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The Chinese betrayal

In the Edit page article “62 War and India's China Policy”, Gen VP Malik (Retd) quotes late Gen Shrinagesh to draw home the point that while Pt Jawaharlal Nehru understood, and obviously prepared for, the threat from Pakistan, he saw no such problem from China. Gen Malik, and many military historians and strategic thinkers, forget the fact that Jawaharlal Nehru, while taking full precautions against a war with Pakistan, extended hand of friendship to China for the simple reason that our country could not afford to have two hostile neighbours.

The precious resources of the nation had to be diverted for building "temples of modern India" and enhancing the country's agricultural, scientific and economic growth. The very fact that Jawaharlal Nehru was the country's Prime Minister for 17 years, till his death, bears testimony to the fact how the people of India had deep and abiding faith in the 'Architect of Modern India' who was the greatest and the longest serving Prime Minister of the country. The India of 1962 saw the debacle as a betrayal by the Chinese and held Krishna Menon responsible for it.


Constructive role needed

In most of his write-ups, BG Verghese has shown a partisan approach instead of giving an analytical view. The same ideas have been found in an article by him on April 8. Instead of presenting a balanced and constructive picture, he has raked up old issues that may not be in national interest. Journalists should portray a real picture of any government, whether good or bad. Our society has already been divided on religious basis by our politicians to achieve their vested interests. As such, the Press should play a balanced and positive role so that our social fabric is not disturbed on communal lines. We have a composite culture and no politician should be allowed to flare up religious issues to create his vote-bank.

MS Rana, Perth

Avoid being judgmental

The article “Marriage made in India” by Ira Trivedi in The Sunday Tribune (Spectrum) is a broad and vast revelation about marriage, love, sex and transforming society and is readable. But, some of the comments are objectionable. To say that pre-marital sex is rampant in urban colleges, especially in metros, is far from reality. This may be correct to some extent but to brand it on the middle class is highly objectionable. People from middle-class families still have their limitations and like to live in a society where discipline and decency prevail. Similarly, under the title “Tail of two revolutions” the assertion that sex is coming out of the bedroom is ridiculed. The reason for break-ups in arranged marriages is because of the imitation of the western culture.

Gian P. Kansal, Ambala city

Save energy

Development has already killed more people than ever to be killed by global warming. The recent revelations by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) confirming the climate change and its severe impacts worldwide are disturbing. Why in a democracy like ours people have been forcefully displaced to find no surety for the next day's food and shelter. Why dam construction is rendered so dear? Can we continue to threaten the poor to meet GDP targets and energy demands? Why till date no legislation or bill ever seeks sacrifice from the upper and middle classes in India? Is it not the same old colonisation and slave tradition functioning in the name of vote-bank? Why is it so difficult for a technologically advanced nation like ours to fix the leaking tap? Is it impossible for the nation with such military and crime investigation agencies to keep a mere check on electricity thefts? Is construction always the solution? Why not maintain the already existing structures? If energy and its demand are creating such ruckus, why not ban it and label it illegal. It is time that we as citizens take the warnings seriously and do our bit to save energy.

Vijay K. Bodh, PU, Chandigarh

Address ecological issues

It refers to “Global fever”. The UN panel’s warning is alarming and must be addressed without any further delay otherwise our future generations would blame us. In fact, it wouldn't be hyperbole if we say that there is absolutely no effort to curb greenhouse emissions in India. We have seminars and conferences on this sensitive matter but in reality we remain oblivious and turn a blind eye towards our surroundings.We all know that water is going scarce. In fact, today also there are thousands of villages that don't have water. Maintaining ecological balance might not sound relevant to us today but it will be a compulsion a few years down the line.

Bal Govind, Noida

Shun caste system

Inter-caste marriages are generally not acceptable in India but these are desirable to integrate the society. It is highly unfortunate that issues like the caste system still prevail in our society. We are living in the 21st century where man has landed on the moon but we continue to hold on to such petty issues. Honour killings should be condemned big time.

Ande Dean Anand, Chambaghat

What about OROP?

This refers to the news item, “One Rank One Pension (OROP) still out of sight” in The Tribune, published on April 3. The ex-servicemen have been living with this grievance for last 30 years or so.

Late Rajiv Gandhi was also apprised about this issue. During the Khalsa Tercentenary Celebrations at Anandpur Sahib, the then Defence Minister George Fernandez had declared that the issue had been resolved and a decision would be announced soon. But it never happened even as the NDA ruled for five years. On the eve on Lok Sabha elections, all political parties are promising to announce OROP if they come to power.

After 15 years, the UPA government has made a similar announcement, the only difference being that this time the announcement was made in Parliament. The Finance Minister also allocated Rs 5 crore for the purpose from April 1. The payment of dues is expected to the ex-servicemen and their families on May 1. There is hope the long pending issue will be resolved this time, irrespective of which party forms the government at the Centre.

Mangat Shanker, Sanawar

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