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Sunday, July 30, 2000
Bollywood Bhelpuri

Raving about Raveena
By Madhur Mittal

I GUESS we all know that Raveena Tandon is on a high these days. And it’s complemented by her having been selected to do the main role in filmmaker Kalpana Lajmi’s next offering — Daman. An admirable achievement indeed!

 Raveena TandonLittle wonder, then, that Raveena is absolutely glowing with the flush of super success (and stardom) today. After all, she’s proved her screen presence in after film... and Shool was enough to silence her critics! Yet, there is so much more to this Bollywood heroine. Despite having had no professional coaching or training in acting, she virtually worships Kumar Gaurav as her mentor and guide... did you know that?

And cars are a passion with her. Ever since her school days. "I get emotionally involved with my cars— they’re not mere transport vehicles for me. I could say that I get intimately infatuated with all my cars! Dad gifted me with a Volkswagen Beetle while I was still in school... and I promptly named it Herbie! Then, for college, I bought myself a revved up Mahindra jeep— just to let everyone know who was the boss!"

Yes, Ravs is the boss in Bollywood, too. Her forthcoming film— Aks (Reflection) made by Rakesh Kumar Mehra — is eagerly awaited ‘n’ analysed for the most ‘’explicit scenes ever given by an Indian actress"... with macho Manoj Bajpai.The movie also marquees Amitabh Bachchan. But all eyes will, naturally, be on Raveena!

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Broadway binge!

Bollywood actors and actresses usually have dreams of Hollywood. A number of them have already made (successful) forays into foreign films ... and Amitabh Bachchan is reportedly the latest to catch a flight to the USA shortly.....

Meanwhile, a totally different dimension has suddenly opened up for theatre artistes. I believe Jaya Bachchan is already wowing theatre audiences at London’s Wembley Centre with her powerful performance in Maa Bhi Retire Hoti Hai — a play drawing packed houses. And next, sensuous Tara Deshpande has her bags packed to go to New York to star in Once Upon A Fleeting Bird — a star studded Broadway biggie !

The new haunt

I really can’t/don’t ‘understand this "herd" mentality of our Bollywood nerds! I mean, if word goes around about a particular new place to haunt, they all go there the twinkling of an eye.

Take the case of Sarvodaya — a cute place in Bandra that has stocked up the latest VCDs, DVDs and LDs and has now become the favourite of the filmstars as well as the filmmakers. And, of course, the star-struck gawkers! Believe me, in the (late) evenings, the whole area is teeming with fancy cars and fancier cine celebs stepping daintily / carefully out of them into the monsoon slush — appears to be happening filmland party or something!

Hrithik penned?

Let’s face it : Endorsements and ads have become a way of life, or rather the lucre, with the young stars of today. Anybody especially will stop at nothing to earn a few extra millions by agreeing to do advertisements .

So whether it’s cars colas or computers, today we find our superstars urging you to "buy this", "get this now" etc. Even Hrithik Roshan has joined in by doing the Coke ad... and now he’s signed up with Today’s writing instruments (plain pens to you and me ) for a staggering 14-month deal, which is supposed to "lay emphasis on promoting literacy throughout the country". Aw, c’mon, tell us another one....!

Rumour has it....

...that Aamir Khan is charging filmmaker Farhan Akhtar 100 million bucks for the latter’s debut production — Dil Chahata Hai .

...that Preity Zinta, heady with the success of Kya Kehna, has upped her modest price to a whopping 10 million per picture !!

...that Ajay Devgan has decided to drop his price altogether!