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Family ties under strain

This refers to a purposeful editorial, "The crumbling family: Elderly pay dearly for breakdown" (May 23). It is shocking to know that even a former 85-year-old Chief Justice is forced to move the Punjab and Haryana High Court to restrain his son from harassing him and his wife.

It is really tragic that in the present-day concrete jungles of our urban centres, even family relations seem to be under an unprecedented strain. The most reliable and delicate filial ties between parents and children also seem to be drying up fast. The children use parents as stepping stones to their successful careers and then dump them to die in utter isolation and frustrations.

The emerging fatal crack-up in family life is quite disappointing as it can seriously hamper the growth of a healthy civil society around us with sensible, courteous and civilised citizens as its responsible members. In fact, in the busy urban centres, we spend our entire lives in gathering all the comforts and luxuries of life for our children whom we wish to make "big, rich and powerful" at any cost and this blind pursuit for higher social status leaves us with little time to help our children in nurturing rich human emotions like love, co-operation,kindness and patriotism etc.

Even within the family life, gross opportunism has come to disturb and shock us beyond description, rendering all blood ties hollow, shallow and meaningless. Most of us are becoming emotionally barren, culturally uprooted and commercially motivated. We have miserably failed to teach our children to respect family ties. In our hunt for material growth, we have come to sacrifice our spiritual growth. It is quite dangerous.


Daily power cuts

This is the era of science and technology and most day-to-day work in our lives is associated with electricity that has become an integral part of our life. There are power cuts of four to five hours daily in quite a few areas in the city due to which our scheduled tasks have to be postponed.

There are a number of schools and colleges in the city which do not have generators. Water supply also gets affected. Sometimes people do not even have stored water. I hope the concerned authorities may become aware and act to lessen people’s miseries.

SATYAM SHARDA, St Joseph’s  Convent School, Chandigarh

Enough is not enough

This is with reference to the article ‘No parent, police or god’ (May 19) by Ira Pandey. I appreciate the writer’s concern about retrogression in old moral values. This is all due to tainted integrity of politicians of all hues and other high ups who rule the country. The writer’s wish to regain the lost glory of old moral values seems to be hopeing against hopeing. Besides, Jaylalitha, Shashikala and Imelda Marcos, various others are in the limelight for immoral activities and various scandals. These people promote greed to satisfy their desires by indulging in illegal activities and loot the country. Countless criminal cases against them gathering dust for years. They have scant respect for the law of the nation. The glitter of their immoral activities mesmerises and embolden others to be their partners. For, they bat on criminal pitch to become rich quickly. When intercepted, investigated, or arrested, these people generally seem non sequlturs and boil down the entire system of morality, discipline, good governance and also faith in God. therefore, enough is not enough for such people. In this situation, the nation requires Chander Guptas not such type of Chanakyas. Let them face the consequences of what they have sown.

BK Jethi, Khanna

‘Portable’ education

The methods of teaching prevalent in our schools do not encourage any activity on part of students. A teacher is vocal throughout a period, and students are passive spectators. Today, we need employment oriented education. The controversy over liberal and technical education is puerile. We need both types of education.

Nowadays we are witness to a revolution in information technology. Portable devices such as laptop, tablets or mobile phones can be tools for education. These tools are available to users anytime anywhere and can help make education easier to access. Information would be collected, anaylsed, tabulated and transferred electronically.

Internet — the information superhighway- provides ample opportunities to teachers, students, doctors, engineers, scientists and industrialists for communication and information.

In today's changing world, new careers are booming and computer-aided education is provided in all schools. Portable education is a new approach to education ideas and ideals.

Dr H Kumar Kaul, Barnala 

Gift of life can’t be wasted

As a regular voluntary blood donor, I felt pained to read a news item in Chandigarh Tribune (May 23, 2013), “ 300 units of blood discarded at the PGI in over three months.” Whatever may have been the reasons, throwing away of blood cannot be condoned. At the same time, over 300 lives may have been lost due to non-availability of blood to victims of road accidents, children suffering from thalassaemia, and patients undergoing major surgeries etc. There are numerous people who lose their life every year as they either cannot afford to buy blood or arrange for replacement donors which the hospitals insist upon. When it comes to rare groups like A or B (negative), the situation becomes worse for them.

That is exactly the reason why voluntary blood donation movement took roots in India. I made my first voluntary blood donation in the PGI in 1972 as a member of the Blood Bank Society. Now we have various organisations, working throughout the country, spreading awareness about voluntary blood donation. Every day, several blood donation camps are organised to collect safe blood.

Some blood banks also have the facility of offering blood components, which optimises the use of blood.

Donating blood is absolutely safe, healthy, and soul-enriching. Wastage of blood is criminal and strict action should be taken against the defaulters. The PGI is a very renowned institution and I am sure it will take corrective measures.

COL R D SINGH ( retd), Ambala Cantt 



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