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Students give traffic rules the go-by
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 9
Students of the Punjab College of Technical Education (PCTE), Baddowal, threw the traffic rules to the wind while carrying out an awareness rally on right to vote. Most students were seen hanging out of their vehicles during the rally on Ferozepur Road this afternoon. The students, in around 200 cars, converged at Bhai Bala Chowk where the rally started. It passed through the Mall Road, College Road, Ghumar Mandi, Model Town and other areas of the city.

Slogans like "Think and vote", "Vote for right candidate, not the party", "Be a conscious voter", "Your vote counts", "Don't be a quitter, be a voter", "Vote dena apna adhikaar, na lo iske liye uphaar" were pasted on the cars.

It was learnt the car of a student was stopped by the traffic police near Bhai Bala Chowk. When the traffic policeman was about to issue a challan to the vehicle driver for a traffic violation, his fellow students arrived at the scene and told the policeman that they had got permission from the district election officer (Deputy Commissioner) for the rally.

The SHO (Traffic), Vinod Kumar, said: "The students had sought permission to take out a rally to generate awareness on right to franchise. However, we have shown our concern to the college authorities over the way the students were hanging out of their vehicles during the rally."

The commuters' also disapproved of this style of the students to create awareness through a rally. "Look at these young boys and girls. They are hanging out of the windows of their vehicles as if they are performing some stunt. This is not the way to create awareness. The traffic police are also to blame for not taking action against the violators. They are quick to challan vehicles on petty offences but while all this was happening they kept watching like mute spectators," said Surinder Singh, a commuter at Bhai Bala Chowk.

Mocking at the youngsters, a traffic policeman said: "The students were hanging out of the window of their cars while some were even sitting on the rooftops of the vehicles, merely after receiving permission from the DC to carry out a rally. Now, what is the difference between them and politicians? They (politicians) also break the law for they wield power."

Dr Virendra Mishra, Director, PCTE, said he had received a call from the SHO (Traffic) who had shown his concern over the traffic violation.

"Immediately after receiving the call, I told the staff members, who were travelling in other vehicles, to stop the students from hanging out of their vehicles. I was in a car at the front end of the rally. I looked around but could not see any student hanging out of the window," said Dr Mishra.


Ill-equipped dept begins online service
Shivani Bhakoo/Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 9
Adhering to the state government's order of facilitating online applications for registration and licence under the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, the first certificate under online registration was given to an applicant at the Civil Surgeon's office today.

Though the process has been started, the Health Department has not been provided adequate infrastructure to continue with the service in a smooth manner. In the absence of adequate number of computers and computer trainers, it has become too difficult for the department to provide registrations and licenses online under the Food Safety Standards Act 2006.

"The state government has announced the start of the facility and the department adhered to the instructions. But, there is neither proper infrastructure nor sufficient staff dedicated to this work. We are working under great stress and are overburdened. Besides, no stationary funds, petrol/diesel funds, etc, are provided to us. In such circumstances, how can we do justice to our work?" asked one of the Health officials here.

Meanwhile, the District Health Officer, Dr Avinash Kumar, said online registration was started by the department today. He claimed: "Even if we have limited resources, we will be able to run the service in a smooth manner".

Meanwhile, a majority of people are still unaware of the online service and are doing the rounds at the Health Department office for registration under the Act.

A shopkeeper, Rajinder Singh, said: "I went to the Civil Surgeon’s office and was taken aback to know that the process has been started online. I travelled all the way from Focal Point to apply for the registration of my shop while the work could have been done just sitting at home".

A majority of vendors and small shopkeepers are illiterate, thus can’t avail themselves of the facility. The DHO said: "The point that many businessmen do not have computers and other related infrastructure is under consideration. Suvidha Centres might be roped in to help such persons in filing applications online."

Anybody who wants to apply for a licence or register under the Act can login to www.foodlicensibg.fssai.go. Users can upload their applications on the website and also track its progress. An application reference number is provided to the applicant. 



School ‘regularised’ despite bylaw violations
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 9
In utter violation of the building bylaws, the Building Branch of Zone A office of the Municipal Corporation has approved the “regularisation” of a leading school, which is a part of a chain of schools, on the Jalandhar bypass.

