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Admissions over but not politicians’ testimonials!
Requests to ‘help’ their kin swamp principals of local government colleges
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 9
Principals of various city colleges are getting calls from politicians, including ministers and their personal secretaries as well as both sitting and former legislators asking the former to “cooperate” in granting admission to their children and other relatives. As if this was not enough, students or their parents carry "referral slips" or letters of recommendation given by ministers when visiting the office of a college principal.

Showing number of such slips sent by local politicians Hira Singh Gabria and Satpal Gosain, the principal of a city college said condition of anonymity that she was “fed up” with so many recommendations.

"How can we accommodate all the students who come here only on the basis of politicians’ references? Some of the students have scored very low to be eligible for admission in any course. Admissions for BCom-I were held online and each list was prepared by Panjab University itself. There were limited seats and meritorious students had to be considered. Still we were under so much pressure to accommodate the near and dear ones of influential people", said the principal.
Reference letters of Health Minister Satpal Gosain (left) and Jail Minister Hira Singh Gabria (above) given to students to press upon college authorities to admit them (names of college authorities and the referred studets have been withheld on request).
Reference letters of Health Minister Satpal Gosain (above) and Jail Minister Hira Singh Gabria (Below) given to students to press upon college authorities to admit them (names of college authorities and the referred studets have been withheld on request). 

Another college principal complained that the admissions process was almost over but not the recommendations from ministers. "We’re getting calls by their personal secretaries who first request us to ‘do something’ to give admission to the particular student. If we tell them we’re unable to do anything about the matter they become sore. But what can we do? We can’t bend the rules for ministers or any one else", the principal added.

After Panjab University recently increased the number of seats for MCom courses in colleges, the problems of principals have been aggravated. College administration officials are again under pressure to admit students recommended by ministers and MLAs. "A particular Minister is repeatedly asking us to provide admission to a girl student in one of the courses, since all the seats have already been filled, we are finding it too difficult to say no to the minister", said a college faculty member.


Rs 3.10 lakh fake currency seized
7 arrested; Rs 12 lakh fake notes still in circulation; Naxal angle being probed
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 9
Nearly Rs 12 lakh fake currency notes minted in Pakistan is currently changing hands in the city. This came to fore following the arrest of seven persons by the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) here last night.

Fake currency notes worth Rs 3.10 lakh, which were printed in the Pakistani mint, has been seized from the accused, said senior police officials.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Ashish Chaudhary said: “The paper quality and the printing of the currency notes is so fine that is could only be manufactured in a mint. Layman can’t even differentiate between the original and the fake currency. The makers of the fake currency have taken care of all security features.”

Even bank officials were bemused while checking currency notes and it was after a thorough scrutiny that they could differentiate between the fake and the original.

Ranjit Singh, alias Jeeta, a native of Amritsar, is the kingpin of the gang. According to the police, Jeeta after doing some odd jobs in Delhi was now settled in the Jamalpur area of the city and was running the fake currency racket for the past three months.

The Sarabha Nagar police in a drug- paddling case had also booked Ranjit. “Earlier he was peddling opium, but found huge profit in fake currency and quickly switched the trade,” said Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADCP) Harjinder Singh.

Hinting involvement of Naxals, the DCP said, “He was carrying the money from Jharkhand. So there could be a Naxal hand behind it. We are probing the original source from whom he used to procure the fake currency notes.” He told the police that he used to buy currency worth Rs 1 lakh by paying nearly Rs 50,000 to Rs 55,000, and sell it further for Rs 60,000 to Rs 65,000 depending on the customer.

Nasim Shareef, of Kidwai Nagar, Raj Kumar from Filed Gunj and Inderjeet Singh of Prem Nagar were working as his cronies. Their job was to lure traders and businessmen, who have huge transactions, into the trade.

The four, including Ranjit Singh, Nasim Shareef, Raj Kumar and Inderjeet Singh, were nabbed while they were carrying out the illegal transaction with three businessmen near a Mega Mart located on the Chandigarh road late last evening. The three businessmen identified as Dalip Kumar, a resident of Tobba, Vijay Singh, Rajesh Kumar of Nawa Mohalla and Mukesh Kumar of Prem Nagar were arrested for purchasing the fake currency.

