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Vendetta politics

This refers to the editorial “Back to Snoopgate” (May 5). The UPA government’s move to appoint an enquiry commission smacks of vendetta. Even its allies Omar Abdullah and Sharad Pawar have criticised it. The government sat over the report for six months and now when its defeat is looking imminent, it wants to embarrass Modi.

The UPA has frittered away its tenure with inconsequential affairs and the country has suffered due to its inaction on many important issues.

Like they say, a good warrior is not known by the exploits in his life but how he handles his/her defeat.

Ashok Goswami, Amritsar

Why now, Cong?

The editorial “Back to Snoopgate” (May 5) is an intelligent piece of advice to the ruling Congress party. The incident took place more than five years ago and the party has been ruling ever since. The state as well as the victim and her father have exonerated the BJP prime ministerial candidate Modi. One fails to understand what prompted the central government led by the Congress at this point of time to initiate the inquiry. The BJP has already announced that if it comes to power, it will quash the enquiry. As such, there is no fun in wasting money on this enquiry.

Ujagar Singh, Chandigarh

Faith of safety

I respect the sentiments of the Sikh and Muslim organisations objecting to the refusal of a California park to allow go-karting with regular headgear.

My son is a competitive go-karter and has been on the podium a number times. I have been present at most of his races and am witness to accidents as well. I have seen a go-kart fly in the air and flip over, causing the driver to land on his head. Luckily, I saw the boy walk out. I believe that was because he was wearing proper safety gear, including the helmet.

My son is a Sikh and sports long hair and a “joora”. When go-karting, he makes a plait and tucks it under the racing suit on his back and then wears the helmet. I believe no faith objects to keeping oneself safe.

All that may be required at the California park may be the necessity of safety. We need to learn and respect its concern for safety.

Maninder Sidhu, Muktsar

Clean admin wanted

The ruling regime would do a great service to the unemployed youth of Punjab if it provided a clean administration sans redtapism, played the role of enabler and exploited the entrepreneurial zeal of the Punjabis.

Our diaspora has already proved its mettle abroad by venturing successfully into fileds such as hospitality, banking and finance or information technology. They have registered their presence all over the world, then why not at home?

Parmod Sehgal, via email

Binding for girls only

In universities, girls have attendance and a fixed time to stay out. Boys don't have any such binding. Girls need to be protected, after all. Pack them, lock them and put them behind iron casements. Shove them deeper into their corners. Boys roam free, drunk on roads. They study in the library late into the night. They go out late and eat out.

They can create trouble. They can shout. They are the kings of the road. One night, while studying in my hostel room late at night, I heard some boys shouting and singing outside. The next day, the girls were told to stay away from the balconies. If this is a part of disciplining, boys need disciplining too. And if everyone is to be trusted with freedom, why not have it with equality?

Gurleen Kaur, Chandigarh

Snacking costlier

Snacking just got more expensive. Packets of popular snacks like potato chips have been downsized. While the prices have remained the same, the new packages contain lesser quantity of the prduct. The companies try to do it in such a way that one cannot notice eaily, maybe by keeping the length and width the same and changing only the depth. Or, they add more air to the chips bag so it looks the same size.

Sonia Sharma, Chandigarh

Take both views

This has reference to Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal’s statement (April 29) in which he has raised some questions about the report of the Majithia family business interests and The Tribune’s view that it is doing justice to the trust reposed in the paper of 133 years’ standing.

May I know why the paper is only supporting the Congress and does not take the view of the other side? Modi raised the issue of Robert Vadra’s corruption. Did the paper get it researched? I bow to a news channel went on air on April 29 and justified with documents that Vadra had looted the country with the help of the Gandhi family. I hope to read about it in The Tribune.

Banarsi Lal Batra, Chandigarh

Straw compost good

Apropos the report “Compost developed from cotton stalks”, it is heartening to know that CICR and CIRCOT scientists have developed compost by using cotton stalks. If the farmers use the technique, it will improve soil fertility. The need of the hour is that scientists of the Directorate of Wheat Research and IARI, Karnal, should develop a technique for the conversion of wheat and paddy stubble/ straw into compost. It will not only improve soil fertility but also solve the problem of pollution caused due to burning stubble.

Dr Puran Singh, Nilokheri

No brutal twists, please

A serial broadcast on Zee TV depicting an interesting tale of a Muslim family had gained immense popularity. But the serial makers have gone horribly wrong. In a recent episode, a treacherous woman, in her pursuit of hate and revenge, was shown brutally killing the entire family. This has left the viewers aghast. Many like me have quit watching the serial.

I would request the makers to avoid giving such brutal twists to a story. Let it remain a source of fun and entertainment. We have enough miseries in real life. Please make TV viewing a moment of joy.


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