The swinging stars
The shooting of Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania gets underway in Chandigarh
Manpriya Singh
Shashank Khaitan
Shashank Khaitan

There is an unusual commotion at Aura Vaseela. For the rural heritage resort is swathed in stripes of yellow and orange. The army of men with microphones ensure not even a passing bird is out of the frame. Every actor gets their spirits together to perfect a song sequence where everyone runs amok, is supposed to have fun and dance with abandon. So there is a blueprint to the chaos. After rubbing enough shoulders with the crew, we spot Alia Bhatt, accompanied by Varun Dhawan. It doesn’t take long to also recognise Balika Vadhu’s Siddharth Shukla. Dharma Productions, along with its crew comprising over a 100 people and Timmy Productions is getting its act together for Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. Humpty Sharma Ki… Why do they come up with titles slightly taxing on the vocal chords? Catchy as they certainly might be.

“Like you said. They are catchy…But for this film, the character Humpty Sharma is completely in sync with the script and the role,” shares Shashank Khaitan, the man at the helm of all affairs and who debuts as a director with the film.

Even before we move onto the film, the character Humpty Sharma merits a moment of discussion. Over to Humpty. “He is literally a character. He says most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times,” shares Varun. The decision to go ahead with the project goes beyond getting to play the title role. “This story had a lot of heart and soul to it. It’s a North India’s story and being a Punjabi, I always wanted to play a character based in the North. The shoot is being done in Ambala, Chandigarh and Delhi.”

Colourful clothes, loud music, gregarious men; Punjab doesn’t get any different than this. “This place offers a lot to a script in several ways. We are trying to keep it as real as possible...Siddharth plays Angad, the NRI. In fact, we are trying to project that Punjab is not just about alcohol. By default the film is based here,” the director draws a line at that, lest he discusses too much too soon. He adds, “It’s a classical love story. I wouldn’t call it a rom-com. It’s a romantic film with elements of humour,” while admitting to having written the screenplay two years back. “Alia and Varun came as a unanimous choice for the makers.”

The lunch break is almost over and it’s a quick brief from the director before they resume the drill. The drill of alternating between shooting and cut, till they get the perfect shot. Over to the lady of the moment Alia Bhatt. Life after Highway must be different. “The film changed me as an actor but my life hasn’t changed.” Two States is already lined up with buzz that’s hard to miss. “I would credit a lot of publicity to the brand name of the book. It’s a very exciting story which has been kept as real to the book as possible.” While there “is no dream role but the aim is to be as versatile as possible.”

Like getting to play a girl from Ambala in this film. “I play Kavya Pratap Singh, a very spunky, fiery girl, who is as real as possible.” It’s been over two weeks of shooting in the city and getting to experience it first hand. Chips in Varun, “We’ve been to Elante Mall…We did manage going and seeing a film. The people here are pretty chilled out and not quite pushy.” He laughs, “In fact with Siddharth along, there’s been a problem as women recognise him and adore him.”

The big star of the small screen gets to play, what he calls a cameo. “This has been really easy for me. It’s something I’ve been able to do with my television schedule intact. Moreover the Dharma production banner is one of the reasons I am in the film.”

The song dangad dangad starts playing in the background again, the microphones, the crew, the sets, everything else is slowly getting back to its place. Once again to ensure, not even a passing bird is out of frame.

Carrying forward the baton
Singer Nitin Mukesh feels rich lyrics add life to a song
Gurvinder Singh

Veteran singer Nitin Mukesh speaks with humility. This is a part of the most important character trait he has tried to imbibe from his father Mukesh. "Despite all the success, my father was very humble and down to earth all his life," says he. "He would board a crowded city bus and live life with simplicity. We had to remind him of his stature," he shares adding, "This humility is what I have tried to imbibe."

Disappointed with the kind of music being made these days, Nitin Mukesh feels, "there used to be grace in music earlier. Although the musicians these days are talented, I don't approve of the kind of lyrics being written, they don't last long. Too much vulgarity has entered music. You look at how beautifully the song even with lyrics like chandan sa badan, chanchal chitwan was picturised. There was grace in how music and movies were made," he adds.

