Devotion in soul

Regaling the audience with his khayal and bhajan renditions, Madhup Mudgal believes the relevance of Kabir will never fade away…

Music, especially devotional music, is what Padma Shri Madhup Mudgal grew up with. Regaling the audience around the world with his khayal and bhajan renditions, this classical musical vocalist came to Chandigarh on the opening day of the sixth Annual Kabir Festival Suno Bhai Sadho at the Tagore Theatre.

“My father was a great follower of devotional music and so was my mother. Music has been an integral part of my upbringing,” says Madhup Mudgal. The following generations have carried on the rich legacy. Madhup Mudgal’s sister Madhavi Mudgal and daughter Arushi are accomplished Odissi dancers. Different forms of classical arts merge in this family that also runs Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. “We are the best critics of each other’s work,” admits Madhup Mudgal.

Carrying on his art while also managing Mahavidyalaya on the lines of his father Vinay Chandra Maudgalya, who established the school way back in 1939, this classical vocalist has carried forward the twin responsibilities with élan. “It is not easy I admit, but we have managed due to the able support of our staff and managing committee, whom we have given a free hand,” he says.

As there is no short-cut when it comes to classical arts, they have retained the basic tenets of the school. “Ours is the discipline that requires hardwork and persistence. We do incorporate modernity wherever we can, but not by compromising on the basics at all.”

Ups and downs are part of any field and art is not untouched by it. Madhup Mudgal sees a glorious future ahead. “I am elated by the fact that youngsters are opening up to our rich heritage. The only challenge I see is to save the nuances, about which also I am positive.”

Kabir, the saint, we all have grown up with has been an influence on Madhup Mudgal too. “It’s his honest and truthful approach that appeals to me the most. And his call to do away the dogmas and rituals all together!”

Day two of Suno Bhai Sadho will have Dr Jagir Singh and Ustad Sawan Khan bring alive Kabir and his thoughts once again.

(On at Tagore Festival at 6:30 pm)

I am elated by the fact that youngsters are opening up to our rich heritage. The only challenge I see is to save the nuances, about which also I am positive

Ours is the discipline that requires hardwork and persistence. We do incorporate modernity wherever we can, but not by compromising on the basics at all.

Tradition bound

Kabir kua ek hai, paniyari hai anek…Mahesha Ram says about the great saint. Hailing from the Meghwal community that sings Kabir in folk style, Mahesha Ram has carried the tradition forward.

Based in Chattangadh, Rajasthan, Mahesha Ram has taken Kabir Bani far and wide and is elated that lovers of Kabir are there in different parts of the world. “Kabir is like one well and we all are different vessels who carry his teachings,” says Mahesha Ram, who has taught his style to many, apart from his family. “Gujarat has lots of Kabir followers and in Bangalore, where I taught for close to a month, small kids also know and appreciate him.”

Post Suno Bhai Sadho at Chandigarh, he is headed to Bikaner for another festival. “Kabir and his words have been part of day-to-day life in our region. You will hear him in ‘greh sathapana’ as well as ‘artis’ in the evening,” says Mahesha Ram. Did he ever contemplate changing his career? “I am not for riches. No one remembers the kings for the palaces they have made. However, people do sing of Kabir, Ravi Das and Meera. Kabir is the God and would remain central to our lives!”

Dream come true
Jasmine Singh

Miss India 2013 Navneet Kaur Dhillon is bubbling with excitement. And she wants to have butter chicken to calm her nerves…

“I stared deep into the mirror for a long time. I couldn’t believe it; I still can’t? I have really won?” Not on earth can you miss the zing in her voice. Femina Miss India 2013 Navneet Kaur Dhillon struggles with words to express her happiness.

“I cannot begin to describe that moment; it was like being born again. It was unbelievable, but it is so true,” she exclaims, speaking to herself most of the times. I won, I won and I don’t want this moment to end. Her gibberish takes shape after a while. Currently pursuing media studies from Punjabi University, Patiala, from the department of MJMC, Navneet stayed in Ambala for a long time.

Now all she has is the big dream that now sits pretty with a tiara. “Even before I could speak, I knew I wanted to be Miss World. And look, here I am,” shares Navneet who has a list of people to thank. “I wouldn’t have made it so far without the support of my parents, Gurmeet Mann, Marc Robinson sir and many more.” She keeps the thanks-giving speech short, simple and sweet.

Crowned as Miss India, Navneet had to think out-of-the-box for her individual question that came from the actor John Abraham. The question was – ‘If for one day there are no rules what are the things you would do? She breaks into a crackle. “I thought I would ride a horse in the busy street…” She adds, “I love to ride horses.”

