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Sunday,August 6, 2000
Bollywood Bhelpuri

This Papa is really great!
By Madhur Mittal

AND so, gutsy and determined Krishan Kumar has made his elder brother’s dream come true — Papa The Great has been successfully released all over. Actually, the film is every young kid’s dream-come-true; after all, wouldn’t every boy and girl like to be proud of their dad and love to boast: "My papa is the greatest", hey!

Naghma, Krishan Kumar and Master Bobby in Papa the GreatWith story, screenplay and direction by K. Bhagyaraj, the film brings together Krishan Kumar and Naghma in an engrossing narrative that is filled with interesting, twists. The basic plot, is about who a father wants to appear brave and heroic to his 10-year-old son, Bobby. He is, in reality, quite a coward, and this makes for some reel-life situations that are close to real life ! An impressive production by Super Cassettes banner.

However, as the movie moves on circumstances force the timid engineer Jai (Krishan Kumar) to really pick up the gauntlet against dreaded killers and criminals, to protect the lives of his wife Pooja (Naghma) and Bobby.

With excellent music by Nikhil-Vinay and fine performance by the lead cast, PTG boasts of lavish production values (Canada, Mauritius and Chennai being the major shoot locales) and the power to pull in popularity with the cine-going masses. I think that’s just the way Gulshan Kumar would’ve liked to see his dream...

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Too much, too soon

Some people have a habit of getting carried away, it’s the turn of the Jungle unit to do so. Imagine, the film has (at the time of writing) only been a little over a week in the running, and it is already being touted as "a superhit hit" !!!

Come on guys, give the movie a break ! This sort of inane and presumptuous publicity only ends up working against whatever tangible plus points the picture may actually have. Eventually, it’s the viewers who’re going to hand out the final verdict since they’ve doled out the dough to buy tickets to go into ‘Jungle’, and no amount of "junglee" screaming can change that ... !

Tabu takes over

I reckon Tabu has finally realised that she’s been wasting precious time by not being keen to do ad films all this while. After all, it is rather ridiculous to sit back and wait for that elusive film to happen instead of minting millions like her colleagues by going commercial, right?

Ergo, Tabu takes over. She is the latest Hindi phillum star to attract (and accept) lofty, lucrative assignments from the advertising world ... and it’s obvious that she couldn’t care less what product she’s recommending and exhorting the consumers to buy.

Right now she can be seen in ad shorts for refrigerators, mobile phones, cooking oils, hair oils, sarees and stuff. Whoosh! But, what I’m personally afraid of, is that, at the rate she’s going — Tabu may soon be endorsing even cigarettes, croissants, and computers.

Movieland marriages

To tell you the truth, we Bollywood scribes have had a super time of late — reporting the rush of movieland marriages. Of course, it was a nasty and unexpected blow when Manisha Koirala called a press conference to heatedly deny the item about her impending wedding to "an Australian, Consul General’s son Down Under" published prominently by a local tabloid. "When I wed, you’ll all be invited under my signature!" she told mediapersons.

All the same, Shilpa Shirodkar is now married to Aparesh Ranjit in the Netherlands and Rahul Roy has married Rani. No, not Rani Mukherjee or Rani Raajkumar; the Aashiqui actor has married model and ramp ravisher, — Rajalakshmi Khanvilkar, fondly fetished as "Rani"!