Poetry in motion
Nonika singh

When she dances, she is livewire energy, simply scintillating. In person gentle and genteel she is quite an antithesis of the taandav ras she brings alive in her dance performances. Of course, be it on stage or off it, Kuchipudi dancer Yamini Reddy, daughter of famed dancers Raja and Radha Reddy, wears the mantle of her rich legacy with effortless ease.

In Chandigarh for a dance recital organised by the Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Akademi, in a no holds barred chat, the gifted dancer talks about her father, her two mothers and how becoming a mother has changed her as an artiste.

Starting out young a big blessing: Ever since I was a child I was consumed by a desire to be a dancer. Had I not begun learning dance early, I wouldn’t have been able to internalise the form so easily. Today I feel dance runs in my blood, in every sinew and muscle of mine.

Dance like daddy dearest: My father also my guru has been my role model. Till today when I dance I imagine how he dances and draw inspiration from his mudras, especially his taandav ras. If my father once earned the sobriquet of Black Shiva, today many call me the feminine avatar of the same energy.

My two mothers are equally special: Whatever the world might think I am very close to both Radha maa and Kaushalya mom. Both fulfil different needs of my being, though I am more like my younger mother as far as traits go, I am learning a lot from my mother Radha especially her ability to hold the family together.

My worst/ best critic: It’s Bhavna, my younger sister. She brings me down on earth with a thud and never shies away from saying what she wants to. Her refrain is simple--if I don’t tell you, who would. Dad too corrects me but his reaction is not knee-jerk. He corrects me slowly but firmly.

The beauty of Kuchipudi: This dance form originated from dance dramas and thus not only provides ample scope to the dancer but also is imbued with tremendous potential to reach out to viewers. Yes, there is communion with the Almighty too but not always. That magic happens when all other elements like the audience, stage, ambience and orchestra fall in one line.

Experimentation leaves me cold: Often I am asked why I don’t experiment. But compared to the magnetism of pure tradition of varnams, of padams I wonder what I can add. Others are experimenting for sure and I don’t judge them. If an artiste is seized by an idea, he or she has the prerogative to translate it into an artistic expression. But frankly speaking, I am not impressed by most such representations.

A family that dances together: It’s not just true for dancers alone. Any family that works together stays together. For there is so much to share, talk about and learn from each other. Like I had this brainwave about doing a dance piece juxtaposing Shiva’s taandav with Krishna’s taandav, told dad about it and this wonderful dance piece was born.

Joy of motherhood: The person and the artiste are not mutually exclusive. Ever since I have become a mother to a son, I have matured as a person and that maturity is bound to reflect in my bhaav on stage. But I must say dance is not abhinay alone nor acrobatic feats for that matter. It’s a beautiful balance, an amalgamation of the two.

Media glare on personal life: Indeed, there was unwanted media attention on account of my father’s second marriage. For a while it did eclipse their enormous dancing talent, their struggle and their dedication. But now all that is history and behind us. I guess today there are far bigger scandals than what the media thought was a juicy story back then. I, however, was not perturbed by what others had to say and realised early on that ours might be an unusual family but it was as normal as others.

No reason to be smug: I am not complacent. I might have earned a name for myself. I might have been the youngest recipient of Ustad Bismiillah Khan Yuva Puraskar and the Mayor of Dublin might have presented me with the golden key to the city after watching a dance performance. But I am not unmindful of the competition around me. I constantly upbraid myself, beware of younger gifted dancers.

And therein lies the key to what makes Yamini, barely 32, what she is. A dancer with feet on the ground she has every reason to hold her head high.

Magic of mythology

It was Payal Ramchandani's parents who sensed her sensitivity to rhythm when she was young. They introduced her to Kuchipudi when she was just four. Twenty two years on, Payal has established her place in the classical dance scene.

In Chandigarh recently on the invitation of Pracheen Kala Kendra, Payal acknowledges that when she started she was too young to know Kuchipudi from any other dance form but by and by Kuchipudi grew on her.

She began training under Guru Raja and Radha Reddy and continued her dance training along with her studies. Under the guidance of Padmashri Guru Jayarama Rao and Vanashree Rao, Payal has continued her remarkable journey that has taken her to prestigious platforms all over the world.