The school is situated on a Scheduled Road and 5 metres along this road have been declared a no-construction zone. The school has raised structures on this no-construction zone too.

According to the general conditions in the building bylaws, there should be adequate parking space around a building. However, the school has also violated this norm too by not leaving adequate parking space.

Commenting on the regularisation of the school, which is being run by an influential person, the Assistant Town Planner (Zone A), Harpreet Ghai, said the civic body had obtained an affidavit from the school that the violations would be remove. "If the school fails to remove the violations, we can demolish the building or revoke the building plan," said Ghai.

According to sources, an NOC/mandatory certificate will be issued to the school before April 15. Ironically, hundreds of such affidavits have been submitted by many violators to the MC but there is hardly any follow-up by the officials. The violations continue unabated. Moreover, the MC has no record of such affidavits.

One of the MC officials said any violation on a Scheduled Road couldn’t be considered. "Affidavits can be submitted with regards to the violations of safety, security or parking norms but the violation of the Scheduled Road norm is not allowed in the policy. The building can not be regularised unless the authorities demolish the structures raised in the no-construction zone.



Studies hit as board fails to provide many books
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 9
The Punjab School Education Board has failed to provide some of the syllabus books to students even a week after the beginning of the new academic session. The students of government, PSEB-affiliated and government-aided private schools are yet to receive some books.

The board has changed the titles of 67 books this year. There has been a shortage of some books at the PSEB depot in Ludhiana.

Meanwhile, the PSEB officials claimed 80 per cent books had been delivered to the schools and the rest would be distributed within two days. This year the board has changed the syllabi of several subjects for all classes. This move has proved costly to the students as they have no option but to buy the new books. Many students used to buy old books at cheap rates.

The Mathematics and English book of Class VI is not available in the market.

Rajesh Thapar, president of the Private School Association, said: “The Science and Mathematics books of class VII, English and Home Science books of Class VIII, Punjabi Literature book of Class IX and the History book of Class XII are not available in the market as per the demand. The teachers are not able to teach these subjects as the students do not have the books. The board should provide the books to the students immediately”.

Baljinder Singh, PSEB Depot Manager, said: “More than 80 per cent books have been delivered to the students. There are some titles which are not available at the depot. As soon as the Board sends the books to us, we will distribute them to the schools”.



Shooting at MC Zone D office, one injured
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 9
Showing scant regard to the Police Commissioner's orders on prohibiting the use of firearms, two persons, owing allegiance to the Akali Dal, fired shots on the premise of the District Food and Civil Supplies Office located at Sarabha Nagar here today.

The accused, identified as Pawandeep Singh Pawni and Jagroop Singh, Truck Union presidents of Samrala and Machhiwara, respectively, have been booked in an attempt-to-murder case under section 307 of the IPC on a complaint of Jaspreet Singh of Mithapur Jalandhar.

The police claim the firing took place in the parking lot of the MC building. However, eyewitnesses said it took place outside the office of the District Food and Civil Supplies Officer. Sources said the incident took place in the presence of the officer, Sona Thind.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP- III) Satvir Singh Atwal said two groups clashed in the parking lot of the MC office and fired shots with a revolver, leaving one person injured.

After the preliminary investigation, the police registered a case against both the accused and started investigation into the case.

Senior officials, including the District Food and Civil Supplies Officer, chairmen of all food agencies, were present during the negotiation of some tenders.

The groups also hurled chair at each other in the lobby of the office. Broken chairs were found in the office.

The incident has yet again brought to the fore inadequate security at the Zone- D office of the MC.



ludhiana votes 2014
Migrants face neglect in city
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 9
Migrant population in the city, whose number is in lakhs, is being ignored by politicians during the Lok Sabha poll campaign. As most of the migrants are not permanent residents of Punjab, they have their votes registered at their native places.

Lakhs of industrial workers put up in pathetic conditions at Focal Point, Dhandari, Sherpur, Tajpur Road, Durga Colony, Fauji Mohalla, Bihari Colony and Ambedkar Nagar in the city.

Damaged roads, choked sewage and water accumulated on streets are common features of these areas populated by migrants. Still, there is not a single political party that is talking about the development of these areas.

