Green paradise
Donald Banerjee
Golf Destinations
By Ashwini Luthra and Chandni Luthra. Photos: Parvin Singh.
Asian Education Society, Chandigarh.
Pages 96. Price not mentioned.

HANDIGARH has emerged as the undisputed golf nursery of the country with Jeev Milkha Singh climbing to occupy the highest slot in world golf ranking and Irina Brar remaining the country’s amateur "queen" of the greens for several years.

Books received: hindi

Subcontinent’s stories flower in India
Madhusree Chatterjee
HE ever-growing popularity of Indo-Anglian writing and the publishing boom in India have opened the floodgates for English writers from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh as well.

Saga of trials and tribulations
Shakuntala Rao
In the Valley of Mist: Kashmir: One Family in a Changing World
By Justine Hardy.
Free Press, New York.
Pages 209. $25.
MANY of us who have occasionally worn a pheran, the large, often beautifully embroidered Kashmiri woolen tunic, always well-suited for northern India’s chilly winters, have noticed its gradual disappearance from the shops of Delhi. There are good reasons, according to Justine Hardy, in her latest non-fictional account of life in Kashmir, In the Valley of Mist, because the pheran has emerged as a symbol of separatism, death, and oppression.

Epitome of romanticism
Amarinder Sandhu
Nautch Girls of the Raj
By Pran Neville.
Penguin Books.
Pages 136. Rs 250.

NOWN by many names like the celestial apsara, ganika, tawaif, the dancing girl has always attracted everyone’s attention. She has intrigued many with her beauty and finer accomplishments. Poets have celebrated her classic looks and bards have sung her praises.

Unsung hero
Baba Banda Singh Bahadur: Battle Strategy Against Mughal Forces
By Surinder Singh.
Har-Anand Publications. 
Pages 128. Rs 295.
SURINDER Singh has rightly chosen Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, a martyr to the cause of the Sikhs, as the subject of his book.

Tribute to Indian companies
D. S. Cheema
India’s Global Powerhouses
By Nirmalya Kumar.
Harvard Business Press.
Pages 250. Rs 695.
Goldman Sachs, a reputable merchant banking firm, predicted in its 2003 report "Dreaming with BRICs: The Path to 2050" that India’s economy would be only behind the US and China by 2050, even if it grows at a conservative 7 per cent annually.

urdu book review
Hope amidst ruins
Amar Nath Wadehra
Yeh Khandar Bhi Mere Hain
By Kashmiri Lal Zakir
Pages 123. Rs 175.
WHEN a writer feels impelled to pick up a pen to write about suffering humanity there can be only one reason for it — unadulterated empathy, which in turn is a product of heightened sensitivity and deep insight. The writing becomes all the more effective and cerebral if it is backed by informed imagination. Kashmiri Lal Zakir has all these qualities as seen in his earlier books.

Greene’s unfinished mystery found
Arifa Akbar
T was a gem of a find, a long-lost unfinished murder mystery tale containing the classic ingredients of a country house, a dead body, bloodied weapon and a cast of upper-class suspects. It was also handwritten in Graham Greene’s distinctive scrawl and included the Catholic themes that were hallmarks of much of
his work.