"This dance started from a place named Kuchipudi in Andhra Pradesh and only Brahmin boys were part of this dance drama tradition to begin with. It's only lately that women have taken up this form and now Kuchipudi has been remodelled as a woman's body works in a different way than a man's."

In Kuchipudi too, like any other classical dance form, the theme remains largely mythological. There are artistes who have experimented with contemporary themes. Payal too has done pieces that are women centric while keeping the essence alive; but she feels responsible to keep the legacy alive too.

Payal has been pleasantly surprised at the standing ovation she has got on number of occasions abroad. "People there are awestruck at the beauty of our classical dances. Many foreigners come to learn these art forms. We, who are the inheritors of such a wealth, haven't valued it enough."

Mind games!
Manpriya Singh

It wasn’t so much the fact that it was possible to produce rabbits out a hat or levitate a woman in the air or make her completely disappear. It was the fact that all along the magic lay in the mind of the performer and the eyes of the beholder.

A summer camp at the impressionable age of 11 was all it took to get hooked and last checked, Karan Singh Magic was getting to lay his hands on everything he could, books, DVDs, films, shows, Youtube et al, just to get on first name basis with tricks, magic, showmanship, hypnosis illusions and all things surreal.

“Every time during the exams my parents would seize my cards and all the paraphernalia…Even in school my teachers must have caught 30 to 40 decks of cards and thought I was gambling,” laughs the 22- year-old psychological illusionist, while in Chandigarh to perform at a university.

Twist to tradition

Magic, as we’ve so far known, has been about producing a bouquet of flowers out of a pocket in front of an applauding audience comprising awe-struck children. So far! “I brought in the term psychology to traditional magic. In fact, for my shows, I don’t use props. The audience is my props and the show is for people and with people. Children below 13 years are not allowed to enter and see my shows.”

Mind game

It isn’t easy getting to understand, experience and influence the audience to produce the paranormal practices, tricks and magic. “During a show, everything will be connected…My job is to influence the audience to get them to act the way I want.” As for reading minds, “I’m not a psychic. It’s not a science since I can’t prove it scientifically. It’s more to do with reading body language, mind and facial expressions,” shares the Delhi-based B.Com graduate.

There’s always a scope of magic becoming mainstream since, “It’s the only form of theatre where the audience also gets to be on stage.” Like Broadway is how he’d like to think of the profession in terms of future.

star track
Dress up like Lisa

With traffic-halting looks and a fantastic screen presence, the statuesque Lisa Haydon captures every man's imagination. Haydon, who is seen in latest flick Queen, shares her styling tips...

Black and blue: You can never go wrong with navy blue or black. No matter what is your shape or skin colour, these are two colours that always look sophisticated and flattering.

Head over shoulders: Show off your shoulders and back. Baring skin need not always be vulgar. In fact, it is beautiful when a woman wears tops, blouses or dresses that are one shoulder, off shoulder or straight cut across the chest or low dipping at the back. Shoulders are always beautiful and never inappropriate to bare if you are large or small. It's always in fashion to show off your shoulders.

Gold chain: Invest in one long gold chain that you can wear around your neck wrapped 2 or 3 times, or it can double up as a bracelet if wrapped around your wrist multiple times. I have one which I carry in my handbag all the time.

Personality test: Mix your clothes up! For example wear a girly dress or a formal blazer with converse sneakers. Think of ways you can mix up your message in your clothes. A dress shows innocent femininity while converses show a rugged sporty boyishness. It makes for an interesting personality statement. See what you can come up with that displays different sides to your personality. It's fun. Or, a leather jacket or tracksuit jacket with a frilly skirt and boots for a biker ballerina look. Different garments send out different personality messages so mix it up to describe your versatile personality!

Shopping funda: Invest in two good strapless bras… a nude coloured one and a black one. You can get great strapless bras at La Senza. This will assist you in baring those shoulders. It's also a sure bra to go well under almost any outfit. As a rule for shopping, I often buy simple silhouettes in beautiful fabrics and change them around with various accessories. Accessorize well. This way you can also wear and re-wear your clothes many times but it will always look different.