The melody, quality of lyrics has disappeared now. This is the reason Nitin Mukesh has stopped recording music for the past 20 years. But there is a good sign, as people still want to listen to the old songs. "I am regularly invited for concerts on old songs that I have sung. At 64 now, I am busier than I have ever been," he says.

Talking about reality shows, he says that youngsters who put in so much effort in reaching and winning the music reality shows, don't carry it forward after winning the contests. "So, they are lost in oblivion after they win the shows. They need to sustain that effort, Shreya Ghoshal has proven this fact that if one continues to work hard after winning the music contest, it definitely pays," he shares.

Nitin Mukesh strongly feels that the family has a lot of responsibility of carrying the name of his father, Mukesh. His son Neil has both his and his father's name along, for he has equal respect for him and his grandfather.

"Neil is a brilliant actor. He has been terrific in all the roles he has played so far. It is a different thing that the movies have not done commercially well. But as an actor he is fabulous.

Double deal
Amarjot Kaur & Mansi Grewal
Two to tango: Amarjot Kaur & Mansi Grewal

Beauty with brains, that’s the title Amarjot Kaur and Mansi Grewal, fbb Femina Miss India Finalists falls into! One is a software engineer, and the other one is studying to be a clinical psychologist, both the girls from the tricity are competing for the much coveted crown.

Here’s a rundown on the beauties from the city:

Dream come true

For Amarjot Kaur who is working as a software engineer being a Miss India finalist is a dream come true.

You look up to: Priyanka Chopra. I want to be an all rounder just like her.

Bollywood dreams: I am open to options as and when that happens

Career call: I am enjoying my work as software engineer. Looking forward for more

What works in favour of Chandigarh girls?

They are beautiful, tall and most importantly confident

Your way of life: Never give up

Way to go

Mansi Grewal feels blessed being a Miss India finalist. Pursuing psychology honours this girl is enjoying this totally unplanned ride.

You look up to: Designer Marlyn Moore, I love her and her designs.

Bollywood dreams: Lets see if something fabulous lands my door.

What works in favour of Chandigarh girls?

Determination that the hallmark of the girls our small city.

Your way of life: Be what you are regardless of the world that will keep judging you.

Word wise
Aiming at the young, Chandigarh opens up to an exclusive Children’s Literature Festival
Manpriya Singh

Be it the picture books for wiggly toddlers, graphic novels for tiny tots or stories for little ones who’ve just begun to grasp characters. It takes a whole lot of effort to engage readers with officially short span of attention. The boring image of books and arduous task of reading doesn’t help either. “We want to ensure that children think that books are ice-cream and not bitter-gourd,” shares Anita Roy, commissioning editor, Young Zubaan, while briefing about the upcoming first edition of Children’s Literature Festival in Chandigarh.

To be organised by Dikshant International School in association with the Adab Foundation, the festival aims at entertaining children and enthusing them about reading.

The two day festival will include talks and readings by famous children’s writers, writing competitions and workshops.

Fortunately or unfortunately, children’s literature in India has been largely about the Missouri in 1950s, as set in Ruskin Bond’s world, the animal fables from Panchtantra or tales inspired from the mythology. “There are very many children out there than there are books for those children.” The huge void is unfortunately filled by the likes of outside authors like Enid Blyton, JK Rowling and series like Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys. “While increasingly, there are publishers that are open to different kinds of writing, there is yet another area that really needs to be worked upon. Publishing for teenagers is at its infant stage,” shares the Kolkata born, England brought up and Delhi based author, who grew up reading Dr. Seuss and Narnia stories, among others. Enid Blyton, surprisingly, doesn’t figure anywhere. She laughs, “Nobody in England would admit to reading Enid Blyton.” Bibliodiversity is how she likes to call it.

A good book

Hard as it may be to define a good children’s book and relative as it is to the age group, nevertheless, “It should be a story told in a way appropriate for the age group, appeals to the emotions with characters that are believable and with dialogues that rig through.” She adds, “We really needed a guidebook for children’s literature. I have done that in my guidebook where we have published 101 children’s books one can read.” Among the several good children’s authors, “There’s Anushka Ravishankar, Payal Kapadia with her story of a little girl who wants to be a writer and Natasha Sharma with her Icky, Yucky and Mucky, the story of a royal family with terrible manners.”

