Nothing serious about it
Sabia Talwar

The cast of Punjabi movie Carry on Jatta is all-agog about the comic treat that is on its way…

The shutterbugs clicked and there was excitement all around - "Mahie, smile please". "Gippy give us a funky shot." "Ghuggi unleash your laugh" – when the cast of Punjabi movie Carry on Jatta came to Chandigarh on Sunday. While Mahie was happy about her homecoming, Gippy sported a cap with the title of the movie and Gurpreet stood out in a pink turban.

Simply Punjabi

As the cast declared the house open for questions, we immediately caught up with Mahie. "Chandigarh is my hometown and I have been coming here for the promotion of Bollywood movies, but this time it is for something dedicated to my land." Mahie, who has essayed quality roles in movies like Dev D, Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster and Paan Singh Tomar, feels Punjabi movies are like a getaway for her. "In this movie, I’m a simple Punjabi girl who wears lungi kurtas, salwar suits and even lehenga choli." So a role reversal — from all the boldness to a simple act is what Mahie wants the Punjabi audience to accept? And did someone hear the buzz that Paan Singh Tomar will find a special place at the London Olympics? "All this time I was busy with Carry on Jatta and trust me I have been out of touch with the news, but if that is true I’m overwhelmed." She believes Paan Singh Tomar deserves the Oscar! As for the future, she has her hands full with Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster Returns, Buddha in a Traffic Jam, Mayanagri and a guest appearance in Dabangg 2. Carry on the good work!

Gippy rocks

His respectful expression is a hit with the audience. "The entire cast has almost equal roles, so everyone has played their bit very diligently," says Gippy Grewal. He reveals how the movie is about total confusion between a girl and a guy; and then the comedy part. "Along with entertainment, there is also a hidden message for the youth that they should not fall prey to telling even petty lies." How does he feel about Angreji Beat rocking in the movie Cocktail?

"I’m not struggling for Bollywood anyway and they only approached us for the song, but I’m very happy about its popularity." The singer-cum-actor says that both the jobs — actor and singer — are well-defined. "I have my fan-following for music and also for my acting. I have to be careful in the balancing act." And balance sure he has created!

Comedy man

His comedy has made you laugh and thrown you out of your seats; Punjabi cinema has recognised this pretty well. Says Gurpreet, "Carry on Jatta is a complete comedy package and can be compared to Bollywood hits like Dhamaal and Malamaal Weekly." It’s high time now that even Punjabi cinema offers logical comedy where the language and comic timings are clean enough, so that one can watch the movie along with the family. Gurpreet will next be seen with Bollywood’s action man Akshay Kumar in Khiladi 786 and in a cameo role in Joker.

Fashionably late

The talks went on and then the late-comers Rana Ranbir, Binnu Dhillon and Karamjit Anmol entered. A look at Shampy from Jatt and Juliet (Rana Ranbir) can’t stop you from bursting into laughter. "I would first of all say that in Carry on Jatta also I have a short and sweet role just like Shampy; I thank my audience for loving me."

Karamjit Anmol thanks Gurpreet and Gippy for restoring faith in him. Binnu only says wait for the movie’s release on July 27!

Small steps in B-town
Jasmine Singh

Gavie Chahal enjoyed the experience of working with Salman Khan in
Ek Tha Tiger

By now just about everyone is familiar with the mantra of survival in Bollywood. It takes a single ‘name’ to surpass all barriers and be there — Salman Khan. If you know him, it is like you have hit the jackpot and if bhai sees you nothing can stop you from being noticed on the silver screen!

This is one formula for survival, but then there are people who would love to work with Sallu bhai, but they cannot rule out the game play of destiny, hardwork and tons of patience.

Gavie Chahal, Punjabi actor from Patiala, hits big with his debut movie Ek Tha Tiger starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. The movie has been directed by Kabir Khan of New York and Kabul Express fame. Gavie was the winner of reality show Fear Factor and played the lead in TV soap Mohe Rang De, but nothing to match Ek Tha Tiger! “A few months back I was reading the news about Kabir Khan starting his most-awaited project — Ek Tha Tiger. I imagined myself as part of the project, but I did not know the ‘right kind of people’ in Bollywood,” says Gavie, who wants to run through the course of events without giving it a break. “Then one day I bumped into Kabir Khan, who was still to finalise someone for my character. I was auditioned twice for the role and finally bagged it.” We can hear that child-like excitement in his voice!

