Of money & confusion
Once again, another cast and crew, of upcoming Punjabi film Paisa, Yaar N Panga, promise a situational comedy with a difference
Ashima S Batish

We are left with no option but to sit back, wait and display patience as all those who don't matter are the only ones voicing their opinion. The celebrities concerned are also forced to stay quiet and wait for their chance to speak up, share tidbits about the film, their role and future projects. In between, whenever Gavie Chahal and Mukul Dev get lucky with a chance like that, they grab it. And thank God they do that because otherwise the horde of 'I, me, myself' almost sabotaged the interaction. So you will see Gavie playing the protagonist and Mukul the villain in the comedy titled Paisa, Yaar N Panga, which will releases on July 11. As the title suggests, the film is about friendship, money and problems that are an offshoot of the combination.

The film doesn't boast of the staple cast of Punjabi film industry. Surprisingly, it doesn't even have a popular singer to boast of as a cast member, which Gavie is prompt to share, "It's a set pattern that the industry is following these days. Not that I have an issue with having an all-singer team or the same set of comedians in every film, but at least the role should fit the actors. Even the lack of novel subjects, he says, is a concern that Pollywood should take seriously. "I feel sad when filmmakers from Bollywood import stories on Punjab and make films. Films on Bhagat Singh and Milkha Singh are some of the examples," says Gavie, who will be next seen in the Punjabi film Yaariyan.

Mukul Dev
Mukul Dev

He confesses that commercial viability of subjects limits the choice of producers. Gavie plays the role of an out-of-college boy from a very well-off family, who is at the wrong place at the wrong time. Like every actor of every film says, "It's a different film with meaningful, situational comedy."

Mukul has his hands full with five releases this year, a couple of them being Bollywood projects. As for this film, "I am playing the villain, who would make you laugh. There is a dash of humour in his anger." You get an idea of what he means from the poster of the film, which looks partly of a B-grade horror flick and animated film. "Since, the Punjabi film industry is doing so well, we can afford to experiment. I hope in a few years, the revenue generated by the industry will be same as that of South-Indian cinema." Keeping him busy for the rest of the year are films like Zoravar; Baaz, a film with Babbu Mann; a film with Jimmy Shergill; Creature by Vikram Bhatt and Challa.


A small bundle of energy
In Chandigarh, Shambavi Srivastav, the little girl who is dressed as a boy in the television serial Raavi, is as innocent as her onscreen character
Manpriya Singh

A still from Raavi
A still from Raavi

A boy dressed as a girl is slapstick. A girl dressed as boy is clichéd. A little girl disguised as a little boy, and the cat and mouse chase that follows is pure entertainment. Comedy doesn't necessarily have to be over-the-top or borrow from gender differences. What could turn things hilarious are extremely ordinary circumstances handled by the wit of a six-year-old!

The hair are rolled up and tied in a bun and the little Raavi turns into a Ravinder Singh. "Should I tell you something; I am not a boy, I'm a girl. My mother asked me not to tell anyone and if you tell anybody, I'll fix you," she threatens to be taken seriously as she comes to Chandigarh for a promotional event on the eve of Father's Day.

Big Magic's serial Raavi is the story of a witty quirky little girl whose mother takes a dramatic decision to disguise her as a boy due to peculiar family circumstances. This initiates an extremely interesting chain of events, which are unrolled in the serial with each passing episode.

Garbed in the twin identities of Raavi and Ravinder, is the Class II girl Shambavi Srivastav, who has her naughty moments as she fiddles with the microphone, does a mock hello to the audience and spits out dialogues well-rehearsed for the programme. What exactly did she do while in Chandigarh? "I had pizza, colas, played games, went to a mall and did horse-riding etc."

Shares Deepinder Singh, regional business head, "There was an audition for as many as 150 children and we selected her out of that number. Making a child act is tough but she has been a 'no problem' child actor."

