Centre should not allow transfer of Punjab’s river waters to non-basin areas, resolves all-party meet

No clarity on NPR

Govt should remove doubts regarding the exercise

Redefining Speaker’s power

SC decision fine, but it’s about we the people

Disgruntled allies

BJP continues to antagonise its coalition partners

Litmus test for acid

Rules are welcome, societal mores need change too

The cauldron that is Gulf

General Soleimani’s killing will further aggravate the all t...

G Parthasarathy

Why India is keen to bond with Bolsonaro

When Bolsonaro was running for President, he had lashed out ...

KP Nayar

Committees galore, Congress in firefighting mode

The development indicates that differences within various st...

Rasheed Kidwai

The new India is not scared of the govt

The Constituent Assembly was about as elite a body as could ...

M Rajivlochan

Her story remains unchanged

Vinod Khanna

Emperor of all maladies

Rajiv Sharma

Mission impossible had its moments

Wg Cdr BS Kalara (retd)

Safe space in a hashtag

Jaspreet Singh

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Lahore, Friday, January 23, 1920