Adventure loverOld is bold
The thrill of adrenalin-pumping adventure is not just for the young, but also the old who’re youthful in spirit. These senior adventure lovers may be late starters but it’s better late than never, writes Mehak Uppal
HERE is a magic that creeps into our lives, unannounced, when we discover the fun activities that bring unbridled joy and thrill, especially at an age and stage when one is thought to be beyond the call of the wild. It must be because of this experience or exhilaration that people aged 50 and above get hooked on to adventure.

Just chill
Keep aside the harmful carbonated drinks as M. J. Raju lists our desi coolers to beat the summer heat
HERE has been a revival of interest in summer drinks and sherbets all over India, as the carbonated drink multinationals slowly retreat from their cola drinks. Both ayurveda and Unani medical sciences, our indigenous medical systems, have formulated drinks for summer and they have withstood the test of time.

Savour your golden years
If you have retired from service, keep your mind occupied and body active. Adopt a positive attitude and devote time to meditation, writes Preetinder Kaur

WHAT to do after retirement? A brain that is not challenged to learn new things for an extended period, will actually become smaller and less capable of learning in the future, according to Richard Stim, author of Retire Happy.

Wedding time, fun time
Indian weddings bring with them celebrations and customs full of frolic, says Dhanvanthi Keshavrao
N India, weddings are an occasion rich with traditions. Weddings bring with them celebrations and customs full of fun. One strange tradition in Indian weddings is the stealing and hiding of the groom’s shoes on the day of his wedding by the bride’s sisters and cousins.

Sun, surf and spirituality
Pondicherry is a mesmerising mix of French and South Indian cultures, writes Aradhika Sharma
Pondicherry, or Puducherry, as it is now called, offers an irresistible cocktail of balmy seas, swaying palms, the exotic French-ness of the place, interesting cuisines, European architecture and an eclectic group of locals that comprise the Tamils as well as international communities.

‘Big’ hope for ‘small’ stars
Artiste Hiten Tejwani says times are good for TV actors eyeing films

WHEN Hiten Tejwani ventured into films with Joggers’ Park in 2003, TV actors hardly worked for the big screen. But thanks to the growing confluence between the two media, coupled with realistic scripts suiting small budget projects, these are happy times for small screen stars, says the actor.

Lennon’s handwritten Beatle song fetches £145k
JOHN Lennon’s handwritten lyrics for Beatles’ song ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ has fetched a whopping £145,700 at auction. The sheet, complete with crossings-out, sparked a bidding frenzy at the sale of showbiz memorabilia in Los Angeles, reports the Daily Express.

Small wonders
With emphasis on content, storytelling technique and performances, small budget films are often more engrossing, writes Arpana
eautifully told tales touching upon various human emotions hit the silver screen this year with movies like I AM, Chalo Dilli and Stanley Ka Dabba. But only a few did well as the audiences were either not aware or were hesitant about watching an unfamiliar cast or theme.

The other side of banking
Shoma A. Chatterji in conversation with Andrew Hinton, whose 12-minute documentary, Banking on Change, about a bank manager who motivated the very poor to open bank accounts, has been getting critical acclaim
HANGE is the only thing that remains constant. But Andrew Hinton’s 12-minute documentary Banking on Change proves that it is dynamic and keeps moving. Andrew is a Briton who came to India to make this wonderful film.



TELEVISION: Exploring the male psyche

Globoscope: Wafer-thin plot
by Ervell E. Menezes

Food talk: On a shooting spree
by Pushpesh Pant

Insist on safe hostel accommodation
by Pushpa Girimaji

ULTA PULTA: Non-corruption allowance
by Jaspal Bhatti


Turbulent times
A succinct account of how India got caught in a cleft stick during the regime of Lankan President Premadasa who continued to engage in a deadly game of political brinkmanship
My Days in Sri Lanka
By Lakhan Mehrotra.
Har-Anand Publications. 
Pages 254. Rs 595.
Reviewed by SJS Chhatwal

Tale of strong-willed women
Three Parts Desire
By Shailaja Bajpai.
Pages 416. Rs 399.
Reviewed by Aradhika Sharma

Spiritual journey
Japuji Sahib: Prayer of the Soul 
By Ranjodh Singh.
Wisdom Collection, Ludhiana. Pages 96. Rs 995.
Reviewed by Roopinder Singh

Great musical genius
K. L. Saigal: The Definitive Biography
By Pran Nevile.
Pages 218. Rs 299.
Reviewed by Kanchan Mehta

Legacy of excellence
Basant Kumar & Sarala Birla: Life has no Full Stops
By Rashme Sehgal.
Pages 252. Rs 495.
Reviewed by Balwinder Kaur

Runner’s read
Amit Khanna
As Turbaned Tornado, the first official biography of half marathon runner Fauja Singh, is set for release, here’s a look at the life and legacy of the ‘Sikh Superman’
E does not regret many things. That’s not in his DNA basically. But, of late, there has been one thing that has been teasing the world’s oldest half marathon runner, Fauja Singh. "I want to actually read (the book). It would have been better had I paid heed to my elder’s advice and done some schooling, too.

Bold and (b)right
Nonika Singh
IS pen is bold and his vision clear. In the world of Punjabi rangmanch, where few tread the path less travelled, well-known dramatist Pali Bhupinder Singh comes across as a breath of fresh air. Yet, the man hailed as the different voice of Punjabi theatre disagrees with the select club that believes it isn’t good enough.

Calming words for the panic-stricken
Choke: The Secret to Performing
Under Pressure
By Sian Beilock.
Pages 322. £8.99.
Reviewed by Lisa Gee

Short Takes
Breaking the mould
Reviewed by Randeep Wadehra
Qurratulain Hyder & The River of Fire
Edited by Rakhshanda Jalil.
Aakar Books.
Pages 248. Rs 595.
The Body in the Back Seat
By Salil Desai.
Gyaana Books.
Pages 254. Rs 250.
Local Democracy and Good Governance
Edited by Ranbir Singh & Surat Singh.
Deep & Deep.
Pages xx+288. Rs 1,280.