There is no provision of potable water at various colonies. Labourers are forced to drink contaminated water through hand pumps. Education is still a distant dream for their children. In the absence of proper medical facilities, labourers depend on quacks. In such a scenario, seasonal diseases claim several lives in these areas.

A visit to such areas near Dhandari revealed the poor state of affairs.

Residents say politicians do visit the colonies before elections, but only to make “deals” to buy their votes.

Not a single politician discusses the real issue, i.e. development of these areas, they say.

Badari Parshad, a resident of Durga colony at Dhandari, says, “I have been residing here for past 10 years. There is no development in the area. Most of us are deprived of basis necessities of life. I will only vote for development.” 

Politicos not interested

We have been fighting for the cause of migrant labourers for several years. They have no political participation. Politicians of major parties are not interested in uplifting them as they have their votes registered at their native places. If some of them do have a vote here, politicians simply lure them through freebies before elections. No one is ready to address the development issue — DP Maur, activist



Social media puts politics on youngsters’ mind
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 9
Thanks to political messages, jokes, videos, and animations doing the rounds on social media, many youngsters hitherto indifferent to politics have become keyed to it.

Rohit, a city-based youngster, says although he is not particularly interested in politics, this time he is keeping himself updated with the latest happening in the political arena through his smartphone.

There is a constant stream of messages on social media, including WhatsApp, and many of the messages and videos are on politics, he says.

While some are promotional and some raise concern on various issues, others simply make fun of politicians, says Rohit.

"Earlier I used to keep away from political debates on television. But now, even if I try to avoid politics, I find interesting messages related to politics on various social networking websites," says Sharandeep, a resident.

Preeti, another student, says she used to hate politics, but these days there was no escape from political news.

“You go to WhatsApp, Facebook or any other website; political news is everywhere,” she says. “So my friends and I know what all is going on in politics and we discuss it too," she says.

Political parties and their supporters realising the potential of social media are reaching out to the youth through it. Social media campaigns might also translate into more votes.

"Unlike earlier times, I know a little about what is going on in our constituency, because of messages I keep receiving on my phone. I am going to vote this time," says Ramandeep, a resident. 



Residents in a tight spot
Not to look biased, end up obliging all candidates at functions
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, April 9
Organising social functions during the election days is proving to be a tricky affair for families not associated with any particular political outfit.

Supporters of all candidates in the fray for a Lok Sabha seat make it an issue of prestige if their leader is not invited to a function.

Due to the fear of being tagged as being associated to a particular party, families end up obliging all leaders at the cost of original guests.

A social activist and head of a business family, on the condition of anonymity, said the number of guests at his granddaughter’s wedding increased unexpectedly, as a large number of activists of various political parties accompanied their leaders who were invited to the function.

"Although political leaders were not on our guest list, we had to invite them as some of our family friends wished so. What was more disturbing was that we could not attend to our original guests while taking care of the special uninvited guests," he said.

Ceremonies following deaths are no exception to this trend. Office-bearers and activists of almost all political parties make their candidates visit the grieved families. At times, bhog ceremonies have to be delayed while waiting for senior party leaders’ arrival.

Pardeep Karir, office-bearer of a trade organisation, said it was regrettable that schedule of aggrieved families had to be upset to adjust the “tight schedule” of political leaders.

"A close friend of mine had to change his schedule as a legislator and supporter of a Lok Sabha candidate had to visit his family to pay condolence on his brother's demise," said Karir. 

Candidates are stressed too

Candidates, on the other hand, too feel stressed due to their tight schedule. They say they have to visit various programmes for the sake of their supporters.

“Sometimes we are left in a tight spot when some of our local supporters insist that we attend a particular function, while others try to stop us from going there," said a kin of a candidate.



21 file nominations on last day
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 9
Twenty-one aspirants from the Ludhiana constituency filed their nomination papers for the Lok Sabha elections on the last day of the process today.

Deputy Commissioner Rajat Aggarwal said, in all, 44 people have filed nominations from the local seat. Of these, five are covering candidates. The District Electoral Officer will examine the nomination papers on April 10. The candidates can withdraw their nomination till April 12.

Election symbols for all the candidates will be announced on the same day.



Voter ID card issued in dead man’s name
DC orders departmental probe  
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 9
Deputy Commissioner Rajat Aggarwal has initiated a departmental probe into the case of issuing a voter identity card in the name of a deceased man.

