Saturday, August 11, 2001  

Scores of high-rise buildings dot the Kalka- Shimla Highway ----  Photo by Pankaj SharmaHazards on the highway

High-rise structures coming up on the Kalka-Shimla highway pose a grave threat to road safety and ecology, says Ambika Sharma

EVEN as a plethora of high-rise buildings are beginning to dot the Kalka-Shimla National Highway Number 22, precious little has been done to strike a balance betweens environment and development.

The lost scholars of Kashmir
by R.C. Ganjoo
ASHMIR, the land of Sufis and saints, has also produced eminent scholars. Their work was recognised by western scholars, but, unfortunately, it remained unrecognised in their own homeland.

Putting Punjab on the world map
by Aruti Nayar
S one talks to students of the Summer Program in Punjab Studies, one is struck by their deep commitment and a heightened level of involvement. One can not help wondering about the reasons that spurred on these 16 odd students to come to Punjab and learn about the culture and history. For Caroline Sawyer, it is the second time that she has come to India.

Tapping your inner resources
by Aditi Tandon
ISCOVERED by American psychotherapist Roger and first practised by Gary Craig, the EFT functions on the Chinese concept of energy meridians. It believes that an ailment — physical or emotional — is essentially caused due to some disruption in the body's energy system.

From rickshaws to runabouts
by Shriniwas Joshi
HE British had chosen Shimla as the place most suited to be the capital of India because of two reasons: the ‘home weather’ and walks amidst Himalayan oaks and cedars. Now both oaks and cedars are gradually decreasing in number, giving place to structures of bricks and mortar. And the number of cars, vans and jeeps plying on the roads has been increasing rapidly.