It's a life she has always wanted to live, even though life can be summed up in six years for the little one. Escorting the Mumbai-based girl is the proud father. He shares, "She has always wanted to act, would do scenes in front of the mirror…we have slotted timings for her acting and shooting, that's how she balances. Moreover, the school is extremely co-operative." When not shooting, "Barbie doll and Doraemon and Mickey Mouse it is." The characters she loves and adores. The questions might take a while to come while quizzing a six-year-old but not the answers. So what else? So what next when she grows up? She retorts, "I want to be either an actor when I grow up or a director." Hmmm…the man who gets to call the shots - the director, even though she's never been at the receiving end! "My director doesn't scold me at all. In fact, he loves me."

Just in case, her stint in front of the camera continues. "When I grow up, I want to be like Kareena Kapoor and work opposite Salman Khan or Priyanka Chopra." There's a long way to go but hasn't she already kick-started?


Dancing divas
Chandigarh girls Ankita Sharma and Hema Sood have bagged the winner and runners-up trophy, respectively, at the show Ticket to Bollywood. They opine that reality shows are a good platform for youngsters...
Amarjot Kaur

While all artists are driven by passion, entertainers are driven by their sheer capacity to connect with the masses through their talent. A refreshing blend of passion and talent, city girls, Ankita Sharma, the winner of Ticket to Bollywood, telecast on NDTV Prime, and Hema Sood, who bagged the runners up trophy in the same show, share their experiences

Winning note: Ankita Sharma

Ankita Sharma
Ankita Sharma

Currently pursuing her graduation in biotechnology from Rayat and Bahra Institute of Engineering and Biotechnology, Mohali, Ankita Sharma, 20, is not just a pretty face in the crowd. She is a trained Kathak dancer from Pracheen Kala Kendra and was later trained in dance by a city-based dance tutor, Meena. Winning Ticket to Bollywood, did not come quite easy for her.

First step

I got to know about the show through my friends and they persuaded me to go and audition for it. Since I was always passionate about dance, there was not a better platform for me to have displayed my talent than a reality show.

Beat it

Ankita shares that although she was trained in classical dance, the only fear she had was that of acting. "We had to perform a five-minute long act in front of the judges, Jasbir Jassi, Mahima Chaudhary and Mukesh Chhabra, which was quite a challenge for me because I do not come from a theatre background."

Driving force

For Ankita, the constant source of motivation and encouragement was her mother, who always wanted her to get into acting. "My mother motivated me and inspired me. Not even for a moment did she pressurise me to win, but she maintained that I worked hard in the show."

Reality check

Ankita believes reality shows provide a good platform to youngsters. "There is no substitute for hardwork; we were given constant lessons by Rajpal Yadav and Tushar Kapoor. We had been working for 20 hours a day in the show."

Good & bad

The best moment in the show was when I won the trophy and when I was in the protection zone, to clear which, I had to perform a solo comedy act. I received Rs 500 note from Kunal Kohli and that gave me a big high! The worst moment was when I got injured on my forehead during the rehearsals.

Career wise

"I will be doing NDTV's first home production movie, but along with that I have also been given a lead role in a serial. I am also interested in doing Punjabi cinema."

Right moves: Hema Sood

Hema Sood
Hema Sood

Hema sood, 22, was conferred with the title of Dancing Diva and was runners-up in Ticket to Bollywood. She graduated in classical dance from Government College for Girls-11, Chandigarh and has been working as a dance instructor at the Mumbai Rockers Dancing Den, Sector 22, for the last two years. She has also won Aaja Nach Le Season 2 in 2011. She also participated in DID season 3 on Zee TV and was the only contestant from northern region who was awarded the DID Hat for her exemplary individual performance.

First step

I got to know about the show from my father, who saw the advertisement in the newspaper. Being aware of my passion for dancing, he asked me if I was interested in auditioning for the show and I was more than eager.

Beat it

Everyone in the show was very talented and though I was certain that I could sail through the dance auditions, acting was a challenge. I would watch a lot of films like Ram Leela, Gangs of Wasseypur and would practice in front of the mirror.