About his role in the film, Gavie talks in bits and pieces. “It is an important role with Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. We have many fight scenes together,” he says not revealing much about the character. Ask him anything about the generosity of Sallu Bhai on the sets, of the down-to-earth attitude of Katrina or the dedication of Kabir Khan, Gavie can talk nineteen-to-dozen.

“I have read many things about Salman, but one thing that I felt is that he has a positive aura around him. He doesn’t behave like a superstar on the sets. Ditto for Katrina, if she doesn’t find a chair after the shot, she is more than willing to squat on the floor,” adds Gavie, who is learning the ways of Bollywood.

Gavie moved to Mumbai almost six years back and is yet to find out the right tricks to get there. “I have never moved around and dropped my pictures at production houses for I know they wouldn’t be entertained. Here, you have to have the right connections; the only one connect I have is with my work and god, I guess both worked in my favour in this case,” he adds.

With many small and big time faces in Punjab trying their luck in Hindi films, the chances of getting lost in an ensemble star cast looms large. “This is surely a fact,” Gavie does not rule out the possibility of not being noticed in a big film. “I have heard about incidents where roles were reduced to an appearance on the editing table. However, I spoke to Kabir Khan and he takes care of all his characters. I am not expecting a superstar treatment or being all over, nonetheless my work will still be seen,” Gavie sounds positive.

Dabbling with two-three Punjabi movies alongside, Gavie would ideally want to do more than just Punjabi cinema. “This is what I relate to. I will be open to Bollywood if there is anything for me. Essentially, Punjabi cinema is where I find my niche.”

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: The need is to be vigilant as someone at office might try to harm your interest or reputation. Call friends you haven't seen for a long time. Drive carefully. Tarot message: You have well-wishers around who will give you sound advice.

Lucky colour: Turquoise

Lucky number: 60

TAURUS: Finances would take up a major chunk today. This is also a good time to deal with loans, debts and credits. Businessmen may decide to take care of their portfolios, stocks and shares. Tarot message: Take limited risks and don’t jeopardise your long term capital. Lucky colour: Aqua

Lucky number: 52

GEMINI: Many of you may receive some sound counsel from unexpected sources. Those of you facing a cash crunch may be helped out by a friend.

Tarot message: Health of elderly members at home will need looking after.

Lucky colour: Rainbow pastels

Lucky number: 46

CANCER: This may be quite a surprising and rewarding day. Many of you may receive pay hikes that were unexpected while others may receive appreciation for their hard work. There would be quite a bit of monetary profits today.

Tarot message: Leave things open-ended for best results. Lucky colour: White Lucky number: 39

LEO: The day would be busy yet you would be able to achieve a lot in your personal and professional life. Your labour of the past few days would be appreciated. Tarot message: You need to be creative if you want to retain your grip over your business.

Lucky colour: Sea Green

Lucky number: 28

VIRGO: A hectic social life would keep you on your toes today and lead to some new and interesting associations. A special someone may not have enough time for you. At work, there may be some delays.

Tarot message: Everything will get sorted out on its own.

Lucky colour: Cream

Lucky number: 63

LIBRA: Most of you would be craving for something stimulating and entertaining today. Certain complications at work may be getting trickier and you may have to adopt a different method to solve it. Tarot message: You will get the help you need if you ask for it.

Lucky colour: Deep red

Lucky number: 41

SCORPIO: Manage personal relationships with diplomacy. This would be a day in which you would need to think with your heart. You and your partner need to discuss important issues to make your future pleasant. Tarot message: Do not overspend just to impress others. Lucky colour: Orange

Lucky number: 32

SAGITTARIUS: Singles would receive good proposals and should consider them. Stomachache, backache and the like may bother you. At work, you would be open to feedback. Some of you would also be planning for promotions. Tarot message: Over optimism could lead to mistakes. Lucky colour: Mauve. Lucky number: 30

CAPRICORN: If confused about relationships, don’t hesitate to seek help and guidance. Those who are married would bring the spark back into their relationship. Tarot message: You can stabilise your financial situation if you make property investments.

Lucky colour: Peach

Lucky number: 64

AQUARIUS: Travelling and communication would be a part of the day. Some of you may also be philosophical and spiritually inclined. Imagination is important for artists and script writers.