Future projects

Coming up is an equally unusual and inciting story tentatively titled Dead School. A story of death as thought by the little children, minus the ghastly connotation associated with the human phenomenon. She adds, “I am also commissioning an exciting new book titled Misfits. It’s a fun engaging story of an American kid in an Indian school and the friendship he strikes with a child from an economically weaker section.” Children’s literature is ready to move beyond the hills, animals and folklore.

The two day festival begins from March 28 at Tagore Theatre, Chandigarh.

Tale tell moves
Delhi Dance Theatre brings the concept of dance theatre to Chandigarh with their play Not Your Mothers
Amarjot Kaur

While in conversation with Leah Rapheal Curtis and Emily Mcloughlin, who are the directors of an art company called Delhi Dance Theater, our thoughts are centred around the perceptions that have for long, defined a stereotypical woman. In Chandigarh to perform at the Alliance Francaise recently, the Delhi Dance Theatre group, neither preaches nor indulges in any sort of social movement related to woman, but it does act as a catalyst to set your thoughts in motion and forces you to think.

A group of 11 artistes, all from different countries, as they perform a dance theatre titled Not Your Mothers, they personify art as a unifying expression of humanity.

What an idea

“The Delhi Dance Theatre company was formed in 2010 and besides theatre, we make dance films and promote cross-cultural exchanges too,” begins Leah Rapheal, while adding, “We wanted to create a dance theatre play, Not Your Mothers, in New York while performing Brooklyn looks East, where we performed a small part of this play. Later, we developed it as a full-fledged play.”

Adding to Leah’s statement, Emily shares, “We met many women from different age groups and found that there was a marked difference in their thinking from that of their mothers and they did not want to be like their mothers, thus the title, Not Your Mothers. The younger lot was the most impressive. Not once did we hear that they just wanted to get married and have children.” Both Leah and Emily have been dancing since they were three and came to India to learn kathak.

Play right

The concept of dance theatre may possibly be new for the Indian audience, but Not Your Mothers has elements of traditional, contemporary and fusion. “The play has a bit of ballet, kathak, physical theatre, and modern dances,” says Leah while Emily elaborates on the Indian dance forms. “In the West, the dance forms have already undergone the neo-classical and post-modern phases, but in India, the traditional dances are still evolving, so it’s fascinating to experiment,” shares Emily.

Stroke of genius
Amarjot Kaur
Prem Singh and Biman Bihari Das
work wise: Prem Singh and Biman Bihari Das

Only those, who have the appetite for experience, are a glutton for sense and sensibility. Perhaps that reasons the disposition of Padma Shri Awardee, Biman Bihari Das, and Prof Prem Singh, Triennale awardee who were at the Museum of Fine Arts, Panjab University, to judge the Third All India Women Artists’ Contemporary art Exhibition curated by Artscapes. “We have received a lot of paintings, photographs and sculptures from across the nation,” says Simrat Bhullar, founder member of Artscapes.

Meanwhile, Biman Bihari draws for us a picture of contemporary art scene in India as he speaks, “One needs to understand that art is one’s mental reaction to things. Its not grammar, it’s like a tune that keeps changing with time.” To this statement, Prem Singh adds, “To understand contemporary art, one needs to understand that art is an expression that is cultivated through experience and as much one looks around, one experiences. Also, the meaning of art changes everyday and it evolves with each passing day.”

Since art is subjective and relative, we question the jury members about the yardsticks of judging the best art. To this Prem Singh replies, “Even in this exhibition, we will be judging the works on the basis of consistency and competency. While the consistency depends on the artist’s style and ability to express their honesty towards art, competency refers to their skill and talent.” On the other hand Biman Bihari shares, “Along with consistency and competency, it is also important that the essence of the work and the way it clicks with the artist is absolutely in sync.”

Also, in the current art scenario, when women seem to be coming in the art, both Singh and Biman are happy about the development, to which Prem says, “Initially, it were only the Parsi’s living in Bombay, who invested in and promoted art, but now things are changing for good. We have received some really interesting sculptures and paintings from women across India and it is a delight to look at some of the works,” he signs off.

