Glad to be gay
Rumina Sethi
Love's Rite: Same-Sex Marriage in India and the West
Ruth Vanita. Penguin Books. New Delhi. Pages 370. Rs. 295.
Same-sex marriages and sexual preference have been a contested terrain because the thought is appalling to many. In America's gay capital, San Francisco, thousands of same-sex marriages are given licenses while President George Bush, on the contrary, seeks to safeguard "the most fundamental institution of civilisation" by banning such unions.



Books received: ENGLISH

Subtle and sensitive storyteller
Surinder S. Tej
edded to literature. The description aptly fits Gurbachan Singh Bhullar, the Punjabi litterateur who has recently been named for the Sahitya Akademi Award for 2005, for his collection of short stories, Agni Kalas. This honour is an apt reward for his untiring efforts in the field of literature for the last 48 years.

Kashmir katha
Eminent novelist Chandrakanta has been awarded the 2005 Vyas Samman for Katha Satisar
HANDRAKANTA, born on December 3, 1938 in Jammu and Kashmir, is a well-known name in contemporary fiction. She received her higher education in Srinagar and at Birla Arts College, Pilani, from where she did Masters in Hindi literature. Her creative career began from the short story Khoon Ke Reshe (Shreds of blood), which was published in Kalpana in 1966.

Verses that transcend time
Harbans Singh
Atha Vairagyashatkam
Atha Nitishatkam
Atha Shringarshatkam
by Bhartrihari. Translated by Rajendra Tandon. Rupa. Pages 126, 117, 111 respectively. Rs 295 each.
THE learned in India get acquainted with the name of Bhartrihari during the course of their study of Sanskrit, but the vast majority, irrespective of the qualifications and the status in life, is more likely to come across the great poet, grammarian and Saint through the tales narrated by the grandmother and the wise men of the village.

The limits of love
Shubhshil Desraj
New Life
Sharmistha Mohanty. Roli Books. Pages 292. Rs 295.
THE amazing prowess of love and its magical essence are a poet’s dream and not practical possibilities. Love in the common man’s experience is neither eternal nor infinite. It has its limits, "`85everyone’s love has limits... and the limits can be... hard, unbreakable."

Dreams & melancholy
William Palmer
Meet Me In Mozambique
by EA Markham Jonathan Cape
EA Markham is a poet, writer of short stories and novelist. His new book is - well, what is it? Publishers say that the British dislike short stories, but not to worry. These stories nourish and feed off one another to such an extent that the book reads more like a kaleidoscopic novel that tells, in various voices and from different viewpoints, the lives of Pewter Stapleton and his family and friends.

Written for the screen
Deepika Gurdev
T used to be said that writing and architecture are the main carriers of culture and civilisation. Now that books are being put on celluloid, one can safely add movies to the list. Take a look at some recent and upcoming blockbusters: The Harry Potter series, Da Vinci Code, Memoirs of A Geisha, Brokeback Mountain and The Legend of Narnia—the list goes on.

Secrets of Agatha Christie
neurolinguistic study of more than 80 of bestselling mystery author Agatha Christie’s works has concluded that the reason her books are so popular, is because her phrases trigger a pleasure response in readers.

Memories of Madras and spooky tales
Randeep Wadehra

  • Madras Mosaic
    by N. Meera Rao Parity Paperbacks, N. Delhi. Pages 115. Rs 180

  • Ghost Stories
    by Minakshi Chaudhry Rupa & Co. Pages xvi + 139. Rs. 95

  • Get Rid of Diabetes with the help of Solar Energy
    by Kunal Shinde Indus, N. Delhi. Pages 174. Rs 165

Back of the book

  • Havoc in its Third year
    by Ronnan Bennet Bloomsbury Pages 303. £3.25

  • After Midnight
    by Robert Ryan Headline Pages 310. £4.25

  • James Bond
    The Man And His World
    by Henry Chancellor John Murray Pages 250. £12.50