Tarot message: Avoid gossip session at work place.

Lucky colour: Saffron

Lucky number: 50

PISCES: Adventure, fun, entertainment would be on the top of your mind today and you may spend a good deal of time at get-togethers. Most of you would have a strong desire to become more efficient. Tarot message: Be sure of involving yourself as much as possible in a new project. Lucky colour: Purple Lucky number: 25

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is July 24...

Venus has decided to put some harmony into your working environment. Why not promote cordial relationships with colleagues or employees? How about organising a get-together this year? An office romance may also happen. A new diet, fitness program, beauty treatments, a new hair style or cosmetic surgery are favoured. Income will come from unexpected sources. Career can be quite challenging. Relationships may suffer due to lack of communication. Throat problems are likely. You'll be able to reap the benefits of a task, which you managed to fulfill. You'll be pleased with the results. Avoid being too arrogant as this could lead to misunderstandings and problems.

Take the middle path. You'll manage to deal with all the various tasks you have and won't overdo things. On the economic side, be careful to dodge any risk of robbery or loss.

Few can successfully compete with you on a level playing field.  You will win the game if you face your opponents directly. Although negativity around you threatens your confidence, you must stick to the routine even if you are discouraged. Many of you may hit 'more than one,' of these areas. In-laws, parents, elders and visitors may require more time and attention than normal.

There will be significant money inflow. Your prowess at work will be exemplary and the quality of work delivered by you will be exceptional. A distraction may trouble you just a tad.

You will benefit from your physical strength. You will handle some physical trials very well. You will be in good health, especially women. Those who suffer from kidney condition will notice some improvement.

Mood: Grateful at times. Compatible signs: Leo, Virgo. Lucky Colours: Burly wood, aquamarine. Lucky days: Wednesday and Friday. Lucky numbers: 6, 11, 16, 22, 42

Manoj Kumar (original name Harikrishna Giri Goswami, July 24,1937) shares birthday with you. Incidentally, he was born in Abbottabad, a town of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, then part of India, now in Pakistan where Osama Bin Laden was killed recently. Famous for making films with patriotic themes, he has been given the nickname "Mr Bharat" and was honoured with the Padma Shri. Upkaar also noted for the famous song Mere Desh Ki Dharti was a hit and won Kumar his first Filmfare Best Director Award. After Kranti, Kumar's career began to decline in the 1980s as all of his films failed at the box office. His trademark gesture with his hand covering the face was very popular and continues to be the butt of jokes of stand-up comedians. Number 6 which denotes Venus repeats twice in his birth date. He may not keep good health in 2013.

Chatter box
The scare dare test

Big CBS Prime brings a new horror show ‘13: Fear Is Real’, that will scare the viewers. This is the first ever reality horror show for the Indian audiences. Imagine the Blair Witch Project as a reality series? This is pretty much on the similar lines.

13: Fear Is Real is a spine-tingling series combining the horror genre with a reality show format. Contestants are taken on a journey with challenges and games are designed to frighten them on the way. Similar to horror films, the challenges will play into our deepest fears and anxieties and will reveal things the contestants never knew about themselves. Combining reality and scripted horror, this series features 13 contestants staying in a spooky house and forced to confront their deepest fears. The last one standing wins $66,666. Commenting on the show, spokesperson of BIG CBS Networks said, “The popularity of reality shows is ever increasing and Indians have developed a strong liking for this concept. 13: Fear Is Real is an amalgamation of the reality show concept with the supernatural. The channel brings this show to the viewers with an aim to deliver quality.”

Back on the track

Aman VermaFamous for his great anchoring skills, Aman Verma has made special appearances in many hit films. After getting into the casting couch controversy, Aman disappeared from the screen for a long time.

It was only a while back that we got to see him back on the small screen with shows like Na Aana Is Des Laado and Choti Bahu. Aman will yet again show his anchoring skills as he is set to host the third season of Star Plus’ show Khulja Sim Sim. "The show got a great response and we are hoping this season to be a great success too. I am happy to be doing this show again," says Aman. Khullja… is a game show wherein the host randomly picks up the participants from the studio audience. The participant has to trade between various options and then gets a chance to win a jackpot.