"Similar incidents have been reported in past, where people have used fake voter identity cards. Ration cards and voter identity cards are two documents that are issued in huge numbers. In majority of such cases, these two documents are misused. We will tighten the process," said the DC.

The DC was speaking a day after the NRI police booked four persons, including a numberdar, who managed to procure a registry of a 700-sq-yd land in Gill village by showing a dead man alive.

Aggarwal said the NRI police should check the genuineness of voter ID cards.

The fraud came to light when Canada-based NRI Harman Kaur approached the NRI police station and told the staff that some persons had managed to get a fake registry of land in her deceased father's name.

Harman Kaur told the police that her father, Nohria Singh, had died in 2000, while the registry was done in 2013. During the investigation it was found that the accused had managed to procure Nohria Singh’s fake voter ID card. In the card, an imposter is posing as Nohria Singh.

Following the investigation, the police registered a case under Sections 419 (criminal breach of trust by a public servant) and 420 (cheating) of the IPC against the accused, identified as Surinder Singh of Dashmesh Nagar, Hardeep Singh of Janta Nagar, Manjeet Singh, a numberdar of Gill village, and the imposter on the fake ID card.

According to sources, earlier, a nexus involving land mafia and employees of the Revenue Department was found to be instrumental in issuing fake identity cards.



DVT can be prevented by regular physical activity: Doc

Ludhiana, April 9
During the ongoing International Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Awareness Month, Dr Ravul Jindal, vascular surgeon, Fortis Hospital, Mohali, said all DVT patients were living a happy life post treatment.

Citing examples, he said, all these patients suffered acute onset swelling of the leg and extreme pain. They were treated successfully with medication and certain patients had to undergo clot removal and stenting of these veins, he added.

He said most of these patients started showing improvement in their symptoms within two to three weeks and allowed to move around within 1-2 days.

DVT is a serious condition characterised by formation of a blood clot in the veins usually leg veins or pelvic veins and may occur in renal vein (kidney vein), portal vein (liver vein), mesenteric vein (intestinal vein), inferior venacava, retinal vein (eye vein), cortical vein (brain vein).

Dr Jindal said DVT could be treated effectively but needed to be dealt with carefully and could be prevented by regular physical activity especially if an individual is immobilised for a long time.

“The incidence of DVT in India is one per cent of the adult population after the age of forty and 15 to 20 per cent in hospitalised patients. The risk of DVT is 50 per cent in patients undergoing orthopedic surgery particularly involving the hip and knee,” he said. — TNS



Capacity to go up
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 9
Ludhiana Effluent Treatment Society (LETS) is all set to increase the capacity of the treatment plant in coming months.

LETS office-bearers said currently the plant treats 3 lakh litre of industrial effluents per day. The society plans to increase its capacity to 3.5 lakh litre by the end of this month, and to 5 lakh litre by July 31.

LETS Chief Executive Officer Upkar Singh Ahuja said the society would install advanced machinery to upgrade the treatment plant.

Society general secretary Charanjit Singh Vishkarma said they had given a relaxation to the industry by decreasing the price of treatment by 4 paise per litre. Now, it stands at 70 paise per litre. Earlier, too, a relaxation of 5 paise per litre was given, he said.



Fashion first: City youth quick to don latest trends
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, april 9
Talk fashion and the city youngsters are quick to sport the latest trends.

High-waist jeans are being flaunted by many these days, as these are coming back in a big way. These look cool and classy and also make a person look taller, says Megha, a student.

Avipreet, another student, says she loves wearing a pair of high-waist jeans to make a style statement.

Floral prints, too, are becoming popular this season with many youngsters filling their wardrobes with such apparels.

"I simply love floral prints. They are so lively and uplifting, just like real flowers. It is great to see new floral designs becoming popular this spring,” says Prabhjot, a fashion student.

Camouflage prints and also making a comeback this season.

"I love the Army feel of camouflage designs. I have bought a couple of these already," says Sunny, a BCom student.

Tribal prints and designs-—whether on dresses, shirts or jewellery—are also finding their way into wardrobes.

“There is a certain mystic feel to tribal designs. Being trendy and traditional at the same time, these are very attractive," says Ritu, a resident.

