Those innocent years
Sixteen is the age when a lot can happen. Wamiqa Gabbi and Keith Sequeira star in a movie by the same name and share how each moment was a worthwhile experience...

Four friends in a school; each dealing with his or her share of challenges, makes for the plot of the soon-to-be-released movie Sixteen. Lost innocence in the world of information overload takes the story of these four friends forward. In Chandigarh on Wednesday, Wamiqa Gabbi and Keith Sequeira, who play two important characters in the film, shared much more with us.

Role play

Keith doesn't look a day older than his screen debut in popular video Nahi Nahi Abhi Nahi (Shake it Daddy) almost a decade back. What took him so long to make the big screen appearance? "I was waiting for a role that I could click with. When I heard the story of Sixteen, I knew this was it," says Keith flashing his 'oh-so-charming' smile. "I am no hero in this," he makes no pretence, "but an important part of an ensemble cast."

This model, VJ and anchor plays an author who has come back to Delhi from UK looking for a story to write and finds inspiration in the four friends. "Being sixteen is way tougher today than in our times. Three hundred plus channels, Internet and technology offer a multitude of options; choices are way tougher today," he adds.

The trailer is teasing, even provoking; he reasons, "The film mirrors reality; there are no right and wrongs, life's just grey." A trained theatre actor, Keith wants to prove he has much more to offer than his model looks. He says, "Women are the nurturers, we can't progress without them. Young girls are like buds, give them sun they flower; cover or suppress them, they wilt." Mention the Delhi incident and he adds, "Who will teach boys to respect and honour women if not the mothers? And for this we have to let women be."

Age wise

"Sixteen is the age to make or break," Mohali girl Wamiqa Gabbi opens up the conversation. She plays Tanisha in the film and relates to her character, "Tanisha likes mature men; even I felt more comfortable with my seniors in school and college than kids of my age." There ends the resemblance! Happy being part of this teen drama, she says, "Ours is not a 'two teens in love story' but a much more real take that represents the sixteen-year-olds of today.

Confident take

Sixteen's spicy posters and trailers bring the producer Shailesh R Singh under the scanner too and he coolly puts forward his point, "Stuff happens with teens today; as parents some try to close their eyes and believe it's not their child but the neighbour's caught on the wrong foot. Ours is a film addressed to the youth and parents alike; an attempt to bridge the gap." Sixteen releases with Bhaag Milkha Bhaag on July 12, what made him pick up the date? "Today even Shah Rukh Khan does not get a single release, so I chose to be with the best," says Shailesh, whose earlier film Tanu Weds Manu was released during the Cricket World Cup and yet did well. "We are hoping to repeat the feat," says the producer, certain to get word-of-mouth publicity for Sixteen. Well, give your verdict!

Past magic, present stage
Neelam Man Singh Chowdhry’s latest play The License is based on short stories by Sadat Hassan Manto along with improvisations to suit modern-day audiences…
Manpriya Singh

It all originated from a story-telling session. “Actually, it all started from a two-week vacation that was supposed to happen in Istanbul and which finally didn’t,” Neelam Man Singh Chowdhry takes us back to the scratch while giving the context to her latest play, The License, which is underway.

The sudden availability of fifteen days gave way to the team getting together for a workshop on story-telling and that began the chain of ideation. In came a lot of influences and authors and before everybody knew it, things were ready for a production. “The play is based on short stories by Sadat Hassan Manto, the British Indian-born Pakistani short-story writer. She adds, “He’s iconic in the sense that he’s the person who’s written about Partition like no one else. He’s written about Partition from the point of view of a prostitute, a beggar; basically the marginalised section of society.”

It’s a story where a woman goes on a tonga and falls in love with the tonga-wala. The marriage follows and then the attempt by the families to separate the couple. “After the death of her husband, she drives the tonga herself…she tries to find a space in the male territory and in the process slowly becomes a male.”