Driving force

My parents, who have been a huge support system, have always motivated me and never stopped me from doing what I liked.

Reality check

I like reality shows because they give a good platform to aspiring actors and dancers to exhibit their talent. Ticket to Bollywood was about dancing, expressions and body posture rather than acrobats.

Good & bad

The best moment in the show was when I received Rs 500 from Kunal Kohli and that too thrice. The worst moment was when I was not given the first prize.

Career wise

On the show, Kunal Kohli offered me two films, on which we will be working in 2015. I am open to other offers in acting too.


the ‘in’ side
A room without a view!
A room without any windows can be as gloomy as it gets. Here are a few way to nicely brighten it all up
Renu Soni

Most of our homes will definitely include a space that doesn't receive natural sunlight. It may be a room without windows, a room with windows facing a building or it may be a huge basement level room. Walking into such a room can be rather uninviting and gloomy. We all know the benefits of natural light and how it affects our mood as well as living environment. In order to make the area more welcoming, we can incorporate the following steps.

Faux window mirrors (fake windows) can easily be fabricated with the help of your carpenter. Frame up an appropriate wall(s) and insert a mirror panel or alternatively paste the mirror to the wall and then add the frame over it. A mirror frame shaped like a window is not only an interesting way to decorate, but it also serves the purpose of reflecting any available light. This makes the room appear larger and more open.
Introduce a wallpaper featuring natural landscape, which can double up as a bright and cheerful scenic view.
Opt for plenty of lighting. Overhead recessed lighting as well as task lighting would be appropriate for this kind of space and use light bulbs that can reproduce closest to natural light. Keeping the room well-lit will detract from its lack of windows.
Choose a focal point for the room. Arrange your furniture to face toward the focal point. It could be a fireplace or an LCD unit. The goal is to draw attention toward the focal point and away from the lack of a window.
Don't keep the walls of a windowless room bare. Without anything on the walls, it can seem like they are closing in! Make sure to break up the monotony of the walls with some art. It'll add extra colour to walls and enhance the theme of your décor. Make the most of empty walls by using the available space for paintings, wall hangings or even a mural.
Incorporate plenty of greenery in your decorating scheme. Plants add life to a room and give it a sense of depth as well as intimacy. In addition, plants can prevent a living room without windows from feeling stuffy, for example bamboo works well in the absence of natural light.

Implementing these cost and time effective tips will inject life into a dull and closed-in space and dissipate that sense of claustrophobia.

(Soni is a Chandigarh-based interior decorator)

Doc Talk
Hair, the story
Colour on the hair might make you look trendy, but certain precautions are warranted to protect your skin and eyes
Dr Vikas Sharma

Currently in the fashion world, hair-colouring has become one of the fastest growing trends. Hair-colouring can definitely bring a refreshing change to one's looks. But one should be fully aware of the effects of chemical therapies on hair.

How does it work?

Hair colour is the result of a series of chemical reactions between the molecules in hair, pigments, as well as peroxide and diamines. The symptoms and damage may not show up immediately and can take several days or sessions.

Contact dermatitis

Whether you are colouring your hair to hide the grey area or just experimenting, you could be risking contact dermatitis. The primary perpetrator of dermatitis is a substance called paraphenylenediamine or PPD. The common symptom of allergy caused due to hair colours include itchy scalp, redness in the scalp, swelling around the eyes and eyelids and scaly skin around eyes, nose and face.

Brittle nature

Hair colouring involves the use of chemicals capable of removing, replacing and covering up pigments naturally found inside the hair shaft. Due to repeated colouring, your hair gets over-processed. The chemicals strip moisture from your hair, separating cuticle scales and making them dry and brittle; your hair loses its shine too. You will have to ultimately compromise on your hair length because the only way to get rid of these is a haircut.

Troubled skin

Hair colours may also cause skin reactions and some common symptoms include redness and flaky skin, itching, burning sensation and discomfort or more rarely, anaphylaxis, which is a life-threatening condition requiring immediate medical attention.

