Bitter truth about fruit

In the haste to ripen fruit, chemicals and ripening agents are used by retailers. Natural taste and nutrition value become a casualty of this process but there is no system in place to check this practice. Ruchika M. Khanna reports
Remember when the aroma of mangoes would waft and tempt your tastebuds as soon as you saw the basketful of the luscious fruit? Or how bananas would melt in your mouth?

How they get ripe & ready
The right way to store
Look before you eat
Fruit bowl of the north

Art unmasked
Today the future of the "mask" is in the doldrums except in the case of exotic performing arts like that of the Chau dance of Orissa, writes K.D.L. Khan
ASKS are a blend of painting and sculpture that dramatically reflect the creativity of different cultures. Further serving as symbols in rites of passage and in festivals of renewal, they tell you much about the culture from which they come.

Why dogs come in many forms
Steve Connor
poodle called Shadow and a boxer named Tasha have opened the door to understanding the fundamental nature of canine biology. Man’s best friend comes in so many shapes, sizes, colours and temperaments.

Snow in the desert
Shveta Pathak
HE least one would expect in a place that had been a sand desert is an opportunity to ski. Call it marvel of technology or the sheer will of a country to provide all that is beautiful and adds to pleasure, Dubai has done exactly that.

Sangam revisited
The movie occupies a unique place in the annals of Hindi film history. It has possibly inspired maximum number of producers to make movies with romantic themes. Surendra Miglani pays a tribute to Raj Kapoor whose death anniversary falls on June 2
aj Kapoor’s Sangam (1964) was a great confluence of art, glamour and entertainment. Though most of the films made under the banner of RK films set one trend or the other, this love story occupies a unique place in the annals of Hindi film history.

Blast from the past
Twenty years after the Cannes selection committee rejected it, Oliver Stone’s Platoon got a special screening at the world’s premier film festival last week, writes Vikramdeep Johal
OU just can’t keep a classic down. Twenty years after it was rejected by the Cannes selection committee, Oliver Stone’s Platoon got a special screening at the world’s premier film festival last week. Its new DVD, featuring the film’s digitally re-mastered version, was also released.

Code of contention
The hullabaloo about the release of The Da Vinci Code just proves how the Church, ironically, is ensuring more audiences for the controversial film it seeks to ban, reports Ervell. E. Menezes
THE all-India release of Ron Howard’s Da Vinci Code has been delayed because of objections from the Christian community to the content that Christ is believed to have married Mary Magdalene, and the stipulation for screening a disclaimer is clearly a sort of compromise.

Dirty Dancing
a sell-out on stage
Terri Judd
lmost 20 years after Patrick Swayze’s portrayal of a brooding dance instructor, the stage version that Dirty Dancing inspired has sold out before the cast has even been selected. In just six weeks, the musical — which opens at London’s Aldwych Theatre on October 24 — has sold out for the first two months of its run with ticket sales of more than £3m.

All for love
Randeep Wadehra on how love makes the television soaps go round. In the process, varied reactions like jealousy, sadness, anger, possessiveness are triggered off
MONG all the strands woven into the tessellated pattern of human relationships, love is the most colourful and vital. Legal and illicit, real and presumed, comforting and painful, beautiful and ugly... it dominates our television soaps.


Food TalkWarm up to cold cuts
by Pushpesh Pant

CONSUMER RIGHTS: Matter of life and death
by Puspha Girmaji

HOLLYWOOD HUES: A Western for our times
by Ervell E. Menezes

ULTA PULTA: Easy entry
by Jaspal Bhatti

by David Bird


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young fare
His fiction is stranger than truth
Scott Moore

Gets under your skin
Deepika Gurdev
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Jyoti Singh
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A look at Iqbal
Ramesh Seth

No spice in royal story
Padam Ahlawat
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Good verse, banal prose
Surinder S. Tej

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