Saffron seasoning
Jasmine Singh

Sinful indulgence…. Does it remind you of all those chocolates that gooey sugar- kissed and soaked in butter variety? If you have gone this far, you might as well stop at Hotel Taj Chandigarh to indulge in the Kashmiri Food Festival. You might not be able to conveniently ignore the ‘ghee’ but once you get started, you might just bypass this thought.

Veggie delight

Here nicely placed is wazwan, a multi-course meal that is part of the Kashmiri tradition. The vegetarians can start with the appetizers, nadru malai tikka and cottage cheese escalope and paneer kanti, a traditional dish made with cottage cheese and crunchy onions. After a zafarani shorba, go for the main course. Toss in Kashmiri dum aloo and the rajma gogje. With veg rice garnished with almonds, some haak (leafy greens with fresh Kashmiri chilly), tamatar chaman, now enjoy your meal. Give a sweet finish to your meal with badami phirnee. all this for Rs 750 plus taxes.

Taste this as well

The non-vegetarians for Rs 950 plus taxes also have a wide variety of Kashmiri food. Begins with chicken kanti, tabak maaz (yoghurt simmered baby lamb ribs fried till crunchy), followed by a yakhni shorba. Mutton rogan josh, gosht mirchi korma or gosht yakhni, you can take a pick from the three dishes. Team it up with rista or gustaba. The chicken and mutton lovers would love to dig into waza chicken or Dhaniwal korma. Finally, wash it down with a sweet kahwa.

Stress buster
Balancing act
Renee Singh

We all react to stress in our own way. We have to discover strategies best suited to us. However, some strategies will work better for us than others according to one's own nature. The best solution of course would be to find a strategy that suits your particular temperament.

Focusing on problems

This is perhaps the most effective way of dealing with stress. Once we have discovered where the problem lies, we can find ways and means of getting rid of it.

Coping With problems

There are two ways of dealing with stress, one is the Problem Focused Coping and another is the Emotion Focused Coping.

Emotion focused coping

Stress is well- managed if you take care of stress by focusing on stressed emotions and calming them. This is true in case of stressors you cannot address head on.

Eliminating stress

Most people think that cutting the things that cause stress from our lives is an adequate solution to manage stress as in this case we don't need to alter our responses to any stressors as there will be none left in our lives.

Eliminating stress totally from our lives is really not possible as some factors in our jobs, our relationships or just our lifestyles are prone to create challenges. It wouldn't be too healthy to eliminate all stress as then there would be no challenges left in life.

Value of emotion focused coping

Shifting how we experience potential stressors in our lives can reduce their negative impact With emotion focused coping we don't need our lives to change, we just simply find ways to accept what we face right now and not allow it to bother us.

This behaviour can help us cut down on our chronic stress and give the body a chance to recover from high levels of stress.

Clear thinking

An advantage of emotion focused coping is that it allows us to think clearly and access solutions that may not occur to us if we are feeling overwhelmed. Stressed people do not mostly make very effective decisions.

Better frame of mind

Emotion focused coping helps us to get into a better frame of mind before working on problem focused techniques. This kind of coping helps us with both emotions and solutions.

Vital for overall relief

While problem focused strategies need to fit well with specific stressors they are addressing, emotion focused coping techniques work well with most stressors. You need to find the right emotional strategy for your individual and particular personality type.

New perspectives

Cognitive reframing helps you to shift the way you see the problem. It actually makes you see the difference between whether or not you feel stressed by facing it.

Reframing is about seeing new perspectives, solutions and new benefits.

(Renee is a Chandigarh-based psycho analyst)

star track
Shah Rukh pokes fun

No matter how much the Khans show their camaraderie to the world but in reality they are rivals and there cannot be any room for mutual admiration between them. Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan cannot stand each other. At a recent event, Shah Rukh Khan again took a dig at Salman Khan.

Shah Rukh and Salman hugged each other at politician Baba Siddhiqui's Iftaar party last year and that hit the headlines. Everyone thought it's a beginning to the end of the long standing rivalry between them. But the picture turned out to be completely opposite when SRK poked fun at Salman Khan's recent release, Jai Ho. At a recent promotional event of a leading watch brand which SRK endorses, he shared some light moments with the media and engaged in a light-hearted conversation with filmmaker Kunal Kohli, who was also present at the event. He asked Kunal about the recent movie he watched. Kohli gave it a thought and replied, Jai Ho.