Love is in the air

MUSH FACTOR: Aishwarya Sakhuja

Aishwarya Sakhuja aka Toasty from Saas Bina Sasural is an ideal bahu in the show. This down-to-earth girl has not spoken much in public about her relationship status in real life.

According to the latest buzz, she is in a relationship with director Rohit Nag. Aishwarya surprisingly confirmed the reports. She said, “I am in relationship for the last four years. He is from the industry but certainly not an actor. His name is Rohit Nag and he is a director.” They met during a show and interacted quite a lot. “We are in no hurry to get married. As of now, we want to have a great time. Compared to him, I am very shy. He is more vocal. I try to give as much time as possible to him and my relationship. We both understand each other very well,” she added.

100 episodes strong

Sony Entertainment Television's popular show Kyaa Hua Tera Vaada adds another feather to its cap by completing 100 episodes. The show starring Mona Singh, Pawan Shankar and Mauli Ganguly in the lead has been creating waves especially after the male protagonist leaves his wife for the other woman. Kya Huaa Tera Vaada has always managed to spice up its storyline and added sudden twists and turns to the plot. Reaching the milestone of a 100 episodes, the cast and crew were in a celebrating mood. They had a small cake cutting ceremony to celebrate the achievement.

Zooming on Waheeda Rehman

Waheeda Rehman signed the Guide when her counterparts in the industry were doing love stories or family dramas. The yesteryear actress says she took up the 1965 film as a challenge because it highlighted the grey shades in her onscreen character.

The 76-year-old legendary actress, whose portrayal of Rosie was appreciated by the audience, said it was tough to play a rebellious character at that time when the film industry was not open to such roles.

"When I signed Guide, my colleagues in the industry said that I was committing a big mistake. They even said that this might be my last film because that was the phase when actresses in the industry were portrayed as submissive women.

We used to do love stories or family dramas where women were ideal in every role. "But luckily, I had an open mind and took the project because it was a film and not real life. My character was an inspiration for me. When the film became a hit and everyone found my character interesting, I remember those same colleagues sent me telegrams appreciating my performance," Waheeda said.

She started her career in Bollywood with Guru Dutt's crime thriller CID opposite Dev Anand in 1956 and starred in many films including Pyaasa and Kaagaz Ke Phool.

Hailing from a non-film background, Waheeda said she did not face any difficulty in establishing herself as an actress when the industry was mainly ruled by male actors.

"Call it my good luck or my open-minded nature; I never felt that I was overshadowed by my co-stars. I worked with actors like Dev Anand and Raj Kapoor but my character was equally highlighted. I started off my career as a performer and had never thought about success. I chose those films which I wanted to be a part of and show my performance as an artiste," she said.

Waheeda said she chose Guide because she wanted to show people her dancing prowess as very few believed in it.

"As I was born and brought up in a Muslim family, people never believed that I could dance. I am a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and I told Dev (who also happened to be the co-director of the film) not to cut out my dance sequences while editing because it was my dream to work in a dance-based film. I underwent rigorous training for 15 days to perform one dance sequence," she added.

Considered one of the most prominent actresses of the golden era, Waheeda acted in many quintessential classics of Guru Dutt.

Waheeda, who made a comeback into the industry in 2002 with Anupam Kher's Om Jai Jagdish, said she finds Vidya Balan very promising among the new breed of actresses. "All the young actresses are extremely talented. The kind of work Vidya Balan does, is setting a new benchmark in the industry. I have watched all her films be it Dirty Picture or Parineeta and have observed that even she has the penchant for doing something different from the league," she said. — PTI

In the big league
Vasudha Gupta

GOING PLACES: Saanya Ohja.
GOING PLACES: Saanya Ohja. Photo: Manoj Mahajan

Reaching out for the stars is everyone’s dream. But while several people just dream, a few work hard towards it and steal the stars. Saanya Ohja, all of 18, belongs to the second category. Her pretty face shines as she does the salsa steps, but does not drop a hint that she is one of the 15 international students in the most exclusive class of 45 students which are a part of the Huntsman Program, an accelerated dual degree programme at the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania.

From staying with farmers in Tasmani for an exchange programme to meeting the Queen of England, she sure has a lot to her credit. We discover this bundle of talent...