It takes us back to the saying how in this society nobody’s born a woman or a man, how they only become one of the two! There were a sea of improvisations, ideas gave way to meanings and meanings became emotions, together they were all merged into the production. “We try and bring forth different and new things for the sake of personal growth.”

The only thing that remains the same is the fact that her plays are never a predictable attempt on the obvious works. She shrugs, “I never find it challenging enough. A play is not a museum piece. The question is how we make it our own. If we make a play on a script that’s written for a play, then where’s the challenge and input?” The set-up and props could have been modern and contemporary but there’s an endeavour not to let it be so. “I let the tonga in the play be a tonga and not turn into any other vehicle. But the idea is very modern.”

The one hour and five to ten minutes of production in Hindi will be ready by August. “We are trying to turn it into a festival by bringing in all the three productions; The Last Tale, Stree Patra and The License.” Here we go!

A naughty streak
At the music launch of upcoming Punjabi movie Naughty Jatts, the cast and crew get candid about the musical romantic comedy and sound confident about its success...
Amarjot Kaur

The juggernaut of Punjabi films rolls on...the music launch of upcoming Naughty Jatts brought actors Neeru Bajwa, Aarya Babbar and Binu Dhillon to Chandigarh along with Pankaj Batra, the director, and Anil Sagar, the music director of the film, on Wednesday. Needless to say, the conversation had a distinct Punjabi flavour with a hint of international appeal.

Musical note

“Punjabi cinema has certainly found a place in the international market; it holds its ground by the virtue of its rich tradition and culture, so I did not want to tamper with its sprit and roots. This album is a judicious blend of the traditional Punjabi with an international flavour,” says Anil Sagar, the music director of the film while adding, “In this album, we have shifted from the acoustic to tech-savvy sounds and have introduced loops too.”

Director’s cut

With the film Virsa, he developed a completely new perspective for Punjabi music; remember the track, Main tenu samjhava ki? Now with his new directorial venture Naughty Jatts, which is a musical romantic comedy, Pankaj Batra aims to target the tastes of both rural and urban Punjabi masses. “Punjabi music is savoured differently by the rural and urban masses; since my film is about music, I want the audience to connect with it. The songs in this film are in accordance with the script and we roped in some of the most accomplished musicians, including Harshdeep Kaur and Jaspinder Narula, to sing the songs. Also, I will try to loop the song Hun nai jeena tere bin in the Coke Studio,” says Pankaj, who rebukes the concept of item numbers. “I do not believe in item numbers. For me, it’s the concept of the film that matters,” he says.

Star struck

While Neeru Bajwa basked in the glory of Jatt and Juliet 2’s success, she conveyed sheer confidence about Naughty Jatts too, “I like the music and the film as a whole; I am certain that the audience will like it too. I have another film titled RSVP in the pipeline and am yet to finalise a couple of projects that are pending with the Neeru Production House too. My favourite song from this film is Tang sajan di,” she says.

Binu Dhillon, who is best known for his comic timings, expressed utter relief at the breakthrough in Punjabi cinema. He says, “To essay the role of an aspiring singer who wants to woo a woman with his talent, I sought inspiration from Kishore Kumar.”

Route to the roots
Manpriya Singh

Earthy tone: J S paras Photo: S Chandan
Earthy tone: J S paras Photo: S Chandan

What we like is the conscious effort to stay away from the indecency. Sufi singer J S Paras' third album borders on the songs of love and songs of the soil. "Punjabi folk music and literature has always greatly influenced me. I have always read about their culture, the traditions, and couplets from Bulle Shah et al." He adds, "Even in my current album, there are songs that speak of the region and its glory."

Of the total eight tracks in the album, the videos of three, Allah Bada Badshah, Ishq Allah and Dil Churake, have already been shot and are on air. "It took me about one-year-and-a-half to compose this album. I have sung, composed and written the lyrics."

