Saturday, September 6, 2003

by Amar Chandel
OMETIMES, even seemingly minor dietary mistakes can lead to major health problems. Set them right and you can get rid of even supposedly chronic diseases.

One of such trivial errors is the failure to take sufficient amount of water. Unfortunately, it causes many complications which just cannot be cured unless you put that glass of water to your lips a sufficient number of times. Perhaps that is why it has been called the elixir of life.

The original zero-calorie, zero-caffeine, zero-alcohol drink is essential for living beings because water carries nutrients and waste in the body, maintains the structure of molecules: proteins, glycogen, etc... , participates in chemical reactions, acts as a solvent for most nutrients, lubricates and cushions joints, spinal cord, and fetus (during pregnancy), helps regulate body temperature and maintains blood volume.

Drink your way to health!

Why are we not harvesting rainwater?
Excessive exploitation of groundwater is a major reason for the acute drinking water shortage in many districts of Punjab and Haryana, write Vishal Gulati and Sunil Kumar
HE story of depleting watertable is being scripted by human beings themselves. It is a story of shortsighted planning, government indifference and people’s ignorance.

‘This queen of jungle wooed us’
Narinder Hartaj Singh
EOPLE usually keep dogs and cats as pets. But my maternal grandfather was different he kept a very unusual pet, a tigress. He named her Haunty. My grandfather had a degree in forestry from the Institute of Forest Research, Dehra Dun. At that time he was married and had a daughter.