Motivational factor

Parents always lay the foundation for a child’s success. For Saanya too, her parents have been the constant guiding force. Never forcing her into participation or getting upset over the few marks she lost, Saanya’s parents have let their daughter party and study at her own will. “I would be the one fretting over marks or a missed chance, they never said anything,” she smiles. Their focus has always been to make Saanya a well-groomed individual, rather than a bookworm.

Feathers in the cap

Getting a merit scholarship in class V for topping the class is not everyone’s cup of tea. She mostly credits a lot of her success to her school, Vivek High. “I was always an active member of the Round Square Committee,” she says. Her association with Round Square not only allowed her to attend a three-month student exchange programme, and attend service projects in remote Indian villages, but also gave her the opportunity to attend an international conference at Wellington College, UK, where she had an opportunity of meeting the Queen of England. “That was a surreal experience,” she recollects. Apart from this, the conference took her to Germany and Austria for a pre-conference. Saanya has earned the world rank 15, among 250 contestants from world over at the International Independent Schools Public Speaking Competition held at Ashbury College, Canada. But it was not until her Leadership and Global Development Programme at Brown University that she knew where she wanted to study next. “It was there, last year that I decided to go to the US for further studies,” she says. Today, a year later, she is headed to the best business school in the world on a 100 per cent scholarship. Recipient of the prestigious Aditya and Megha Mittal Scholarship as well as the Khemka Scholarship, not only is her undergraduate education taken care of but she will also be receiving guidance and mentorship from the Global Education and Leadership Foundation (GELF) throughout her higher education.

This storehouse of intellect was also one of the top ten student leaders chosen to represent India at RGS-ICYL, International Convention for Youth Leaders at Singapore.

Strengths and weaknesses

Adaptable and goal oriented, it was long back when Saanya decided what she wanted to do in life. An avid reader and not fussy about anything at all, she credits her flexibility to her travel experiences. “Once travelled widely, one cannot be fussy over eating habits and living conditions,” she says. At Wharton, she aims to learn the nuances of business and when the time comes, she wishes to leave her mark on the business world. Interested in social entrepreneurship in India, she wants to explore her options before finally zeroing down on a career. The two-month- long student exchange programme to Scotch Oakburn College in Tasmania got her to stay with farmers on a 3000 acre farm where she milked cows, picked berries and did everything a farmer does. Her sense of detachment makes her a calm, easy going person, who won’t have a nervous breakdown over any setback. As far as her weakness goes, she says, “My biggest weakness is that the hardest person to please in my life is me. I am never satisfied with my efforts and always push myself to go that extra mile and put in that extra hour. Self-criticism can be rather annoying as I am seldom as happy with my efforts as compared to those around me.”

Flipside of being an achiever

People judge you and form opinions about you even before they have talked to you,” she says. This fuels a lot of misconceptions about her. “I am a very friendly and vivacious person but all my friends have confided in me that before they came and talked to me for the first time, they had a very wrong impression that I had airs and attitudes,” she says. This gets annoying, sometimes, for her. 

Words of wisdom

“I believe it’s better to live with disappointment rather than regrets,” she says. For this young girl, it’s about making an effort and failing than not trying at all. “Just have a few people by your side to fall back upon,” she adds. In the world of social networking, she suggests it’s important to draw the line and not stay hooked to the fad. “One must grab all opportunities that present themselves. It’s also important to be humble, because there are always going to be people who're better than you,” she says.

Leading from the front

Bhairvi Raichura, the producer of social thriller show Chhal Sheh Aur Maat on Colors is riding high on success these days. Her first show jointly produced by 24 Frames has got good response from the viewers. She is enjoying her stint as a producer because she has got recognition in the television industry where big producers are dominating the television industry. Bhairvi talks about her journey on television.

How did you turn into a producer?

I met my partner Nandita Mehra on the sets of Astitva Ek Prem Kahaani and we hit it off well and jointly formed a production house (24 Frames). We decided to do it together. It took sometime for things to materialise.

How do you maintain smooth running of events?

I have a professional team. I handle production, Nandita Mehra handles the creative job and my sister handles finance. Our team is strong and we share each and everything.

Was it a big gamble to choose a thriller subject?

Colors told us to come up with a social thriller drama. So we started a thriller daily soap. I am trying something new with this show. In the later stages, it will include family drama also.

How different is the job of a producer?