The interest in music goes back to the year 1993, where a chance performance made him realise the joy of being appreciated. "I realised that people clapped a lot on hearing a Punjabi song. Their energy and approval was infectious," shares the US-based singer. He adds, "I moved to the States about a year back and currently I am here for the promotion of the album."

Among other musical inspirations, he's inspired by his father Bhai Bhupinder Singh Paras, who's a gurbaani singer himself. "So it all runs in the family."

While the previous two albums titled India Da Munda and Dil Wali Gal had ordinary romantic numbers, this one is a departure from the prevalent trends in the Punjabi music industry. "What can I say? If there are certain songs that are doing well, then that's because the audience has approved them. There is a space for different kinds of artiste and an audience for each type."

stress buster
Not so perfect
Renee Singh

To be a perfectionist is fine, but not at the cost of mental or physical health

A certain degree of perfectionism is motivational, but some people put themselves under pressure to achieve more and more and thus never feel a level of satisfaction. They risk damaging their mental and physical health by keeping themselves under constant pressure.

Learning to recognise signs of pressure is necessary. We must know where to draw the line. If you are beginning to feel isolated, that means you are giving the impression that you can manage very well without others help.

Flip side of perfection

They find it difficult to make decisions as nothing is good enough for them. They will criticize those who cannot live up to their high standards, and blame others for all the problems in their lives as they are unable to accept their own faults.

Are you a perfectionist?

Check your self, are you doing any of these things? Believe people won't like you if you make a mistake.

  • Push yourself constantly to meet your own high standards.
  • Attracted to people of your own high standards.
  • Take pride in being thorough.
  • Keep emotions under control. You have to remember that each one of us is unique as an individual.

Know your limits

nYou have to realise that your value as a human being lies in who you are and not in what you achieve. You have to place more value on your enthusiasm and creativity, rather than on achievement.

nYou need to accept that you cannot be perfect in all aspects of life.

nShow your vulnerability sometimes.

nConfide in a good friend. Let your hair down.

Deal with the dark side

A common way of stressing yourself is to deny your negative thoughts and emotions. We all have a dark side where all the negative emotions reside. Allow this to surface. Remember, emotions like anger and fear and frustration are healthy as they help you to deal with pressure by putting you on the positive path.

Focus on having fun with the kids, chill with friends and people whom you love.

Self help

Accept that you can learn from your own mistakes. Tell yourself' 'I have done the best I can and that is good enough for me.''

Love yourself

Learn to love yourself. It is your life and you are the master of your own destiny. An over achiever is not always a happy person.

Try to strike a balance in life. Achieving excellence is a joyful feeling, but the constant pressure that comes with it is not. Moderation is the key and living life is an art. Find the answers to your own inner queries.

(Renee is a Chandigarh-based psycho therapist)

In the fitness zone
Neeraj Mehta launches club fitness in Zirakpur
Amarjot Kaur

Tough act: Neeraj Mehta
Tough act: Neeraj Mehta

Neeraj Mehta, a Delhi-based fitness instructor, who is also the director of Growth for Fitness Instructor (GFFI), keeps the fitness wagon rolling with his expertise over 14 different martial arts. That he is a dietician and a model follows his accomplishments in different fields of martial arts, including taekwondo, shaolin martial arts, taichi, and judo.

“I have been pursuing martial arts since I was 9 and I was awarded the national gold medal in teakwondo by the Teakwondo Federation of India. Besides being trained in over 14 different martial arts, I also won many championships in power lifting,” he says.

It’s perhaps his love for fitness that propels his interest towards discovering new fitness programmes, while talking about accu yoga, that he claims to have taken up first in India, Neeraj shares, “To stay fit and flexible, one needs to stretch. While, power yoga goes a notch higher from the concerns of basic yoga, iron yoga allows one to stretch beyond a saturation point with the help of weights. I have also introduced accu yoga, which comes from the concept of acupressure, where one stretches and puts pressure on different pressure points. I have also come up with BMX strength system of fitness programme that includes stretching exercises with minimum risk of causing any injury or sprain.”