With the big day comes, the big realisation that she has a responsibility on her delicate shoulders. “I just want to be in this room with my room-mate, from the beginning of the pageant we have lived like sisters. I don’t want these days to end,” says Navneet, who would have cried any minute. The days for her brighten up as she is still checking her inbox, which is full. “I want to eat butter chicken now,” Navneet’s palate hasn’t seen anything like this for a long time. “We would have to follow a healthy and yummy diet chart, but now its time for butter chicken.”

Expert eye

Marc Robinson who trained the girls saw the spark in Navneet when he first saw her in Chandigarh. “She grows on you with time; she has an international appeal that will threaten other international beauties,” adds Marc, listing her qualities. “She is naughty, innocent; she speaks her mind. All I need to do is to train her for the international pageant.”

Proud moment
Aman Sood

"Although I am studying in Patiala, I am proud to be the daughter of India,” says the recently crowned Navneet Kaur Dhillon, the daughter of an Army officer. The Dhillon family is currently settled in Patiala while Navneet’s father Colonel Bharpur Singh is currently posted at Bhopal. Navneet is a media studies student in Patiala and hails from village Kathua in Haryana.

So does Bollywood charm her? Says the girl, who also bagged the Femina Miss Glowing Skin Title, “It is too early to predict anything; at present I only want to enjoy the moment and get ready for the responsibility later.”

Expressing confidence in their daughter, Bharpur Singh and his wife Akwinder Kaur echo, “We were always proud of her. When she wanted to participate in the Miss India auditions, there was not an iota of doubt in our minds. Instead we both were eager for her and expected her to do well. Since childhood she has been completing her assignments with great sincerity.” And they were lucky to be with their daughter in Mumbai when she was crowned!

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Turn your attention to financial matters. Go over the figures and see where you stand. If there are problems, discuss them with partners. Forgive and forget is the best policy.

Tarot message: Follow your path sincerely.

Lucky colour: Yellow.

Magic number: 49

TAURUS: Enjoy a friendly gathering in your neighborhood. Good luck is on your side. Love life will be favourable. Any kind of cash crisis will resolve after noon.

Tarot message: Be positive and think carefully before taking action.

Lucky colour: Beige.

Magic number: 64

GEMINI: Listen to your heart. Are you doing something to please somebody else at the expense of your own needs? If the answer is yes, then it's time for a reassessment.

Tarot message: Use your instinct to get into the top circle of power.

Lucky colour: Burgundy.

Magic number: 30

CANCER: Important relationships will be formed. Stay focused on your goals. Domestic chores will interfere with your plans and at work, minor encounters will affect your psyche. Do not let anything affect you.

Tarot message: Learn from past experiences. Lucky colour: Silver. Magic number: 52

LEO: Older people and family commitments will require your attention. Don't try to dodge them. Do not stress yourself too much. Give your creative talent a vent. Evenings will be exciting.

Tarot message: Be expressive and focused.

Lucky colour: Purple.

Magic number: 60

VIRGO: A recent training or practice programme should pay off big-time today. Enter a competition that will stretch your abilities. Hold-ups and misunderstandings will clear away.

Tarot message: Dare to accomplish long-term tasks.

Lucky colour: Golden.

Magic number: 42

LIBRA: A joint meeting will be held to plan a strategy. Love life will be interesting. Financial gains are likely. Make sure you know what is needed beforehand to avoid delays.

Tarot message: Focus on one thing at a time.

Lucky colour: Orange.

Magic number: 55

SCORPIO: Love life will take a happy turn with support of your family. A misunderstanding with a close relative will get cleared. Do not spoil an opportunity by being rash and untactful.

Tarot message: Take care of your health.

Lucky colour: Blue.

Magic number: 65

SAGITTARIUS: A slow moving day. Romantic life will be pleasant. Domestic matters will proceed well. A financial situation will ease up. Keep yourself calm today.

Tarot message: You will receive a useful tip at work, which can be put to profitable use.

Lucky colour: Red.

Magic number: 28

CAPRICORN: Work prospects improve. Profitable opportunity knocks after noon. Do not push the point, let it go and you will find out what it is in due course.

Tarot message: Start afresh for the best outcome.

Lucky colour: Green.

Magic number: 58

AQUARIUS: Health needs immediate attention. There is an opportunity to benefit from your natural talent. The best outlet for pressure is passion and romance, so turn your thoughts to love and positivity. Tarot message: Never fall for rash promises.

