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1 student injured in firing at college
Several others hurt; college laxity blamed for incident; Issue at stake: College president
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 1
One outsider was shot at and several others were hurt following a bloody clash between two groups of students over the issue of college president at SD Kamla Lotia College here today.

The incident took place in the morning when the outsiders-led Karan Joshi and Ashwani Kumar group entered the college premises and started hurling abuses at each other.

Both groups were heavily armed and claimed their leader to be the president of the college union.

Heated arguments between the students soon turned into blows. The youths who were equipped with sharp-edged weapons, attacked each other. It was free for all as the college authorities watched the incident like a mute spectator.

In the meantime, a youth, identified as Rinkle, a resident of Model Town, pulled out a pistol and fired five shots.

One of the bullets hit Prabhjit on the thigh, making him collapse on the floor.

The firing created panic and students were seen running helter-skelter for cover.

The assailants also fled from the scene. Prabhjit was rushed to the CMC hospital, where he was being operated upon. He was reported to be out of danger.

The incident led to a massive protest by college students, who blamed the college authorities for the lawlessness on the premises.

Gurpreet Singh, a student of the college while condemning the incident, said, "Both groups were hurling abuses at each other for over an hour, but the college authorities did not inform the police to prevent the incident."

Some students held the security guards of the college responsible for the incident. "The security guards are hand in glove with the assailants. How did they allow the outsider to enter the premises."

Police officials also blamed the lax security at the college for the incident. Cops reprimanded the security guards for allowing the outsiders to enter the college premises and create ruckus.

While Prabhjit claimed that he had come to the college regarding the admission of his younger brother, some students said he was also amongst the assailants who created ruckus.

According to assistant commissioner of police (ACP) Naginder Rana, a case has been registered against Karan Joshi, Rinkle, Sharanjit Singh and four unidentified persons.

College guards in line of fire

Some students held the security guards of the college responsible for the incident. "The security guards are hand in glove with the assailants. How did they allow the outsider to enter the premises?”

“We’re on CM’s duty”

Due to the Chief Minister's visit, we had to halt the investigation proceedings. The police would investigate which weapon was used by the assailants.

Naginder Rana, ACP


College authorities caught unawares, fail on security front
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 1
Today's bloody incident that took place inside the premises of Sanatan Dharam Kamla Lohtia College here has put a question mark on the safety of students/staff inside the college campus.

Not only did a group of 15-20 persons enter the college campus holding swords, rods and revolvers in their hands, they also attacked students of the college, while the authorities could do nothing but watch the incident "silently".

An eye-witness said nobody at the main entrance dared to stop the outsiders from entering the college campus. "They were holding weapons in their hands. The security staff at the college is not well-equipped to handle a situation like this. The whole atmosphere turned out to be horrifying and students ran here and there to save their lives. The outsiders openly started attacking and firing at our students and we could do nothing," said Pradeep Kumar (name changed, a student of BA).

Many students and staff of Kamla Lohtia College maintained that this was not the first such incident taking place on the premises. "Earlier also such bloody clashes have taken place inside/outside the college campus in which students have been injured. Refusing to learn from the past, the college authorities did not take proper measures to provide security to the students/staff. This is the sorry state of affairs at our college. The management comes into action only after clashes take place," said a teacher on condition of anonymity.

The college principal, Dr Shiv Mohan Sharma, said he had witnessed such an incident for the first time. He said everyone knew that court had put a ban on students' elections in colleges, but students try hard to indulge in such activities.

"We do not encourage such activities inside our premises. But when a mob, holding weapons in their hands enters the campus, no one can dare to stop it. There are security persons on duty at the main gate. They could do nothing as about 20 people suddenly entered the campus”, Sharma said. “We have also started issuing I-cards to students," said Dr Sharma.

Four incidents in past one month

n Aug 17
Pankaj and Gundeep students of GADVASU were injured following a bloody clash. Old rivalry was the reason behind the incident.
n Aug 23
Two groups of students exchanged blows in front of the college premises over the tearing of posters of a student leader that was pasted outside college.
n Aug 24
Following the tearing of posters, the groups exchanged fire at Daad village. No one was hurt in the incident.
n Sept 1
One person was shot at after the group led by Karan Joshi and Ashwani Kumar clashed at SD Kamla Lotia College here today.



BPL scheme
Only 3,532 families covered in city
Not a single family has been added to the list since 2002
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 1
The industrial city with a population of 34.87 lakhs (provisional figures collected by Directorate of Census Operations, Punjab) has just 3,532 families, which are living the Below Poverty Line (BPL). Though thousands others spend sleepless nights in the city with empty stomachs, still not a single family has been added to the list for the past one decade. Thanks to the callous attitude adopted by the Central government agencies, which have failed to conduct surveys in the city despite being requested by the state government several times.