“So far they have pumped in nearly Rs 12 lakh fake currency notes in the local market,” the DCP added.

NIA had hinted of Pakistani agency‘s involvement 

The National Investigative Agency (NIA) had hinted that the fake Indian currency notes being circulated in India were actually being manufactured in a state- owned printing facility in Pakistan.Investigators had sent the seized counterfeit currency notes along with original Pakistani notes to a committee constituted by the Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India to scrutinize them. It has been established that these fake currency notes were being printed in a facility owned by a sovereign country.



Staff, equipment shortage plagues Civil Hospital
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune New Service

Ludhiana, August 9
The claims made by Punjab health & family welfare minister Satpal Gosain on upgrading the city’s Civil Hospital to a 300-bed facility appears to have fallen flat. The ill equipped hospital presents a picture of utter chaos with two patients sharing a bed and a single nurse for 60 patients. In the face of a continuing staff shortage and poorly maintained wards hospital officials are still hoping for the minister to make good on his promises.

A hospital employee told The Tribune: "It may be easy to teach 60 students together in a class but it’s an uphill task for a nurse to look after 60 patients in a ward. We are so overworked that we’re left with no time to have our meals on time."

One of the nurses at the hospital said: "Visit any ward and you’ll find only one nurse there, who is changing a patient’s drip one moment and has to give an injection to another patient the next moment. Ever since the 108 ambulance service was launched started we receive many unknown patients in this ward but, in the absence of staff, it’s very difficult to take care of them. There should be separate staff for them”.

Said Shiv Ram Saroy, a member of the hospital’s Rogi Kalyan Samiti: "The patients complain to me that none bothers about their ill-health. The instruments for checking blood pressure are of no use. Similarly the stethoscopes are also not in working order and I myself feel helpless about all this."

Ashok Kumar, a diabetic patient whose right leg has been amputated, said: "I come here every other day to get a fresh bandage done. I’m too poor to pay even the rickshaw fare to get here. I come from the distance of two kilometers with the help of this walker and have to go the third floor of the hospital for getting this bandage done."

In the hospital’s female ward it was observed that two patients were sharing the same bed.

Fed up with the worsening situation, a group of nurses and Class IV employees have submitted a memorandum of their demands to senior medical officer.



City biggest gas guzzler in the state
Hemdeep Kaur

Ludhiana, August 9
The city leads Punjab in the number of passenger vehicles plying on the streets and residents are the largest fuel consumers in the state with 422,000 litres of petrol and 1.5 million litres of diesel being sold at gas stations every day. No wonder the industrial hub is one of the most polluted urban areas in northern India and also has the dubious distinction of having the most chaotic traffic.

‘‘Of the estimated 377 fuel stations in Ludhiana district 65 are located within the city municipal limits and retail 422 kilolitres of petrol and 1,500 kl of diesel on an average every day. In a month the total volume of petrol sold is about 3,000 kl of petrol and 45,000 kl of diesel”, said JP Khanna, president of the Petroleum Dealers Association, Punjab.

Basing his estimates on data collected from retail fuel dealers in the district between March 2010 and March 2011, Khanna said Ludhiana accounts for maximum number of petroleum products sold in any city in the state. “While there are 22 districts in Punjab, the city's share of petrol retail sales accounts for a fifth of the estimated 2,200 kl sold every day in the state. About 10,000 kl of diesel is sold at 2,736 gas stations located all over the state every day”, he added.

While fuel dealers have something to rejoice, city residents need to curb their fuel consumption. After all they are contributing to already uncontrollable fossil fuel consumption and pollution of the environment in a big way.



Cops get cracking, challan minors
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 9
Cracking a whip on underage driving and large number of traffic violations by the school bus and auto-rickshaw operators, the city police challaned 110 odd vehicles today.