Lucky colour: Grey.

Magic number: 29

PISCES: Look forward to a fulfilling day. Let your imagination flow today. Your oversensitive behaviour will help you communicate better. Pleasure comes through measuring your accomplishment. Tarot message: Try off-beat style of handling things. Lucky colour: Pink.

Magic number: 44

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is March 26...

Venturing into a new territory is risky. Near and dear ones will help you push past fears and embark on a fresh adventure. Your best friend or lover will have valuable experience in an area you want to explore. Be sure to ask for their advice. Relying on their expertise will strengthen your relationship. You will know how to enjoy the present.

Rising expenses will have to be checked for maintaining financial stability. It is a good year to fulfil your desires. There will be peace in personal life. Health will be fine. You'll feel extremely tired and wouldn't want to do anything that is too hard. Try not to compromise all the efforts you've made until now. You'll be able to show off your good qualities and your beloved will be surprised by this initiative.

Ruled by number 8 and the planet Saturn, you are assertive, cheerful, confident, authoritative and enthusiastic. This year you will be more inclined towards technical, scientific and religious explorations. You are emotional, but have a hard time expressing yourself because of which there will be some difficulty in giving or receiving affection. You are introspective and a little stubborn. You are gifted with strong intuition, a lot of talent and a remarkable imagination. Due to this, it may not be easy for you to maintain permanent relationships. You'll be decisive when dealing with all problems. The stars recommend a little patience.

Mood: Happy.

Compatible signs: Cancer, Leo.

Lucky colours: Cream, Blue.

Lucky days: Tuesday and Wednesday.

Lucky numbers: 9, 14, 22, 54, 55.

Archana Puran Singh You share your birthday with Archana Puran Singh (March 26, 1962, Dehradun), who has continuously judged the comedy show for 13 seasons with celebrities like Satish Shah, Johny Lever, Shekhar Suman, Rohit Shetty, Ajay Jadeja, Tusshar Kapoor and Daler Mehndi joining her in different seasons. She started with ad-films while Jalal Agha cast her in the lead role in his serial Mr and Mrs. She made her film debut with Jalwa opposite Naseeruddin Shah.

Chatter box
Delight in colours

Holi is the time for great fun and sumptuous food. Television stars who hardly get a breather from their hectic shoots talk about their plans and memories of this festival

Soumya Seth

Since I am from Varanasi, I have seen really colourful Holi from my childhood days. However, from the time I have been in Mumbai it has always been a dry Holi with my family and this year also, I plan to have a dry Holi because of the Maharashtra drought. I am doing my bit and I strongly want everyone should do that.

Mouly Ganguly

Every festival is about togetherness; spreading love and joy. For Holi, I wish people save water and find an alternative way of celebrating the festival. Along with my husband Mazher, I will be out of Mumbai to spend some time alone.

Drashti Dhami

Holi is a festival of different colours of life, happiness, love and all other positive things. I celebrate the festival with lots of sweets and brightness of colours. I am looking forward to celebrating the festival with my family and having loads of fun with them.

Toral Rasputra

Holi is another way of spelling fun for me. It's a festival that brings together people, big and small, old and young. No one expects you to be polite, you get to be naughty and get away with it as well.

Jay Soni

Holi is a festival that brings everyone together and charges up the atmosphere. It brings back memories of my childhood days when we would prepare water balloons and mischievously throw them at each other.

Siddharth ShuklaSiddharth Shukla

Holi is the festival of colours, but I have always believed in playing an eco-friendly one. I always play a dry holi, as I do not like to waste water. Use colours that are friendly for your skin. I would like to wish all my friends a safe and happy Holi.

Rohit Khurana

I love to play Holi with my friends in Mumbai. Since I am shooting in Mumbai and my family stays in Delhi, I hardly get a chance to play with them. I play with colours and water. Friends get together and indulge in rain dance. When I was young, I remember throwing balloons from the rooftop and used to get excited when the aim would be bang on.

Animal instinct

Everybody knows that Jethalal of Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is petrified of dogs and as luck would have it, Daya ben, his wife, has adopted a street dog out of compassion. This creates lots of problems in Gokuldhm Society and in Jetha's house. By chance, Jethalal meets Ajay Devgn on the sets of his film, who advises him to face the dogs and turn into a himmatwala. Though this changes Jetha's perception, but he gets the shock of his life when Daya requests Ajay to give her tips on handling a tiger.