Shah Rukh Khan who is known for his spontaneity and good sense of humor wasted no time in replying, SRK quipped, "There is no accounting for taste." The audience broke into laughter post this.

Salman’s latest lady love!

Elli Avram is definitely in Salman Khan's good books and could be dating him. She joined him, his family and Anu and Sunny Dewan for a cozy get-together at his place over the weekend.

Imran is on a paternity break

Imran Khan will be next seen in Nikhil Advani's film, which will roll after July. Imran Khan is currently pampering his pregnant wife who is due in June. @

A hero’s welcome

Many people are calling up Jackie Shroff and offering to help him promote his son who is debuting in Sajid Nadiadwala's Heropanti. The industry is looking forward to his debut.

Women of steel
As we just got over with the celebrations of International Women's Day, we tell you about five characters from the recent Bollywood films that are inspiring

Kangana Ranaut in Queen: Rani Mehra is the most adorable character Kangana Ranaut has ever played. She has the guts to go alone on her honeymoon and discover different sides of her personality in Paris and Amsterdam. We loved the fact that shedumped her fiancé.

Alia Bhatt in Highway: It takes guts to turn away from your family and impending marriage and Alia was shown just doing that in Imtiaz Ali's Highway. She chose a life that gave her freedom from abuse.

Alia Bhatt in Highway: It takes guts to turn away from your family and impending marriage and Alia was shown just doing that in Imtiaz Ali's Highway. She chose a life that gave her freedom from abuse.

Vidya Balan in Kahaani: She was the soul of the terrific film. Her spirit in the film was indomitable.

Sridevi in English Vinglish: Her journey from being a mocked at housewife to an empowered woman in a foreign country, who wins everyone's hearts by fulfilling her dream of learning English is awe-inspiring. We loved her speech in the end.

Of dates and issues

Hrithik Roshan's injury has played havoc with Katrina Kaif's dates and also the schedule of Bang Bang. The latest development is that choreographer Ahmed Khan has been replaced by Bosco Caesar due to date issues.

At a snail's pace

Karan Johar is on a break. There are no releases scheduled for his production house from July 2014 till December 2015. Shuddhi and Dostana 2 were supposed to release in 2015 but they have not gone on the floors yet.

1540 applicants for Bewakoofiyan!

As the news of YRF hiring a marketing executive for their next release Bewakoofiyan broke, there were about 1540 applications, which flooded the production house. It doesn't stop here; YRF is still continuing to receive applications.

It is indeed, a brilliant hiring technique which was ideated by the makers of the film. However, out of the 1540 applications which have come, only 100 would be shortlisted for the actual interview. It would definitely be a task to shortlist only 100 candidates out of the several applications which have come. The only criteria to get a job at the marketing department of YRF would be to impress the lead actors of the film, Sonam Kapoor and Ayushmann Khurrana. On one hand, where Sonam would conduct the interview on the grounds of personnel presentation, Ayushmann on the other hand who himself plays a marketing professional in the film would judge the candidates on basis of their marketing strength. The entire thought fits in with the film as Ayushmann will be seen playing a marketing executive himself. The film is all set to release on March14.

The spokesperson of the film confirms the news and adds, "It has been an overwhelming response. We are quite taken a back with so many entries."

chatter box
Survival instincts

The world-renowned survival extraordinaire, Bear Grylls, will feature in a new series on Discovery Channel, which will be titled Bear Grylls: Escape From Hell. In the show, he will apply his expertise one-step further, by pitting himself against real-life dangers, faced by ordinary people stranded in devastatingly dire situations in the world's most desolate landscapes.

Coupled with incredible archival footages, the show will feature intimate interviews with the survivors, including a British scientist, who was lost and was living alone in the deep jungles of Malaysia. Bear will show how they survived by attempting to recreate and reliving their fateful journeys through firsthand experience and demonstrating the best possible strategies for survival.