According to officials at the District Food and Supplies Controller (DFSC) office, the department could not do much in updating the list prior to the survey conducted by the Planning Commission of India. "The state government has to provide the ration to the families falling under the BPL category but to identify those families, a survey has to be first conducted by the Central Government agencies. Ironically, the survey has not been conducted since 2002. Earlier, it was 8.33 per cent population in Punjab, which had to be covered under the BPL but now, the Planning Commission has increased the percentage of beneficiaries to about 26 per cent. But written communication in this regard is yet to be received", said an official on condition of anonymity.

Though the department provides facility to just 3,532 families in the city, still the number of families falling under this category is much more than shown in datas. Chhote Ram (45) has been residing in the city for the past 10 years along with his wife Saraswati and four minor children. A tea vendor by profession, the annual income of the family does not exceed Rs 25,000 and the couple has got made their voters' card (Election Commission of India) from Ludhiana, but they are yet to get their BPL cards made.

"It is so difficult to survive in such inflation. Though I am aware about the BPL cards but who makes it and what is the procedure, I don't know anything about it. But the card can be beneficial to poor persons like me as I have been told that wheat, sugar and kerosene oil is provided at much lesser rates to BPL families", said Chhote Ram.

Rajat Oberoi, DFSC, when contacted, said, "We agree that surveys need to be conducted at short intervals. We come into picture after the Planning Commission sends us the list of families. Last survey was conducted in 2002 and as per that, Ludhiana has 3,532 families under the BPL category. We were hopeful that the surveys would be conducted soon but now it is Code of Conduct in Punjab, I feel we have to wait for some more time".

BPL beneficiaries get

n Upto 35 kgs of wheat per month (per family) at the rate of about Rs 4.30 paisa per kg
n 250 grams of sugar for each member of the BPL family per month at the controlled rate of Rs 12 per kg
n 10 liters of kerosene oil (if there is no gas connection) per month at Rs 10 per litre.



Cops escort garbage collection van in city
Pvt collectors threaten A2Z staff
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 1
The next time you see a cop sitting in a garbage-collecting van, don’t be surprised. This is because employees of A2Z Infrastructure Private Limited, which has got the contract for solid waste management in the city, were targeted by a group of private garbage collectors on August 15, the day when this project was launched in the city.

Company officials have rued that they are forced to take the help of the police for collecting garbage from the Sarabha Nagar area. “We cannot even collect garbage freely and that also from one of the posh areas of the city? I wonder for how long we would function this way,” questioned Aniruddha Laskar, senior manager-PR, A2Z Infrastructure Pvt Ltd.

A2Z Infrastructure Pvt Ltd has completed the survey of a total of five municipal wards of the city, which include ward numbers 47, 52, 55, 56 and 57. On August 15, this project was launched in wards 56 and 57, but due to opposition from private garbage collectors, the company is collecting garbage only in ward number 56, which is Sarabha Nagar and adjoining areas.

“Here also we are able to do partial collection of garbage as private collectors have been threatening our employees on one pretext or the other. On the other hand, councillors have been asking us to start this project in their respective wards. But its not easy for us to operate this way,” claimed Anniruddha.

MC officiating commissioner Malwinder Singh Jaggi said he was looking forward to a meeting which local bodies minister Tikshan Sud would have with Valmiki leaders. “Our representatives as well as the company officials would be part of this meeting and we are hopeful to get a solution that day,” claimed Jaggi.


The door-to-door collection in the city was launched on August 15. The very first day of the campaign was marred by protests by a group of private garbage collectors, who not only protested against the private company having contract for the job, but even manhandled its staff, broke glass windows of their vehicles and even threw brand new garbage bins into Sidhwan Canal and on roads.

The extent of the protest was such that the Sarabha Nagar police had to register a case against the protesters and even arrested one person, who was later let off on bail. All this happened in a few hours at the start of the door-to-door garbage collection by A2Z Infrastructure Pvt Ltd.



A robbery that never was
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 1
The Rs 1.5-lakh robbery incident near the Fountain Chowk area last night has turned out to be a stage-managed incident executed by a collection agent of a mobile service provider and his accomplice to usurp money of his employer.

A day after the incident, the police booked the collection agent on the complaint of Gulshan Kumar, who owns the collection agency for the mobile service provider.

The police has also recovered the entire amount and arrested the collection agent and his accomplice.