Kuldeep, a fashion design faculty at the INIFD said city youngsters liked staying ahead when it comes to fashion. Tribal prints and pastel-cool colours are doing pretty well this fashion season, she says. Tapering trousers are also much in vogue, she says.

Big frames in vogue

When it comes to spectacles, big frames are finding favour with youngsters these days.

"Earlier, spectacles were a sign of intellect, but nowadays with new designs flooding the markers, spectacles make for a good fashion statement," says Megha, a student. 



PAU retirees flay state government
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 9
The Punjab Agricultural University Retirees Welfare Association has expressed its strong resentment against the non-payment of arrears to the retired employees of the university.

Addressing a general body meeting of the association, its president Zila Ram Bansal and chairman DP Maur said the retired employees were had not received 80 per cent of the enhanced pension, enhanced gratuity, old age pension and arrears of leave travel allowance.

They said the government was holding back a grant of Rs 56 crore to the PAU, which had been approved in the state budget.

Other speakers at the meeting lashed out at the state government for its failure to release another Rs 20 crore as the installment of the last quarter of the rural development fund, which had already been deposited in the government treasury by the Punjab Mandi Board.

Functionaries of the association said the retired PAU employees were suffering and feeling humiliated due to the financial crisis, which they were facing due to the anti-employees policies of the government.

Pensioners called upon the PAU authorities as well as the state government to ensure timely payment of pension, immediate payment of arrears of enhanced pension, gratuity, old age pension and other allowances.

PAU retirees said if the government continued with its indifferent attitude, the ruling coalition might have to suffer adverse consequences in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.



GADVASU opens admissions
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 9
Admission to different undergraduate and postgraduate courses in veterinary, fisheries and dairy technology at Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University for the academic session 2014-15 has commenced.

According to Dr PD Juyal, Registrar of the university, admissions to undergraduate courses would be made on the basis of Common Entrance Test (CET), to be held on June 19.

He said the popularity of veterinary, dairy and fisheries courses had increased manifold among rural and urban population and the number of applicants was likely to increase this year.

The prospectus containing detailed information regarding admissions, counselling, interview and reservation of seats, along with application forms is available from today onwards on all working days at the Dean office, Veterinary Science College, GADVASU, Ludhiana.

The last date to apply for admission to undergraduate courses is May 6. However, with late fee, the application forms can be submitted till May 13. Similarly, for postgraduate programmes, the last date is June 30 and with late fee, the application forms can be submitted till July 5.

Dr Juyal said the eligibility for admission to undergraduate courses in veterinary and fisheries is Class XII in medical stream with chemistry and English from a recognised board or university while for dairy technology programme, the eligibility is Class XII in non-medical stream with chemistry and English.

The admission to master’s programme in veterinary, fisheries, dairy technology and animal biotechnology is based on the merit of the qualifying examination.

Career opportunities for veterinary graduates exist in the state government jobs, private sector, army, paramilitary forces and self-employed entrepreneurs.

The graduates and postgraduates in dairy technology can seek jobs mainly in dairy industries, milk plants, dairy cooperatives, multinational companies and entrepreneurship. Similarly, the fishery sector is also an upcoming industry and has ample opportunities in Central and state government Fisheries Department and food processing industry



Punjabi teacher churns out music album
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 9
Promoting the rich culture and traditions of Punjab is his aim. Karamjeet Grewal, a Punjabi teacher at Government High School, Kheri-Jhameri, known for writing children’s literature and is now making his mark in the music world.

He has recently cut an album titled “Zindagi”, exploring the various facets of life. The album has six literary songs that dive deep into various truths of life.

The music has been given by Rajinder Raj while he himself has penned the songs.

“The title song of my album Zindagi gives a message of living life to the fullest. One should live one’s life to the brim instead of just surviving,” said Grewal.

He said one song was dedicated to childhood. “I have shown how life is carefree as a kid. The aims and aspirations of kids are simple and small things can give them happiness,” he said.

One song is dedicated to ‘brotherhood’ and another to ‘girl child’.

“I have tried to explain how a girl bears pain throughout her life and her entire life revolves around her family.

Though girls have marched ahead and have become doctors, lawyers and pilots, the thinking of society towards girls is still backward, which is a very sad fact of our live. I have tried to sensitise people on this issue through one of my songs,” he said.