A lot of people at home just buy a box, skip the test and put it on. This is a mistake as the patch test is our first line of defense when it comes to avoiding allergic reactions. So doing a patch test for allergic reactions before applying the colour to your hair is a must. This should be done at least 48-72 hours before you plan on colouring your hair. To test, put a dab of colour behind your ear and don't wash it off for two days. If you don't have any signs of allergic reaction, such as itching, burning or redness at the test spot even after 72 hours, you can be somewhat sure that you won't have a reaction to the colour when it's applied to your hair. If you do react to the patch test, do the same test with different brands or colours until you find one to which you're not allergic.

Take care

Never colour your eyebrows or eyelashes. The FDA bans the use of hair colours for eyelash and eyebrow tinting or colouring. An allergic reaction to colour could cause swelling or increase risk of infection around or in your eyes. Do not use colours containing lead acetate to colour moustaches, eyelashes, eyebrows or hair on parts of the body other than the scalp.

Risky note

Numerous studies have shown that hairstylists, who have a much higher exposure to hair colours, are vulnerable to getting skin eczemas and contract asthma. This occupational skin dermatitis and asthma is a consequence of constant exposure to PPD in hair colours and persulfates used in bleaches. This exposure sensitises their skin cells as well as airway passage and makes it difficult to breathe. Weigh the pros and cons of and take a well-informed decision!

(Dr Vikas is a Chandigarh-based dermatologist)

Master Chef
Kool Kulcha
Nellu Kaura

We have always been fascinated by the humble and ubiquitous kulcha. Ask any Indian settled abroad and he would rather have kulche chole than any pizza with all the fancy toppings. As a chef, one can't help experimenting though. So, here's a fusion kulcha dish to tempt the young and old alike.



1 kulcha
1 tbspn mayonnaise (hung curd with mustard, black pepper and sugar)
2-3 leaves of cabbage (grated)
1 grated carrot
1 tbspn cucumber
Salt, Black pepper according to taste
Oregano pinch


Cut the kulcha horizontally and apply mayonnaise on one side, then place tomato ketchup on other side; put the vegetable mixture with mayonnaise mix seasonings. You can use green chutney also to cover the kulcha and grill it in sandwich-maker. Serve hot and decorate with salad leaves.

Veg Mayonnaise

200 gms Fresh cream
2 tbspn Salad oil
1 tbspn Mustard powder
1 tbspn Caster sugar
1 tbspn Lemon juice
1 tbspn Black pepper
Half tbspn Salt 


Beat the cream till it gets thick and put all the ingredients; mix well. Put it in the fridge for 2-3 days.

(Kaura is a Ludhiana-based culinary expert)

— As told to Poonam Bindra

punjabi scope
Sincerely sensible
Jasmine Singh

Mannat Singh and Dakssh Ajit Singh in Arsho
LOVE LOST: Mannat Singh and Dakssh Ajit Singh in Arsho

Film: Arsho
Director: Shapinder Pal Singh
Cast: Dakssh Ajit Singh, Mannat Singh, Sonia Gill and Shakti Anand
Rating: **

You don't need a battery of high-riding actors and comedians, endless nonsensical and repetitive gags or garishly dressed up villains to put together a good or let's say a watchable film. Shapinder Pal Singh-directed Arsho is an example of a good script paving way for a good film.

Starring Mannat Singh, Dakssh Ajit Singh, Sonia Gill and Shakti Anand, Arsho is a story of duet singers, their love and jealousies. First and foremost, Arsho is a movie produced by Dakssh Ajit Singh, co-written by him; he has also sung and plays the lead in the film. This could probably put you in doubt and make you crack one of those clichéd jokes that he might be the one also watching it! However, Dakssh breaks every notion that a single person cannot multi-task in a film; let's be more precise, in a Punjabi film.