In the show, Bear will be seen risking his life by trekking across the most inhospitable locations on Earth and through the harshest weathers with amateur adventurers, dissecting and analysing the survival techniques they employed and providing expert advice on what could have been done to elude or alleviate the severity of unfortunate circumstances. From a plane crash in the Amazon, to remote crevasses of the European Alps, scorching North African desert and more, Bear will toss himself into the same unforgiving landscapes where these incidents took place and attempt to live, sleep, survive and navigate to safety. He traces and reconstructs the steps and actions of these survivors - and even suggests what he thought they could have done better - including throwing himself into mini-avalanches, leaping off from cliff ledges to tree tops, hunting and eating animals and insects unique to each terrain, creating shelters and making weapons.

Senior vice president and general manager, India, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, Rahul Johri said, "In the show Bear Grylls will be seen taking bigger challenges as he throws himself into the harshest of situations using his vast knowledge of life-saving techniques. An extremely thrilling series, it will attract high appointment viewing from both men and women." The six-part series will air every night at 9 pm starting 9 March.

Taking chances

Apparently, Roopal Tyagi of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke may quit the show because she wants to be a part of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. She is hoping to sign the show, which will start in June, so that she can serve her notice period. But that's wishful thinking.

Like a queen!

Jannat Zubair Rahmani will soon be seen in the show Maharana Pratap, where she will essay the role of Phool Kanwar Rathore, who is the granddaughter of king of Marwar, Raja Maldev Singh. Phool Kanwar Rathore is extremely beautiful, confident and extrovert with an attitude of a queen. Jannat, who earlier played the role of Phulwa, is excited about this new project.

Humour quotient

Unlike Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra, who were the previous hosts of the reality show, Khatron Ke Khiladi, filmmaker Rohit Shetty is apparently bringing in his brand of humour to the show. He has infused funny dialogues in the script and is regaling contestants with one-liners.

In sickness and health

Chavvi Pandey of Ek Boond Ishq fame was hospitalised recently. While returning from the sets during midnight, she felt uneasy and was rushed to a hospital subsequently. However, she had to report for the shoot the following day, because they could not afford to give her a day's break. Her wedding scene was being shot in the show.

Anchoring a cause

Post the show, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Bhena Hai, Karan Tacker has taken up a brand new role. He has been hosting a show Halla Bol, which talks about crime against women. Here he talks about his show and more…

What prompted you to host this show?

The channel approached me with the concept of the show and I took it up because it was about an important issue. The show is about the problems that women face, from crime against women, to sexual discrimination and others. We read so much about crime against women daily in the newspapers and it only makes us feel helpless. With this show, we aim to create some awareness about the problems and crime women face.

What are the challenges that you faced while hosting the show?

These issues need to be treated in the right manner and with sensitivity. Teaching the world about these issues and projecting them in a sensitive manner is quite a challenge though.

Would you also be inviting celebrities to the show?

Yes. They all have so much to share. For instance, Kangana Ranaut had a lot to share on the show. Girls with strong personalities in with every episode have given many insights to women about life. They can learn a lot from other women and their mistakes.

Many things have been said about your close friendship with Krystle D'souza. What is the truth?

People at times misconstrue a friendship and believe what they see on screen. Our Jodi was appreciated in Ek Hazarron mein and people thought it was real. We are friends and as long as our close ones and we know the truth, the rumours do not matter.

Is it true that you recently lost your dog and that you miss him a lot?

My dog, Mischief, was with me for 14 years. He had been keeping quite unwell for the last six months and was suffering from arthritis and other health issues. He died a natural death, but I do miss him a lot. — HRM

Seeking inspiration from Chulbul Pandey

Abhishek Awasthi, who is currently seen as inspector Gabru Singh in Manish Goswami's Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai, thoroughly loves his role in the show. He quips, "The role that I am playing is phenomenal, and it is giving me a lot of exposure. I many shades to experiment with in this character, which is enriching my appetite as a performer." The actor is a huge fan of Salman Khan and he said, "My character is a lot like Chulbul Pandey. He wears the same bracelet, speaks the same dialogues, and has the same style. I idolize Salman. Also, Dabangg is my favourite film." Abhishek was earlier in the news for his relationship with item girl Rakhi Sawant, but now he no longer wants to be associated with his past. He is happily engaged to a girl, who is not from the industry and he may tie the knot by 2014.