Real touch

Vikas Bahl, director of Queen, is pleased as his flick centred around Kangana Ranaut has whipped up ample curiosity on the social media circuit. Although the movie illumines Kangana in the role of the protagonist Rani, there is another actress who acts as a catalyst in the transformation of the screen character.

Lisa Haydon, model and actress who started her career with Aisha, play Vijaylakshmi in Queen. Vikas says, "The character of Vijaylakshmi in Queen is that of a free-spirited girl. I met Lisa and I found her to be such an interesting person, that I re-worked the character of Vijaylakshmi. I tweaked the character to suit Lisa."

He significantly adds, "I thought Lisa was way more free-spirited than what I could conceive as a person. So, I was willing to re-look at that character and do it in such a manner that Lisa would do an even better job of it, than what I had conceived."

Queen details the life and times of a small-town Indian girl, who decides to go on her honeymoon alone…owing to a twist of destiny. Queen premiered at the Busan Film Festival in October 2013 and won rave reviews too.

No entry for Sunny

Recently when Balaji was in the midst of organising Sunny Leone's visit to Indore to promote Ragini MMS-2, her entry was reportedly barred. One hears that a political party (actually, a Hindu radical group) warned the owners of a mall that they would resort to violence if the former adult star set foot there to promote the forthcoming Horrex (horror and sex.)

In all likelihood, Sunny may just end up doing promotions within the confines of a hotel and not in a public place, in order to avoid pre-election agitation from the political group. Interestingly, Pakistani rock star Mustafa Zahid who has rendered Sunny's love-making track (Maine Khud Ko) in Ragini MMS-2, in his first ever concert in Indore, will be rendering the song for a live audience. Ragini MMS-2 releases in cinemas on March 21.

No sci-fi for Aamir

It seems that Aamir Khan will have to wait a little longer for a sci-fi adventure. The actor was in talks with Excel Entertainment for an upcoming time-travel drama to be directed by debutant Nitya Mehra. Aamir had several script narrations with Nitya. He was really impressed with the script. But eventually they couldn't reach a common ground on financial matters. It is an amicable separation between the two.

Replacement theory

It is learnt that the makers are eager to find a replacement and are in talks with other actors for the role, one of them being Hrithik Roshan.

Leading lady

As far as the leading lady is concerned, Deepika Padukone was reportedly in talks to star opposite Aamir. But with him out of the project, it remains uncertain if she'll still be a part of the film.

I’m loving the hate: Juhi Chawla

Juhi Chawla is revelling in the reviews of her latest release Gulaab Gang, in which she has played a negative role for the first time.

"I am loving the hate. For the first time, I'm actually glad you could hate me," Juhi posted on her Twitter page, along with the links of reviews where she has been lauded for playing a villain in the women-oriented movie.

"Thank you very very much...Am amazed and grateful for the overwhelming response to the movie 'Gulaab Gang'. Thank you ALL," she had posted earlier.

The movie that stars Madhuri Dixit too, released Friday, a day before International Women's Day.

Shraddha’s mentor

Shraddha Kapoor considers Aditya Chopra to be her mentor. She did the film Luv Ka the End for YRF Films and left her three-film deal to do Aashiqui 2 which was a humongous hit. She is waiting for Aditya Chopra to call her and offer her a film.

What’s brewing?

Siddharth Malhotra may not be single. He was seen hanging out in suburban Mumbai with Izabelle Leite, a popular model who also appeared in the movie Sixteen last year. He has a thing for models.

Quality time in Colombo

Katrina Kaif had a few days free during the shoot of Bang Bang in Delhi, so she flew to Colombo to be with her man, Ranbir Kapoor as he is over there shooting for Bombay Velvet.

Scent of Irrfan

Irrfan Khan travels extensively due to his work commitments and he buys tons of perfumes and deodorants whenever and wherever he can. He has quite a collection now and has been made the brand ambassador of a deodorant brand.

Farhan out of Raees

Farhan Akhtar has opted out of Rahul Dholakia's Raees and will let somebody else do his role of a cop. He is still producing the film and had to opt out of it due to date issues.

