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Sunday, September 10, 2000
Bollywood Bhelpuri

Hrithik strikes again
By Madhur Mittal

YOU have to admit that Hrithik Roshan is special. After the phenomenally popular KNPH, everybody was waiting for a similar, breezy role from him. But, no — the guy goes and does something totally, dramatically different. He has Fiza as his second release... and has made a success of it, too!

Jaya Bahaduri with Karisma Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan in FizaNow running to packed houses, Fiza is a film everybody’s talking about — er, one way or another, that is! Because, not all who come out of the cinema houses after viewing the film awed by the emotional, musical or the technical content of Fiza. I mean, rather than talk about the pithy performances of Jaya Bachchan, Karisma or Hrithik, they go ga-ga over Sushmita Sen’s sensual song!

Well, here’s wishing debut writer-director, Khalid Mohammad (Editor, Filmfare) the very best of luck — seems to me, that he’s going to need it......

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New Khan on the block

Believe me, it’s now celebration time in the Khan household! And I am referring to the "original" Khans — Feroz and Sundari — who (probably, like me and heaps of others) just can’t come to terms with the realisation that their son Fardeen actually has a hit film in hand.......!

Has director Ramgopal Verma’s midas touch worked in Jungle? Or did dad Feroz go to inordinate lengths while introducing Fardeen in Prem Aggan? Well, it’s a moot point now and, I should add, of no consequence now that Jungle has emerged an unexpected grosser against all odds. After all, let’s not forget that, in Showbiz, nothing succeeds like success and any hero or heroine is as good (or as bad) as his/her latest film’s box office ratings.

Of course, Fardeen is feeling good — he’s the new Khan on the block! But he’s smart enough to know that this is only the beginning of a tough trek towards stardom and the one thing he cannot afford to do now, is to start getting smug. "Being a newcomer, I would be committing professional suicide if I let the success of one single movie go to my head! I realise that I have to cross many more milestones before I can even dream of being complacent. All the same, I must confess that Jungle has given me the boost I so desperately needed... and it’s made me shake off that horrible, gnawing feeling of insecurity to some extent!"

Fardeen has been signed up by a number of filmmakers, including Pahlaj Nihalani, Mehul Kumar, Mahesh Manjrekar and E. Niwas, amongst others, and the future appears promising for this young lad with an endearing smile and soft brown eyes. The best, in Fardeen’s own words, is "it’s a great feeling to be wanted....."

Akshay again?

If, what is popularly said about a leopard not changing its spots is true, then the same applies to Akshay Kumar — seems he can’t help falling in and out of love. And guess who his latest flame is? Mahima Chaudhary!

No, this one isn’t from Bollywood’s rumour mill; it’s from factfiles and eye-witness accounts. Ever since the two did Dhadkan together, Tinseltown tongues had started wagging overtime. And now that Akki and Mahima are busy shooting for Khiladi 420, there’s just no stopping the spark from blowing into a fire!

While Akshay denies it all and pleads not-guilty, our bold and beautiful babe, Mahima, merely pouts provocatively and (unabashedly) admits: "Akki? Ummm... well, we are good friends — but I really wouldn’t mind doing better with a hunk like him!"

Omigosh! How’s that for a sample of candid confessions, huh?

Midnight arrivals

The trend is catching on, I tell you, and guiding and guarding our cine stars way into the wee hours of the morning if it isn’t nipped in the bud, is bound to keep Mumbai’s cops on their toes.

For the past couple of months or so, filmland functions, especially evening parties are fast losing their charm because most of them start only after midnight. That, in turn, is because stars start arriving only at that unearthly hour! Even producer Jackie Shroff wasn’t spared!