The drive was launched following the death of BCM School student Akhilesh, who was mowed down by a garbage truck of the municipal corporation at Guru Arjan Dev Nagar while he was returning home on his scooter. Akhilesh was not wearing hamlet at the time of the accident.

The cops were directed to challan the vehicle first and then attend the phone call of the VIPs.

The traffic police begin their challan drive from Sarabha Nagar, Shastri Nagar and the Civil Lines area in the afternoon, where all major schools of the city are located. The drive came as a surprise for bus operators who were seen taking their vehicles in narrow lanes to avoid challan.

The city police had often received brickbats from residents for not taking action against the reputed schools. “Our focus was to target schoolchildren as students of all major schools are the biggest traffic violators. We are ready to face the consequences and earn the ire of VIPs and politicians, but whatever we have done would ultimately benefit the residents and decrease the accident rates,” said a cop.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Harmohan Singh said: “The drive will continue till the students start wearing hamlets and auto-rickshaw driver and school bus and van operators start adhering to

the rules. Today, we conducted the drive in the afternoon, tomorrow we will do it in the morning."

“It is the duty of the parents and school authorities to ensure that the children wears helmets and carry relevant documents. It is for the benefit of parents that their children should adhere to the traffic rules. And if they are underage then they shouldn’t provide them geared scooters, motorcycles or any other vehicles," said ADCP. 


ADC of Police (Traffic) Harmohan Singh has urged people to make roads safe for commuters. While making his cell phone No. 9592914717 public knowledge, he said, "I am open for suggestions. Any residents who want to solve the traffic problem can contact me."

Risking life to avoid challan:

Students were seen risking their life to avoid traffic challans. On seeing cops chasing them, they tried to accelerate their vehicles.

"I am not going to chase them as they speed up their vehicle and often lose control. I fear that they might not get hurt or collide with a vehicle and endanger their life,” said a traffic cop, standing near MC Zone- D office.

Students harassed lot

Many students who were being ferried in school buses were seen sweating when their buses were stopped by the traffic cops for checking documents.

Girls have more mobiles than boys

The fact came to fore during the challan drive when most of the male students were seen without mobile phone. In contrast, girl students, who were stopped for challand, were observed pulling out mobiles and forcing cops to talk to possibly ‘high level contacts’ on phone. Many businessmen and VIPs were seen rushing to Sarabha Nagar, Fountain Chow and Civil Line area after their wards vehicles were impounded for want of proper documentation. 



Positive response to VC’s clarion call
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 9
Responding to the fund-raising call of PAU Vice-Chancellor Dr BS Aulakh, members of the PAU Kisan Club and others have come forward to financially support the cash-crunched varsity.

Pavittar Singh Pangli, president of the club, had recently announced to donate Rs 51,000 to the varsity. He said the farmers associated with the PAU had shown tremendous response to the Vice-Chancellor’s call. “Many of them donated on the spot while others would donate once the paddy-harvesting season ends (by the end of October). BS Garcha, another farmer, has donated Rs 25,000 from his side. The PAU Kisan Club executive, which has at least 10 members, have decided to donate Rs 2,000 each to the varsity,” Pangli added.

Bani Cheema, Executive Director, DASCFT (Dr Amrik Singh Cheema Foundation Trust), said the Trust had decided to contribute Rs 11,000 to the corpus to be created by the PAU. Late Dr Amrik Singh Cheema served as the Vice-Chancellor of the PAU and played key role in ushering in the Green Revolution. The foundation was basically attached to farmers and was working to bring awareness among them especially women so that sustainability and food security issues were addressed in a systematic manner.

Meanwhile, the non-teaching employees of the university are yet to take any decision in this regard. Avinash Sharma, general secretary of the union, said, “PAUTA has donated for the good cause, but we are waiting for the written communication in this regard. Once we receive the communiqué, we will a general house meeting and then donate as per our pockets.” 



Dharna by teachers
Demand hike in salary
Our Correspondent

Mullanpur Dakha, August 9
Teachers of Guru Nanak Public School staged a dharna on the school premises today.
They have been demanding a hike in their salaries as per the the pay commission recommendations.