As a producer you have to work hard with the entire team but as an actor you finish your shooting and go home after doing a shift. We also take care of the telecast timings. We have managed everything now. Our show is doing well.

Are you single?

Yes, I am single. My younger sister is married. When I will find a suitable match for me I will definitely get married.

The TV industry is dominated with male producers. Your take on that.

People now appreciate our work and the channels have started giving shows to creative people like us. Gender bias isn’t there anymore.

Please tell us about casting couch?

I have not come across anything like a casting couch. God has been very kind to me.

Who is the real Bhairvi Raichura?

Bhairvi is a dreamer and believes in making her dreams come true.

— Dharam Pal

HEART talk
Respect family values
Parvesh Rana

I am a 16-year-old boy and I stay in a joint family. My father does nothing without asking his elder brother, and he has completely refused my request to let me take up deejaying. For everything I have to do, he first asks his brother. Don’t you think I should be allowed to make my own decisions?

— Mehul, Chandigarh

You are too young to make your own decisions, and you shouldn’t be interfering in the functioning of the family. Yes, you have the right to express your likes and dislikes, but that does not mean you can function independently. Joint families work with some pattern, so try talking it out to the head of the family. I am sure something will work out.

I am a 24-year-old girl studying in a local college. My parents do not approve of my hanging out with my guy friends. They do not approve of my going out with them at all. Is this just?

— Sneha, Panchkula

There is always some difference of understanding between parents and children. You could be right, but we cannot rule out the possibility of them being reasonable as well. Listen to them, maybe they have a point here. The best thing is to introduce your guy friends to your parents so that they know them as well.

(Rana is a television anchor)

Vanity box
For your eyes only
Ritu Kolentine

Tips on applying mascara

They say that the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. The eyes can really speak for themselves and can often stand on their own. This is why it’s not surprising to know that make-up also focuses much on the eyes. There are so many things available nowadays to enhance the eyes — eye shadows or even eye accessories like eye extensions. And of course, there’s also the ever popular mascara. Mascara enhances the eyes by elongating the lashes and therefore accentuates the beauty of the eyes.

How to apply

Applying mascara is easy. Many a time it is paired with an eye lash curler. What happens is that the eyelash curler is used first to help curl out or flip out the eyelashes for easier application of mascara. Usually, the eyelash curler is heated first so that it can curl out the lashes more effectively and can ensure that the curl would stand for a long period of time. It usually takes a couple of minutes or so before it is taken off the lashes. Then afterwards, you can finally start applying eye mascara gently on your eyelashes.

Things to do

Although it is fairly easy to apply mascara, there are things which you need to remember when you use one.

  • You should apply mascara when you are in front of a mirror which effectively reflects your eye lashes.
  • You should apply eye mascara only when you are inside an unmoving place or somewhere you could not be easily bothered like the bathroom or inside your own room. This is important because one wrong move can cause you to stick the mascara right into your eyes.
  • Never share it with another person. This is very unhygienic and can cause eye problems.
  • n Wash your hands before you apply mascara on to ensure that you won’t bring trouble for your eyes.
  • Remember mascara can be stored for only three months. After that period, you should replace your mascara.

(Kolentine is a Chandigarh-based beauty expert)

Stress buster
Take it easy
Renee singh

Stress, in addition to being itself, and the result of itself, is also the cause of itself. This is what the famous psychologist Hans Selye has said and I do agree with him completely.

Most people keep stressing all the time as a form of “really caring’’ about achieving a goal. But this is not about caring, it’s about stressing.

Relaxed magic

Caring is relaxing, focusing and calling on all of your resources, all of that relaxing magic to action when you pay full attention with peace of mind.

Stress is an ignorant state which makes us believe that everything is an emergency. There is no need for stress. Success in our lives comes from having the right focus and then to remain focused on that concept.


Anything you pay attention to expands. See to it that you focus on the correct things.


Spend it where you want the greatest results, whether in your job situation, relationships, customers or money.

In a relaxed and happy way you can be undivided and peaceful and powerful. If we are constantly in a hurry to get our tasks accomplished, we are surely asking for stress to take over.

Don’t go crazy

Normally in trying to achieve success, people start trying to do several things together, one next to the other or even at the same time. You can convince yourself “I am a multi-tasker, I’m on the run, I can manage’’ but remember you could be heading for a stressful condition.