Kavita's new show ends

Kavita Kaushik, who quit her hit show FIR recently, was banking on her new show Tota Weds Maina to work on the tube, but barely two months down the line the show is going to end soon. The hyped show was banking on Kavita's popularity, but didn't live up to expectations and will wind up during the first week of April. Kavita said, "The show is ending, but had it got more time to stay on air it would have picked up. Two months is less time for any show to work." Buzz is that she might make a comeback to her old hit show FIR.

Par Excellence
Body basics
Jesse Grewal

Separation of the upper and lower body...

During the golf swing, the body has to rotate away from the target and then towards the target. This rotation creates centrifugal force which is the engine for power in the swing. Force is created by a movement of a lever against the resistance. On the backswing the upper body coils while the lower body resists this move. So, during the take away the shoulders must turn and the hips do not turn in the first part of the backswing. Similarly in the first move of the downswing the hips turn while the shoulders hold or resist this move.

If a person is unable to move his shoulders without moving the hips, they would not be able to make a correct takeaway. If they are unable to move the hips while holding or stopping the shoulders they would not be able to make the correct transition on the downswing. This would lead to a club coming from the outside and producing a pull-slice.

Take this test to check. Hold a club across your shoulders while standing opposite a mirror. Turn the shoulders both ways without moving the hips (picture 1 & 2). Then try and turn the hips without moving the shoulders (picture 3 & 4). This is a little more difficult. Check that when you are moving the hips to the right your weight also goes to the right foot and not to the opposite side.

To improve the separation, try the following exercises - Lie on your side with your knees folded at 90 degrees to the body (picture 5). Then turn from your shoulders and try and touch the ground behind you. Imagine that you are like a book and your arm is a page and you are opening the book (picture 6).

This makes you rotate the thoracic spine by locking the lumbar spine region.

For the next exercise lie on your back with your knees folded (picture 7). Turn your legs by using your hip to touch the ground on either side (picture 8). Do not let your shoulders get off the ground. This will let your hips turn without using the upper body or thoracic spine. Both these exercises are excellent for warming up before a round of golf.

(Grewal has coached several national champions and professionals apart from being coach of the Indian golf team for the Eisenhower Cup (World Cup) in 2008. He is currently the Director of National Golf Academy of India and CGA Hero Honda Golf Academy. If you have any queries get in touch with him at

Ranbir comes to Deepika's rescue

soft corner: Deepika Padukone &  Ranbir kapoor First love is unforgettable, and so is first break-up. Deepika Padukone had gone through a break up two years ago but she has come out of the heart-breaking phase with flying colours. She cried, she acquired strength to get out of the situation, concentrated on her career and moved on happily. But the past still haunts.

At the trailer launch of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, the media tortured Deepika with questions related to her past relationship with Ranbir Kapoor.

Media diverted the topic from the film to Ranbir and Deepika's relationship. The actress was flooded with questions regarding the RK tattoo that she had inked on her nape when she was dating Ranbir. The Barfi! actor rescued Deepika, took the mike and tactfully answered the questions. At a point, Deepika could not handle any more questions related to her past affair. She was getting irritated and at the same time emotional. After the conference ended, she went backstage, failed to control her emotions and broke down. Ranbir like a true friend consoled Deepika and shared her grief.

Deepika says her relationship with Ranbir was very special and Ranbir also admits that he had a great time with Deepika. In an interview he said that he is happy to see her doing great in her career. "She has achieved so much in so little time. I am so happy to be part of her life," said Ranbir during the press conference.

In 2008, they acted in Bachna Ae Haseeno and again after five years they reunited on screen for Ayan Mukherjee's Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani.

Katrina's nocturnal visits

Katrina and Ranbir spend quality time together at his residence. Ranbir's parents have accepted Kat as Ranbir's life partner

Midnight’s girl: Katrina Kaif

This is not the first time that Katrina Kaif made a secret visit to Ranbir's abode in the dead of the night. It has happened in the past too and still continuing. Though the couple denied being in a relationship, they are often spotted spending nights together.

Last week, Ranbir paid a visit to Sanjay Dutt's house after the court verdict to express his solidarity. He reached at Sanjay's residence around 10: 30 pm and exited his house at 1:30 pm.

Some shutterbugs followed Ranbir after he left Dutt's residence and on reaching Ranbir's residence they saw the familiar black Audi (8822) that belongs to Katrina Kaif was parked outside the Kapoor's residence. When the Barfi! actor's car entered the gate, Kat was seen entering his house.