Ashish Kumar, the collection agent, sent the police in a tizzy when he claimed that two armed assailants had snatched Rs 1.5 lakh by intercepting his motorcycle. The police suspected the involvement of Ashish, as his statement was not consistent.

“During investigation, the accused cracked soon and confessed to having committed a staged-managed robbery along with his friend Sahil Kumar,” said assistant commissioner of police (ACP) Raj Kumar.

The ACP added that when the police recreated the scene of crime, it found some missing links in the case, which indicated towards the involvement of Ashish.

“According to the mobile details procured by the police, Ashish was talking on phone from 7.28 pm to 7.30 pm with Sahil Kumar, and at 7.34 pm raised an alarm that he was robbed, showing that he was robbed in four minutes. Ashish did not call the police to state that he was robbed. Ashish claimed that he fell from the scooter, but his clothes did not get dirty. The circumstantial evidence gathered by the police pointed towards the involvement of Ashish. Gulshan also suspected his involvement. And during the probe, we found the cash and arrested the accomplice,” said ACP Raj Kumar.

Father’s ailment led Ashish to concoct story

His father’s ailment forced Ashish to concoct the robbery story. Gulshan Kumar, the employer, stated that Ashish had borrowed Rs 60,000 for his father’s treatment. Ashish confessed before the police that he had concocted the robbery story with Sahil and even paid token money to the latter.

He needed money for his father’s treatment. By conducting a fake robbery, he was hoping to get enough amount for the treatment.



LLB students sans faculty at Regional Centre
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 1
About 87 students of BA-LLB and 50 students from LLB at the Regional Centre, Panjab University, here are suffering as authorities have failed to arrange faculty members to teach certain subjects of the course. Even after the commencement of session on August1, the students are still without teachers, which are affecting their studies.

A number of students, on condition of anonymity said that they came to the centre regularly hoping that the authorities would make some arrangement for them. "We, the students of 5-year degree course, are the major sufferers as there are no teachers to teach two main combinations: sociology and economics, and history and political science.

The classes are on for the past one month but the authorities have not been able to get teachers to teach these combinations", said a student.

The other subjects, including law of contract, law of torts and banking and insurance law are being taught to students since inception of the academic session.

Similarly in the LLB course, there has been no teacher to take classes of drafting and pleading paper of the students of fifth semester.

The problem has not been generated for the first time at the Regional Centre.

Earlier in February this year, the students had faced a similar problem. The Regional Centre had not appointed teachers to teach the course for long and then the students had resorted to protests.

Deepak Kapoor, director of Regional Centre, here said that the centre had already sent a request to PU, Chandigarh. "We had arranged proper faculty to teach the combinations but for one reason or the other, the faculty members left. But there are two teachers to take classes.

Final decision regarding recruiting teachers has to be taken by PU.

We are doing our best to arrange teachers so that students do not suffer", said Kapoor.



Teachers, students to feel the heat
First semester exams postponed in schools affiliated to PSEB
Gurvinder Singh

Ludhiana, September 1
Due to the postponement of first semester examination in schools affiliated to the Punjab School Education Board (PSEB), students and schools are bound to face the pressure of completing syllabi in haste in the second semester.

According to sources, the division of syllabus is also not proper. “Forty per cent syllabus has to be covered in the first semester, while in the second, 60 per cent has to be completed. If the exams are held in October, the results will be declared in November.

The new semester will commence in November or December, we will have only three months to complete the syllabus, before final exams of the second semester coming up in March again,” said a principal of a private school affiliated to the PSEB.

“The exams should have been concluded in September. The duration of first semester should be from April to September, while the second semester should commence from October onwards,” said another principal.

“Another problem is that the board is conducting the semester exams twice a year, whereas in CBSE schools, board exams are being held only once a year.

The first semester exams are conduced by schools themselves.”

“As the exams are held for a month and the board also takes time to declare results, almost a month of the academic session gets wiped out,” she rued.

“With festival season round the corner, the exams will play a spoilsport,” lamented Sarika, a student.

“Earlier, we used to celebrate Diwali and Dussehra in school, but now there will be no such celebration,” she said.

When asked about the current syllabi conundrum and the shortage of time for the next semester, Dalbir Singh Dhillon, chairman, PSEB, Mohali, “The syllabus has been designed in consultation and consent with principals of the school and DEOs,” he said.



students speak
‘Punish those involved in scuffle’
Charanjit Singh Teja

Ludhiana, September 1
Group clashes among students have become common in the city. Ludhiana Tribune spoke to students from various city colleges on the issue.