Slow down

Life could slow down and become excellent. There are so many things that could be delegated to others. Just go ahead and do it. Keeping all tasks in your hands creates tremendous stress. Distribute your work.

Create a vision

To achieve success a vision is very important, and it is also very important to live the vision. You must know where you are headed.

Use positive reinforcement

This actually trumps negative criticism every time. We are too busy chasing problems and criticising people. This becomes a habit with us.

Give yourself ‘no’ power

Learn to say ‘No’ when required, to things that are not important. And say ‘Yes’ to the things that are important. Do not remain in a flux over the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ issue.

(Singh is a psychotherapist)

The eatery
Monsoon platter
Jigyasa Kapoor Chimra

If there is a season for sweet temptations and extra calories, this is it. Although the mercury has not dipped as much, the weather is still a good excuse to stuff oneself with rich and sugar-coated sweetmeats along with some fried delicacies. We get you five places to savour some tried ‘n’ tested monsoon fares.

Malpua magic

If you are a fan of sweetmeats, head straight to Nanak Sweets in Sector-19. This is the destination for the king of all Indian mithais - ‘malpuas’. The secret of their special malpuas is that they are usually made of rabri, a little maida/atta, saunf and then garnished with dry fruits. A yummy deal, you can savour this sweet for Rs seven per piece.

Chat-pat fun

When it’s pouring, who does not like to dig teeth into deep fried aloo ki tikkis with loads of pudina chutney? Well, for the lovers of tikki visit the Ram Chaat Bhandar in Sector 34 market. Hidden amid the square booths, the place probably has one of the best stuffed tikkis priced at Rs 30.

Pick some pakoras

How can monsoon go without a piping hot plate of crisp pakoras? And if you are looking for a shop that will whet your appetite (not mentioning the calorie count) for pakoras, then visit Hospiarpurian the Hatti in Phase V, Mohali. The price is Rs 80 per kg.

Samosa party

The most-loved evening snack of Indians, samosas definitely add charm to the monsoon. Well, if you really want to enjoy some spicy treat then Shammi in Sector 10, Panchkula, is the place to be. Chaman in Sector 7, Panchkula, is another place where you can savour delicious samosas. Priced at Rs 8 per piece.

Something sweet

When it comes to sweets, jalebi is the undisputed queen of Indian mithais. And when it is raining, all the more better! To have some crisp desi ghee jalebis go to Gopal’s in Sector 35.

Bitter-sweet Kalki

Known for her offbeat roles in Dev D and Shaitan, Kalki Koechlin will soon be seen playing fun loving avatars in movies such as Ek Thi Daayan and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. The 29-year-old actress, who began her career playing an MMS scandal victim who turns into a prostitute in 2009 release Dev D, was last seen portraying a student activist in Shanghai. "I am playing this bohemian happy-go-lucky girl in Ek Thi Daayan. She is a very sweet non-daayan like character. I do get into an unpredictable zone but the inherent sweetness doesn't go," Kalki said. The film, directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, also stars Konkona Sen Sharma and Huma Qureshi. "I am not necessarily a daayan but then I could be the one! It is this very unpredictability about the film that I love most. It is a contemporary film set in today's Mumbai," Kalki added.

The actress is also busy these days shooting for the Karan Johar-produced Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Talking about her character, Kalki said, "In this film I play a very loving girl, someone who everyone falls for. This is again the kind of character that I have never done before. I am getting into the shoes of this really bindaas, loud and funny girl." Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani stars ex-flames Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor and is directed by Ayan Mukerji.

"Ayan is a very interesting and promising director. I liked his Wake Up Sid a lot. He has a lot of enthusiasm and energy that makes you believe in the film you are doing. He is also shooting the film quite beautifully. The film has the kind of setting that requires us to travel a lot," Kalki said.

The actress says, despite some critically acclaimed performances, there were times when she was out of work as she wasn't being offered the right kind of projects.


Who’s next?

Director Rohit Shetty has quashed rumours of Kareena Kapoor being cast opposite Shahrukh Khan in his next project Chennai Express and says that the leading lady will be finalised soon.

"I have not really (approached Kareena Kapoor), she knows what I am making. I might do something else with Kareena," Shetty said in an interview.