Prachi teams up with Adhuna

Actress Prachi Desai recently shot with celebrity hairstylist Adhuna Akhtar for a photo-shoot which was inspired by Maharani Gayatri Devi. The two go back a long way when Prachi made her debut in Bollywood with 2008 film Rock On!! which had Adhuna's husband Farhan Akhtar as her co-star. The actress and the stylist share a warm rapport so when she needed someone who could exude royalty, Adhuna felt Prachi was an apt choice. Currently, she has no films.

Bald step

Ranveer Singh might do Bajirao Mastani. He will have to shave his famous head save for a little braid at the end. He will also have to dedicate eleven months of next year to the movie.

Vanity box
Left high and dry?
Make-up on dry skin needs extra care and attention
Manpriya Singh

It doesn't really matter what the reason; environmental damage, premature aging, harsh ingredients, seasonal changes or genetics. Once the skin is dry, the make-up routine becomes a rigmarole. Dry skin could be seasonal or a perennial problem, but flaky skin needs some extra care and attention. A few techniques here and a few essential products there is all it takes to let the make-up stay.

Celebrity make-up artist Bobbi Brown, popularly advocates the power of right moisturizer. "I believe that using the right moisturizer for your skin type makes a lot of difference. Those with dry skin can go for hydrating balm as the base." Dry skin, as is generally known and rarely practiced, requires some more prepping up before one starts putting on make-up. Prime your face. Primers take care of the flaws, wrinkles and dry skin. These days high definition cosmetic primers often take care of much more than that. They form a good base for the make-up and let it stay for hours at stretch.

Alternatively, recommends Savita Aneja, from a Chandigarh-based salon, "Use a water-based moisturizer and let it set in for good 10-15 minutes before you begin applying make-up. This also prevents the skin from becoming greasier and flakes from appearing on the skin." Once the hydration has set in, foundation ought to be applied with either a gentle brush or a damp sponge. She adds, "For sheer coverage, move the brush gently over your face in downward strokes." There are several other measures that ensure a flawless finish, for instance giving way to cream based products. Only stick to creamy eye shadows and blush. Powder based products often cake-up on dry skin, thereby causing flakes to appear after sometime. They can also draw attention to fine lines, creases and wrinkles.

Five-point agenda

1.If you don't need a lot of coverage, try a tinted moisturizer. It acts more like a sheer foundation and does not cause flakes to appear. However, tinted moisturizers should be replaced only with a foundation, not with a regular moisturizer.

2.Flaky skin is more visible on forehead, near the brow lines and around the eyes. Pay some extra attention to these problem areas and moisturize them well with aqua-based creams.

3.Try and carry a travel size hydrating toner or a make-up fixer. After a couple of hours, a few splashes on the face should prevent from the make-up flaking off.

4.While putting on make-up, don't drag the concealer or foundation onto your skin. Instead dab the products by using a damp blending sponge.

5.Something that should have come first; thereby obviating the need for any of the subsequent steps. Exfoliate. It remains the best and the most effective way to a glowing skin. Exfoliation rids the ski of dead cells, flakiness and clogged pores.

Chatter box
For a better living

Miditech's successfully running environmental series- Lakshaya: EK Living Planet', in the upcoming episode will focus on five stories. The first story talks about Mumbai Mangroves, which are known as the first barrier to any natural calamity in the coastal areas. The other story that will be a part of the episode will take into concern the Men Elephant Conflict in Odisha. It will elaborate on how the rapid rise in human population and the corresponding demand for resources have had a dramatic impact on the natural world. The next story will be from Matheranon Nisarguna biogas that will help the viewers to understand how each component is reusable in terms of energy regeneration. In the last category, the show focuses on Goa and the amount of pollution and environmental degradation the state has suffered over the years. Hosted by Niret Alva, a well-known television personality and co-founder of Miditech, the upcoming episode will exhibit various environmental issues and will be telecast on March 9, at 9:30 pm on Doordarshan. The show helps children from various age group and strata of society to come up with ideas and stories that can be shaped into a film through various mediums.

A brand new avatar

After playing the role of docile Nikhat in the show, Qubool Hai, Archana Taide will now be seen in a modern avatar. Here she talks about the new version of her role, and more.

How does it feel like to play a modern girl's role?