Seventy teachers led by Sukhraj Singh, Surinder Singh and Jasbir Singh held the protest in support of their demands after the management failed to take any step in this direction. The protesters said they were being paid “meagre” salaries.

They said a step-motherly treatment was being meted out to them.

Eight teachers were issued show-cause notices for allegedly spoiling atmosphere of the school.

Terming the sequence of events to be unfortunate, Dr Rajpaul Singh claimed that the management had been paying higher salaries than a majority of schools of the area.

He argued that for any increase in salaries of the staff, the management would have to revise the fee pattern, which would ultimately burden parents.

Referring to information received from the office, Singh said the institute was suffering deficit of Rs 2.5 lakh per month due to difference between income and expenditure.

Hostile attitude of protesting teachers had resulted in a decrease in the number of students from 1,610 to 1,516, Singh added. 



PAU ex-VC bereaved
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, august 9
Gurdit Singh Kang (94), father of Dr Manjit Singh Kang, former Vice-Chancellor of Punjab Agricultural University, died at the CMC on Tuesday. Punjabi Sahit Akademy, Ludhiana, held a meeting to pay homage to the great Punjabi writer.



KVM boy stands out
Secures 17th rank in NTSE
Gurvinder Singh
Tushar Gupta
Tushar Gupta

Ludhiana, August 9
Tushar Gupta, a Class IX student of Kundan Vidya Mandir, Civil Lines, has secured the 17th rank in National Talent Search Examination (NTSE). He has scored 169 marks. The test, which comprises maths, science, social studies and mental ability, is conducted in two stages and is one of the most prestigious examinations at the high-school level.

Clearing the test entitles a student to a scholarship of Rs 500 per month till the graduation stage. Tushar cleared the first stage last year and worked hard to get through the prestigious examination. “I put in seven to eight hours every day for about a year,” said jubilant Tushar. He wants to become an engineer.

Akshi Garg from DAV has also cleared the test. She has been ranked 48th and has scored 167 marks. She has been working hard for the past two months. “It is a prestigious and tough exam. One can’t clear it without putting in efforts,” she said.

Tushar dedicates his success to the guidance of schoolteachers and parents. Tushar’s father BK Gupta is delighted at his son’s achievement, but feels that the scholarship amount is too low. “While the scholarship is great encouragement for children, the scholarship amount badly needs to be revised considering the rising expenses of education these days.”

Abhishek Chauhan, another student from DAV, has cleared the test from the city.



Breastfeeding can cause nursing decay
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 9
Recently the health department has concluded “Breast feeding week” and organised talks, seminars and workshops on it. Almost at every function experts stressed upon breastfeeding for the better health of kids. But rarely anyone told that breastfeeding also caused nursing decay.

A recent study conducted by the Christian Dental College, CMC, revealed that nighttime breastfeeding is also a cause of nursing decay. Talking to The Tribune, Dr Abi M Thomas, principal and head of the department of pedodontics and preventive dentistry of the Christian Dental College, CMC, said: “During the breastfeeding week, which was celebrated from August 1 to August 7, we observed that the 64 per cent children who used bottle are significantly associated with having teeth decay as compared to 24 per cent those not using bottles. Prolonged and unrestricted nighttime breastfeeding is also a cause of nursing decay. However, breastfeeding is associated with a low risk of developing tooth decay, compared with bottle feeding. Nevertheless, breast milk does contain sugars and some infants who breastfeed for long periods throughout the day or night may develop tooth decay.”

 Prevention against tooth decay

l Avoid giving milk or other drinks in bottle at night.

l Avoid “at will” breastfeeding once the first teeth have erupted.

l Infants should be weaned from bottle at 12 to 14 months of age.

l Do not put honey or sugar on pacifiers.

l Start to teach your child to drink from a cup at about 6 months of age.

l Cleaning of teeth should be started by the time of eruption of the first primary tooth.



from schools & colleges
Contests mark Teej celebrations

Ludhiana: Guru Nanak Girls College celebrated Teej. Principal Dr Charanjit Mahal apprised students of socio-economic importance of the festival and stressed on the need to remain in touch with the culture of Punjab and preserve it. A variety of stalls, including those of bangles, jewellery, purses, cosmetics and mehndi, were put up. Students enjoyed eating traditional sweets like “Kheer” and “Malpoorah”. Various traditional articles like bagh, phulkari, charkha, pakhis, chaaj and daris were also displayed.

