Saturday, July 27, 2002  

Crumbling heritage
Ranbir Singh

IT seems the ancient people of Haryana were not entirely satisfied with the construction of wells, kunds, kundis and masonary tanks and wanted to further innovate the existing techniques or build newer and more durable devices for obtaining ground water. In a very ingenious manner, finally, the designers thought of adding flights of steps and underground shelters to wells. Thus originated the structure of baolis. The artistically designed entrance of Alijaan ki Baoli

The stress and strain of gathering news
V.K. Kapoor
EMPSTER said, "Journalism is no easy game if you want to play the game and respect the truth in the morning." Although most mediapersons have a sense of mission, there is no denying that their job is stressful.

"We will all live like brothers, not as a band of thieves"
A.N. Aggarwal
HE subject of miracles is very fascinating. People look upon miracles with amazement and generally attach profound divinity and spirituality to them. But there is nothing divine about them. They are the play of mind. Mind, when fully concentrated, achieves wonderful powers.

The glorious sun of music
Vimla Patil
ANDIT JASRAJ, also respectfully known as Sangeet Martand or ‘the glorious sun of music’, sits with relaxed ease in his favourite chair. As he rests in a crumpled lungi and jhabba in his home, a little girl called Ankita sits by his feet, listening to every word uttered by this maestro.

When your nerves feel on edge
I. M. Soni
UPPOSED deficiencies in our diet are not the only reasons for our edginess. In nearly every case it is the conflict between mind and emotions that drains our energy and puts our nerves on edge.

Now it’s the turn of tencel khadi
AVING spun Khadi for ages, Gandhi’s charkha is now all set to go global, with a new-age eco-friendly fibre for the fashion conscious. The Karnataka Khadi Board has launced an ambitious project to blend khadi with tencel, the new environment-friendly fibre, and weave an all-new look tencel khadi.

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