The character of Nikhat has been transformed into Khushboo and I am very happy to break away from the salwar-kameez look after a year and a half.

What do you like the most in your new role?

One shoots everyday and this new avatar is fun. The western outfits are cool and playing the role of a bold modern girl, who has a very different body language and attitude, is very interesting.

What can the audience expect from the show now?

There is a lot of planning and plotting going on in the story. Also, the show plays with many nuances. I have some lovely seductive scenes to do with Farhan. Ever since I started with my acting career, I have only played the role of girls, who are docile and soft spoken. It's almost after eight years that I am doing something so different.

Do you think the audience enjoys such variation or find it to be a cliché?

After playing the role of Nikhat for over one and half years, who is a dark-skinned girl and isn't getting married, and to finally getting married and her husband turned out to be a villain. So, when you build a character up and later show how she takes revenge, the audience enjoys it. I have got mails and response from fans, especially females. They want to see how she will take this man's case.

What does your husband Ashish Sharma think of this change?

He was happy and said no one would have worn such hot clothes on TV. Are you sure you want to do this? I said it would be fun for me and it is.

Yes, she can!

Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon, a trans-media drama series that seeks to promote strong women characters was launched by the Population Foundation of India (PFI). The series will run every Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm on Doordarshan.

An effort to challenge deep-rooted social issues like child marriage, early pregnancies and sex selection in our society, mother-daughter duo Sharmila Tagore and Soha Ali Khan have came together to support the serial and shared their views at the launch.

"The show has the potential for being a catalyst for change as the amount of research that has gone in the preparation of this initiative is extraordinary! Real life stories have informed and guided Feroz and PFI in developing the scripts - they are the testimony that change is happening, it just needs to be amplified," said Soha Ali Khan.

Sharmila Tagore added, "There is a silent revolution taking place in India - a revolution led by young girls and women who are beginning to realise their potential. This show captures the silent revolution. "

The lead role is played by Sneha - an inspiring young woman from a small town who becomes a doctor. She represents the aspirations of many young women today. She is confident and capable. She stands up for what she believes is right.

Deadly looks

Vampires are proud of their looks and their appearance, which sets them different from other ghosts. For Rajesh Kumar aka Dara Koyla from SAB TV's new horror comedy Pritam Pyaare Aur Woh it is all about getting the right hair style. The tall, lean and aristocratic-looking Vampire styles his hair in a different way. Since the look requires him to have a shiny black gelled hair, he prefers applying egg-white as a solution on his hair, rather than the usual gel. A source from the sets informs us, he takes a good amount of time to get ready. Says Rajesh, "Being a Vampire in Pritam Pyaare Aur Woh it's important that my look, make-up and the attire is up-to-date, especially the hair. Vampire's hair are always in good condition, well brushed and styled. I prefer going the organic way, as it leaves no side effects that one needs to worry." Tune in to Pritam Pyaare Aur Woh to catch all the excitement and entertainment from Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm only on SAB TV.

Step up & dance

India's biggest dance reality show for children and Zee Television's flagship property, Dance India Dance L'il Masters Season 3' has connected millions of people through dance with a unique positioning of Bacchagiri. Dancing their way to the hearts of audience, this season of L'il Masters opened with a whopping 11,099 TVTs (Source: TAM - Week 9), making it the highest rated episode on reality shows from 2013 till date across GECs. The show's earlier seasons on Zee TV were also a phenomenal success on television. The show has Geeta Kapoor, Ahmad Khan and Mudassar Khan as the judges and Mithun Chakraborty as the grandmaster. Along with Sanam Johar, Raghav Crockroaz Juyal, Rahul, Paul and the Dance India Dance 4 contestants- Swarali Karulkar as skippers, Dance India Dance L'il Masters Season 3 with its 16 participants and their 'Bachagiri' are sure to leave the masters spellbound and the audience dancing to their tunes.

Gala time in Bhuj

Owing to the current track of Chidiya Ghar, Ghotak and his family are having a gala time at Rann Mahotsav in Bhuj. Ghotak, aka Paresh Ganatra, got an opportunity to spend time with the villagers during the shoot and had fun-filled sessions with them at the festivities. After the shoot would conclude, the villagers would flock around Ghotak to hear stories of the big city. The whole get-together would appear like a huge family coming together to greet a member who has returned home. Paresh was made to feast on the choicest of delicacies and was also treated to the local folk dances and music.

