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Aided schools lack staff support

This refers to the report ‘Lift ban on posts in aided schools’ (October 1).The National Commission for Minorities has directed its Punjab unit to look into the grievances of aided schools run by the minority community. It will be unfortunate if the commission takes up only the cause of Khalsa and Islamia schools. The commission can earn the gratitude of all suffering teachers and students of aided schools if it takes up the cause of all schools. The present government is doing a great disservice to education by progressively downsizing and decreasing the staff thereby making the students suffer. The sectarian outlook of the commission gives birth to hatred and jealousy among the younger generation, which is detrimental to the health of democracy.

When the commission’s Deputy Chairman on its visit to Gujarat asked the Chief Minister, “What has he done for the welfare of the minorities.” The Chief Minister told him that he believes in universal progress and not sectarian progress. He has a goodwill for all and ill-will for none.


Life’s achievements

The middle, ‘Life’s achievement’ (October 1) by Harish Dhillon, rightly underscores the need for appreciating everybody’s works or efforts to get along well in life. We all strive to achieve milestones in life. Life’s true achievements are the moments when we bring smile on someone’s face, praise somebody, forgive people for their mistakes and take disappointments and defeats in our stride. However, as people are very miser in appreciating others’ good work, we should keep ourselves motivated and keep on doing good works irrespective of the bouquets or brickbats that we may receive. We should never let the fire within to be extinguished by other people’s apathy.



Lalu’s imprisonment

This refers to the editorial ‘Lalu locked up’ (October 2). The Father of the Nation will be greatly disturbed to read your editorial on his birthday. Lalu Prasad Yadav, the herbivorous buffoon, has ultimately landed in Ranchi jail, a place where he should have been 17 years back. Another criminal Rashid Masood, declared a criminal conspirator, cheater and forger by the Special CBI court, will be cooling his heels in another jail for four years.

Why were these criminals and buffoons forced upon the nation by their respective parties? They continued to legislate for us besides holding high public offices? The nation would not have become any poorer if such ‘talented and great leaders’ were not allowed to enter our Parliament. Now since the law has caught up with them, the pay, perks, pension and other benefits enjoyed  by them during the period between the commission of their respective offences and ultimate conviction be recovered from Lalu Prasad and Rashid Masood for 17 and 23 years, respectively, and be used for the public good. The shield of ‘innocent till proved guilty’ has become the biggest joke. 


Rahul’s buffoonery

It is interesting to hear Rahul Gandhi speak against the controversial ordinance on criminals in politics. But, alas, his outbursts do not inspire confidence and belief among the masses. His comments would have sounded convincing had he condemned the shady and shoddy deals of his brother-in-law Robert Vadra with as much of vehemence and emotion as he did in pooh-poohing the ordinance. His comments have to be seen against the backdrop of his party’s overt and covert support to the UPA government, which is stuck in the quagmire of scams and scandals. Hence, Rahul’s feigned anger is nothing more than a political gimmick and buffoonery in the present political ‘comedy of errors’.


Poor Prime Minister

Apropos of the editorials ‘The UPA blunder’ (September 27) and ‘Rahul rights a wrong’ (September 28), the Congress is trying to claim the credit for stalling the wrong ordinance that should justifiably go to the BJP and President Pranab Mukherjee. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would find himself in an unenviable position. He often allows himself to be led by his “all-knowing” lawyer colleagues in taking wrong decisions. The proposed ordinance to protect the tainted politicians nullifying the Supreme Court verdict is the latest in the series. Rahul Gandhi’s call for cleansing politics is laudable but would it be put into practice? The Prime Minister’s known image of honesty and integrity has been dented with surfacing of several scams during his tenure, though he may not be directly involved. But what use is his personal honesty if he fails to check the dishonest under him?

One feels that Dr Manmohan Singh is a misfit in politics. He should quit politics and devote his energies to other pursuits like his pet profession of economics. But going by the current economic state of the country, he doesn’t seem to have succeeded even there.




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