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Child laws: Bundle of junk if not used

The laws related to children sound quite promising but their poor implementation renders them useless. Silent crime against children can be curbed by a strong procedural enactment (Anil Malhotra’s articleState panels on child rights a must”, June 12).

The victims, children in this case, are not expected to fight for their rights. It is the duty of the government and the people to bear the responsibility of their safety. The uncertain future of the affected children can be illuminated by helping them at every step, whether it is elementary education or their safety.

It is quite disheartening to know that only eight states have set up commissions to protect child rights. Punjab and Haryana have failed to set up district child welfare committees as per the provision of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2000. These Acts themselves provide the remedy. If the provisions are not followed, then the remedy is also not applied, which further makes these laws nothing but a bundle of junk and adds on to the pending litigation.

What we need is an iron-clad law which adopts strong measures and implementation of procedures and speedy trial for the protection of rights of children, so that they can have the same future that we want for our children. No stone must be left unturned in this regard because it is a matter of the future of our nation.


Disapproved by science

Satyamev Jayate’s episode on honour killing has drawn flak on various grounds. I would like to shed light on the scientific aspect of intra-gotra marriages and why they are unacceptable to the Jats. All communities, be it Jats, Brahmins or others in Haryana or elsewhere do not marry in the same gotra (lineage), which means persons considered descendants of the same sage. Same gotra marriages fall within the parameters of consanguineous marriages. According to medical science research, such marriages can result in any one of over 250 genetic diseases. The Arab countries are experiencing the brunt of it in the worst form as per information available on the internet. Importantly, Prof JBS Haldane, an internationally renowned British biologist has said that the Hindu way of marriage is highly scientific being a check on inbreeding, characterised by exhibition of regressive characters in the progeny.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) looks down upon consanguinity. As such choice marriages should not degenerate into a license transgressing the time-tested traditions of avoiding marriages in the same gotra.

Inter-caste marriages are scientific but generally not acceptable in India. These are also desirable as they integrate the society. However, Indian society is fiercely opposed to the intra-gotra marriages for valid scientific reasons which form the basis of sound cultural traditions. Irrespective of everything, honour killings cannot be an answer to the socially deviant mores and ways.


Conflicting bias

Sucha Singh Gill’s article The Provision of Subsidies (May 31) clearly indicates that subsidised benefits in the corporate sector have been more than three times the subsidies given to the common man. When the Centre or state governments announce subsidies to the BPL families, we start confuting them by saying that all is being done to keep the vote bank reserved. Nobody pays attention to those subsidies which are given unannounced to the elite and the business classes.

After 65 years of independence, we are unable to create transparency in our economic, political and administrative system because our leaders are not sincere in rendering their services to the society. They just want to complete their tenure by diverting the people’s attention on the basis of caste and creed, which keeps them busy. If these things continue to happen in our country, we will be again become slaves. So, the gap between the poor and the rich should be reduced and subsides should be given to the needy only.


Unfair polls

The recent Punjab civic poll raises many questions over the functioning of the democracy in our country. The unwarranted incidents of widespread violence, booth capturing, rigging and EVM hacking in the face of administration defy the limits of our ambitious and overzealous politicians. The blatant use of all kinds of political gimmicks is a clear pointer to the fact that the election was not issue based, as claimed.

Had people voted for good governance and development agenda of the ruling SAD—BJP, the election would certainly have been free, fair and peaceful, and the results would have accorded it greater legitimacy (editorial Violence-stained victory”, June 12).

Short-term political gains may have long-term ramifications in the future. Political parties in Punjab must introspect on their agendas and the means to fulfill them. Though, Shiromani Akali Dal has broadened its urban base, it must also resolve the differences with its alliance partner. In order to retain the confidence of the people, the ruling party must ensure that the promises made on the eve of Assembly elections are fulfilled, reforms yield desired results and developmental work goes on at a quicker pace. For that, the present ramshackle political and administrative set-up needs immediate toning.

DS KANG, Hoshiarpur 

Dubious role

The editorial Courting controversy (June 8) aptly says that a section of the SAD leadership has always been accused of running with the hare and hunting with the hounds. Parkash Singh Badal-led Akali government always plays a dubious role when controversial events take place at Akal Takht Sahib. His position is akin to Duryodhana who said, I know what ‘dharma’ is but it does not attract me; I know what is ‘adharma’ but I can’t give it up.

A memorial for those killed in Operation Bluestar in 1984 is being built by the SGPC, but who will do the same for the thousands of innocent people killed during the days of militancy?

Karnail Singh, Kharar

Forgive and forget 

Life resonates our actions. We should, therefore, focus on changing ourselves to see a positive impact on our life partner (Ashok Kumar Yadav’s middle Wanted a perfect life partner, June 9).

No one is perfect; life is all about accepting imperfections. There are disputes in every relationship but acting with maturity and settling them amicably is a step towards achieving and becoming a perfect life partner.

So just forgive and forget minor differences and at times the major ones too; every relationship needs time and patience to grow and prosper.




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