Most villagers connected with Paresh. They even jokingly asked if he would take them along with him to Mumbai.

Role model

Tina Dutta of Uttaran fame feels that her mother and grandmother are the two most important women in her life. She also admires Oprah Winfrey who is her idol. "I really look up to her as a woman who has achieved several milestones on her own," says Tina.

Master Chef
Apple quickie!
Kandla Nijhowne

Apples give us some wondrous winter delights, the best among them being apple pie! But baking one makes a novice nervous. There's a nagging fear of the pastry remaining undone, or worse still, getting burnt. When I was an uninitiated fool, I used to even worry about the apples sandwiched between two layers of rolled pastry.

Once they went hiding out of sight, I never could fathom if they were cooking to the right tenderness or not. Readers, there is a bypass in the pie world by which you can get almost the same taste and texture as apple pie with half the effort and none of the nail-biting suspense. It's called the Apple Crisp. In a crisp, the pie structure is inverted upside down, omitting the pastry making headache altogether. Prepped fruit is sugared, flavoured and tossed into an oven proof dish. The crunchy texture is introduced as a top layer to the dish in the form of healthy oats, flour and butter. It's an easy way out. It's a lazy way out. But the taste is out of this world!


Mix together the maida, 3 tbsp sugar, oats, spices and nuts.

  • Add the cubed chilled butter and blend together with just your fingertips. The mixture should look evenly crumbly.
  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C)
  • Place the apple chunks in a large bowl, along with the raisins and lemon zest. Toss with the lemon juice and sugar. Transfer to your prepared baking dish.
  • Spread the maida and oats topping evenly over the apples.
  • Bake for approximately 30-40 minutes or until bubbly. The topping should look golden brown.
  • Remove from oven and place on a wire rack to cool for about 30 minutes before serving.

(Nijhowne is a Chandigarh-based culinary expert)

A city that enchants
Divya Dutta

The bird's eye view of Chandigarh is so delightful. It's a well-planned green beautiful city. Coming here for a new film added to the excitement. This trip has had a lot for me in store and I am not complaining at all!

After checking in, I took the opportunity of going to my favourite hub, Sector 17. The vibe, the popcorns, the hustle bustle and the shopping! And no, I didn't cover my face! There were people, admiring, smiling coming for pictures respectfully, not intrusive at all! It was in fact so much fun!

I touched base with my dearest friend Sonu Nigam, who also was in the city for a concert and he asked me to accompany him for the concert. What better pleasure than to hear his magical voice and the Chandigarh crowd cheering him!

The first day of shoot was awesome. Driving past the fields early morning, breathing the fresh air was so rejuvenating. After a fulfilling first day at shoot, I headed for the PTC awards where I met so many of the Punjabi fraternity. Dharamji asked about mom who ties him a rakhi and chatted with me for a while. Meeting Vivek Oberoi, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Mika Singh, Jazzy B and a lot of other friends just boosted my energy level. As I was about to leave as I had an early call time, Vivek's onerous act took me by surprise. He got down from the stage and gifted me a teddy. It was so endearing.

This time, it's been much more fun. Meeting friends, meeting strangers, working at your favourite place with people eager to help. Thanks Chandigarh for always making me smile and for those lovely people that you have.

(Dutta is a Bollywood actor)

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: It is vital that you plan everything and deal with all the hurdles that come your way, either at work or in your personal life. Some of you may splurge. Do not overlook a doctor's advice. Tarot message: Strive for perfection at work.

Lucky colour: Rainbow pastels

Magic Number: 60

TAURUS: This would be quite an uplifting and inspiring day. Social and familial bonds would become stronger and closer as you start to see friends and family from a new perspective. Money problems would cease to bother you for some time.

Tarot message: Take no chances. Lucky colour: Ebony

Magic number: 28

GEMINI: Take care of your health and exercise caution when driving since you may be prone to mishaps. Some of you may decide to take some concrete action in order to improve your personal life and relationships.

