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Sunday,August 13, 2000
Bollywood Bhelpuri

Delightful duo
By Madhur Mittal

CINE buffs had better keep themselves prepared for two lovely girls who’re going to wreak hilarious havoc on the big screen in the just released Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega, produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and directed by Raj Kanwar.

Preity Zinta and Rani Mukherjee in Har Dil Jo Pyar KaregaAnd the devastating, delightful, delicious duo happen to be Preity Zinta and Rani Mukherjee! (Added ‘attraction’ — with and without shirt — is Salman Khan! And not in one of those guest appearances that he’s been making so often, mind it!)

Honestly, the coming together of Preity and Rani is a kind of a cine coup... because both actresses are known for their extraordinary knack for instant comedy. They love to laugh themselves — and make you laugh even harder! However, this love triangle has been treated with plenty of pathos, as well, by the director, so you can expect some emotional situations, too.

Good music by Anu Malik (again) captured for your listening pleasure very on T-Series’ MCs and CDs, to keep you humming the songs long after the movie is over and you’re animatedly debating: "Look, who was better — Preity, or Rani...?" Happy arguments, folks!

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‘Steamy’ show!

Bollywood beauties were all over the place at Hotel Juhu Centaur to try out the most wild ‘n’ exotic grub at the Sizzler Festival. And, besides the hot preparations, they themselves were sizzling in their "cut away" and "cut off" designer haute couture ensembles.

The food fest, inaugurated by a radiant looking Zarina Wahab (with macho hubby Aditya Pancholi in tow) was quite a treat for one’s tastebuds...with offerings like, "Bhangra Bliss", "Pop Passion", "Venga Voyage", "Remix Rage", "Murgh No. 5"... and even a "Lopez Latino", wow! The whole do turned out to be more of a social and fashion remix rather than a gourmet’s delight. But, sponsors UB Group and Sajid Nadiadwala were more than ecstatic: It was, after all, quite a ‘steamy’ show!

Where’s Raavan?

You know, it’s rather interesting to note how three co-stars of the same film have contrary, confusing comments on it in retrospect. I’m talking about Akshay Kumar, Shilpa Shetty and Sunil Shetty who star in Dhadkan.....

Like, Akki finds the film akin to "a modern- day Ramayana" and feels the public has appreciated the movie for this theme. On the other hand, Shilpa looks puzzled and treats the film "as another simple love story between two guys and one girl whom both are in love with. I don’t find any connection between Dhadkan and Ramayana, of all the things. Do you?"

And, last but not the least, Sunil Shetty bolts out of his chair, almost spilling his cuppa tea.Incredulously, he exclaims: "Ramayana? Now where did Akki pick that one from, huh? I mean, if it’s Ramayana, then Akshay is Ram and Shilpa is Sita... but I, for sure, ain’t no Raavan!"

NRI Mr Ghai!

Well, well, well... looks to me that showman Subhash Ghai is starting a new trend: He held the mahurat of his new movie, Yaadein, at Trent Bridge in London! Can you beat that?

Since he hadn’t taken the entire cast with him, Ghai did the next best thing to compensate for the lack of starry presence — he invited top NRI industrialists Srichand Hinduja to break the auspicious coconut, L.M. Mittal to give the clap, Lord Raaj Bagdi to switch the camera on and Shekhar Kapur to direct the inaugural shot!

Lone hero Jackie Shroff faced the camera after which everyone made a beeline for the glitzy restaurant, Chor Bizarre, for cocktails ‘n’ mocktails!