I can't understand it! When the same youth supported social activist Anna Hazare's movement, they raised slogans for peace and harmony. Everybody, including the media was appreciating the role of youth. But the ground realities are different from those of slogans. Our youth has no patience and pays only lip service to peace.

— Ashima Sharma, Student, Khalsa College

It is a regular occurrence. the police should take strict action against the culprits. Only two or three per cent of the youth are involved in scuffles. colleges should check the background of candidates before admitting them.

— Amrit, student, SCD Government College

Punjabi music influences everybody here. Punjabi music channels and industries are also responsible for these incidents to some extent. Punjabi songs are encouraging the youth towards violence, drugs and weapons. The government should put a ban on such types of songs.

— Manbeer, student, Arya College

Such types of incidents create panic among innocent students. The police should take strict action against the students involved in brawls. They should be put behind bars

— Princy Khera, student, Khalsa College.

it is mostly youth addicted to drugs who do such things. They often quarrel on trivial matters and become a headache for not only other students but also for residents.

—Vicky, resident



Brawl between two families leaves one injured
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, September 1
A clash between two families late night left one person injured. As per the information, the incident took place on Tuesday night in which a youth, Sandeep Singh, had a minor altercation with one Malkiat Singh and his son Sony, while coming back home to the Agwar Lopo locality situated on the outskirts of the city.

Neelam Kaur, mother of Sandeep Singh, alleged that following an argument with Malkiat Singh and Sony, her son came to the house. Soon after this, Malkiat Singh and Sony accompanied by more than 20 persons attacked her house.

When the family did not open the gate of the house, the attackers started throwing bricks and stones in the house thus damaging some of the home utensils laying in the corridor of the house, she alleged.

In her complaint to the police, she further alleged that when the attackers did not find anybody coming out of the house, they went back. “But at around 11 pm, they came back again and started hurling abuses and threatening my son. In the meantime, we escaped from the backdoor of the house and spent the night in someone else’s house. Had we not had left the house at that time, they could have seriously injured both my sons”, she claimed.

On the other hand, Malkiat Singh also submitted a complaint at a city police station alleging that Sandeep Singh and his brother Kuldeep Singh attacked his son Sony outside his house last night. “My son got seriously injured during the incident. Following this, we admitted him at the Civil Hospital where he is undergoing treatment”, alleged Malkiat Singh in his complaint.

When contacted, city police station SHO Gurpreet Singh Sandhu stated that he had received complaints from both sides.

Though no case was registered till the filing of this report. “A police party visited the spot this morning and took account of the situation. We have also recorded statements of both sides and are verifying the facts. An appropriate action will be taken after going through all the aspects of the incident”, added the SHO.



MC Act(S) to set deadline for work
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 1
Gone are the days when residents of the city used to make several rounds of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation’s (MC) office for getting their works done. The Punjab Right to Service Ordinance has been promulgated on the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (MC) from August 30 onwards. This empowers people to get their work done in a fixed timeframe, In the first phase, the operations and maintenance cell, building branch and the civic body’s health department have been directed to provide some of their services.

Joint Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation Mohinder Pal Gupta said the passage of this ordinance would bring a much-needed relief to city residents. “Now, the municipal corporation employees would have to do their job in a fixed timeframe, which will not only make them efficient, but also help people in getting their work done,” Gupta added.

Thus, if a city resident wants to get his building plan sanctioned or revised for 500 square yard and below plot, the work will have to completed within 30 days. And for 500 sq yards and above plots, 60 days have been fixed. Fifteen days time has been fixed for the issue of completion or occupation certificate for buildings.

Similarly, if a resident wants water supply or sewerage connection, he will get it in seven days. “If a city resident wants to get a birth or death certificate, he would get it in a day, if its of current date, while for getting these certificates for more than year old cases, the time is three days,” informed Mohinder Pal Gupta.

Officiating Municipal Commissioner Malwinder Singh Jaggi said the corporation would soon install boards giving details of services to be availed. “This will be done so that people come to know about their rights. Any official who fails to provide services within stipulated timeframe can even be fined.”

How will the system work?

n All departments have been asked to make a checklist of documents required at the time of getting these services. MC officials have been asked to collect complete documents only, so that the applicant isn’t harassed in future.
n These applications have to be submitted to officers designated by the departments.
n Failing to provide the services within the stipulated timeframe, city resident can file an appeal with the SDM of that particular area. He will be the first appellant authority. The Deputy Commissioner of the district will be the second appellant authority.
n In case of sanction of building plans and issue of completion/occupation certificate by the Municipal Corporation and where the power to sanction such building plans or issue of completion/occupation certificate has been delegated by the Commissioner, he will have to define such a person as the designated officer for the purposes of this notification to whom such power has been delegated.



