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Questionable ‘darbar’ move in J&K

J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah in a tweet has questioned the wisdom of the 140-year old exercise of ‘darbar’ move (OPED article “Tale of two cities and Rs 100 crore” May 2). Though there is huge wastage of money in the process, nobody has given any plausible way out to fulfil the aspirations of the people of all the regions and save the tax payers’ money also.

Looking at the gravity of the financial losses and problems faced by the people residing in different geographical regions of the state, the government should remain in Jammu during summer and in Srinagar during winter.  In view of advancement in technology like computers, which help reduce file work, we should hope the Durbar Move would automatically become redundant.

It is not only the money involved, the practice since 1872 is aimed at redressing the psychological, religious, geographical and strategic needs of all the three regions of the state of J&K. Such arrangement is not only practiced in J&K, some other Indian states like Maharashtra and Himachal Pradesh also follow a somewhat similar practice though with a lesser timeframe.

SK KHOSLA, Chandigarh


What is needed is a viable harmonious solution to minimise the cost of the Durbar Move. The cumbersome movement of truckloads of files could be dispensed with by making use of information technology. The original records can be stored at the regional HQ to which they pertain. Elsewhere if wanted for reference, computers could facilitate their consultation as and when needed. This would prune the dreaded, fiscal excessive movement cost. The movement of ministers and senior officers’ could keep them aware of ground realities on both sides. The secretariat staff could be bifurcated and allotted region wise. The High Court of J & K could set up circuit benches for the convenience of the affected.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Role models are readily forthcoming, for amicable solutions. After the formation of the Union of South Africa, the country has thrived with three capitals. South Africa in its present avatar has not discarded the same. The United Provinces had the administration functioning from Lucknow with the High Court at Allahabad. Good governance can reach the doorsteps of the disgruntled sections with negligible fiscal expenditure by making optimum use of modern gadgets.

V I K SHARMA, Jalandhar

Misuse of IPC

The views expressed in the editorial "Dowry deaths” (May 4) reveals only one side of the story.

Nowadays, false complaints regarding dowry cases far outnumber the genuine ones. The misuse of IPC is so rampant that even Supreme Court has termed it as "legal terrorism" in one of its well-known judgments. False complaints of dowry harassment have literally clogged the system.

The brides use this handy weapon to settle scores even when the reason of disharmony is anything other than dowry. Reputation of many families gets damaged beyond repair when innocent in-laws are tortured by police due to the bride's false complaint. This very act has been misused since its inception, government data indicates the same. So it is the right time to make necessary amendments in Section 498A (making it bailable) so that guilty are punished and false complaints are dealt firmly.



India has the dubious distinction of being the only country where dowry deaths are known to exist (Dowry deaths, May 4). When as members of society, we have no qualms about extracting a price for marrying off a son amounting to moral corruption; how can we do away with bribery at work place? Both are inter- related, because it is the same set of greedy people, with the same depraved attitude, working in offices and elsewhere who behaviorally eye other people’s property even in social customs like marriage.

Another factor contributing to this malady is hypocrisy. When a daughter is to be married off, we curse dowry. But the same family changes tune in favour of dowry, when they have to marry off a son.

Can anyone tell the difference between a dowry seeker and an extortionist, an arm-twister wanting to extract undue favours from a weakling, an underworld don training his eyes on someone’s property in return for granting protection, a corrupt babu expecting bribe to move a file?

If a groom cannot afford a decent life for a family, what right does he have to enter into this holy liaison? There are countries who will not allow a car to a person who cannot show proof of owning a parking space. The analogy should apply here too. Since the law for compulsory registration of marriages is being enacted, the groom must show proof that he can support a family all by himself, only then should his marriage be registered.


Rudderless boat in stormy sea

Pension is like a cushioned arm chair especially meant for old age. But pensionless retirement is like a rudderless boat in a stormy sea. Unlike their counterparts in government service, there is no pension benefit for non-government retirees. But then there are lakhs who are simply jobless.

Facing such predicament in life, this wise saying gives some respite, “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”.




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