Colourfully dressed girls had a gala time. Various competitions like giddha, Miss Punjaban, mehndi and charkha-chakki were organised. In giddha, students of arts stream were adjudged first, while the students of science and commerce streams secured the second and third positions, respectively. Principal Dr Mahal gave away prizes to winners. Meanwhile, Guru Nanak Institute of Design and Technology (GIDT) put up swings to celebrate the “Festival of Swings”. The campus was decorated with flowers. Staff and students were dressed in traditional attire.

‘Festival of Swings’

Teej was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Green Grove Public School. Students of all classes took part in various activities. Isha and Navkiran of Class XI highlighted the importance of the festival. A quiz was also held. Tiny tots of UKG impressed all with their wonderful dance. Junior students danced to the tune of Punjabi songs. Senior students performed marvellous Punjabi dances which were appreciated by the audience. Bhangra was presented by students of Class XI. Swings were put up. Meanwhile, the “Festival of Swings” was was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm at Tagore International Senior Secondary School, Sahnewal, today. Students came dressed in colourful attire. Competitions like mehndi, giddha, bhangra and prandi were organised. Students relished malpura, sweet rice and kheer. Principal Swati Aneja and director BK Aneja distributed gifts among students.

College gets UGC affiliation

BCM College of Education has been granted the UGC affiliation under Section 12 (B). It is the first self-financed educational college in Punjab to get the status. The college has been granted 12(B) status vide UGC letter No FNo 8-311/2006 (CPP-/I/C).

Quit India Movement

The Quit India Movement was observed at Green Land School on Tuesday. The students of class X participated in a quiz contest. There were a number of rounds for the team and the audience as well. The questions were based on the history of the freedom struggle, leaders and martyrs.

Books donated

Doraha: Guru Nanak Model Senior Secondary School organised an exhibition on Tuesday. Models made by students were put on display. Chief guest Pavitarpal Singh Pangli inaugurated the exhibition. Director Jaswant Singh Gill and principal DP Thakur appreciated the students. The chief guest donated books.

Sports meets

Tagore International Senior Secondary School, Sahnewal, hogged limelight in various tournaments organised by the Punjab State Education Board. In a cricket match, Tagore School defeated Government School, Jandiali. Harpreet Singh was declared man of the match. In badminton (U-19 boys), Tagore School emerged victorious by defeating Saraswati Senior Secondary School. Similarly, in the U-19 girls category, the school showed a commendable performance. Arashpreet Kaur, Raweena and Simranpreet were selected for the district-level competitions. 

— Tribune Reporters



‘Spray kerosene to keep ants, cockroaches at bay’
PAU experts give tips to farm women, homemakers
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 9
Home science experts of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) apprised farm women and homemakers of household practices.
Dr Surinderjit Kaur urged them to keep the surroundings neat and clean. “Spray kerosene or turpentine oil along the hinges of doors and corners of rooms to keep away cockroaches, crickets, moles, ants and spiders. Sprinkle boric powder in kitchen cabinets and in gasket of refrigerator to prevent breeding of insects,” Dr Kaur added.

To prevent knives and other iron utensils from rusting, rub them with coconut or mustard oil or glycerine once a fortnight. The expert said due to humid weather, floors in bathrooms and sinks in kitchen got slippery. “Simply apply a thick paste of chuna (lime), rub the surface and wash it off,” she added.

For the safe handling of clothes, Dr Harinder Saggu suggested them to clean hangers and pegs thoroughly before hanging clothes on them, otherwise rust stains would form. Rub fresh stains of rust with cut lemon and salt, advised the expert.