Industry strongly reacts to government’s move
Want to bring power under Right to Service Act
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, September 1
Reacting strongly to the government’s move to keep power supply out of the purview of the Right to Service (RTS) Act framed by the Punjab government, industrialists have made a fervent plea for bringing it under the Act since power is the most widely used service by the people.

According to PD Sharma, president, Apex Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Punjab, under the existing arrangement all issues related to power supply are to be sorted through the Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission (PSERC), to which majority of the consumers, including the industry, do not have open access.

“We had taken up all related issues, including the plea for covering power supply under the Right to Service Act, with the commission through YP Mehra, a retired member of the erstwhile PSEB, and now an advisor to the regulatory body. Mehra, in turn, conveyed the demand and grievances of the industry to the commission in a meeting held on August 29,” Sharma added.

Asserting that the power distribution system of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) was in a shambles, and in need of major revamp, the president of chamber said, in fact, the quality and continuity of power are lagging to the chagrin of industrial consumers. “The very basis of the economy of the power corporations is suffering due to the wrong policies of the state government, and the major ailing factor being free power for the farm sector which leaves nothing for investing on the distribution system.”

Citing major reasons for the financial woes of the PSPCL, Sharma said as against a total requirement of Rs 2,000 crore as working capital, the power corporation is utilising loan worth Rs 10,000 crore at a heavy rate of interest. To make the matters worse, the PSPCL is made to bear the burden of populist policies of the government by way of heavily subsidised power supply and tube well connections to farmers.

As per the Electricity Act the state government should pay the capital subsidy to PSPCL for this purpose, which is not happening. The PSPCL, he added, is not even following the directions of the PSERC due to compulsions of its political masters. “All such unwise moves have put the PSPCL financial condition in a mess and there are no funds left to revamp the distribution system.”

The chamber president further said apart from major deficiency in the quality and quantity of power, the industrial consumers in particular, had to face much harassment as far as release of new power connections, cases of theft, misuse of energy or quality of energy meters were concerned.



Travel agent dupes 100 youths
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 1
A Mullahpur-based travel agent has pocketed millions by duping more than 100 innocent youths from different part of the state on the pretext of sending them abroad. A large number of youths today gathered outside the office of the travel agent located on the Mall Road and demanded the registration of case against him.

The victims alleged that the travel agent took money ranging between Rs 90,000 to Rs 1 lakh on the pretext of sending them to Jordan. "The travel agent had assured to fet them visa from JOrdan within 45 days. After submitting the payment, the travel against handed over some documents and claimed that he would give their tickets at Delhi Airport on August 10. I was excited about starting life afresh. I reached the airport on August 9 to catch the flight. On reaching the airport I saw more than 100 youth like me waiting for the flight. We were shocked when we came to know that our visa documents were fake and we were duped by the travel agent,” said Manjit Singh, a resident of Rahon in Nawashehar

Another victim Rajinder Bari said he fell into the trap of the travel agent after reading the advertisement in a vernacular paper. "I handed over my entire saving to him. The travel agent has ruined the future of my children. What I would do now."

Ranjit said the travel agent was operating for the office for the past four month and after duping the innocent youths he shut it and fled away. The youths met the Police Commissioner and urged him to arrest the travel agent at the earliest.

Medical labrotaries, too, were hand in glove with the travel agents. The youths alleged that the laboratory located near Bus Stand charged Rs 2000 form each youth with a promise to hand over the reports to the travel agent.



‘Health dept sick’
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 1
The health department of the district, which is constantly in the forefront of an epidemic outbreak, adulteration or sale of habit-forming drugs, is itself not in pink of health. Three Chief Medical Officers have been transferred within a span of eight months.

The most challenging task is to control epidemics like gastroenteritis, dengue, cholera and swine flu. Last year, during monsoon, more than 1,500 cases of gastroenteritis were reported and more than 12 persons died of it. A large number of people became victim of swine flu during the winter. A few employees of the health department preferred to stay away from helping such patients.

This year alone, more than 200 cases of dengue have been reported. This shows that the dengue is spreading its tentacles. Ironically, the figures of the health department never coincide with the private hospitals.

Dr Satwant Kaur Bhalla (now director, ESI Corporation) was serving as the Chief Medical Officer of Ludhiana. Sources said she remained on leave for most of the time. Dr Yashpal Mehta served as officiating Chief Medical Officer in her absence. Dr HS Bali joined as CMO on June 16. He has been transferred to Sangrur and Dr Daleep Kumar has been appointed in his place.