The director has done a clean job of Arsho by not exaggerating a single scene. Well, this is where the editor should also be credited. The director has executed a simple story of love and jealously in a subtle manner while justifying all characters. For once, the film has some must-watch art direction work. Rich backdrop and locations are a change from the usual 'pind di galiyan' or local pubs. The film doesn't lose pace. You are not missing laughter at all.

The screenplay and dialogues of the film are also crisp as well as believable to a major extent. Besides, Dakssh has done a commendable job of his character given the fact that he had to handle so many departments. Mannat Singh, who plays Arsho, is definitely a winner. This is by far one of the 'to-be-counted-on-the-fingers' movies, which has a strong woman protagonist around whom the story revolves. A lovely piece of acting and some bright designer suits, Mannat Singh offers both. It is, however, the television actor Shakti Anand in his small and little clumsy role who has been wasted.

What could bother you in Arsho is probably the bombardment of songs. However, they are not bad at all. Some of songs, including Kinney kinney nachna, are already popular. The background music by Aadesh Srivastva is a refreshing change in Arsho.

First Day First Show
A friendly message


A still from the movie Fugly
A still from the movie Fugly

Four friends, three guys and a girl, run into a situation not very pleasant. Set in Delhi, the movie that explores friendship comes with a social message. The film stars Jimmy Shergill, Mohit Marwah, Vijender Singh, Arfi Lamba and Kiara Advani. It has been directed by Kabir Sadanand.

Just watchable

It is a good one-time watch. The story has potential but somehow fails to tap it. Not a good film for Vijender Singh to debut in, but viewers can bear the movie better than the scorching heat outside.

Rajesh Sharma, school teacher

Not good

The new cast is not impressive. Also the film's treatment is not good. Wish I hadn't spent on this one. Yo Yo Honey Singh's songs were the only high point of the film.

Sarod Verma, dentist

Well meaning

Considering the overall scenario, the film means well. One can ignore the glitches when it comes to newcomer's acting prowess or a story that loses track as soon as it begins. Very pertinent issues like drug abuse and women's security find a place in the film.

Kajal Grewal, MSc student

(As told to Mona)

Kangana to work with Bhansali?

From critics to audiences, Kangana Ranaut charmed almost everyone with her performance in Queen. It didn't stop there. The lead actress has even impressed maverick director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, so much so that he is planning to rope her in for his next extravagant musical. There were reports that Bhansali was spotted at Moulin Rogue in Paris for gaining some inspiration for his next venture. Source close to Kangana revealed that the director was quite keen to cast her for this role. Apparently, Kangana and the director have already had a meeting regarding this project before she left for New York for her script writing course. The actress has shown interest in the film and the director is making sure that the script is perfect and only then will the project move further. The film is expected to roll in late 2015. In the meanwhile, he will be busy shooting his next magnum opus, Bajirao Mastani with Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra.

In the murky waters

Riteish Deshmukh is happy that he played the villain in Ek Villain. He plays a middle-class and frustrated man named Rakesh who lurks in shadows and corners everywhere and his presence itself is unnerving.

Mind of his own

Uday Chopra says that films like Grace of Monaco do not create a buzz in India. We saw the movie and did not think much of it. It has beautiful locales and production values but the content is shallow.

Sunny on repeat mode

Sunny Leone will do an item song titled Pink Lips in Hate Story 2. We wonder if it will be all the rage like Baby Doll. Hate story 2 is quite bold too.

Aftab Shivdasani A secret wedding

Aftab Shivdasani tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Nin Dusanj in a private ceremony and the duo is already away on their honeymoon. Best wishes to the newlyweds

Honeymoon period: Aftab Shivdasani

So near, yet so far

Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Salman Khan were all shooting in different studios at Mehboob Studios in Bandra and interestingly they all avoided bumping into each other.

Boy with a golden heart

Arunoday Singh is in Cape Town, in South Africa, shooting for Mr. X. He was at the cash counter of an antique store, where a lady could not find her wallet. So Arunoday gifted her one and after some reluctance, she took it and was more than happy to flaunt it.

