No work, no play for child labour

The recent ban on employing children under 14 came into force on October 10. Vibha Sharma speaks to a cross-section of people on the effectiveness of the ban as well as its socio-economic impact

Almost a month after the amended Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act came into force in India, 13-year-old Babul is doing exactly what he was doing before October 10 — washing dishes and helping the lady of the house where he is employed as a domestic servant. The only change in the life of this frail-looking migrant from an obscure village on the Orissa-Bihar border is that now he has a birth certificate, duly signed by authorities concerned, which his placement agent has recently given to his employers, a middle class, double-income family in West Delhi.

City of restored ruins
A visit to Ayutthaya, once the capital of Thailand, offers a peep into the country’s glorious past, writes Inder Raj Ahluwalia
Slowly and lovingly, Ayutthaya has been brought back to life, its magnificent ruins reflecting its past glory. Ayutthaya, which was the capital of Thailand from 1350 and a power centre for more than 400 years till its destruction by the Burmese invaders in 1767, is a prime destination and priceless Thai relic.

Joint families tick on telly
Randeep Wadehra on how intriguing in-laws and spouses add spice to soap operas
Joint families are fast vanishing in our society. Even the so-called bastion of orthodoxy — our rural hinterland – is no more a safe haven for this once vital social unit. Yet joint families have been proliferating on our television — Hindi soap operas to be precise.

Straying spouses caught in reel
Hindi cinema has portrayed infidelity in varying shades, from Andaz to Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, writes M. L. Dhawan
Y and large, Hindi films stress upon the sanctity of marriage, love and human relationships, reflecting the age-old belief that marriages are made in heaven. However, over the years social customs, mores, traditions and accepted patterns of right or wrong behaviour have undergone many changes.

Nalini by day, Nancy by night
Shoma A Chatterji reports on a documentary by an NRI academician on the dual identity of Indian call centre employees
Business Process Outsourcing is a mantra India’s young population gladly chants by these days; they get paid well, the country earns millions and all’s well with the world. But what’s the scene behind this happy picture? Which is what Nalini by Day, Nancy by Night, a documentary, tries to look at.

The first Blonde Bond
Maneesh Chhibber
HE 21st James Bond movie – christened Casino Royale after the Ian Fleming novel of the same name – will be released worldwide on November 17. The movie is based on the Bond creator’s first novel, which introduced Her Majesty’s secret agent and one-man army to the world.


'ART & SOUL: A brief history of greeting cards
by B.N. Goswamy

NATURE: The scent of saffron
by Kiran Narain

Food Talk: Taste of Mumbai
by Pushpesh Pant

Consumer rights: Water-tight safety
by Pushpa Girimaji

hollywood hues: Give me a break
by Ervell E Menezes

by David Bird

ULTA PULTA: Moonstruck
by Jaspal Bhatti


The forgotten master
Amrik Singh
The Raj, Lahore and Bhai Ram Singh
by Pervez and Sajida Vandal. National College of Arts, Lahore. Pages 268. Rs 1,500.

UP unravelled
Shahira Naim
Region, Nation, "Heartland": Uttar Pradesh in India’s Body Politic
by Gyanesh Kudaisya, Sage Series in Modern Indian History –Volume X, Sage Publications.
Pages 471. Rs 595

Books received: PUNJABI

Subcontinental Nights
Harbans Singh
Wonder Tales of South Asia
by Simon Digby. Oxford. Pages 303. Rs 295.

A plethora of visions
Himmat Singh Gill
Blind Faith
by Sagarika Ghose. HarperCollins. Pages 273. Rs 295.

Mystical revelation, a twin treat
Manmeet Sodhi
The Stone Laughs and Atonement
by La. Sa. Ra. translated from Tamil by Padma Narayanan. Katha. Pages 250. Rs 200.

Flavours of compassion
Kanchan Mehta
Selected Short Stories
by Mulk Raj Anand. ed. Saros Cowasjee. Penguin. Pages 262. Rs 250.

A lucid account of Iraq war
This book will stand the test of time, writes Paul Rogers
The Occupation: War And Resistance In Iraq
by Patrick Cockburn Verso, £15.99

Songwriter wins Dylan prize
Christina Patterson

Koestler: Insider who walked away
Darshan Singh Maini

Racy read
Randeep Wadehra

  • Trust Me
    by Rajashree Rupa. Pages 242. Rs 95

  • Strange Meeting
    by Saros Cowasjee Vision Books. Pages 152. Rs 190

  • Mona Begum
    by Rummy Nandlal Abhishek, Chandigarh. Pages 126. Rs 295