This Independence Day, Young India tells
us what makes the country rock…

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Masking death
In many ancient civilisations, the mask was used to cover the face of the deceased as part of the last ceremony, writes Kanwarjit Singh Kang
"For certain is death for the born
And certain is birth for the dead;
Therefore over the inevitable
Thou shouldst not grieve."
— Lord Krishna in
The Bhagavadgita
Notwithstanding the atheistic view, which totally denies the possibility of life after death, most philosophers, thinkers, ideologists and mystics have vouched for the aforesaid revelation of spiritual wisdom in the holy text.

A tragic day for Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi could foresee that Partition would bring misery to people
in both countries, writes Rashmi-Sudha Puri
HE celebratory air of Independence Day brings to many minds the absence from the pomp and pageantry of the occasion 63 years ago, of the one person almost uniquely responsible for bringing about the event, virtually in a single-handed manner, the Father of the Nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Wins and woes of willow women
Struggles and triumphs of Indian eves have been captured in a docu-drama, writes Radhika Bhirani
HEN a Mumbai-based corporate offered to colour Ray’s masterpiece, Pather Panchali in 2008, directors, artistes and technicians from Kolkata starting from Mrinal Sen to Goutam Ghosh to Prasenjit openly came out on the streets protesting such a move and supporting Ray’s son Sandip Ray in preventing the colourisation of the classic.

On the rhino trail
Kaziranga, famous for the fabulous rhino, is also a birdwatcher’s haven, writes Ranjita Biswas
AS one drives through rolling landscape of tea plantations, an endless vista of emerald with background music of flowing wind and falling leaves, extends on both sides of the road. In the distance, the hills are stretched blue across the horizon.

Saving the stork
By weaving motifs of the Greater Adjutant, a rare stork species, into their gamochas, Assam villagers are raising silent conservation slogans, writes Bijay Sankar Bora from Guwahati
unique episode of villagers participating in the conservation of an endangered bird species has been unfolding in the non-descript Dadara area in Kamrup district of Assam, about 30 km from the Guwahati city.

Healing power of music
Nagina Bains feels that music has phenomenal therapeutic qualities
USIC, the path to nirvana, the route to bliss, in all its forms, is the creation of emotionally pleasing effects by means of sound. A medium of expressing thought and feeling through tone and time.

Romancing the rain
From Shree 420 to 3 Idiots to Raavan, dancing in the rain has been an integral part of Bollywood masala movies, writes Shama Rana
HE drops of water falling from the sky have never failed to cast a spell on the 70mm screen. From the evergreen "Pyaar hua ikraar hua" from Shree 420 (1955) to the peppy "Zoobie doobie" from Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots, Bollywood’s romance with the rain continues.

Peepli Live is best first film
Directed by debutante Anusha Rizvi, Peepli Live, a satire on farmers’ suicides,
has been honoured at the Durban International Film Festival

amir Khan’s forthcoming production Peepli Live has already won its first recognition — the Best First Feature Film award at the 31st Durban International Film Festival in South Africa.



Globoscope: Piffle fare
by Ervell E. Menezes

Food talk: Monsoon snacker
by Pushpesh Pant

Selling defective goods is unfair trade practice
by Pushpa Girimaji

by David Bird

ULTA PULTA: Corruption games
by Jaspal Bhatti


Challenges ahead
Reviewed by B. G. Verghese
Comprehensive Security for an Emerging India
Ed. Air Vice Marshal Kapil Kak.
Knowledge World.
Pages 394. Rs 780.

Journey worth taking
Reviewed by Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu
Leaving India: My Family’s Journey from Five Villages to Five Continents
By Minal Hajratwala.
Pages 430. Rs 595.

Identities redefined
Reviewed by Amarinder Sandhu
Sikhism and Women: History, Texts and Experience
Ed. Doris R. Jakobsh.
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Judging the judges
Reviewed by Ram Varma
Wake up Call for Indian Republic
By Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer.
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Of culinary delights and heartbreaks
Reviewed by Sukhpreet Singh Giani
Chef: A Novel
By Jaspreet Singh. 
Penguin Books.
Pages 248. Rs 450.

Valley’s verse
Humra Quraishi
The prose and poetry of young Kashmiris carry an undercurrent of sorrow and stress
nCE upon a time, the Kashmir Valley was a hub of poetry and prose in this part of the world. And even in these troubled, tension-ridden times, there is writing and more of it, but it carries sadness and sorrow together with streaks laden with the stress that the young face in their daily lives.

Creative purist
Nonika Singh

I don’t sing to entertain..." In the commerce-driven world where everything, even talent, is for sale these words may sound archaic. But for the man who proclaims so, this is no hyperbole but the cornerstone of his musical, nay, life’s philosophy.

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