Insiderís view
Trinity: A Portrait. 
Eds. Edward Stourton and John Lonsdale.
Third Millennium Publishing, London.
Pages 272. £45.

Reviewed by Rumina Sethi
HEN still miles from Cambridge, one begins to breathe an air that seems different and one intuitively begins conjuring up images of Gothic cloisters, punting and May Balls, understanding the magic of the ancient town of learning and tradition, of history and culture, where great men like Milton, Newton, Wordsworth, Coleridge and Byron breathed the same air.

A fight for survival
Sunshine: My Encounter with Cancer 
By Minakshi Chaudhry.
Pages 200. Rs 195.
Reviewed by Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu
OnE has known Minakshi Chaudhry as a passionate trekker and prolific travel writer, authoring book about the hitherto unexplored regions of Himachal Pradesh. She followed that up by becoming a collector of stories (in a manner of speaking), churning out many an anthology about Shimla, its lovers and its resident spooks, all in a quick succession.

Vulnerable souls
From Street to Hope
By Neela Dabir and 
Naina Athale.
Pages 294. Rs 750.
Reviewed by Ambika Sharma

ITH 300 million children across the world living on the streets, which is approximately the population of the United States, the world seems to be heading for a serious, urgent and rapidly growing socio-educational challenge. It is also a matter of concern that 40 per cent of these children are homeless and the remaining 60 per cent work on the streets to eke out a living for their families.

Reflections on Haryanvi society
Political Economy of Production and Reproduction: Caste, Custom and Community in North India
By Prem Chowdhry.
Pages 434. Rs 895.
Reviewed by Rajesh Kumar Aggarwal

HarYANA was the largest supplier of draught animals to neighbouring states and other parts of India during British rule. It was a fodder-supplying state and a major recruiting area for the British Indian Army, particularly after the First World War. Most of the existing capital was then going into usuries, mortgages and land purchases, mostly for renting out purposes.

From Naagin to nritya
Nonika Singh
diva will always be a diva. Age may have touched yesteryear celluloid queen Vyjayanthimala Baliís skin but certainly not her spirit. So, at 75, she is still the queen of all that she surveys. With unconcealed pride she goes down the memory lane recalling her sterling performances in movies like Naagin, Madhumati, and of course the blockbuster Sangam, the first techni-colour movie with two intervals. Then there was the Jewel Thief that earned her the sobriquet of Twinkle Toes.

In step with the times
S. D. Sharma
Kathak maestro Jayant Kastuar talks about his journey as a performer and the contemporary scenario
ince time immemorial, the Indian classical dancing has been regarded as the supreme realm of art, as it embodies a harmonious blend of all forms like music, poetry, acting,dance, painting and now yoga as well," says Jayant Kastuar, acclaimed Kathak dancer of international eminence and at present secretary of the Sangeet Natak Akademi of India.

Translating Thakazhi
Arifa Akbar
oted Indian-English novelist Anita Nair has said that she found it tough to understand the local dialect used in Chemmeen, the magnum opus of Jnanpith winning Malayalam writer Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai, while translating it into English.

Speaking of superpowers
FTER a hiatus of two years, politician-writer Shashi Tharoor is back to writing a book. And this time, it's about India's place in the new balanced world. Addressing a discourse, 'The New Superpowers,' chaired by Anita Anand of BBC at the Alchemist Hay Festival in Kerala, Tharoor said the book would look at India's place in the world, not just in terms of foreign policy, but how India would function in the future.

Global interest for SAS book
Sam Marsden
monumental book on the origins of the SAS, which weighs more than 28lb and costs up to £2,500, has attracted orders from ex-special forces personnel around the world. The 600-page SAS War Diary 1941-45 collects rare and previously secret documents detailing how the regiment was born out of fighting against Italian and German forces in the deserts of North Africa during the Second World War.

Short Takes
Diverse narratives
Reviewed by Randeep Wadehra
Love Across the Salt Desert 
by Keki N. Daruwala
Ravi Dayal & Penguin. 
Pages: xi+230. Rs 299.

  • Whispers of the Heart
    by Sirjan.
    Zohra Publications.
    Pages 55. Rs 150.

  • Health, Wealth and Spiritualism
    by R.C. Aggarwal.
    Book Palace.
    Pages 267. Rs 195.