Paper setter’s mistake may cost students dear
Our Correspondent

Doraha, April 9
BA first year students of political science expressed their resentment against the paper setter for wrong translation and confusion that they noticed in the question paper today.

Students, who appeared in the political science paper-A, said, "It seems that the paper setter is poor in translation. In the English version of the paper, question no 3 of Unit - I, which carried 18 marks, asked to explain the mutual relationship between political science and sociology and to also write the differences between them. But the Punjabi and Hindi versions of the paper asked the students to explain the mutual relationship between political science and economics.”

"Now majority of students, who belong to rural or semi-urban areas, just opened the Punjabi version and attempted accordingly. But the examiners, who generally refer to the English version while checking the answer sheets, would form an impression that the students have attempted wrongly. The students will have to suffer because of the blunder made by the paper setter. The students definitely deserve grace marks for the same," said Prof Gursharan Kaur, head of the Post Graduate Department of Political Science of GNN College.

"The paper setter while translating the paper should have been vigilant enough. In previous years too, students suffered due to the fault of the paper setters," she added.

Dr Kuldip Singh, Senator, Panjab University and a teacher of political science said, "The colleges will send a representation to the university in this regard. Apart from intimating the examiners at different evaluation centres, the university will be asked to compensate for the loss in the form of grace marks to the students".



Debate held on climate change

Ludhiana, April 9
A debate on climate change was held at the PG Department of Economics of Kamla Lohtia SD College, Ludhiana. After a thorough discussion on the topic, it was observed that the main cause of this change is greenhouse gases emitted by automobiles, burning of fossil fuels, which releasing carbon dioxide gases in the atmosphere.

It was concluded that climate change has negative impacts on different sectors of the Indian economy.

There will be an acute shortage of food grains with the fluctuations of temperature and prolonged weather conditions in different regions of the country. — TNS



Inaugural ceremony held at MGM School

Ludhiana, April 9
MGM Public School, Dugri, celebrated its inaugural ceremony for the Kindergarten Section. MC Commissioner, Paramjit Singh Ghuman, was the chief guest on the occasion.

Managing director Gajjan Singh Thind welcomed the chief guest. Principal Poonam Sharma got the parents acquainted with the ambience of the school, which makes learning easier for the blooming buds.

The block includes an activity room, which is equipped with appropriate educational toys for children. — TNS



Children give a ‘special’ ode to Army personnel
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 9
Donning the Army colours, special children of Nirdosh School depicted the life of defence personnel at a function here today.

Singing “Nanha Munna Rahi Hu”, they enacted the training of Army personnel, followed by a dance performance on “Sandese Aate Hai” to depict their life on the field. A performance on “'Himmat Vatan ki Hum Se Hai” marked their victory in a battle.

Teachers standing in front of the children helped them to remember and perform the simple steps.

The 20-minute performance was prepared in three months. Gargi, who even struggles to speak out her name clearly, followed the steps innocently. Asked if she enjoyed the event, she simply nodded. Kanu, another special child, said he knew names of all teachers.

Most of the children at the school suffer from mental ailments and problems such as cerebral palsy.

“Beneath the intellectual and physical impairments that impede their growth, their minds feel the pain of being different and sidelined,” said a teacher.

Such programmes helped them to feel good about themselves, when they are able to do some of the things other children do, she said.

Sushma Gupta, president of the Inner Wheel Club of Ludhiana, said through physiotherapy and yoga, children are helped to stand on their feet, and the efforts are making a difference in their lives. One of the girls, Isha, has started teaching at the same school, while another boy, now, runs a juice bar, she said.

Three students of the school have won medals at the Asia-Pacific Special Olympics held in Australia earlier this year. Suraj Singh, principal of the school, has been selected as the national coach of special children’s team. 



From schools

Students welcomed

On the commencement of “Kindergarten Session”, a welcome party was organised at GRD Academy. Chairman Raja Singh, principal VK Chandel and headmistress Abhilsha Singh were the special guests on the occasion. The main motive of organising this event was to make the students familiar with the school ambience. The kids were provided with refreshments and gifts. The chairman announced to give Rs 1 lakh for the toys at the kindergarten section.