Fitness for all

Neeraj also provides fitness training to those who are suffering from a medical problem, including arthritis and diabetes patients and women who are pregnant. We rope him in for some quick tips--

Arthritis patients

Food wise: They need to eat food that is rich in fibre content and they need to keep the body hydrated.

Fit point: Arthritis patients can do stretching exercises, especially hamstring muscle exercises as that will increase blood circulation.

Diabetes patients

Food wise: Don’t eat heavy meals. Instead, have small 6-7 meals.

Fit point: Do not indulge in exercises which involve a lot of jerky and bouncy movements.

Pregnant women

Food wise: Have food that is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Avoid sugar.

Fit Point: Avoid exercising while lying down or any set of exercises which lead to abdominal contraction.

Master Chef
An exotic platter
Kalyan Kumar Jammula

Exotic dishes need not be on the fine-dining table only. Those can be dished up at home with a little imagination coupled and the ingredients available in the market. We have relished fried prawns and but now let’s have them grilled with couscous and vegetables for a main dish meal or a wholesome snack.

Sambal prawns with couscous


  • Cousous 50 gm
  • Carrot (juliennes) 20 gm
  • Green beans 20 gm (slivers)
  • Broccoli (sliced) 25 gm
  • Garlic (minced) 5 gm
  • Celery, brunoise 5 gm
  • Parsley (shredded) 3 gm
  • Wakame (seaweed) 5 gm
  • Nori (fine slivers) 5 gm
  • Olive oil 5 ml
  • Salt 3 gm
  • Black pepper powder 3 gm
  • Vegetable stock 75 ml

Marination for prawns

  • Prawns (50gm each) 6 nos
  • Basil (shredded) 5 gm
  • Chilli flakes 2 gm
  • Garlic, minced 2 gm
  • Salt 2 gm
  • Black pepper 2 gm powder
  • Olive oil 5 ml

Leeks sambal

  • Leeks, sliced 100 gm
  • Fresh red chillies 30 gm
  • Garlic, minced 10 gm
  • Ginger, minced 5 gm
  • Onion, chopped 50 gm
  • Lemon grass, 5 gm chopped
  • Lemon juice 5 ml
  • Sugar 5 gm
  • Oil 10 ml

Ponzu sauce

  • Soya sauce 50 ml
  • Mirin 5 ml
  • Rice vinegar 5 ml
  • Bonito flakes 5 gm
  • Kombu 5 gm
  • Lemon juice 5 ml


  • Marinate the prawns with all the ingredients and keep aside.


  • In a sauce pan add olive oil, garlic , celery and sauté .
  • Now add the remaining vegetables, except the wakame and nori.
  • In a bowl add the couscous, sautéed vegetables, stock, seasoning, parsley and oil. Cover with a foil.
  • Place the bowl in a double boiler and cook for 10 minutes.


  • Crush the chilies, ginger, garlic, onion in a mortar.
  • In a frying pan add the crushed mixture, leeks. Sautee on low heat.
  • Add sugar, salt and pepper.
  • Finish with lemon juice.

Ponzu sauce

  • Place all the ingredients except the lemon juice in a saucepan, simmer and strain.
  • Now add the lemon juice.


  • Mould the couscous in the centre of the plate. Garnish with wakame and seaweed.
  • Spoon the sambal around the couscous.
  • Grill the prawns, place on the sambal.
  • Drizzle ponzu sauce on the prawns.

(Jammula is a Ludhiana-based executive chef)

— As told to Poonam Bindra

vanity box
Lip service
Manpriya Singh

Starting from the wobbly application as a little girl, a lipstick is the first thing you dabble with before starting a life-long journey with make up. The daily nude, the red hot, a vibrant girlie pink…half a dozen lipsticks in different colours is a bare necessity. Everyone's got them stashed in the make up box, bags, in the glove compartment of the car; anywhere else a woman might need to be, to get through the daily grind. But like with all things in life, how you draw the line, makes all the difference!