Look who’s back from Mauritius

Actress Shilpa Shetty, who celebrated her 39th birthday this month, is back from her vacation in Mauritius. She shared a picture of her and tweeted: 'From Mauritius with love...a surprise holiday from my husband @therajkundra much needed break thank you xx' 'Back from my holiday in Mauritius,stayed at the beautiful St Regis property.Perfect weather,Blue waters, family and no phones. Rejuvenated!' she added. Meanwhile, we hear that Shilpa and her husband Raj Kundra are working on a comedy film now.

chatter box
A brand new jhalak

Sophie Choudry
sing along: Sophie Choudry

Singer, actress and former VJ , Sophie Choudry who is part of the new season of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa has teamed up with music director and singer Raghav Sachar to create their own version of the classic song Raat Akeli Hai.

What's different about their version is that they have created all the sounds, including the percussion with their own voice. That's not all, since Sophie is considered a style icon as well, Raghav thought they should play with sounds inspired by fashion and transcribe them into music! Everything from the heels of a sexy stiletto, the snapping of a bra strap, to the zipping up of leather boots have been used while creating sounds for this song.

We asked Sophie about this track and she said, "I'm performing on this song in this week's episode of Jhalak where we want to give a first jhalak of this song. It's been so much fun creating music from sounds that I hear in my everyday life and we all know that Raghav is an incredible musician." She adds, "Raat Akeli Hai is one of my personal favourite classic number and a really tough song to sing but whoever has heard it has loved it. I think Raghav has made me do a great job. We had a lot of fun making the song, singing it and now dancing to it for the reality stage!"

We hear that Sophie has performed on the song this week and got a standing ovation from the judges and audiences alike.

Lucky again

Veteran actress Sarika, who has shared screen space with Amitabh Bachchan in the past, is happy to be acting with him once again in the upcoming show Yudh. Sarika, who plays Big B's wife in the show, says she only agreed for the show because she wanted to star with Big B again. Apparently, they will also be seen together in Shoojit Sircar's upcoming film Shoebite.

Daring act

Actress Arti Singh, who is currently seen in Uttaran, is all set to explore the much-dreaded underworld in the upcoming episode of Encounter. She will play former Bollywood actress Mandakini, who was more in news for her alleged link-up with the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim than her career. Not many people know that Arti's father is Mandakini's distant uncle.

Kick in some action

Gearing up for FIFA World Cup 2014, National Geographic Channel brings the best of the sport through a slew of special shows. The shows will deliver the most exciting possible combination of facts and fun from the world and history of football. The first series My Beautiful Game that was aired on June 13, will be aired every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm.

The brand new series brings together the best of the beautiful game including the top goals, most talented players, the best saves, the best stadiums and the worst own goals.

Featured in the series are the most popular faces from the world of football and entertainment, from David Beckham to Robert Di Matteo to Glee star Mathew Morrison. The series will be followed by a documentary capturing Football's best moments in the 80s and a reclusive peek into the factory of world's most popular game — EA Sports FIFA on a special episode of Megafactories.

Debarpita Banerjee, vice president, marketing and communication, NGC Networks and FOX International Channels, said, "With the onset of football season, this is the time to celebrate the world's most beautiful game. At Nat Geo, we want to give that extra kick to the football fanatics in the country by bringing to them the best of football and everything that surrounds the sport.

Right from the biggest players to the craziest moments in the history of football, these special features will ensure the football freaks get enough and more of their favourite game this season."

Welcome back

Actress Shilpa Shinde, who had quit TV show Chidiya Ghar last year, has returned to play the same character. While the actress didn't divulge the reason, sources inform that Shilpa has been sending feelers to producer Ashwani Dhir that she wanted to return to the show.

Lights, camera & action

Samir Soni is all set to turn a director this year. The actor, who has also written the film, has joined hands with actor-producer Sanjay Suri for a thriller drama. The film is expected to go on floors by the end of this year.