Function held to mark World Health Day

Bal Bharati Public School organised an event to mark the World Health Day, wherein the students of Class VI presented many activities to make their fellow students understand that “To lose one’s health renders science null, art inglorious, strength inavailable, wealth useless and eloquence powerless.” The programme started with a speech by Seerat (Class VI) on the importance of good health in life. She gave the audience the mantra, “To ride less and walk more, eat less and chew more, talk less and work more, spend less and save more, hate less and love more.” Thereafter, the school counsellor, Ashwinder, explained to the students through a power point presentation, the importance of emotional health in leading a healthy and happy life.

Seminar on voting right at BCM Arya School

Under the campaign to reach out, engage and sensitise young voters on ‘Importance of Vote and Contribution of Voters in a Democracy’, an awareness seminar was organised at BCM Arya Model Sr Sec School, Shastri Nagar, Ludhiana. The programme was largely attended by senior high school students. Jatinder Pal Singh, director We Make a Difference (VMAD, an NGO, was the resource-person on the occasion. The programme was arranged to help the young students, who gained their voting right as they turned 18, to get involved in the political and democratic process of the country by electing a stable and an efficient government. Jatinder Pal deliberated at length on the importance of youth’s participation in democracy through voting. The students were also educated on their basic voting rights and the value of getting involved and being active in democratic efforts. He exhorted the students to take part in the election process so that youth related problems are redressed.

Graduation ceremony

The young vibrant graduates of Jesus' Sacred Heart School celebrated their graduation day. The progress from pre- primary section to the world of formal education was a big leap for the young students. The show started off with Krishna Vandana. The foot tapping western dance and inspirational silent act on 'Save Trees' was awe-inspiring.

World Health Day celebrated

Ram Lal Bhasin Public School celebrated the World Health Day with great enthusiasm. The day was celebrated to raise awareness on eating healthy and balanced diet. Students of the senior wing participated in an essay writing competition in which the students expressed their views on healthy eating. The winners were Gurkamal (IX), Yashna(X). Principal Suman Arora highlighted the importance of healthy eating by delivering the lecture. President Balraj Bhasin appreciated the students and staff members for activity. — TNS



Health notes


DMCH releases health education brochures

With the aim to provide health-related information to public, Dayanand Medical College and Hospital has released brochures on health education. The brochures were released by DMCH Managing Society secretary Prem Kumar Gupta in presence of society vice-president Amrit Nagpal, principal Dr Daljit Singh, vice-principal Dr Sandeep Puri and dean, academics, Dr Rajoo Singh Chhina. In his message to the audience, Dr Daljit Singh said though the institute had been conducting free medical check-up camps and health education lectures for the general public regularly, for a long time the need to make people aware of health-related issues was being felt. With this information, people can take adequate preventive measures against various diseases and infections. The preparation of these brochures involved participation of all departments. A large number of faculty members contributed to the subject matter. Nursing faculty helped in translating pamphlets to Punjabi. The brouchers will be placed in the OPD and wards besides the Emergency and ICU block, where these can be read by patients and their attendants, said Dr Daljit Singh.

Liver diseases in focus

Hepatitis C is a major public health problem in Punjab. Rapid advancements are being made in developing new drugs. This was stated by Prof Yogesh Chawla, director, PGIMER, Chandigarh, while addressing physicians at a continued medical education session organised by the Ludhiana chapter of the Indian Academy of Clinical Medicine. This was the third CME conducted by the academy in the city. Dr. Chawla delivered a talk on recent advances in the management of hepatitis C.

“Oral drugs are likely to come to Indian markets in a few years and would provide hope to all patients,” he said.

Dr Ajay Duseja, associate professor from the Department Of Hepatology, PGIMER, spoke on diagnosis and management issues with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. He termed it a lifestyle disorder. He said non-alcoholic fatty liver disease was fast becoming one of the top concerns because of its potential to progress to advanced liver disease.

“It is associated with obesity and diabetes,” he said.

The doctor emphasised on the role of healthy living and eating in mitigating the dangers.

