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Sunday, December 10, 2000
Bollywood Bhelpuri

Twinkle has the last laugh!
By Madhur Mittal

SOMETHING strange sure seems to have happened to Twinkle Khanna. The wild and weird way she’s letting loose all of a sudden, hardly goes with her accepted image of a rather cool and composed young woman.

Twinkle KhannaLike I wrote recently, she was seen living it up all over Mumbai’s discos and nightspots immediately after "news" about her split with Akshay Kumar broke. While Akki was reportedly trying to woo "ex-fiancee" Shilpa Shetty back, Twinkle had already started making romantic overtures to Abhishek Bachchan.

Nothing tangible emerged from these chases, but now, there appears to have been another dramatic about-face. Twinkle is happily giving Akshay the glad eye once more. Ask her about why she broke up with him, the first place, and Twinkle gives you a curious (read that "uncomprehending") look and says: "But whoever told you that Akki and I had broken off...? We still remain the best of friends! and she smiles enigmatically.

My sweet Lord — HELP! It’s beyond me to decide just who the hell is having the last laugh right now.

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Siblings all

The writing is on the wall... as well as on the faces of all those heroines whose (sibling) sisters have launched a full, frontal attack on Bollywood! As a matter of (family) fact, the trend is catching on so god fast, that it’s enough to send a scribe like me scrambling to dig a deep, dark hole, crawl into it ... and frantically pull it in after me!

It’s becoming mission impossible to (correctly) keep a tab on all this ‘sassy’ stuff tumbling and fumbling their way into Hindi films one after the other. You do see, don’t you?

Twinkle has Rinke; Shilpa has Shamita; Karisma has Kareena; Padmini has Tejaswini; Malaika has Amrita... and now even Dipti Bhatnagar’s younger sis (is it Aditi or Tripti?) wants to get into the ‘act’ by accompanying didi to film land functions (un) dressed in the most revealing outfits! Seems that the year 2001 in Bollywood is going to be a sheer voyeurs’ delight, hey!

Fading out

Akshaye Khanna is already history; I mean, as in gone gone long ago! And the next guy joining this (retired) category club is very likely to be Saif Ali Khan. Actually, there’s a whole pile of fading out going on in Bollywood right now... and, who knows, by next Sunday, a (large) number of stars — heroes and heroines alike — may have reserved their seats on this wagon (sans band) for a long, lonely journey to nowhere.

What on earth is happening, you’d definitely want to know, right? Well, it’s quite simple, really. With the Hindi film industry (and film makers) having gone into totally impractical and uncontrolled overdrive in making megabuck movies for quite awhile now, the time of reckoning is finally here. The biggest of film makers — be it Yash Chopra, Yash Johar, Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra, Harry Bawaja, Gulzar, Manjrekar... or just about anyone/everyone have come to realise (with dismay) that names (Neither theirs, not their stars) don’t sell no more. film hindia has turned into a free-for-all. May the luckiest win!

Prithvi prime time

This year, Sanjana Kapoor (and dad Shashi Kapoor) have taken very special, very extraordinary pains to make their annual Prithvi Theatre celebrations a sure hit with the public — in particular, with the theatre buffs. The venue wears a dazzling new look, almost akin to a radiant young bride! And brother/Sonny Kunal isn’t lagging behind any in ensuring ten days ‘unbridled’ excitement, either.

The best thing the Kapoors have done, is to strictly ban cell tels and mobile phones being carried inside the auditoria! If any guests/invitees want to stick to their portable warblers, well, they are welcome — to stay out!


This feature was published on December 3, 2000