel. Today, you will be quite amazed to find yourself taking on a more ambitious role. A brief business-cum-pleasure trip is on the cards.
Tarot message: Don't waste an opportunity by being rash or impulsive.
Lucky colour: Turquoise
Magic number: 44.

CANCER: "Ace of Swords" pulls you in opposite directions if you are making a decision. Be focused. Do not overlook a chance meeting that may lead to future romance.
Tarot message: Keep your eyes on the future and let bygones be bygones.
Lucky colour: Fiery red
Magic number: 28.

LEO: You will meet some very interesting and unusual people, who will give you a few different ideas on how to go about your financial matters. Loved ones may not be understanding.
Tarot message: Time will heal all pains and wounds.
Lucky colour: Lotus pink
Magic number: 33.

VIRGO: "The Prince of Cups" brings you face to face with your truths, hopes and desires. You are good at getting people to express their opinions and keeping your own hidden.
Tarot message: You can make things happen out of the most unlikely circumstances.
Lucky colour: Peacock blue
Magic number: 36.

LIBRA: "The Lovers" facilitates you to be open and inspired by new ideas. A surprise phone call could put you back in touch with a friend you have not spoken to for a long time.
Tarot message: Do not be in the rush to spend extravagantly.
Lucky colour: Silver grey
Magic number: 54.

SCORPIO: "The Priestess" infuses promise and commitment in personal relationships. Today a long cherished dream will come true. A date with your lover is on the cards.
Tarot message: Spend time meeting experienced people.
Lucky colour: Crimson
Magic number: 37.

SAGITTARIUS: "The prince of Wands" comes riding with a promise of power and energy. Lots of secrets and undercover scenarios can make for an interesting day. This should be a pleasantly sociable day.
Tarot message: Be positive and remain focused on your goals.
Lucky colour: Brown
Magic number: 56.

CAPRICORN: "The Fool' infuses you with courage. If a family member is not cooperating, refrain from arguing or trying to persuade him/her. You find ways to express your creativity and emotions.
Tarot message: Don't try to end all deadlocks in one go.
Lucky colour: Ebony
Magic number: 25

AQUARIUS: "Ten of pentacles" bode extremely well for relationship and romance. Today you will be able to enjoy interacting with people who share your views and thoughts.
Tarot message: Do not let trivial problems haunt you.
Lucky colour: Deep red
Magic number: 28

PISCES: The karmic "Wheel of fortune" turns in your favour. Do not put up with a headache or a neck-pain and visit a doctor or other health professionals before it gets too late.
Tarot message: Capitalise on your strength and do not trust others.
Lucky colour: Forest green
Magic number: 32

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is November 7...

This year on your birthday, Jupiter is going in retrograde motion but Mercury will rise. This parallel change of stars will bring mixed results. Follow your intuition and pay closer attention to your dreams. A secret romance is on the cards. Being a number 7 and a Scorpio, you are blessed with immense willpower. Seek expert advice before you make any financial commitments, especially if you intend to invest in the stock market. Health will be fine. Support and co-operation from elders and seniors at both your family and professional front would be of a high order.

Positive colours: White, sky blue, cream and yellow

Select days: Sunday and Monday

Favourable numbers:1, 2 and 7

Gems recommended: Sea pearl, moon stone and opal

Charity on birthday: Donate yellow pulses and fruits like papaya and bananas to a religious place.

You share your birthday with Nandita Das [November 7, 1969, Delhi] born to noted Indian painter, Jatin Das. As a director, she is known for her directorial debut Firaaq (2008), which won a number of national and international awards. She is actively involved in campaign against AIDS and violence against women. She was appointed as the chairperson of the Children's Films Society of India in 2009. Nandita will be more successful in 2015 as director.

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