Abhishek Awasthi is also a fantastic dancer but for now, he is focusing on his acting career. "Dance is an inseparable part of me and I will soon take it up too," he said.

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is March 10...

Professionals will grow steadily in their respective careers. Businesspersons will please their regular clientele, and those in service will be appreciated for their sincerity. Meanwhile, artists may not progress in April. Follow the advice of a person you trust with your plans, which are currently slightly chaotic. The stars support your choices. Those born after 1980 will be able to make changes in their life. Love life will be good. Answers from far away will lead you closer to home. Children may get into minor accidents. The unmarried ones may not find a satisfactory partner. Elders will guide you in your course of action. Do not undertake purchases beyond your means. You may have to write off certain debts. Don't burden yourself with instalments or loans. Friends can be most helpful this May.

Positive colours: Golden, red, brown, white, orange and purple.

Select days: Sunday and Monday

Favourable numbers: 1, 4, 2, and 7

Gems recommended: Yellow sapphire and red coral

Charity on birthday: You may white eatables like bread etc. to needy or to any religious place today.

You share your birthday with Dolly Thakore (March 10, 1943), a veteran theatre actor and casting director. She was married to actor and producer, Alyque Padamsee. She appeared in the film Page 3. Her stars show that she will be in the industry for a long time.


Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Concentrate on your core morals, as they would play an important role in your life. Spend time with friends and family to keep your physical and mental health in great shape. At work, be rational and patient. Tarot message: Consolidate your gains. Lucky colour: White. Magic Number: 26.

TAURUS: Business people may need to get some permission from government agencies and you will be able to rely on influential friends for that. Money matters would not pose as a problem. Tarot message: Ability to state the truth is your strong point. Lucky colour: Rainbow pastels. Magic Number: 62

GEMINI: Decision-making should be quicker if you know what your heart really wants. Believe in yourself and use both your head and heart when dealing with various issues. Tarot message: Avoid frictions with business partners. Lucky colour: Brown. Magic Number: 57

CANCER: Some of you may also get some surprising news. For health reasons, it is also, important that you don't worry about minor things excessively. In relationships, don't become too controlling. Tarot message: Focus on your aims, ideas, and opinions. Lucky colour: Grey. Magic Number: 38

LEO: Finances would not be a major concern. This is a good time to get routine tests done. Health would be problem-free. However, there may be some digestive problems or aches and pains, which may cause discomfort. Tarot message: Do your duties on time. Lucky colour: Ebony. Magic Number: 41

VIRGO: This would be a day for love and romance and singles may form special and lasting relationships. In relationships, you may be doing too much thinking and very little communicating. Tarot message: Your determination to succeed will pay dividends. Lucky colour: Pale yellow. Magic Number: 52

LIBRA: With the presence of Mercury in your sign, you would be able to handle any disappointment that comes your way. There may be positive developments at work. Financial security would increase. Tarot message: Use your instinct to get into the top circle of power. Lucky colour: Lotus pink. Magic Number: 63

SCORPIO: Being able to tie up all loose ends would be your priority today and only then ,would you be able to be a part of the parties and social gatherings. Work would take more time and attention. Tarot message: Do not divest assets or transact in uncertain matters. Lucky colour: Forest green. Magic Number: 44

SAGITTARIUS: You will go for either external or a meaningful internal change. Start by mending strained relationships with either a family member or a friend. Reach out and let that person know you still care. Tarot message: You gain by being practical. Lucky colour: Saffron. Magic Number: 35.

CAPRICORN: The day begins on a favourable note. Now would be the time to make some changes in your daily life, so that you can enjoy the element of newness and freshness. Tarot message: Emphasise on your spiritual needs. Lucky colour: Orange. Magic Number: 28.

AQUARIUS: The day may be more challenging than usual. As a result, you would have to exercise all your intuitiveness and be as realistic as possible. At work, efficient and organised work would bring good results. Tarot message: Focus on your goals. Lucky colour: Cream. Magic Number: 32.

PISCES: Showing your love, support and friendship, would be your key behaviour. The presence of the full Moon would lead you to communicate and articulate all that you feel, fully and emotionally. Tarot message: Don't waste an opportunity that comes your way. Lucky colour: Sea green. Magic Number: 49.

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