While imparting tips to farm women and home makers for the prevention of common diseases, Dr Kiran Grover said contaminated food and water-borne diseases like gastroenteritis, jaundice and cholera were rampant during humid weather. The expert stressed on making drinking water safe by boiling, filtering or by using ultraviolet purifiers to ensure its purity. “Soak green leafy vegetables in salt water for about 10 minutes before cooking,” Dr Grover added.

Dr Sukhminder Kaur, referring to care of infants, advised them to use soft, absorbent cotton materials like muslin, flannel, soft cotton knitted/towelling material for infants. “Make use of bib or apron for a child and use boiling water for washing diapers/inner garments once or twice a week,” Dr Kaur added.



DC directs DHO to conduct raids
Fleecing of customers
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 9
Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari has directed district health officer Dr Kulwinder Singh to conduct raids and ensure that consumers were not fleeced at any place in the city. In a press release, DC said, “I have received complaints that some shopkeepers were fleecing customers. I have asked the DHO to submit a report in this regard within 15 days.”

The DC also appealed to the public that if any buyer had a complaint against any shopkeepers, he or she should immediately inform the district health officer, so that suitable action could be taken against the shopkeeper.



Suvidha centres open in city
Will cater to police-related complaints
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 9
who were forced to stand in a queue outside the office of a station house officer (SHO), can now heave a sigh of relief. The Punjab Police yesterday opened suvidha and outreach centres in all subdivisions and police stations, respectively, of the state.

Suvidha centres will register complaints of people residing in Ludhiana East, West, North, South, central, Atam Park and Sahnewal subdivisions. Whereas outreach centres will address the grievances of those residing in the Gill subdivision Sadar, Dehlon and the Ladowal.

Reception areas and waiting rooms are specious enough to accommodate a large number of people at one go. These centres have also been provided with drinking water and lavatory facilities for the convenience of visitors. Requisite number of employees has also been appointed for these centres. People can lodge their complaints, get passport verified and police clearance certificates besides seeking information under the RTI Act and details regarding arms and ammunition in these centres.

Commissioner Police Dr SS Chauhan said the suvidha and out-reach centres would help in improving the relationship between the police and general public. All station house officers have welcomed this move. 

Services rendered

l FIR, missing persons, unclaimed body/unnatural death, most wanted/PO, stolen vehicles, unclaimed/recovered vehicles, missing article/passport, missing mobile set, untrace/cancellation report, new complaints, passport information, passport verification, civil verification, military verification, character verification, servant/employee verification, tenant verification, PCC, permission for melas/exhibition/sponsered events, new arms licence, renewal of arms licence, verification of arms licence, endorsement of new purchased weapons, outside licence registration, movement of arms licence verification, registration of foriegners, foriegners verification, visa extension for foreigners, national status verification, hotel arrival report, departure and clearence.



5 deaths, 18 months on, MC wakes up
Change timings of garbage collection trucks
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 9
It took five deaths and 18 months for the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (LMC) to wake up and take some corrective measures with regards to “killer-garbage trucks”.
Officials of the municipal corporation have, now, changed the timings of these garbage collection trucks. The truck drivers have been asked not to ply their vehicles from 6 am to 8 am and 1 pm to 3 pm on weekdays and from 11 am to 1 pm on Saturdays.

“A large number of schoolchildren commute during these hours. Thus, orders were issued not to ply any garbage-collection truck from 6 am to 8 am (which is the time when students go to either for tuitions or schools) and 1 pm to 3 pm (time when the students return from schools). Besides, on Saturdays, our trucks would not ply from 6 am to 8 pm and 11 am to 1 pm,” Additional Municipal Commissioner MS Jaggi said.

He warned truck drivers to comply with orders or face action. The drivers have also been asked to strictly follow the routes fixed by the corporation.

“We have designated routes for these trucks and it is seen that a few of the drivers aren’t taking it seriously. It’s unfortunate that Akhilesh (18) was mowed down by the municipal corporation’s truck on August 6. But, we won’t tolerate such incidents any further,” Jaggi warned.



