Importance of Gayatri Mantra

THIS refers to “The potent Gayatri Mantra” by Khushwant Singh (Windows, April 10). The flippancy exhibited by the writer about Gayatri Mantra is extremely deplorable. Clearly, he had deliberately picked the two translations of the mantra which are wide of the mark.

Allama Iqbal has failed to see the wood for the trees if he has termed the mantra “as a litany of solar worship.”

Worse, the writer has taken Allama’s word for it in preference to the translations rendered by many others who were better placed to grasp the meaning and spirit of Gayatri Mantra.



Gayatri Mantra is considered the most potent because it brings to him the truth of human existence. One is advised to chant this mantra at the start of any auspicious activity and also when one is passing through the dark and difficult spells of life. For the solace and peace it gives, this mantra is considered the most potent one.





The true meaning of the mantra was given by world renowned saint, Acharya Sudhansuji Maharaj, in his book “The prayer”. The Almighty, who is the cause of our existence, destroyer of sufferings, comfort giving, virtuous, luminous-like sun, purifier of sins and present in the form of breath, is adorned by us in our soul. May the Almighty always inspire our intellect on the path of righteousness.

Acharya Sudhansuji has also said that if a person wants peace in his/her house and in life and wishes to be happy, nothing can be more effective than Gayatri Mantra. It is also rightly called a Maha Mantra!

Subash Chandra Bose, who was a great freedom fighter and a source of inspiration to millions, said, “Just as the fire has glow in it, Gayatri Mantra gives energy and enlivens a person. I have full faith in Gayatri Mantra.”

D.V. JOSHI, Bartana (Zirakpur)

Tribute to Tohra

With reference to Khushwant Singh’s article “He could’ve been Betaaj Badshah” (Window, April 17). Tohra’s death did not get the kind of coverage it deserved in the media at the national level. The writer has mentioned that Tohra was a Tiwana Jat Sikh born in 1924. However, in his famous book “A History of the Sikhs”, he has described Tohra as a Gill Jat born in 1919.



Many people of various affiliations, have paid tributes to Gurcharan Singh Tohra and have showered praise on him for his glorious achievements, but the most befitting one has come from Khushwant Singh who has called a spade a spade. While all others have gone overboard to heap praises, due to emotional or political compulsions, the writer has honestly highlighted his “real” achievements and the things he failed to achieve despite being in position to do so.

Lt-Col BHAGWANT SINGH (retd), Mohali


The writer has vividly brought out the persona of the panthic leader. He has put across the achievements and failures of Tohra. He does not falter in his criticism of Tohra’s role in religious, social and political fields.

The writer stands out for his honesty and courage when he talks about Tohra’s failure to preserve the sanctity of the Golden Temple and his tame surrender during Opertion Bluestar. On the whole, it was a balanced obituary.

Brig H.S. SANDHU (retd), Panchkula


The writer has mentioned that Gurcharan Singh Tohra confessed to killing a Muslim in the Partition massacres. In fact, it was some other veteran Akali leader who confessed to this crime.

Though a man of modest learning, Tohra was a shrewd observer of things and had the knack of manipulating his followers and admirers and could outwit anyone who stood in his way. He was a highly ambitious leader, not an unassuming far-seeing statesman. The most shocking happening, which took place during his tenure as chief of the SGPC, was the destruction of Akal Takht in the Operation Bluestar. He could not prevent the militants from entrenching themselves there.


Mend it or end it

Apropos of Smriti Ramachandran’s “Great examination paper bazaar” (Windows, April 17), leakage of question papers has become a regular practice these days. However, money makes the mare go.

The examination system, which pushes some to such unethical behaviour, needs to be condemned. In the current scenario, the continuance of entrance tests would be a farce. It is wrong that the authorities, especially those concerned with the state of education, have not been able to evolve a foolproof examination system that bars the dishonest from getting an advantage over the honest students. The system must be mended or ended.

K.M. VASHISHT, New Delhi

Coins and tokens

In his letter, Lt-Col Mukand Singh Guru (Perspective, April 4) mentions that he possesses a pictorial coin not mentioned in the book “Sikh Coinage: Symbol of Sikh sovereignty”. The coin mentioned by Mukand Singh is not a Sikh coin but a religious token which finds a mention in the Appendix to the book.n


Of production and consumption of fruits

The figures regarding the production and consumption of fruits in the article “Fruits of labour, a bitter harvest” by Aruti Nayar (Spectrum, April 18) are contradictory.

It is stated that India produces 4.64 million metric tonne (MT) of fruit and that it is 8 per cent of the world production of 45.37 million MT. Eight per cent of 45.37 million MT is just 3.62 million MT and not 4.64 million MT. Further it is stated that per capita per day consumption in India is 62 gram.

This figure does not synchronise with that given above. As some amount of fruit is wasted, the amount of that is consumed should be less than what is produced.

Now taking the total population of India to be one thousand million, the per capita per day production comes to just 12.71 gram, which instead of being greater than 62 gram is almost five times less. Of course consumption can be greater than production if imports are added to production.

Assuming this to be the case, the total annual import of fruit comes to 18 million MT which is 39.67 per cent of world’s production, which is an absurdity.



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