Samís Delhi
Humra Quraishi
AST month New Delhi saw an offbeat book release. No political bigwigs, no frills, no babus to do the inaugural rounds etc and though the ĎGarden Restaurantí, tucked at one end of the sprawling Lodi Gardens, was overflowing with people, they were the author Sam Millerís friends and colleagues and book lovers residing in the Capital. And if that wasnít offbeat enough, there was more. The book ó Delhi: Adventures In A MegaCity ó was to be released by an ordinary and an apolitical person.

Books received:

Circus of stardom
Akshaya Kumar
Seeing Stars: Spectacle, Society and Celebrity Culture
by Pramod K. Nayar.
Pages 195. Rs 295.
As media multiplies and images proliferate, 15 seconds become the postmodern measure of eternity. Every hour a new star straddles across the screen, relegating the previous one into oblivion. The sheer effervescence of the starry glitz is hard to ignore; it is seductive, if not overwhelming.

Courtís legacy
Saurabh Malik
BY now you are well aware of the settled principle that illustrious men craft celebrated institutions out of mere buildings; and a court is known not just by its judgments, but also by the judges who hold the scales, and the lawyers who place the weights.

Ties that matter
Ramesh Luthra
Family Values
by Abha Dawesar.
Pages 296. Rs 325.
Family Values is indeed a remarkable novel. The author has dealt with the chain of events in an artistic manner. The way corruption and nepotism have seeped into our social and political systems are highlighted through a young boy, whose special traits that deserve appreciation are silence and keen observation.

New marketing mantra
Laxmi Kant Verma
Corporate Blogging in India
by Rajeev Karwal and Preeti Chaturvedi.
Wisdom Tree.
Pages 127. Rs 345.
THE rise in the use of Internet has provided many options for business organisations to communicate with their customers. Blogging is one such option, which is being used widely these days. In Western countries, this trend is rising; but in India, it will take some more time. Today, blogs are being considered as one of the best Internet marketing tools, as they are easy to manage as compared to other forms of marketing like e-mails and newsletters.

Insights into inward journey
Harbir K. Singh
In My Own Words: An Introduction to My Teachings and Philosophy
by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Ed. Rajiv Mehrotra.
Hay House.
Pages 210. Rs 195.
THIS book gives us a valuable insight into the mind of world-renowned spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Born Tenzin Gyatso in a peasant family, his broad vision led him to reach out to people all around. He spread the message of peace, love, humility, humanity and happiness among the masses. Today, his teachings and philosophy are admired and followed by millions all over the world.

Competition redefined
D. S. Cheema
On Competition
by Michael E. Porter
A Harvard Business Review Book.
Pages 544. $39.95.
OVER the last two decades or so, most businesses have undergone massive changes in an era of economic globalisation. In an increasingly competitive world, it is an idea that opens new doors, a technology that helps find a solution or a deep insight that provides all that is needed to succeed in any field.

End of an era
Gandhian poet and writer Vishnu Prabhakar, who died in New Delhi on April 11, was the last link between contemporary Hindi literature and that of the pre-Independence era.

Glimpses of Haryana

Randeep Wadehra
Haryana: an overview
by Dr. SP Gupta.
ESS PEE Publication.
Pages: xvi+256. Rs 195.

  • My Guru in disguise
    by Priya Mookerjee.
    Wisdom Tree.
    Pages: viii+209. Rs 245.

  • Whatís wrong with man?
    by Jaspreet Singh.
    Rose Books.
    Pages: 104. Price not mentioned