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Monday, December 11, 2000

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Sharing your Internet Connection



For a family with multiple PCs and other Internet devices, Internet connection sharing allows one person to send e-mail, another to play an online game, and yet another to browse the Web. While sharing the Internet you can also chat, do video conferencing and download a music file all at the same time,
says Vipul Verma


Net police and cyber lawyers will soon be here

-commerce is not a term now known only to just a few persons but has become a popular business media, globally. The e-commerce envelops business starting from advertisement, marketing, sale or purchase of the product, money transactions, revenue generation and a lot more. Business in the form of e-tailers, e-malls, auction sites are just a few named here.

Computer terminology redefined
What do various computer terms mean? A site, www.danielsen.com, tells about them in a lighter vein. Here are a few samples. . .

Product promotion on the Web
by Sumesh Raizada
hirty years ago, when American defence department developed the Internet for secret communication between its installations, nobody would have dreamt that this invention would revolutionise the whole world later. Today, the Internet is the medium for news, entertainment, education, career and a lot more. It may therefore be rightly termed as the phenomenon, of the people, for the people and by the people.

Where the farmer didn’t mind the mouse
by Peeyush Agnihotri
gro Tech 2000 that concluded last week was a big draw. Besides announcing that new innovations, both indigenous as well as foreign, are soon going to be part of the Indian agricultural scenario, it also made another emphatic but silent statement — that the mouse has become as essential as the tractor.

Dotcoms continue to fall like ninepins
by Imogen O’ Rorke
HE dramatic irony is too rich, even for the scriptwriters of the over-the-top dotcom soap operas: while the need for quality interactive content has never been so pressing, the companies that are producing the sticky stuff — the e-content and commerce producers — are being abandoned en masse by their financiers.

On hardware
Duron — the cheaper alternative

Kids Chat
Match a set of hidden animals

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