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Monday, August 13, 2001

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Photo by Kuldip DhimanYou want to share your
memories with your loved ones. You take photographs of your child’s birthday, and would like to share them with the rest of the family which is spread in various parts of the world. Roopinder Singh checks out on the contemporary way of showing your photos, online.

  Fast-find option may slow down PC
by Vipul Verma
PEED does matter in the world of computers. For most of the persons, the speed of computer does not come up to their expectation. This is especially true in case of assembled computers. Though the assembled computers are not inferior in terms of hardware yet due to settings of the operating system and also of some software, the speed of the computer can be optimised.

Biometrics for hi-tech security
by Sumesh Raizada
N countries like India where illiteracy rate is high, identity of people who cannot write their name is done mainly through one simple, age-old method-through their thumb impressions. In criminal investigations, too, palm or finger prints of suspects are taken and recorded for future verifications. This ancient method of identification is now being used in advanced nations.

Microsoft's only dread—free software
by John Naughton
MBERTO Eco once wrote an essay in which he argued that the IBM PC was a Protestant machine-grey, sensible, unforgiving, popular with accountants and offering only deferred gratification-while the Apple Macintosh was a Catholic device-sensuous, indulgent, offering immediate gratification and forgiveness on demand.

Site maker's site
ERE'S taking a look at the site of a Chandigarh-based company that makes sites for others. 3BD, an interactive-media development company, is venturing into the US and European markets, offering complete development services for Web and multimedia projects.

The anti-virus brigade
ITH 81 million users, you really don't have to push your product hard-especially if it's something that protects your vital machines from the big bad world of viruses-and Anil Zuitshi doesn't do so.

FRAM chips next
APANESE chipmaking conglomerate Fujitsu Ltd has said it will start volume production next year of chips using fast, durable ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) for a new generation of multi-purpose smart cards.

Load pictures to a Web site
by Chiranjeev Pal Singh
HE digital camera is by far, the hottest commodity in the computer peripheral market these days. It’s compact, easy to use, and able to capture a digital image rivalling film quality, for a price comparable to that of a standard camera.

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