South city resident cries foul
Was held along with 6 others for shooting at NRI vehicle
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 1
A day after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s distant relative along with six other residents of the South City were booked for shooting at the vehicle of an NRI, the former is crying foul.

He said his name was deliberately dragged in the case to give it a political colour. “I have never used my uncle’s name for seeking favours. It is unfortunate that I am being dragged into the controversy to malign the Prime Minister’s image. I myself will handle the case as I have never sought any favour from him,” said Amanpreet Singh Kohli.

Jatinder Singh, the prime suspect, who along with his son Pushpinder Singh, was nabbed by the Haibowal police, said, “The thieves struck at his house a few days ago and fled with 27 tola of gold jewellery. The police registered a case and assured residents to nab the thieves at the earliest. Jatinder along with other residents was keeping a watch in and around the house following the incident.”

A car stopped at the backyard of the house on the night of August 29, Jatinder added. He suspected it to be the handiwork of Simratpal Singh Brar, who was doing something in the car, and fired in the air. Brar fled from the spot. The cops were well aware of the issue. Jatinder claimed that he called the police and briefed them about the incident.

“Yesterday, we (I and my son) were summoned to the police station yesterday and arrested. Later on, the police told us that Amanpreet has also been booked for attempt to murder case,” said Jatinder Singh

Amanpreet Singh Kohli, who is also a worker of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, said: “Simratpal Singh Brar, the complainant, had apologised to residents and the police for roaming in the area in the dead of the night. We were shocked to learn that the police has registered a case under Section 307 of the IPC against us. The residents are scared due to the repeated incidents of theft taking place in the area. The police, instead of solving our problem, has booked us in a false case.”

According to investigating officer Gurmeet Singh, the case was registered on the complaint of Simratpal Singh Brar, a resident of South City.

Brar has alleged that Jatinder Singh and his son Pushpinder Singh along with others had shot at his vehicle on the night of August 29 following a fight.

While Jatinder Singh and Pushpinder Singh have been arrested, other suspects like Ranvir Singh, Jassi and Amanpreet Singh are absconding.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Gurpreet Singh downplayed the incident. He said Amanpreet Singh was not directly involved in the case and his name was included on the statement of Brar.

SAD worker and Zila Parishad member Sukhwant Singh Tillu, who is also the resident of the area, has strongly condemned the registering of the case against Amanpreet and others.

He stated that the cops deliberately booked the relative of the Prime Minister to give a political colour to the entire incident. “Showing solidarity with neighbours at the time of crises is a crime. Amanpreet visited the house after Jatinder’s son Pushpinder called the former and told him about Brar and one of his accomplice.”

The accused were produced before the court today and remanded in judicial custody.



ludhiana-patiala route
Toll barrier shifted, but commuters still being taxed
Our Correspondent

Doraha, September 1
A toll barrier was shifted from Doraha to Ladowal about three years ago, but those travelling in private or government buses rue that are still being forced to pay toll tax on the Ludhiana-Patiala route, even though there is no toll barrier en route.

People commuting between Ludhiana and Patiala are being charged Re 1 for 10 to 20 kilometers between the toll limits and hence if a passenger has to ply from Ludhiana to Patiala he will have to shell out Rs 5 to Rs 6 extra, which is illegal, commuters allege.

The issue has been highlighted in newspapers on numerous occasions but to no avail. “The passengers who travel once in a while don’t bother to pay extra but the daily commuters keep on complaining endlessly but to no avail. Neither conductors nor drivers have any authentic answer to this fleecing. They keep on charging money and passengers keep on paying, after all who wants to spoil his day by engaging in such debate early in the morning or after returning exhausted in the evening. It now seems that the passengers are no longer interested in arguing over the issue,” a daily passenger said.

The conductors and drivers express their helplessness in the absence of any official order. They say since the toll barrier has been lifted from Doraha, the authorities should waive the fee as well. One such passenger complained, “If the government does not pay heed and continue to exploit the passengers, we shall not sit back.”



land acquisition
Farmers oppose move to appease pvt companies
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, September 1
The Kirti Kisan Sabha, Punjab, has vehemently opposed several provisions of the draft National Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill 2011 while terming it as biased against agriculture and rural development.

In a communique sent to the Union Ministry of Rural Development, the sabha has maintained that the Bill was meant to promote industrialisation and urbanisation, which would ultimately endanger the food security, natural habitat and environmental conditions. If enacted in its present form, the law would cause immense damage to vast majority of the poor and the downtrodden people of the country while also wreaking havoc on the original inhabitants.