Screen shot

Rajniesh Duggall who is the winner of the fifth season of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi has been most likely approached to play the title role in Bharat Ka Veer Putra: Maharana Pratap.

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: The day would be quite busy, since you would be taking care of issues such as bills, appointments and miscellaneous errands. Once you are through, you would be able to take things easy. Tarot message: Don't make financial decisions impulsively. Lucky colour: Navy blue Magic number: 32

TAURUS: Interactions, traveling and intellectual pursuits would the best part of today. Many of you would travel for pleasure and explore interesting places. At home, a close relative may help you to make an important choice. Tarot message: Be true to yourself Lucky colour: Orange Magic number: 44

GEMINI: Many of you would have been experiencing a profound, philosophical inclination for the past few days and today, this feeling would become stronger, motivating you to introspect. Tarot message: Advice will put you on the right track. Lucky colour: Pink Magic number: 63

CANCER: Things may move at a relatively slower pace in today, and you could use the time to relax, catch up with financial planning and also, meeting friends and family. Tarot message: Do not cover up your own mistakes Lucky colour: Black Magic number: 50

LEO: This would be an active and positive day for professionals, especially, women who would have the stamina and enthusiasm to accomplish just about anything. Tarot message: Be diplomatic with colleagues if you don't agree with their views. Lucky colour: Red Magic number: 62

VIRGO: Businessmen would need to work out the finer aspects of partnership or contract while professionals would need to display intelligence, tact and efficiency at work. Tarot message: Don't get embroiled in longterm ventures. Lucky colour: Purple Magic number: 55

LIBRA: This would be a day in which you would need to adopt an unconventional yet productive approach so as to accomplish the maximum. Professionally, you should be careful of who you trust and who you depend on. Tarot message: Start a saving plan and also, curb expenses. Lucky colour: White Magic number: 27

SCORPIO: You would have to be strong and make the decision to save and invest. In relationships, do not get entangled in temporary and meaningless affairs. Being a part of a team at work would help you to advance in your career. Tarot message: Pay attention your inner feelings. Lucky colour: Silver Magic number: 35

SAGITTARIUS: At this time, you may be quite generous, optimistic, expressive, tactful, compassionate and creative. Help from a spiritual guide would be valuable. Tarot message: Keeping a close eye on savings and investments would prove very fruitful in the longer run. Lucky colour: Golden brown Magic number: 65

CAPRICORN: Taking care of an elder would give you great happiness. The day would be filled with romance, excitement, travel and forming new friendships. At home, there would be warmth and affection in your relations. Tarot message: Finance and health would need some looking after Lucky colour: Green Magic number: 40

AQUARIUS: In relationships, don't become too controlling, since everyone needs his/her own space. Intelligent and perceptive, you would be able to identify and understand the real intentions behind others' actions. Tarot message: Keep other people's secret well guarded. Lucky colour: Peach Magic number: 51

PISCES: When faced with someone who is absolutely rigid and stubborn, don't waste your time in arguing with him/her since it would not yield any results. If holding a social get-together, take a close look at the guest list. Tarot message: Do not spend beyond your capacity Lucky colour: Crimson Magic number: 29

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is June 14...

This month you are inclined to work well with people. You are talented, versatile and good at presenting ideas. You may want to travel. You tend to be progressive, imaginative and adaptable. An unexpected encounter will improve your financial situation. This is not a good year to make investments.

With your birthday falling on the 14th of this month, you are influenced by Mercury. Your first idea may not work. So, you must be sure that you have a backup plan. You're more affectionate and playful, and that draws others out, too. Most of you will have a nice time with your friends.

Positive colours: Green, turquoise, Blue.

Select days: Wednesday and Friday

Favourable numbers: 5,6

Gems recommended: Emerald, Onyx and Ruby

Charity on birthday: Donate any building/construction material at a religious place.

You share your birthday with actress Kirron Kher (June 14, 1955), who is the new MP from Chandigarh. Since she changed her spellings from "Kiron" to "Kirron" she had been quite successful in films, TV and now in politics.

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