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Osama’s killing has raised many questions

It is time the global community investigated fully, how Osama Bin Laden was living in Abbottabad, just about 50 kilometers north of Pakistan’s capital Islamabad (editorial, “World after Osama: Now time to combat his ideology of terror”, May 3). Many of the residents are army personnel and the Military Academy is just few kilometres away from the house of Osama. Was there any official/semi official patronage?

Pakistan is gaining the reputation of becoming a haven for terrorists. It is also becoming a centre for terrorist planning. Pakistan’s economic development will suffer as a result of this.

This is also a time to review the underlying causes, which give rise to terrorism, and address them. Economic inequalities, social discrimination, religious fanaticism are principal triggers of violence in our society. These need to be addressed. How do terrorists acquire so much influence on the minds of youngsters?

If youngsters had well-paying jobs, they would prefer to lead a normal family life, instead of living with guns in the mountains or ghettos. This is not the time to blow bugles of victory. It is the time to reflect: what lead to 9/11, how to prevent such dastardly events in the future.


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— Editor-in-Chief


The editorial underlined the nexus between terrorist organisations and Pakistan. With the killing of Osama bin Laden at Abbottabad, it has been established beyond doubt that Pakistan was misleading the world about his whereabouts. Now it is clear that Pakistan is the epicentre of terrorism. Its active complicity, connivance, protection and support to terrorist organisations have caused considerable loss of innocent lives in many parts of the world.  Pakistan must be held accountable for all these unholy activities and crimes against humanity.

Now the international community must remain vigilant to the revenge attacks by the terrorists and work relentlessly to wipe out the remaining elements. The ideology of terror preached by Osama also needs to be tackled effectively and reversed.

S.C. VAID, Greater Noida


The editorial is right in making two significant assertions. Firstly even though Obama is dead, his legacy will carry on. It is therefore, time to combat his ideology of terror. Secondly the US President Barack Obama will now find his chances of re-election to the White House in 2012, comparatively brighter.

Pakistan stands exposed as a “nerve centre of terrorism” as was famously described by Hillary Clinton during the NATO Foreign Ministers conference in Brussels. No doubt, in the context of Osama’s killing deep within Pakistan, Islamabad will have much to explain. While on the one hand we urgently need to tighten-up our entire security mechanism against terror, we also need to be more firm and pragmatic in all dealings with Pakistan on the diplomatic front. For too long we have been found wanting and simply been pussyfooting around on all issues.



The editorial has rightly pointed the unfinished task of tackling the entire terrorist network of Al-Qaida, Taliban and others so as to make the world a safer place.

The surgical style precision of mid-night operation by US commandos speaks volumes about detailed intelligence gathering and planning over months for the final assault on the most dreaded face of terrorism. By killing Osama, the US has fulfilled the call given by George Bush to bring him to justice dead or alive.

The US would have laid its hand on Osama much earlier but for the double game played by Pakistan which stands fully exposed. The claim of India that many terrorists are living in Pakistan also stands vindicated.

Brig HS SANDHU, (retd), Panchkula

Working style

The middle “Babus at work”( May 2) by Shriniwas Joshi was interesting. Though some incidents had been exaggerated, obviously for adding interest and humour, the basic idea was apt.

J.R. GARG, Chandigarh

Life after death

There is a need to develop the scientific temper, humanism and spirit of enquiry and reforms (Raj Chengappa’s column Ground Zero titled “Sathya Sai Baba and life after death”, Apr 29). It is not easy to discuss God in physical form because people of some faiths criticise the religious or spiritual practices of those in other faiths.

There are different versions about life after death. The question of as to what becomes of life after death is a question that has agitated the minds of a large number of sensible persons at all times.

So far as Sathya Sai Baba is concerned, he rightly said that there is no need for reincarnation if people practice what he preached.

HARISH K. MONGA, Ferozepur

War no solution

To Raj Chegappa’s article “On the line of caution” (May 2) I would like to add that let fundamentalists in Pakistan and India in particular and the governments of both the countries in general understand very clearly that war is no solution to the Kashmir problem. Had there been a solution, the wars there between the two could have solved it.

The Prime Ministers and various secretaries failed to build a feeling of confidence. This chronic enmity has to end if the both countries wish to survive. The use of lethal weaponry or nuclear options can only lead to destruction but cannot win wars. It is commendable that Mr Chengappa visited Muzaffarabad to fathom the feelings of the people of Pakistan. The Pakistani Major has rightly said that we look the same, have same emotions, feelings and compassion for each other.

Hatred is created by the politicians and fundamentalists for their narrow and shallow ulterior motives. There should be more cultural, trade and media exchanges between the two countries to bridge the gap. War brings destruction but the cultural exchange brings peace and prosperity.




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