The sabha has pleaded that no land be transferred to private companies.



Satinder tops with 79.25 % in MA exams
Charanjit Singh Teja

Ludhiana September 1
The students of Khalsa College for Women, Civil Lines, have brought laurels to their institution by bagging the top positions in Panjab University in MA -1st year (political science) examination. Satinder Kaur stood first in Panjab University by securing 79.25per cent marks, Sukhpreet Kaur bagged second position in the university by securing 78.75per cent, Sarita Sharma clinched the third position in the university by scoring 76.75per cent, Manju Rani bagged the fourth position by obtaining 76.5per cent while Mandeep Kaur and Gurwinder Kaur secured seventh and ninth positions in Panjab University respectively. They have secured 75.5 per cent and 74.75 per cent respectively.

Satinder Kaur, who stood first in the examination, said, "I am good in studies and used to score more than 70 per cent but I didn’t expect to top. I am on cloud nine. The achievement would not have been possible without the support of my parents and teachers."

Talking about her success mantra, Sukhpreet Kaur, who bagged second position, said, "Be regular, revise the lessons at home, don't keep awake at nights, and study early in the morning and taste success ".

Pritpal Singh Grewal, president and Dr SS Grewal, vice-president, managing committee congratulated college principal, Dr Varinder Kaur Thind and the staff of the political science department for their sincere efforts in generating excellent results.



motivational lecture
‘Charm and power of NCC uniform instills responsibility’
Tribune News Services

Ludhiana, September 1
The NCC unit at the Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women, Gujarkhan Campus, Model Town, organised a motivational lecture today. Lt Col Subhash Sehgal, commanding officer 3 Punjab Girls Battalion, spoke about the tri-benefits of NCC to the nation, institution and students. Sehgal said, "NCC makes a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest discipline youth organisation. I feel proud to state that the present strength of NCC is 13 lakh which will cross the mark of 15 lakh this year."

He said NCC's major role is in nation building as the youth is the future of the nation. The charm and power of NCC uniform instills responsibility, confidence, focus and consciousness making the cadets better citizens working for the welfare of their co-citizens and the country in turn.

Sehgal added that NCC is also lucrative for students not only through its foreign exchange programmes or meeting dignitaries of India but also getting reservation in paramilitary services and exemption from written exam like CDSE to join armed forces along with bonus of 2-3 per cent for higher studies.

College principal Dr Karmjit Kaur Virdi delivered a vote of thanks by reassuring the commitment to groom the youth of today as the leaders of tomorrow.



Doc gets international scholarship
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 1
Dr Tanveer Singh Bhutani, a city based orthopaedic surgeon, has got international scholarship for European fellowship and got his 6 papers accepted for presentatation at international conference in Europe.

Dr Bhutani, who has earlier served at SPS Apollo Hospital, said, "I have been conducting a research on many topics in orthopaedics and had sent six papers for presentation in SICOT, the international orthopaedic conference to be held in Europe. All six papers have been accepted and now I will present these papers in the SICOT International Orthopaedic Conference, which will be held in Prague, Czech Republic from September 9.'' 



50 farmers to participate at CIPHET farm innovators meet
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 1
Aiming to provide a common platform to farmers innovating in post harvest technology across the country, the Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology will organise a national farm innovators meet on its campus on September 5.

"The purpose of this meet is to bring to the fore, front indigenous technologies developed by farmers on their own in the area of agro-processing, value addition, farm structures, shelters, reduction of post harvest losses," said the head, Transfer of Technology Division, Dr Deepak Raj Rai, who would also be coordinating this national-level meet.

Saying that the meet will be the first of its kind in the region, Rai said that farmers/entrepreneurs willgive power point presentations besides bringing samples of products developed by them. "It is also expected to open up new avenues for collaborative research between farmers and scientists and further improvements of technologies developed by the farmers at their own level," he added

CIPHET director Dr RK Gupta hoped that the meet would provide a unique platform to both farmers and scientists. Dr RP Kachru, former ADG, ICAR, will be the chief guest on the occasion. Around 50 farmers from across the country are expected to take part in the meet.



Metro Cash and Carry opens centre
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 1
Metro Cash and Carry announced the opening of a city wholesale distribution centre here today. The Ludhiana center will be a one-stop shop to meet all the needs of business customers in Punjab.

“Our Ludhiana wholesale centre opens its doors to customers in the city.We offer customised solutions to meet unique business needs of the market. We tailor our assortment to the needs of our registered business customers and most of our products are sourced from local suppliers. We also conduct training programmes to support various target groups including traders, chefs, restaurant owners, caterers and dhabas.,” said Rajeev Bakshi, managing director, Metro Cash and Carry.