The right colour

Selecting the right colour and texture is half the battle won. Celebrated make-up artist Bobbi Brown has maintained a thing or two on the right colour combination. "It should be a colour that complements your natural skin tone." So if you got pale lips, go for beiges and pale pinks. A medium lip tone goes well with browns and darker pinks.

Time and again, the make-up artists have emphasised enough on the difference between a lip liner, a lipstick and a lip gloss and their respective order. Scott Barnes, the make-up artist to the likes of Jennifer Lopez, has a whole long list of the right colour of red for your skin tone. For starters, olive skinned and dark haired girls can go for shades of burgundy.

What the artists say

Once you get the colour right, comes the art of application. Something that's not as simple as it appears to be. Chandigarh-based freelance make-up artist Parul Duggal shares, "What looks good on you in person might not look great in photographs. Know your purpose of stepping out and choose the lip colour accordingly. But by all means, if you got thinner lips stick to light colours for a fuller looking pout." She adds, "There must always be some sort of applicator to apply lipstick. That makes all the difference."

There are myriad ways of going about things. City-based make up artist Apeksha Gill spells a few of her favourite tips. "A lip pencil is a must. Start by defining the area with a lip pencil as this prevents your lipstick from bleeding. Or, one can even fill up the entire area with lip pencil first and then apply lipstick." For an even longer stay and a matte application, "Dab your lips with a compact and then apply lipstick. Repeat the action twice and find yourself never complain about lip colour wearing off."

Beauty with grace
Aditi Rao Hydari was called Sita during her college days

Aditi Rao Hydari belongs to an illustrious family in Hyderabad. She talks about her love for dancing, college days, her love for shoppinggrowing up and more. Read on—

Family values

My grandfather was very strict and he made me learnt the right etiquettes and social graces. He taught me to bow to show respect and to use the right salutation and be honorific and humble. My granny was more chilled out and we used to play badminton together after I returned from school.

Food wise

I miss the Hyderabadi food. I miss the typical delicacies like khagina which is scrambled eggs preparation, khichadi keema khatta, pasanda (meat dish cooked with curd) and badam jail (sweet made from almonds). You do not get any of these in Mumbai so when I go home I go on an eating spree. Sometimes, if I really want to eat all this in Mumbai, I hit the kitchen and cook whatever I want.

Retail therapy

I absolutely love clothes and jewellery but I am not brand conscious. I will wear something off the streets with the same elan as an expensive designer drape. Before I go to Hyderabad, I call my jeweller and ask him to keep some items and pieces aside for me to choose from. I have a lot of family heirloom jewellery too. I am blessed!

Friends forever

I am in touch with my college friends. We were a gang of three--Aamna, Sonali and I. I was the shortest. We were thick as thieves and people would call us Ram, Laxman and Sita. I was Sita as I was the tiniest of the lot. We are still in touch.

Right moves

I love dancing and I learnt Bharatnatyam at an early age. It is difficult to pursue dancing as a profession because you need immense discipline and patience. I used to give dance performances on stage and people would say that I would become a heroine and here I am!

Ranveer misses out on Madhuri

There was a time when filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali was enamoured by dancing diva Madhuri Dixit. So when the rumours of Madhuri appearing for an item number with Ranveer Singh in Bhansali's Ram Leela floated, no one was surprised.

But then Sanjay Leela Bhansali is not the sort who likes to follow trends and now it is heard that the rumour is utter hogwash.

A source close to Ram Leela says, "We don't know where these stories of an item song with Madhuri and Ranveer Singh started. There is no truth to these rumours. First, there is no situation for an item song in Ram Leela. Secondly, why would Sanjay sir repeat the Madhuri-younger hero format in an item song? This is nothing but someone's wishful thinking. Sanjay sir will call Madhuri to dance for his film only when there's a situation to better what he did in the Maar daala and Kahe chede chede mohe dance numbers in Devdas."

