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Wars & politics

Kanwar Sandhu has rightly put the political leadership in the dock in his article "49 years on, India-Pak disputes still intractable" (September 19). It was clearly the failure of the political leadership which resulted in Indo-Pak wars. If Nehru had not blundered in 1948, the 1965 war would not have occurred. If Shastri had not erred, Pakistan would not have attacked India in 1971 and if Indira Gandhi had not surrendered in Shimla, Pakistan would have bled India with proxy war and Kargil would not have occurred. So, it is the political failure that has time and again proved celebrated US army commander General Douglous MaCarthur's famous words: "Whatever the soldiers gain with their blood in the battlefields, the politicians lose on the negotiation tables." This has been the sad story of the Indian political leadership.

AK SHARMA, Chandigarh

Register abortions

The article "Illegal son preference" depicts the black side of our society where a boy is still preferred to a girl despite the fact that both are equal in every aspect. An outright rejection of aborting female foetuses by mothers is the needed. The education curriculum should be made gender sensitive as it will lead to a change in the value system. All abortions must be registered. In cases where a healthy female foetus is aborted, both the doctor and the family should be convicted.

Simran Sangotra, Roopnagar

Welcome girls

The editorial "Illegal son preference" (September 18) speaks of the explosive situation that has come to be in our society, despite the Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Technique Act, 1994 to contain it. The Supreme Court has rightly criticised the medical fraternity for showing a lackadaisical approach to the implementation of this Act. To make this law an effective instrument of change, the lawmakers must create conditions to convince people about the need to switch over to new practices in raising a family. The declining gender ratio is symptomatic of a dangerous mindset that needs to be checked by legislative, moral and social means.

Jagvinder Singh Brar, Patiala

Kudos to Radio Kashmir

Radio has again proved the reach of its voice in difficult times. When other means of communication such as TV, internet, intercom failed during the calamity in J&K, this old gadget came to the rescue of flood-affected people. Numerous lives were saved through radio messages. It is disgusting to hear in that neither the office of the Chief Minister nor the Governor have applauded the efforts of Radio Kashmir.

Jatinderbir Nanda, Ludhaina

Overcome old age

Everything is subject to wear and tear. The scientific explanation given in "The science and art of ageing" (September 11) is neither intelligible nor conclusive. Writer Suresh Rattan says that hormesis (positive relationship between low level stress and health) is a positive approach towards healthy ageing. It is not ageing that matters but the problems associated with old age. Old age does not come alone. It brings along with it a plethora of problems: neglect by children, loneliness, decline of health and financial constraints. Those who fail to live with dignity succumb to these problems and lead miserable lives. Prayers to the Almighty, social work for the betterment of others, observance of do's and don'ts for health and leisure activities should form the lifestyle of the aged. The main problem that old people face is loneliness, which is more or less self-created. Graying people do not lack grey matter and can serve society befitting their ability, health and resources.

Dr Soshil Rattan, Amritsar

Ageing scientifically

The article by Suresh Rattan “Science and art of ageing” (September 11) assumes significance when, by virtue of materialistic dominance, we have forgotten the art of living. It awakened us to prepare for old age scientifically. Protecting the naturally acquired cellular efficiency through various scientific modes is required of an individual to be able to enhance the homeodynamic space, which ultimately enhances the healthspan.

Dr Parshotam Sahni, Sangrur

Pensioners’ bills

The skyrocketing prices of medicines and fees of doctors have made the lives of the elderly miserable. Pensioners do need frequent medical care due to age-related ailments. The payment of Rs 500 pm as medical allowance is too meagre. Doctors prescribe costly medicines instead of the result-oriented generic cheaper medicines. Further, such medicines are seldom available in the shops opened by the Punjab Government in the vicinity of the government hospitals. The state government must raise the medical allowance of the pensioners.

Shambhu Dutt Sharma, via email

Love jihad

It was a delight to read Mahesh Grover's middle "Love jihad" (September 16). He developed a charming style of mocking at human bigotry and hypocrisy by using the good old Panchtantra tales and Aesop's fables. The jungle king Lion and his minister Jackal seemed so real while conversing about ‘love jihad’. This term's meaning, which was unclear to many like me, was brought out beautifully.

Ram Varma, Panchkula

Misleading ads

Vernacular newspapers are full of misleading, substandard and filthy advertisements with topics ranging from the availability of rich, open-minded ladies, friendship clubs, service with residential accommodation and promises of handsome renumeration to jobless youth. They lead to unemployed girls, widows and unsuspecting poverty-stricken women getting entrapped in a hell that has no exit. The newspapers take money for publishing the advertisements. They do not seem to be concerned with the their authenticity. A simple declaration that they have not verified the veracity of such ads in the centre of the page should not be sufficient to absolve them of legal responsibility of pushing the weaker section of society into a fathomless hell.

AK Joshi, Amritsar



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