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Faith of the secular

This is reference to the article “BJP should keep the faith of the secular” by Kuldip Nayar (April 16). The vibrant Indian democracy suffers from a severe lack of honest and visionary leadership. Barring a few, politicians of all hues are focused mainly on grabbing power and wielding influence to promote their personal interests. They use all means, whether fair or foul, to ensure their electoral victory. During campaigning, instead of laying stress on their political ideology for the betterment of the country and its people, they indulge in mudslinging and character assassination of their rivals. More often than not, leaders of the two principal parties play the communal card to polarise votes. India is a secular, pluralistic society and there should be no place for divisive and autocratic politics. Our leaders should abstain from such unethical behaviour and ensure the safety, security and well-being of the minorities. The electorate should exercise its franchise judiciously and elect the right persons to guide the destiny of the nation.

D S Kang, Bahadurpur (Hoshiarpur)

Lacking in basics

Most people in India do not possess the basics of life. Many are weak in health, do not have proper education or training and are without proper employment or income. The principle of equal work and equal wages has not been implemented. The cost of living is rising and the people are turning poorer. The state is not in a position to give to the people the basics and or to control prices. There is something wrong with the economy. Even experts installed at high positions have not been able to tackle poverty.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Patiala

Use tech wisely

There is a vast change in our lifestyle because of the technology. Facebook has connected us with faraway friends and relatives. This revolution has no doubt enlarged our circle, but unfortunately, it has shrunk family gatherings. It has taken a toll on inter-personal relationships. Technology has made us stupid. We keep ourselves busy in social networking to maintain our social persona and ignore those living in close proximity. Networking is good only if used wisely.


Ugh! This corruption!

A few days ago, two of my friends applied for passport at the Passport Seva Kendra and were awaiting police verification. Instead of coming home to check, the police personnel of the respective areas that my friends lived in, asked them to visit the police station the next day. After completing the formalities at the respective police stations, the policemen on duty asked my friends for some money and they gave Rs 300. But at one station, the cops demanded Rs 1,000 shamelessly. Why can’t we do anything about this corruption?


Treason General

The editorial “Treason General” (April 2) rightly says that Musharraf is now at the mercy of the man he once deposed and now Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will have to take a call on removing Musharraf’s name from the exit control list. If Musharraf’s request to visit abroad for the treatment of his mother and his own ailment is granted, he will not return.

In fact, Musharraf's opponents are celebrating his position as he had subverted the Pakistan constitution and dismissed chief justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry and other Supreme Court Judges in 2007.

He does not deserve any sympathy and must be punished.

Subhash C Taneja, Gurgaon

'Modi-bashing' disease

This refers to the news item "Congress says Modi diseased, is megalomaniac" (April 25). I disagree with Congress leader Anand Sharma who calls Modi "diseased, megalomaniac". It appears as if Modi's detractors have been suffering from "hallucination" that forces them to imagine as if the Gujarat CM has already taken over as the PM. Hallucination eats into the neural network of one's brain, leaving a patient disoriented.

It also seems as if due to "inferiority complex", the BJP leader's detractors have been seeing Modi's "self-confidence" as "self-obsession" and his "faith in God" as "narcissism". They, it appears, suffer from a disorder that compels them to think negatively about others.

Anand Sharma and his supporters should understand that wise politicians criticise their opponents on particular issues and refrain from attaching their personal beliefs. Sharma should also not worry about "Modi's wave", which has been termed a "tsunami". Tsunami does not necessarily mean destruction. It may even mean a change for the betterment of people.

BL Chakoo, Mohali

Ballooning quota

The Supreme Court recently gave a mandate in favour of transgenders, but why offer them quota? They should be treated on par with the others. The court should enforce equality in education and appointments on merit and such verdicts will add to the existing mess. People from the general category feel cheated. Recently, the Jaat community was offered this slip lane even though we are aware that many Jaats are landowners and don’t need any such help. The SC must rethink the directives .

Deepjot S Thukral, Ambala Cantt

Graft: No answerability

To get rid of corruption and exploitation by patwaris, the Haryana Government has framed an excellent policy in respect of mutation of agricultural land. One is required to deposit the fee and a copy of the title deed at the counter in the tehsildar’ office, which will issue a receipt. It is mentioned that mutation would be completed with in 21 days. But unfortunately, this scheme is not being followed strictly by patwaris and other revenue officials because they have not been made responsible and answerable. I deposited my papers for mutation on December 2, 2013 , but it is still pending. I contacted the patwari concerned of a village in Yamunanagar, but he demanded a bribe of Rs 10,000. Now I have sent emails to senior district officers and hope that my mutation will be done. Further, the patwari is not available in his office and as he has engaged an unauthorised assistant who has access to all the revenue records. He is paying him a salary from the bribe which he is collecting daily from the public, particularly the farmers.

Will th authorities concerned fix responsibility of these corrupt officials?

AlkaGarg, Jagadhri

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