Man saved from drowning

Ludhiana, September 1
According to a press note issued by Sat Paul Mittal School, a man drowning in Sidhwan Canal was saved by a member of the support staff at the school. Support staff Gopal Singh, jumped into the river and saved the man who was drowning .

The man was being washed away with the flow of water near the Jawaddi Kalan-Model Town Bridge at 10.15 am. A few people saw him and suddenly a crowd gathered around the bridge. A few men, including Gopal Singh, jumped into the water and brought the man ashore. — TNS



from schools
Investiture ceremony

Ludhiana: The old team of Sparkz, an investiture company, passed on the duties to new team during its investiture ceremony at KVM School.

The company started two years ago as a joint venture of commerce students and teachers with the aim of developing managerial skills of students and providing first hand experience of technicalities of running a business. Students here perform on various corporate designations of the company like Chief Executive Officer and managing director. Principal Navita Puri applauded the efforts made by the previous team in earning profit and also donating a sum of Rs 10,000 to the cause of saving wildlife, a project undertaken by the school. Members of the old team shared their experiences in Sparkz.

Eid celebrations

Children celebrate Eid at Spring Dale Public School in Ludhiana on Thursday. Spring Dale School celebrated Eid. The function started with 'Taqreer' and was followed ‘qawwali’. Students were attired as famous Muslim personalities like Mumtaz Mahal, Anarkali and Shah Jahan. The message ‘Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Issai, Aapas mei hai Bhai-Bhai’ of human brotherhood was given to students. Chief guest Avinash Kaur Walia told students to be true Indians leaving aside the barriers of caste, colour and creed.
Children celebrate Eid at Spring Dale Public School in Ludhiana on Thursday. A Tribune photograph

‘Ganpati mahotsav’

Ganpati Mahotsava began at Green Land Public School amidst chanting of hymns and mantras. Hira Singh Gabria, Minister of Jails and Cultural Affairs, performed a ceremony called ‘Anawarn’. The money offered by devotees and contribution made by the trust of the temple will be used in the marriage of needy girls. — TNS



Four arrested for murdering youth
Our Correspondent

Samrala September 1
The Machiwara police has arrested four persons, including three brothers, in connection with the murder of a youth of Tandi Mand village.

Machiwara SHO Pawanjeet said that four persons out of five who were booked by the police were nabbed during raids at different places.

The police has also claimed to have recovered a “kirch”(a sharp- edged weapon) that was used in the murder and a motorcycle. According to the SHO, the arrested have been identified as Jarnail Singh, Gurpreet Singh, Kulwinder Singh all brothers and residents of the same village while the fourth arrested was identified as Ashok Kumar of Noorpur village.

He said that fifth accused Kulwant Singh was still at large and efforts were on to nab him also.

On August 28, a youth, Lakhvir Singh, was allegedly stabbed by Jarnail Singh and others during a scuffle in the village volleyball play ground and he died.

The SHO said that all four arrested were presented in a court at Samrala today and were sent to one-day police remand. He also said that special police parties had been dispatched to arrest the other accused, Kulwant Singh, who is also the brother of the said accused.



3 held with vehicles, 82 kg poppy husk
Our Correspondent

Khanna September 1
The Khanna district police conducted special raids in the district and arrested three persons with three vehicles and recovered 82 kg of poppy husk and 10-gm smack from their possession.

In a press note issued by khanna SSP Mandeep Singh Sidhu stated that the police parties arrested 4 persons with their vehicles during nakabandi at three different places in the district.

In the first case a police party of Samrala police headed by SI Saroop Singh arrested a person with an Indica car during a naka near Samrala and recovered 10-gm smack from his possession. A case under Sections 21,61 and 85 of the NDPS act was registered against him at the Samrala police station. According to police officials, the arrested person was also wanted in connection with some other cases registered against him.

In another case, a team of CIA Khanna, headed by Inspector Gurmeet Singh arrested Devinder Singh and his brother Harpreet Singh, from Baghour village of Khanna with a Bolero and recovered 60 kg of poppy husk from their vehicle.

According to a press note issued by the SSP, eight different type of cases are already pending against them at different police stations.

A case under Section 15,61 and 85 of the NDPS act was registered against them at the Sadar police station, Khanna.

In another case, a police party of Payal headed by SI Nachater Singh arrested two persons named Satnam Singh, a resident of Ambala, and recovered 22kg of poppy husk from his possession and a case under the NDPS Act was registered against him at the Payal police station.

The police is investigating the arrested persons.



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