The source further adds, "We can tell you that Deepika Padukone would be performing the most dazzling garba dance number in Ram Leela. It will project her as sensuously as Aishwarya Rai's Nimbooda number in Hum...Dil De Chuke Sanam."

Prachi gets into action

Tough girl: Prachi Desai
Tough girl: Prachi Desai

Having started her career with Rock On and having followed it up with films like Teri Meri Kahaani, Bol Bachchan and I, Me Aur Main among others, Prachi Desai will now be seen in a completely new avatar in Policegiri. Prachi portrays the character of a tough girl hidden behind her sweet smile.

The pretty actress is not being just a decorative prop in the above mentioned film. Though it is a male oriented action flick, the actress will not be seen running away from goons; instead she will be chasing them.

When asked about the film, Prachi said, “Policegiri is a mass entertainer, but having worked with the writers Farhad-Sajid earlier during Bol Bachchan, I knew that there would be something for me in the script. KS Ravikumar gave me a lot more to do than just a song and a dance. I am not just running away from goons but am chasing them instead. Yes, I have some great action scenes.”


Celebration mode: Shweta Tiwari Wedding bells once more

Shweta Tiwari will tie the knot with actor Abhinav Kohli on July 13 in Mumbai. The wedding celebrations will be on a grand scale with a haldi, mehendi, sangeet, wedding and reception.

As Abhinav is a Punjabi and Shweta from UP, they will hold rituals from both communities. Shweta, who is busy shooting for a serial and Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, is having a tough time managing and coordinating stuff for the wedding. Abhinav has been helping her as is her family. Shweta was married to Raja Choudhary earlier for seven years before she got a divorce last year. — HRM

Celebration mode: Shweta Tiwari

Mouni Roy back on sets

Mouni Roy is back to the sets of Junoon–Aisi Nafrat Toh Kaisa Ishq. Mouni had to leave for her hometown abruptly after learning about her father’s demise last month. Since then, the actress had taken some time off from work to stay with her family. However, she is back on the sets now.

According to a source, she has started shooting for the show. The Creatives have a fresh storyline to narrate with her comeback. Currently, the track is focusing on Prithvi (Aditya Redij) as well as Ishwar (Aditya Redij) and soon, Ishwar will be seen bumping into Meera (Mouni Roy). This is when he will decide to shift to Prithvi’s place, impersonating him. Since Ishwar is Prithvi’s look-alike, nobody at Prithvi’s place will recognise him; not even his wife Meera. When we spoke to Mouni, she said, “Yes, I am back on the sets and as far as the story is concerned, I do not have a clear idea on that yet.”

Spring in step

Small screen: Vatsal SethVatsal Seth, who started his career in television with Just Mohabbat and then went on to do films, is now back on TV with Jhalak Dikhhla Ja. He talks about his decision.

How did you decide to participate in Jhalak?

I am not a dancer and never performed live on stage. I have a major stage fright. Earlier too I got chances to perform on stage on such shows, but this time I agreed to do it to overcome the stage fright. I wanted to be on the biggest platform like Jhalak with Karan, Madhuri and Remo.

Small screen: Vatsal Seth

Are you doing a TV show?

I am not sure yet. I might be doing it but I haven’t signed anything yet. There are two shows offered so I am thinking about the options.

You also have films?

Yes, I am doing a film with Irock productions and Sohail Khan’s Mental.

If you do take up the show, how will you manage television and films?

You can manage when it is required. TV and films can be worked out as there are many people who are doing it.

Are you dating anyone?

I wish. I am not seeing anyone as I don’t have the time at all.