The CME was attended by more than 100 doctors, including all prominent gastroenterologists and physicians of the region. Prof LS Chawla, Prof Ajit Sood, Prof Geetanjli Pawar, Prof Rajoo Singh Chhina, Dr Ajit Chawla and Dr RK Kakara chaired the sessions. — TNS



Ludhianan scan

Kejriwal’s visit

The Aam Aadmi Party convener, Arvind Kejriwal, will come to Ludhiana on April 12. Kejriwal and HS Phoolka, the AAP candidate for Lok Sabha from Ludhiana, will participate in a road show that will start from Jalandhar Bypass-Dana Mandi. It will pass through Jodhawal Basti Chowk, Samrala Chowk, Pratap Chowk, Jaimal Singh Road, Gill Road, Bus Stand, Bharat Nagar Chowk, Aarti Chowk, Ghumar Mandi, Fountain Chowk and culminate at Sarabha Nagar. Phoolka will accompany Kejriwal throughout his Punjab tour from April 11 to 13 in other Lok Sabha constituencies as well. Kejriwal and Phoolka will start their Punjab tour after paying respects at the Golden Temple.

Congress meet

Former president of the district Congress committee and senior Congress leader Krishan Kumar Bawa held a meeting with the party workers of Atam Nagar constituency at Public Services Office on Gill Road. Bawa said the workers of all 11 wards of Atam Nagar constituency had come together with an objective to make Ravneet Singh Bittu, the Congress candidate from Ludhiana constituency, win the election with a huge margin.

Drug abuse

The Belan Brigade organised a public meeting at Kakowal Road to make the public aware about drug abuse. Women of the area shared with the brigade members their experiences about the effects of drug addiction on the families of addicts.


The food sampling team of the Health Department today checked the mid-day meal at Government Senior Secondary School, Jawahar Nagar Camp. The kitchen was inspected by the team and the school authorities were asked to maintain proper hygiene. Food samples of the meals will be sent to Chandigarh and action will be taken if discrepencies are found.

Baishaki celebrations

Dream and Beauty Charitable Trust celebrated Baishaki in a spiritual and devotional way. They organised a devotional programme at Heavenly Palace - senior citizen’s care home at Doraha. The programme was attended by more than 500 senior citizens and members of senior citizen associations from the region. Swami Kailashanand Brahamchari urged everyone to focus on their deeds that will yield good results in future. Sant Haider Qaider said relationships were souls of our lives. Baba Lakha Ji from Nanaksar emphasised on utilisation of one’s time to show gratitude to God for his kindness.

Medical camp

Sri Krishna Dharmashastha temple at Sri Ayyappa Seva Samiti, Urban Estate Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana, organised the fifth two-day free medical and eye check-up camp with the cooperation of Christian Medical College and Hospital. 300 patients with different diseases concerned with ophthalmology, skin, OB gynae, chest, medicine, pediatric and surgery were examined and 40 patients were referred to CMC Hospital for further treatment and surgery.

Pulse Polio drive

On the fourth day of the pulse polio drive, the total houses visited by the teams stood at 1,52,162 and total number of kids vaccinated are 72,334. District Immunisation Officer, Dr Hans, said children in the age group of 0-5 years were being administered polio drops and even parents should take up the responsibility of getting their children vaccinated. — TNS



DBA polls: Six file nomination papers
Our Legal Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 9
Six contestants staking claim to different posts in the coming annual elections of the District Bar Association (DBA) today filed nomination papers.

Three contestants, including Gurvinder Singh Sodhi, former secretary of the DBA, filed papers for the post of president.

Vijay B Verma, former vice-president of the DBA, is also in the fray for the post.

The third contender, Aman Rani Sharma, too, filed the papers today.

For the post of finance secretary, Ravinder Singh Arora Prince and Neeraj Mahajan filed the papers.

For the post of joint secretary, Damanpreet Singh Bhikhi filed the nomination papers.

The elections will be held on April 24.



District athletics meet on April 11, 12
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, April 9
The annual Ludhiana District Open Athletics Meet for boys and girls will be organised at Guru Nanak Stadium on April 11 and 12.

Satbir Singh Atwal, president, District Amateur Athletics Association, Ludhiana, said competitions will be held for under-14, 16, 18 and 20 years categories besides senior section for both boys and girls during the two day meet.

Prem Singh, secretary of the association, said players are required to carry their proof of age documents. They have to report at 8.30 am at the venue, he said.



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