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Proud Hindustanis

Why are unsavoury controversial statements made saying that all Indians are Hindus? They hurt the religious feelings of Indians who are not Hindus. Leave aside Muslims, even the Sikhs would detest being called Hindus. But I am sure that all Indians are proud Hindustanis.

J.S.Aurora, Chandigarh

We are Hindustanis

Apropos the news item regarding the remarks of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat as to why the inhabitants of Hindustan are not known as Hindus (August 19), the comparison drawn by him covering the in habitants of England, Germany, and USA and calling them English, German and American, respectively, does not hold good. All these people may not have the same religion, but they are known for the country they belong to. Whereas the word ‘Hindu’ reflects a particular culture/religion. A Hindu may be the inhabitant of any other country, eg if of Nepal, he then is a Nepali. As such for being an inhabitant of Hindustan, one is ‘Hindustani’ or ‘Hindi’ which is more appropriate and would cover all aspects as is the case with word ‘Indian’. I remember when I was in Iraq in the early eighties, we from India were known as ‘Hindis’.

HS Arora, Patiala

Shun communalism

Communal speeches by political leaders can destroy the social harmony in society. We are living in a secular state and here anyone can adopt and promote any religion. But our country requires a western approach towards secularism and that is: there should be a ‘laxman rekha’ between religion and politics. Because when these two worlds blend with each other, the situation becomes uncontrollable. Moreover people should not be influenced by these type of communal speeches and adopt brotherhood for better social life.

Rajdeep Singh, Patiala

Unite India, Pak

Kuldip Nayar’s article “Partition left only refugees” (August 13) gives a tragic picture of the events that followed the Partition. I remember that when Pt Jawaharlal Nehru visited us in a refugee camp at Montgomery (Faislabad), he assured us that we would remain in our hometowns and there was no need for panic . Alas! His words proved untrue. The Partition was a political blunder. The leaders of both countries should show sagacity and unite the two countries. If East and West Germany and North and South Vietnam can be united, Pakistan and India can also be united. It would solve many problems being faced by the two countries.

Krishan Malhotra, Ambala Cantt

Partition tales

The very thought of what I saw during the darkest days of barbarity, when humanity disappeared, in the wake of the Partition, even now sends shivers down my spine. Ethnic-cleansing on both sides of the Ravi river shattered the age-old communal harmony. One million innocent Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims were butchered. About two crore people were uprooted. Thousands of women were abducted. Yet, as mentioned by Kuldip Nayar in his article “Partition left only refugees” (August 13), "There were examples of bravery and courage shown by Muslims to save Hindus and that of Hindus saving Muslims in India." Before a mammoth mob of armed marauders roaring "Allah-e-Akbar" (God is Great) raided our village around pitch-dark midnight, some daring gracious Muslims at the risk of their lives escorted us to a distant safe camp. The Ravi was in spate. A Muslim boatman, named Manha, ferried the qafila of people across the river without charging any fare. On this side, my maternal grandfather, with the help of many ex-servicemen, save hundreds of Muslims from violent villagers, who wanted to snatch their valuables.

Bhagwan Singh, Qadian

Keep it up

I am reading The Tribune since 1964, when I was in Class IX. Our schoolteachers used to say us that if we want to improve English, we must read The Tribune daily. In our times, we started learning the English alphabet in Class VI. The students had to put in very hard work to learn English for appearing in Class X exams. I personally have learnt much from The Tribune. Even today, this is the only newspaper which publishes views, suggestions and reactions of the public. It deserves all appreciations as we are able to get new and different ideas. The Tribune should keep up this tempo.

Raj Kumar Kapoor, Ropar


This is with reference to the letter published on August 15 under the heading “Indians and Dogs”. The title of the letter is insulting.

ML BAVEJA, Chandigarh

Cheers, India!

I endorse the sentiments expressed by Mahavir S. Jagdev in the letter (August 15). We are still living in the era of British Raj. Why can't we celebrate our own Independence Day? Simply closing wine shops or bars does not make us more patriotic. Come on India! Cheers!

Hari Om Jalota, USA

Charity begins at home

With regard to respect to women, Modi should walk the talk and should give due place to his wife, whom he accepted while filing his poll nomination papers. Charity begins at home.

Bhartendu Sood, via email

Kyunki saas bhi...

This is with reference to the review of the book ‘The Mother-in-Law: The Other Woman in Your Marriage’ by Aruti Nayar in Spectrum (August 17). I object to the comments made by the writer in the article. The mother-in-law is the woman who nurtures her son and makes him capable enough for the daughter-in-law and certainly deserves due respect. Indian cultures gives respect to all elders, be they from the bride’s family or the groom’s. And the most important point here is that the so-called “victim” in this article is a woman, who shall later become the same mother-in-law whom she detests so much! So if any change is required, it has to come from the women themselves. Remember the phrase “kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi”. The nobility of a figure like mother-in-law has been overlookedwhich is appalling.

Karan Gupta, Chandigarh

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