Telly tale: Imam SiddiquiBack on telly

Imam Siddiqui became famous in Bigg Boss for his hit line Timeout. Now he’s back on MTV. He will be doing a comedy reality show called Time Out. Promos show that people will know more about Imam than they did in Bigg Boss. The show airs on July 14, 2013, at 7 pm.

Telly tale: Imam Siddiqui

Net issue: Aasiya KaziOnline riddle

Aasiya Kazi of Bandini fame is upset with her fake Facebook account. Apparently, when people called her about a post, which said she won a dance competition, she realised something was amiss. Aasiya revealed she has no account on any social networking site. Net issue: Aasiya Kazi

Show time: Amitabh BachchanSoon, KBC once again

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan is back with Kaun Banega Crorepati and rehearsals for the seventh season of the show are on. Bachchan posted on his blog saying, “The rehearsals for KBC have begun, the team is in its elements and the excitement of yet another season draws near. It all began in the year 2000, and that makes it an association of thirteen years with the game show. That is some time period.”

Show time: Amitabh Bachchan

No chemistry: Manish PaulProblems getting along

Rumours are that anchors of Colors’ Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 6 Manish Paul and Kapil Sharma don’t get along with each other. As both are very busy with their projects, they don’t interact much post the shoot which has led people to believe that there’s competition of one-upmanship going on between them. Perhaps, Manish being more popular of the two, is irking Kapil.

No chemistry: Manish Paul

A still from Ek Veer Ki Ardaas—VeeraTime machine

Apparently, Ek Veer Ki Ardaas – Veera will go for a leap in September. Sources claim the leap was planned three months after the show launched, but as the kids Ranvi (Bhavesh Balchandani) and Veera (Harshita Ojha) are so loved by the audiences the makers did not tamper with the show.

A still from Ek Veer Ki Ardaas—Veera

Fresh face

Humaima Malick of Bol fame will make her Bollywood debut opposite Emraan Hashmi in a film directed by Kunal Deshmukh. Humaima was chosen because she is a fresh face and a brilliant actress. Humaima is thrilled to work with Hashmi who is a big star in Pakistan too. We wonder if she will be okay with the kissing scenes which are a norm in Bhatt films.

A still from GhanchkkarHit & miss

Ghanchakkar has become a big disappointment. The film got lukewarm reviews and even the performances did not get much praise. This film has broken Vidya's hit run at the box office and is among Emraan's flop films. The movie has made Rs 20 crore in its opening weekend but these collections are disappointing. The movie has been rejected by audiences. Raanjhana has made more than Rs 42 crore already and is a certified hit.

A still from Ghanchkkar

Romantic escapade

They may keep denying their romance but that does not stop them from holidaying together. Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif will fly to Barcelona for a few days to spend time with their friend Ayan Mukerji and also with each other. They are busy with choc-o-bloc shooting schedules but manage to make time for each other.

Shahid Kapoor & Priyanka ChopraParty time

Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra were under one roof after ages (though he attended her father's funeral and prayer meet) for their common friend Mubina Rattonsey's birthday party in Bandra, suburban Mumbai. They cleverly chased the paparazzi. They are on good terms. Meanwhile, Priyanka keeps herself extremely busy with work to overcome her father's passing.

Shahid Kapoor & Priyanka Chopra

Nandana SenNandana ties the knot

Nandana Sen was dating producer Madhu Mantena but they broke up last year due to work issues. On June 22, she married Penguin Chairman and CEO John Makinson in a private ceremony in New York. They met in November 2012. They will settle down in New York. Madhu was aware of the marriage and wishes his ex-girlfriend the best. He could not attend the wedding.

Nandana Sen

Break time: Udita & Mohit SuriHoneymoon in Europe

Mohit Suri got married recently but got involved with work and had a big success with Aashiqui 2. He is finally going on his honeymoon to Europe. Udita has planned a 20-day-trip across the most exotic locations in Europe. We hope they have a super time. They deserve it!

