As husk price rises, farmers fear paying more for rearing livestock

As husk price rises, farmers fear paying more for rearing livestock

A worker fills a sack with husk for a customer at a shop in Amritsar on Wednesday. Photo: Sunil kumar

Neeraj Bagga

Tribune News Service

Amritsar, December 9

The price of husk has gone up by Rs2 per kg in the retail market increasing the rearing cost of livestock after a large number of farmers went to take part in the protest in their vehicles to Delhi.

Sumanpreet Singh, a dairy farmer, said an animal consumes about 25 kg husk daily. This means that the daily dietary cost of a livestock has increased from Rs125 to Rs175. He said appreciation of Rs50 per livestock was immense. He has five animals, which means the cost for him has increased by Rs250 in daily diet.

On the other hand, there is no scope of rate appreciation of milk at this junction, as consumers were already complaining of less income due to lockdown and Covid-19 restrictions. HS Sandhu, general manager, Milk Plant at Verka, said prolonged agitation by farmers would adversely impact dairy farming. Rise in the cost of husk will definitely increase their input cost.

Charanjit Singh Batra, a leading fresh vegetable merchant, said: “There was no effect on the supply of fresh farm vegetables to the wholesale market at present. However, there are plenty of chances of supply to be hit in case the agitation stretches longer.”

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