Saturday, August 4, 2001  

The thread which binds

Though commonly known as a festival which strengthens the bond of love between brothers and sisters, Rakhi has many other aspects to it. There are historical instances to show that the practice was not confined to the brother-sister relationship but took on wider dimensions as and when required, says Satish K. Kapoor

Bond between siblings

HEN Shelly and Soni were young, they were not only sisters but also best friends. Soni was two years younger to Shelly, but they laughed and played together and almost never fought.

The paradoxes of Europe
by Reeta Sharma
THE paradoxes of Europe befuddle me. On the one hand, you can see nature in all its pristine glory, while on the other hand, human misery is acute. The beauty of nature is all pervasive in England, Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Holland and Switzerland. Even in the height of summer, the mountains are green everywhere and the colours of wild flowers are simply unbelievable.

Read yourself in what you write!
by D.C. Sharma
THE handwriting of any two persons can be similar but never identical. Our handwriting is as personal as our fingerprints. The size, slant, style, pressure, letter shapes, and spacing vary from person to person. In my 31 years’ experience of teaching thousands of young students, I’ve not so far found any two persons’ handwriting exactly alike.