Break time: Udita & Mohit Suri

Divine calling: Ranveer SinghRanveer finds inner peace

Ranveer Singh recently went to Kalighat temple in Kolkata during the promotions of Lootera. He had earlier visited the temple when he was shooting in Kolkata. He finds inner peace each time he visits the temple.

Divine calling: Ranveer Singh

Act two: Lara DuttaAfter Dilli, it’s China

These days every filmmaker makes a sequel of the film that goes well with the masses.

Take the case of Lara Dutta's home production Chalo Dilli. When released in 2011, the film drew critical acclaim and was liked by the masses.

Now, Lara is planning to make its sequel that would star Vinay Pathak in the lead again.

If reports are to be believed, the sequel will be helmed by Shashanka Ghosh who had earlier directed films like Quick Gun Murgan, Nyay Anyay and Waisa Bhi Hota Hai.

But a little difference would be seen in the sequel. While the first film had Delhi as the centre of attraction, the sequel would be based in China.

Act two: Lara Dutta

P Khurrana

ARIES: Your skills will be noticed by those who matter. Networking will help you build contacts that will further your career plans. You gain insight by looking at truths and listing priorities. Tarot message: Don’t give up your rights or freedom. Lucky colour: Saffron Lucky number: 36

TAURUS: Don’t waste your time getting into arguments with colleagues or loved ones. Pay attention to health matters and don’t neglect any persistent symptoms. Tarot message: Think positive and be optimistic. Lucky colour: Forest-green. Lucky number: 28

GEMINI: You will be in an irritable frame of mind and need to guard against making impulsive decisions. Differences can lead to tense moments and you have to be careful about losing a friend. Tarot message: Handle others carefully. Lucky colour: Brown. Lucky number: 48

CANCER: Take a moment to think about what you need to say; avoid making impulsive statements. Travel plans can run into some delays. There can be favourable news regarding a family member. Tarot message: Leave the past. Lucky colour: Yellow. Lucky number: 45

LEO: You will have opportunities to make an impression on seniors or new business associates. Visitors and news can be expected. Your ideas will be appreciated by colleagues and seniors. Tarot message: Keep pace with changing times. Lucky colour: White. Lucky number: 29

VIRGO: You will start a long-term venture that actualises your potential and brings you fame. Financial gains are on the cards. Your sense of humour will put you in the spotlight. Tarot message: Unfinished business will bring new problems. Lucky colour: Navy-blue. Lucky number: 32

LIBRA: Allow your heart to lead the way in personal relationships. Disruption in a business venture is temporary. Your greatest friends are those you meet in transit. Tarot message: Don't enter into a conflict in a matter that doesn't concern you. Lucky colour: Maroon. Lucky number: 47

SCORPIO: You are generous and giving in personal relationships and command respect from family and friends. Mastery of your skills or craft brings appreciation and fresh opportunity. Tarot message: Play your cards close to your chest. Lucky colour: Peach. Lucky number: 31

SAGITTARIUS: Finances brighten considerably. Aim for the proper method of organising things and you might set up a stable environment. A journey is on the cards. Tarot message: Delays are the only obstacle in your way to success. Lucky colour: Ebony. Lucky number: 53

CAPRICORN: Tension at home will have an emotional affect. Look to a close friend or family member to find long-term solutions. There is a chance to gain from interacting with your soul-mate. Tarot message: Do what is right and watch your best interests. Lucky colour: Aqua-blue. Lucky number: 41

AQUARIUS: Your boss is as stubborn as you are; so have a flexible attitude. It's advisable to meditate and remain calm. Keep up with an exercise routine or a work schedule. Tarot message: Learn to rely on your mind. Lucky colour: Green. Lucky number: 26

PISCES: It's a good time to build up positive patterns that foster growth. Look around at the successful people you admire - diligence is the secret. Your love life will be good. Tarot message: Learn to cope better with success. Lucky colour: Cream. Lucky number: 65

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