Tarot message: Start afresh.

Lucky colour: Forest green

Magic number: 33

CANCER: Some of you may have overshot your budgets in the past few days due to celebrations, so is a good time to be prudent. Socially, you may have to resolve an old problem with a friend or colleague, so be prepared. Tarot message: Be honest to your desires.

Lucky colour: Lotus pink

Magic number: 36

LEO: Your instincts and your reactions would be relatively fast today and as a result, you would be able to make the most of situations. Deal with any pending tasks at work and also, delegate, since doing too much would burn you out. Tarot message: Take one step at a time. Lucky colour: Black

Magic number: 47

VIRGO: Although you are driven and focused on your goals, it is also important that you avoid being controlling and critical of team members and partners.

Tarot message: You must learn to accept responsibility for self and others.

Lucky colour: Grey

Magic number: 58

LIBRA: Around the end of the day, your intuitive and perceptive skills would be especially sharp and you will be unusually sensitive. It would be this perceptiveness that may heighten your interest in astrology.

Tarot message: Let things run their course and start afresh later.

Lucky colour: Deep red

Magic number: 25

SCORPIO: With the presence of Saturn in your money sector, you would need to work out your plans for investing and saving as much as possible. Your love life would be quite interesting. Tarot message: Avoid the tendency to criticise or judge others too harshly.

Lucky colour: Purple

Magic number: 46

SAGITTARIUS: Relationships are essential and vital to our existence; therefore you must be patient with people around you. Both at home and with friends, exercise affection and serenity; it would pay in the long run. Tarot message: Avoid situations that may turn nasty.

Lucky colour: Saffron

Magic number: 57

CAPRICORN: Be attentive and careful of everything that you do, since it would affect your overall career. Business people may plan to diversify or expand in order to increase commitment and profits. Tarot message: You are advised to focus on professional changes.

Lucky colour: Pale yellow

Magic number: 26

AQUARIUS: There would be an increase in confidence and energy as you go about your work. Most of you would also start planning career moves and would get a good response from prospective employers. Tarot message: Try not to give money to strangers.

Lucky colour: Crimson

Magic number: 41

PISCES: Finances and spending would be your focus today along with other things. During the mid of the day, you would be feeling stronger and more capable at work and at home.

Tarot message: Do not leave things up to chance.

Lucky colour: Aqua

Magic number: 62

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is March 9...

You might get a promotion. If you have your own business you may receive publicity in media. You will try to make your family happy but you won't get any credits for it. You will be misunderstood by the people around you and even your loved one will fail to understand you. Risk related to investment of money must be avoided at any cost. Keeping a positive approach toward life will help you dealing with tough times in a better way. Students should continue putting their 100 per cent to get favourable results. Do not be over possessive about the person you love. You might also travel for the purpose of business. This business trip will open up new opportunities for you. It is the best time to buy some property or plot.

Positive colours: Golden, Red, White, Yellow & Cream

Select days: Tuesday, Friday & Thursday

Favourable numbers: 3,6,9

Gems recommended: Red Coral & Yellow Sapphire

Darsheel SafaryCharity on Birthday: You should donate wheat ,gur to needy or to any religious place/langar/community kitchen.

You share your birthday with Darsheel Safary who played a dyslexic child in the 2007 film Taare Zameen Par. He is also a student at H.R. College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. He will be appearing in films off and on due to his slow stars.

Flying high

Piccadily Square organised a Kite Flying festival on Saturday. According to Aditya Nath Sharma, MD, Piccadily Square, "Kite Flying has been a popular activity and tradition in North India. However, in modern times the culture seems to be dying, so we thought of organising a festival to buck the downtrend associated with Kite Flying." Adds Sharma, "Our Mall, is one of Chandigarh's oldest landmarks, which has always endeavored to provide impeccable service and entertainment to visitors.

The event provided a very exciting opportunity to kite flying enthusiasts who enjoyed the outing to the hilt, hopefully the art of Kite Flying will find its glory in years to come in Chandigarh." In the festival the participants were above 14 years old. As a tribute to women on International women's Day, women also took part in the fest. A kite made especially with the women's day theme attracted all at the festival. — TNS

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