Movie, AC @ 100% discount
Suvidha Centre haven for city idlers
Charanjit Singh Teja

Ludhiana, August 9
You can enjoy a movie at a multiplex in the cool comfort of an air conditioner, but this comes at a cost. However, the Suvidha Centre in the city is providing the same luxury free-of-cost.

The AC cabins of the Suvidha Centre with a medium-size LCD screen are haven for city idlers.

A long queue can always be seen at the counters of the centre. Carrying documents and files, people stand in queues waiting for their turn. As there are around 30 chairs in the hall number 1, it is had to find a seat vacant. However, a few lucky ones are always there, who occupying seats for three to four hours and enjoy their favourite channels, especially Zee Cinema, on the LCD screen.

It was Tuesday evening and "Kuch tum kaho, kuch ham kahein" was being telecasted on Zee Cinema. People were seen glued to the LCD screen watching the movie in hall number 1. “My job is over at 3 pm. Now I am free. It's the right place to spend the time,” Samarjit, a worker of the Suvidha Centre canteen.

Ramu, a vendor in the courts complex said: "I often come here to relax. The government does nothing for the poor. It's the only facility that the government has given us.” "I have no work but my father is working in a nearby workshop. I often visit here. I am enjoying this movie,” said Rakesh, a city resident.

Zee Cinema is not the viewer's choice, but as the TV remote is in the peon's hand, it's his discretion to make us watch what he likes. I appreciate his choice because people feel relax while watching a movie,” said an employee of the Suvidha Centre. 



World dances to the tune of Vande Mataram
Gurvinder Singh

Ludhiana, August 9
The stage at Guru Nanak Bhawan came to life with lights, music, and candles, besides the flurry of waving flags of different nations as dancers from different parts of the world performed on the beats of ‘Vande Mataram’.

The dance sequence seemed to be amalgamation of different genres as it swayed from Bharatnatyam to ‘Chau’, veering to western and contemporary and giving the song a global touch as the Tricolour waved in sync with flags of other nations.

The first evening of the three-day International Children's Festival of Performing Arts started with a prayer song followed by ‘Vande Mataram’. Children of Ryan International School performed a musical ‘Kitabien karti hain batein’.

Performance of kids in a musical ‘Kitaben Karti Hai Batein’ directed by Utkarsh Marwah, head of cultural affairs at Ryan International School, brought home the point that books are an essential part of children's education. Out of naivety, they may not like books but without them education of children is incomplete. In the musical filled with drama, music and comical acts, the children tear books.

The books get angry with them and return to ‘bookland’.

Missing the books, the children chase them and meet famed books like Cinderella and Ali Baba realising that books have a life of their own. They finally fall in love with books.

“The aim of the musical is to inculcate the culture of reading books. In Europe, buying books as birthday present for children and reading books is so common but that's not the case in India,” said Marwah.

Children from Ryan International School gave dance performances of various genres ranging from contemporary and western dance forms to folk dances from Finland, Lithuania, Sri Lanka and Germany with professional finesse.

Dance trainers from many countries, including Austria, Latvia, Finland, Germany, Sri Lanka and Jordan trained these children for dance performances.



Potholes, absence of streetlights irk residents
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 9
Residents of the Central Town, Sunrise Colony, Kiran Vihar and other adjoining areas are a worried lot these days. They rue that the Sua road, which passes behind Keys hotel, near the Pakhowal road, and goes towards Threeke village is in a shambles as the government has ignored it.

The residents say this road does not falls under the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation and therefore no government agency is concerned about it.

However, MLA Darshan Singh Shivalik said the construction of the road would start soon and it would be constructed at a cost not less than Rs 4 crore.

Darshan Gupta, a resident of the Central Town, said, “This road connects the Pakhowal road with the Ferozepur road via Threeke village. The road offers a bumpy ride as there are a large number of potholes in it. The situation is worst in monsoon when water gets accumulated in potholes, making life miserable for the residents.”

