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Monday, June 18, 2001

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Take the pain out of computing

Using computers is fun and they help us in so many ways. Too much of anything is, however, not a good thing and we can have various kinds of health problems unless we are careful, says Kuljit Bains

COMPUTERS can do amazing things at the touch or click of a button, bringing you power, convenience and control. But the exercise of this very power could make you lose control over your own body or, in extreme cases, even cripple it. 


Upgrade me, Windows NT can warn you
by Vipul Verma
HE tips and tricks related to computers have always been a hot topic among the computer users. It not only makes the task of day-to-day computer use easier, but it also provides a lot of insight into the computer.

Ever heard of Virtual DJ or Internet jockey?
by Sumesh Raizada
HOSE who watch entertainment programs regularly on television must have noticed young boys or girls anchoring different music shows. In Channel V or MTV, which airs music shows on the TV throughout the day, almost every hour the anchor changes and a fresh face comes up. Sometimes these programs are telecast live, in which the anchor has to interact with the live audience.

Media Lab targets India
by Katie Dean
HE Massachusetts Institute of Technology is considering opening a media lab in India that will focus on developing technologies for the rural poor, says Wired News.

IM song to hit music stores
HIRTEEN-year-old singer Brittney Cleary wanted to debut with a song most kids her age could relate to. So she picked a tune about love, right? Wrong.

Fabmart happy to be e-shop
by Anshuman Daga
NTERNET retailing may be going bust worldwide, but India's 19-month-old Fabmart.com thinks it has what it takes to buck the trend.

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