"The two cars made an entry into Ranbir's bungalow at around 1.45 am before the gates were shut by the guards," says an eyewitness.

Katrina's nocturnal visit to this particular Pali Hill household is not a new affair. In the past too, Kat and Ranbir spent quality time together at his residence. Ranbir's parents Neetu and Rishi Kapoor too have accepted Kat as Ranbir's life partner.

"They are both single and allowed to see whoever they want. Then why play these games with the media? In fact, going public about their relationship status will only earn them more respect," says an industry insider.

Five grooms and a damsel

Fun’s sake Tamannaah Bhatia

Actress Tamannah Bhatia got marriage proposals from five assistant directors on the set of Himmatwala. It is not a joke and it really happened when she was shooting for this Sajid Khan's film with Ajay Devgan. Sajid is a big prankster and so his team.

As the shooting of the film is on the final stage, Sajid played a prank on his actress. He called all his five assistant directors and asked them to propose the actress.

She was initially surprised but soon she realised that it was just a prank. A source from the unit says, "Tamannaah took the proposals sportingly. It was actually done to make her and the crew comfortable."

In the film, Tamannaah reprises the role of 80's Sridevi. Tamannaah is making her Bollywood debut with Himmatwala.

"I think there are only advantages of working with a superstar. There are no disadvantages. The good point is, a lot of people will come and watch the film at least," she said.

Himmatwala is a remake of yesteryear blockbuster starring Jitendra and Sridevi in the lead. The film stars Ajay Debgn, Tamannaah Bhatia and Mahesh Manjrekar in the pivotal role. Sonakshi Sinha will be seen in a special dance number.

Lindsay escapes prosecution...

Narrow escape: Lindsay Lohan

Troubled star Lindsay Lohan will reportedly not face charges relating to a New York nightclub brawl last November.

The Mean Girls star was under investigation for allegedly punching Tiffany Mitchell, 28, during a night out with members of boy band The Wanted at Club Avenue in Manhattan last year. The 26-year-old actress was arrested after the incident and ordered to appear in court in January to face a third-degree misdemeanor assault charge, but authorities delayed the hearing to give themselves more time to look into the case. Now, it appears Lohan, who denied the claims she lashed out at Mitchell, won't be prosecuted over the incident after all—because witnesses are failing to co-operate. The news will be warmly welcomed by the embattled star after a strenuous week. She turned up late to court in Los Angeles to answer charges she lied to police in a separate case, and agreed to complete 90 days in a lock-down treatment centre, 30 days of community service and 18 months of psychotherapy to avoid a stint behind bars. She has been given until May 2 to begin the rehab sentence. — PTI

Wait & watch

Kangna Ranaut has been absent from Shootout at Wadala promotions raising a lot of questions. However, the actress says there is nothing to worry, as the film's co-producer Ekta Kapoor will unveil things strategically.

Directed by Sanjay Gupta, the crime thriller also starring John Abraham and Anil Kapoor is likely to come out May 1. Kangna feels that there is enough time for her to show up at promotional events.

"You will see me soon," she said and added that "there is more than a month for its release. Ekta will slowly open all her cards, so you will see me soon," the actress, who turned 26 recently, said at her birthday celebrations.After a dry 2012, Kangna is looking forward to 2013 as she has a line-up of six releases. Her major films this year include I Love New Year and Krrish 3. — IANS

In public knowledge

Britney Spears has gone public with her new boyfriend David Lucado months after splitting from fiance Jason Trawick. Wearing a vintage black and pink dress, the couple was photographed holding hands in public for the first time while walking across the parking lot of a mall in Thousand Oaks, California.

A source said that the couple hit up several stores inside the high-end mall.

"She was here with her guy and she shopped for quite a while. She looked good! They were just casual and normal," a source said. Spears and Lucado have reportedly been seeing each other for weeks as they have been on numerous outings together.

Previously, they were spotted having dinner on Valentine's Day, going on golf dates, and going to a tanning salon together. Lucado is a 28-year-old Virginia native who does field research for a law firm. Spears split with Trawick early this year. — PTI

Prank calls for Paris

Socialite Paris Hilton has joined the long list of celebrities, who have been victims of prank call, after the police received a fake call saying someone was in her house.

Law enforcement agencies got a call in the evening saying someone was in Hilton's home though the caller did not mention anything about armed assailants.

Cops arrived at the home but did not find anyone and later deemed the call a prank.

The investigating agencies are looking into the matter.

It is unclear if the 32-year-old was home at the time, but she tweeted shortly after the incident from a concert in Miami. — PTI

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