Sanjay Goel, an architect and a resident of Kiran Vihar Extension, rued, “There is no provision of streetlight on the road, which results in incidents like snatching. While the state government is boasting of turning Punjab into California, such roads exist in a city, which is considered to be the financial hub of the state.”

Inderjit Singh Gill, a lawyer and a resident of the Sunrise Colony, stated that due to construction of an under-bridge near Lodhi Club, the main road (southern bypass), which directly connected the Pakhowal road with the Ferozepur road, was closed for vehicular traffic.

“Now, most of the traffic passes from this road, which has even worsened the situation. We pay all kinds of taxes and if this is what we would get in return then I must say that it is a sad state of affairs,” he rued.



Prince of bhangra, master of biz admn
Hemdeep Kaur

Damanpreet Singh
Damanpreet Singh 

Ludhiana, August 9
City youth Damanpreet Singh is a national award winner in bhangra at the age of 24. He started performing bhangra when he was in class IV.
His success story began when he got a chance in 2008 to perform as a guest entry in an international competition organised by the Punjabi Folklore Academy, Jalandhar.

As the captain of college team and student of MBA, Daman performed bhangra for GNIMT, Ludhiana, in the 2009-2010 session. He also bagged the 'Role of Honour' and 'Samman Patra' from the PTU after he won laurels at the national level.

It is because of his never-ending efforts that he has turned his dreams into reality. He says the credit of his success goes to his masters Ustaad Ravi Kumar and Gurjit Singh. "What I am today is because of my masters and my parents. This dream could have never been true without their help."

This young achiever has proved that one can participate in extra-curricular activities without compromising on studies. Damanpreet is working as an assistant professor of management and is also the cultural coordinator at Synetic Business School, Ludhiana.

"My desire to stay in touch with Punjabi culture has made me succeed,” he said.



Complicated pelvic surgery performed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 9
Dayanand Medical College and Hospital has successfully operated a complicated pelvic fracture. The orthopaedic team, led by Dr Harpal Singh and assisted by Dr Shikha Gupta (anesthetist), performed internal fixation of a complex pelvic fracture using the technique of lliosacral screws.

According to a hospital release, “This procedure has been performed for the first time in this part of the country. It is a very demanding procedure as the major blood vessel and nerves of the region are in close vicinity.”

A 55-year-old male patient came to the DMCH after a road accident. He was in pain as he could not even turn sides due to the fracture and in the process he developed bedsore. The orthopaedic team decided to fix this fracture. The surgery was performed using the state-of-art image intensifier available in the hospital.

The surgical time was about two hours as the fracture was three-week-old, making the operation more difficult. The patient is now pain-free, turning sides in the bed and ready to go home.

Suggestions to reduce chances of pelvic fractures

l Use hand railing along stairways and place non-slippery mats in bathrooms and under carpets.

l Wear seatbelt while driving a car

l Always take precautions to avoid fall during high-risk sports activity like rock climbing and mountaineering.

l Exercise to maintain stong muscles.



Community police centre opens

Khamano, August 9
Khamano Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Balwinder Singh Randhawa today inaugurated the much-awaited Community Policing Resources Centre (CPRC) in the local police station.

He said the centre was set up to provide public utility services at one place at the district level.

He said residents of Khamano could now come to the CPRC with their complaints and grievances instead of going to the district headquarters. He said different counters have been set up for passport verification, getting arms licence and FIR registration. — OC



Meet for shuttlers from Aug 14
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, August 9
The District Badminton Association of Ludhiana (DBAL) will organise the annual district championship at Shastri Badminton Hall near Guru Nanak Sports Complex from August 14 to 17.

General secretary of the association Anupam Kumaria said the competition would be held in U-10, U-13, U-15, U-17 and U-19 boys and girls categories.

Interested shuttlers may confirm their participation with badminton coach Charanjit Singh at Punjab Agricultural University or Ludhiana Badminton Academy coach Lakhwinder Singh Pannu or Sandeep Saini, sports in charge, at Kundan Vidya Mandir, Civil Lines branch.



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