Grapevine is abuzz that Deepika Padukone is likely to feature opposite King Khan in the film. "Just wait for ten days and then everyone will come to know who it is. In ten days time, we will announce our heroine," he said.

Interestingly for Shetty, Chennai Express is the first film where he will be working without his close buddy Ajay Devgn. In all the eight films that Shetty has directed till date, Ajay has been a common factor and the director says CE, should be taken as an exception. "There is no fight, there is no negativity happening between us. We are working together for Singham 2. I don't think people should question the bond we share," Shetty said. Ask him if there is any scope where he can have Ajay Devgn doing a cameo in the film, the 39-year-old director says, "Not really as the script is almost ready. In two months we will start shooting." Chennai Express will go on floors from the end of September and release would happen mid-next year.


The day after

Boyzone star Ronan Keating says he feels like a failure after an affair with a dancer ended his 14-year marriage to Yvonne Connolly. The 35-year-old said he has finally realised he does not want to be a free spirit and has been going through hell since he split with Connolly in April, reported a publication.

"Nobody wants to go through a relationship and have kids and think it'll ever break up. I see myself as a failure. It's been devastating for the children," he said. Keating insists he tried to save his marriage after Connolly discovered his affair with dancer Francine Cornell. "Yvonne and I drifted apart — it wasn't working anymore, sadly," he added. Keating has a pad near his ex-wife so that he can be close to his children Jack, 13, Marie, 11, and Ali, six. "We obviously don't have the closeness we used to have. That's the hardest thing to bear. I'm a free spirit for the first time in years, but I didn't want that. I liked being in a relationship," he added. —PTI

I am a good match-maker: Eva Longoria

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria thinks she is a good matchmaker when it comes to romantic relationships. The 37-year-old actress, who recently split from boyfriend Eduardo Cruz, said she is good at not only romantic pairing but also business, reported a publication.

"I am a good matchmaker... not always just for love, like in business also. I'm always pairing people up for business and romantically as well," she said. Longoria, who is the executive producer of the upcoming reality dating show, Ready For Love, said she is excited about her show and it's a modern take on the relationship format. "It is so good! I can't wait for you guys to see it. It's just really well done. It's a modern take on the relationship format," she added. —PTI

Leonardo DiCaprio wants to get back with Bar Refaeli?

Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly wants to get back with ex-girlfriend Bar Refaeli.

According to sources, DiCaprio, who is currently dating model Erin Heatherton, is desperate to rekindle his romance with the Israeli supermodel, a publication reported.

"Leo is using Erin. She's nice and all, but she'll never win his heart. He hasn't gotten over Bar, and in many ways he never will. She'll always be the one who got away. Erin's playing the perfect low-maintenance girlfriend, but Leo's going to get bored with that fast. He loved Bar's feistiness and her ability to stand up to him. She was the only girl who was able to drag him home to play dutiful boyfriend. He wanted to marry her and even considered converting to Judaism for her," a source said. Refaeli and DiCaprio called it quits in May 2011. —PTI

Sarah hates to date

Awkward moment: Sarah Harding
Awkward moment: Sarah Harding

Former Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding says meeting new people makes her uncomfortable and she prefers to meet potential boyfriends through mutual friends. The 30-year-old, who split from fiance Tom Crane last September, has since been rumoured to have reconciled with the DJ, reported a website.

"I absolutely hate dating. It's always uncomfortable and awkward. I've always met boyfriends through friends, rather than going on dates with people I barely know," she said. The singer had recently said she is not interested in embarking on a new relationship. "There's no one I'm interested in at the moment. But if it happens, I'm open to it. But I'm concentrating on my career for now. I do have a type - I like a bit of stubble, a couple of tattoos - it's what I've always gone for. I'm not really into clean-cut looking guys," she added. —PTI

In the ‘Grey’ zone

Harry Potter star Emma Watson is reportedly in talks to take on the role of Anastasia Steel in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey. The 22-year-old is said to be the first choice of producers Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti, who have been put in charge of the movie version of E L James' erotic series, reported a website. Watson is said to have the right looks for the part, combining a degree of innocence with the acting skills to portray the young graduate who gets swept into the world of a kinky billionaire, Christian Grey. Others in the frame to play Anastasia are believed to be Elizabeth Olsen, Mila Kunis and Kristen Stewart. — PTI

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